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Chapter 14

The second principality – The ministering of angels – Similar to first estate, but added to – The Day of Renewing – Season of spirit – Frolicking cherubs – The joys of the flesh provide a gate to greater wonders – The wonders of the fourth and fifth dimensions – The kingdom of the soul – Each shall inhabit their cosmos


1  Then did The One speak to Areta, saying: “Consider, my Love, this world of Heaven which we have made and the beauty by which we have dressed it altogether; for the richness of this world have we established in the folds of five dimensions and not three only as in the yonder moon of Paradise, which very moon we have made to become the first principality of the Telestial Kingdom.

2  For this blessed earth would we give as the second principality of still some greater glory, to give as an inheritance to those who desired God, but who were themselves unable to prove constant or true devoted;

3  Being themselves by outward appearance as those who would believe, but who, in the inward heart, did prove themselves as unconverted within the soul and mind together, being themselves ever haunted by fearsome shadows and the hurt of ceaseless want.

4  By what means then shall we prepare this world for the benefit of such children as these, who did so often desire for themselves the things of God, but who themselves proved unable to lay hold or to bear, being in their minds always weak and filled with trembling?

5  For in this principality would we make greater still the spirit and soul together, causing that all those who should inherit this second principality might find at last the abundance of God and Heaven together mingled;

6  Causing that there should grow through small degrees their heart’s desire for God, becoming themselves as those most certain that in all their life does God most deeply care; for we shall give to watch and guide throughout the many domains of this second principality the angels which fly and sing.

7  For the Cherubim are the emissaries of all our glory, bearing in their gentle forms the beauty of Heaven and life together forged through joy and endless wonder, bringing by their presence the fulfillment of every hope filled with yearning.

8  Giving to those which should see with the eyes and hear with the ears the passing of the angels that inward assurance that God is always near, and does watch with happy heart over all who shall live in this second principality;

9  Causing that even every man and every woman should find in the soul of God an endless stream of life and love, hope and joy filled with light and glory, which stream does burst forth through the senses of the flesh to fill their life with wonder.

10  Which very thing shall give birth within every heart the seeds of some godly strength which would inflame the soul with a thirst for God, even as God does hold to them, to keep them in love forever in the hollow of our hand.

11  Let us, therefore, prove constant in attending such children as will take to themselves this second estate, to give to them through the ministering of angels the strength to pursue the wonder of the spirit within, adding through the living of this blessed life even some greater height and breadth and depth to the dominions of their soul.

12  For as we have done for the first estate, so shall we do for this estate, and still furthermore shall we add; for likewise in the second principality shall even all our children possess bodies of flesh and bone whereby they might establish between themselves the boundaries of all their love for each the other;

13  Becoming between men and women as lovers and friends, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers; then shall come the sons and daughters of the second estate, to likewise become as their fathers and mothers before them, and this forever and anon.

14  And if perchance in the living of this immortal life, they should become weary of all their years; then shall we give to them the Day of Renewing also, causing that they might be released from the tabernacle of the flesh to set the spirit free whereby it might be born again.

15   Only let us permit that in this second principality if the spirit should desire for a season to remain as spirit only, then may the spirit of a man or a woman remain as incorporeal within the realms of the metaphysical;

16  To move as they will among the kingdoms of the first and second principality whereby they might view as one the workings of our hands;

17  To drift themselves among the stars, being constantly attended by the Cherubim of the Pensieye, or to move with subtle grace throughout the five dimensions of the second estate, becoming, as they desire, more fully spiritual in the mansions of the heart, creating within the vastness of their soul that urgent need to press still closer unto God.

18  And when the season is past, then must the spirit be born again into a body of flesh and bone, to live again the telestial life; for the body is the tabernacle which would give to every man and every woman that small domain wherein they might strengthen the spirit for still some greater glory, if it so be that they desire.

19  For it is expedient that we give to all our children which come to live in the glory of Heaven’s light, a tabernacle of flesh and bone filled with loving passions; for the spirit of even all our children is yet unable to produce offspring after its own kind, seeing that they are yet unlike us in power and glory;

20  Which power is born through small degrees, being fashioned of love and holiness, being ever guarded by that deeper wisdom which ever moves between the greater and lesser portion.”

