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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 15

The third principality – “Where shall be found this third estate?” – The five dimensions of the third estate – A place which is not a place – The Teraphim – A minor dilemma – Creating a world of spirit – a telestial waiting room – Anamnesis – Animals and their spirits – Teraphim inherit the world of spirit – Cherubim appointed to guide and teach animal’s spirits – Loving parents


1  By the waters of the sea did The One and Areta go walking near, strolling through the seasons of their love with tender passions graced by fire, being themselves filled with words of kind regard and sweet affections, flowing into each the other through the dancing of the soul and spirit together;

2  Being themselves both fixed and determined to make of Heaven a place where all might find a fulfillment and joy of their own liking, becoming each as they might choose, a reflection of God filled with wonder;

3  To draw from the heart of every child a desire to continue on in chasing after God, perchance to become in like manner even as the Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother which watch over the doings of every child, to guard them round about with angels filled with dreams.

4  And The One spoke to his Beloved, saying: “Consider, my Love, these first two principalities of the Telestial Kingdom: how that we did fashion them for the joy of those which would inhabit, causing that even all our children should find in each, the fulfillment of themselves;

5  Permitting that even as the children should so desire, even they might establish such dominions and realms and powers as they would want for themselves within the boundaries and confines of that principality which they have inherited for themselves through the living of mortal life.

6  Yet, consider now this third estate which we must make; for into so bright a principality would we send forth those children which strived throughout their mortal life to follow after God, earning for themselves through daily effort this greater place of glory.

7  Let us then, my Love, ponder well such powers and dominions as we would place therein; for the earthly moon of Paradise have we made the first principality, while the world of Heaven we have appointed the second.

8  Where then shall be found this third estate, and by what means shall we exalt it far beyond the dreams of those who would inherit, to make for them a place of sweet delight filled with a great and mighty purpose, to fill their souls through endless days with joys and wonders of every kind?

9  Reveal to me the thoughts of all your heart and whatsoever you shall speak, even to this will I acquiesce; being myself as one with you and you with me. Speak, my Love, and I will hear and with my soul be joined with you in all you say to do.”

10  Thus did The One speak, and Areta spoke to her Beloved, saying: “Come then, my only Love, and together we shall fashion that greater glory which our children might yet inherit, which estate shall but draw them closer to our souls whereby they might see and hear and touch the nearness of such wonders as do most shine within our souls together.”

11  Then did Areta take The One by the hand, and in an instant did they move through the veil, to vanish in an instant from the shores of the Crystal Sea, to stand themselves in a soft and sudden rush within the very gardens of the House of Mithron, which gardens were broad and vast and deeply laid, being itself but tended daily by the angels of the Shulieye.

12  And Areta spoke, saying: “Behold, my Love, this blessed place which we have fashioned, having given to yonder temple and to this garden which does encompass on every side the greatness of five dimensions.

13  Which five dimensions we have increased in depth and power far beyond the five dimensions which we have given to the second estate, to be to the Teraphim as an inheritance forever.

14  For unto these five dimensions of the third estate shall we add to each, two primes of exceeding wonder, and to each prime shall we give three fractals of subtle turning; which primes and fractals shall turn the five dimensions in many and sundry ways.

15  Behold, my Love, the beginning of wonders.” And Areta waved her hand and in an instant did the gardens and temple of Mithron rise above the earth to stand in the airs above, having as its foundation the very clouds of Heaven, and beside it also did there rise into the heavens the great amphitheater where the angels sit in council.

16  Yet was there no tearing of the earth beneath, for the earth whereupon the temple and gardens stood appeared as green and filled with trees and flowers of every kind; and again did Areta, speaking, wave her hand, saying: “Behold.”

17  And there bubbled up from out of the temple a stream which did rush and flow throughout the gardens of the House of Mithron; and coming to the edge of the gardens, the stream did rush into a great waterfall which did cascade down to the earth; and out of the tumbling and swirling mists did there leap forth a great many rainbows.