21  Thus did The One speak to his Beloved, and there rushed beyond them in the airs above a Chorus of the cherubs from out of the House of Shulieye, being themselves swift in their winged flight; and there plummeted from out of the Chorus three of the Cherubim in a quick and mighty plunge.

22  And flying low above the sea they did turn themselves, causing that each cherub should strike the surface of the waters with the tips of their wings, causing still further that the angels should pirouette in a tight and circular rush.

23  And there was stirred within the waters of the sea, a great and mighty whirlpool, and into the swirling vortex did the Cherubim sing out a song, which song did fall into the whirlpool to be scattered throughout the distant waters of the sea.

24  By such means did the cherubs call out to the whales and dolphins of the ocean, that they should come themselves and play; and there soon gathered from out of the Crystal Sea a great many leviathans, and round about swam the dolphins, being each most anxious to play with the angels of God.

25  Then did Areta turn to her Beloved, saying: “Well have you spoken, my Love, for in the giving of a living tabernacle shall even all our children touch through the physical senses the essence of some far more deeper thing, being itself revealed through the spirit of those who love and who are themselves filled with goodness.

26  For in the joys of the flesh is there found the gate to even greater wonders; for it is needful that those who shall inherit this second estate have children of their own, to become themselves as mothers and fathers, even in similitude of us, my Love;

27  To create between mother and father a love far greater than all their dreams, which love shall forge in them together the power which would enable that their spirits should create spirit children of their own from out of the streams of intelligence, even as we did create spirit children in our own likeness.

28  Thus is it needful that we still further create that path which would lead to greater and greater glory, if it so be that our children should desire to follow after.

29  For in their present state are they as yet unable to do as we have done; but if we are wise in preparing the way which they would go, then shall there rise up from out of all our children, those who would become as God the Father and the Mother.

30  For the greatest power is love, being in its nature a hot and burning passion filled with tenderness and kind regard, being itself stronger than iron or steel or raging fires, yet being in its soft expressions filled with breath and soul and gentle kiss.

31  Be it, therefore, our joy to commit our souls in the helping of all our babes, to give to each such opportunities as will encourage them to reach higher than all their dreams; to strive through small and timely efforts to become even as we are in this good and happy moment.

32  Let us, therefore, give as a gift to those of the second estate this world of many wonders, whereby the children of our heart might dress it about as they themselves desire, to build for themselves such cities and marvels as they would design for themselves and their children after them.

33  To be, in themselves, at liberty to follow their heart through such art and science as they would find of value, to fill the sum of their immortality with challenges and fulfillments of every kind, to lead them further on.

34  For in this world shall we provide the foundations to every blessing, which foundations our children shall weave together through many endeavors rich with wonder, causing that even all our children shall think themselves the most blessed above all others.

35  But if it so be that any child should grow beyond the contentment and joy of this second estate, then shall we prepare the way whereby they might inherit for themselves a far more nobler place, even till they should become as one of us, but only according to their desire.

36  Consider then, my good and tender Love, how that even unto this second principality shall we give a wonder and a glory far beyond the dreams and abilities of those which would take to themselves the first principality only.

37  For unto this second estate shall we add the wonders and mysteries of the fourth and fifth dimensions whereby even all who should dwell herein might journey as they please through time and space, but in linear fashion only.

38  Causing that in the fourth dimension shall even every man and every woman be permitted to go again to times of the past, to observe and feel again such events as proved pleasing and richly blessed, to feel again in their present moment, the joys of all their yesterday.

39  Yet shall they have no power to change the things of ages past, for unto the fourth and fifth dimension is there given one prime and one fractal only, permitting that they may see and hear and feel again the joys of all their days of yore;

40  To stand themselves in ages past, being themselves immersed in the good things which they remember, being clothed in a warm and golden light which does reveal the things which they desire to see, being in its shining orb soft and tender caring.

41  But to change their present state by an act of doing in the past, this shall they have no power to do, for it is the spirit only which journeys back in time, while yet the body sleeps and inward dreams.

42  For the power of the fourth dimension shall we hide in a mystery, which mystery is always close and near at hand, being found in the soul of every man and every woman which shall inherit this second principality of the Telestial Kingdom of Heaven.

43  And those which would journey again to ages past, to touch again the joys of long ago, even these shall the tabernacle of the flesh release while yet it dreams in deep repose;

44  Setting free the spirit whereby it may journey through the mansions of the soul, causing that the spirit should be enraptured by a soft and glowing light which sweetly beckons, ever guiding with gentle hands the spirit which journeys on to fill it up with wonders.

45  For the soul of every man and every woman does dwell complete within the very spirit; yet is the soul within its inward parts without boundaries and limitations, becoming in itself a kingdom filled with many mansions, which very mansions are dressed full round by endless horizons.

46  And there in the kingdom of the soul is there found the sum of who they are, containing within its light all the things which were, or are, or which might have been;

47  Having within its treasury a completeness of every life, whether mortal or immortal, being made always ready for the spirit to enter in whereby it might see and hear and smell and touch, to live again some happy moment filled with joy;

48  Or to study with thoughtful heart, the things which could have been if they had proved but willing; yet in such deep and good reflections be untouched by pity or doubt or sorrow or guilt.

49  But becoming themselves as those enlightened from within, to see more clearly still the path which they might walk to yet some greater glory, becoming themselves as always guided by the spirit and soul together.

50  For the flesh of the body is the door to the spirit within; and by the doing of spiritual things is there revealed the pathway to the soul, being together as all in one and one in all, ever moving and flowing into each the other through the rhythms of their life.

51  Thus in the mansions of the soul is time made to serve those which would enter in, yielding up for their joy and consideration the seeds of enlightenment whereby they might prove themselves benefited in the touching of such height and depth and breadth as in them dwells.

52  Yet, in the workings of the fifth dimension shall we grant to those of this second estate the means by which they might move throughout the unseen cosmos, which unseen cosmos is made the reflection of this cosmos which is clearly seen throughout the airs of night.

53  For in this cosmos which all can see have we balanced with still that other cosmos which we have hidden in the realms of the fifth dimension; which very thing does cause that there should flow through both the seen and unseen a great and pleasing calm which would stabilize and balance the natural forces of each cosmos to keep them in a state of constant harmony.

54  Giving to our creations the foundations of steadiness filled with purpose, permitting that in this cosmos which is seen and in the cosmos which is unseen, is there found the workings of that great Eternal Round which would provide the setting and backdrop to all our purpose and design.

55  Let us, therefore, give to those who would inherit this second estate the keys to the fifth dimension whereby they might explore and inhabit even all the realms, dominions and wonders of this unseen cosmos, that they might increase the borders of their own estate even as it will please them most to do.

56  That even as those of the first principality would inhabit their cosmos throughout the many generations of eternity, even so might those of the second principality inhabit the unseen cosmos which we shall give as a gift of wonder filled with a happy increase of their own choosing.

57  For in such increase as we permit shall the children of the first and second principality be led continually unto some greater and greater portion, even till they should desire, of themselves, to seize hold the heart of God, to walk again this Hodos Alea, even till they should receive a greater fullness of light and glory, if they will prove most willing.”

58  Thus did the great Heavenly Mother speak to her Beloved, and The One drew Areta even closer to himself, to press her breasts against his own midst tender sighs; and he spoke to her, saying: “As you have spoken, Dearest, let it then be so. For I perceive in all your wisdom, the seed of my heart’s desire.

59  For in such love as we do bear for even all our children are we made as one in heart and mind and soul, proving through such good affections that our love will always grow in height and depth and breadth, to bind as one the children of our soul with the heart of God forever.”

60  And so speaking, Areta and The One did kiss each other upon the lips; and in the waters of the Crystal Sea did the great leviathans and porpoises play and happy mingle with the angels that fly and sing.