18  Which many rainbows did appear as a bridge of exquisite beauty between the heavens and the earth; and seeing that all these things proved good and filled with wonder, Areta spoke, saying:

19  “See, my Love, the powers and dominions which we would give this third estate, for the House of Mithron have we lifted above the earth, to place in the airs of Heaven a wonder beyond wonder, and a glory beyond glory; having removed it by the power of that second prime which we would give to the fourth and fifth dimensions;

20  Causing that the whole of the third estate should be far removed through time and space, yet does it appear as present and always near to those who would see.

21  For here in this bright and sacred moment shall we cause that all powers, dominions and principalities of the third estate become itself unbounded and without limitations, being itself forever present in a time which is not a time, in a place which is not a place, upon a day which is not a day;

22  Being itself beyond the ways of immortality, but being instead eternal and everlasting, even as we are eternal and everlasting;

23  Standing itself beyond the dreams of lesser men, to dwell forever in the heart of God, being filled with some far and distant horizons yet unborn, which horizons do beckon on and on to still some greater glory.

24  For those which would inherit for themselves this third principality of the Telestial Kingdom, even these shall we make eternal, even as we are eternal, becoming themselves unneedful of renewing, being themselves always refreshed and enlivened in the midst of mighty wonders filled with still some greater dream.

25  And even though the Teraphim should yet prove unable to produce spirit children after their own likeness, yet shall we continue in preparing the way before them, even till they should receive a fullness of our image and likeness together;

26  To become themselves, if they will desire and persevere, even as Perfected Souls, becoming themselves in every similitude like unto the Father and Mother which brought them forth in the midst of love and fire and tender passions.

27  Let us, therefore, give to the Teraphim, both male and female, bodies of flesh and bone, which tabernacle shall prove beyond the touch of weariness or quiet despair; for near the heart of God shall they always dwell, becoming themselves as partakers of the mystery and the light.

28  For out of the multitude of all our children are there the very few which would seek diligently to partake with us in the doing of mighty things, giving birth within themselves a mystery all their own filled with promise.

29  This then be the inheritance of the third estate of the Telestial Kingdom of Glory, becoming of itself the greatest of all; for in the heart of God shall the Teraphim find an endless realm filled with all manner of powers, dominions and principalities, which very things shall prove greater than the sum of all their dreams.

30  For in this temple which we have made shall they find the greatest of wonders, which wonders shall be given into their keeping, for here in this sacred place shall the Teraphim find fulfillment and purpose and rich reward in seeking after God;

31  Becoming through the affairs of all their love, even as husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, to establish through endless generations this kingdom of light and glory.

32  But let us turn, my Love, and consider fully the making of some other thing, which thing we have made most needful, for consider how the moon of Paradise is yet inhabited by even all our spirit children which do await the mortal life whereby they might choose for themselves that principality wherein they might dwell.

33  If then we would make of Paradise the first principality of the Telestial Kingdom, then in what sacred place shall the sum of all our children await their inheritance?

34  For in the movements of the seventh dispensation shall the children of God begin to complete their need of mortal life, to return themselves again unto the heavenly place, to take to themselves that state of glory which they have rightly earned.

35  Unto what place, therefore, shall the children of the first estate return, seeing that the moon of Paradise shall yet be inhabited by the remainder of our spirit children which likewise await the required completion of their mortal lives?

36  Such were the words of the Blessed Mother, and The One spoke to Areta, saying: “This then be the challenge which we must answer and in the solving shall we reveal greater and greater wonders;

37  To increase the glory and mystery of all our work a hundredfold. Come then, my good and tender Love, and I will show you the things which we must do.”

38  Then did The One and Areta leave the gardens of the temple, walking together side by side with arms most sweet enfolded, and together did they enter into the House of Mithron, passing themselves through walls of sparkling stone; and coming to a large and spacious room, they entered in, and The One smiled, and he spoke to Areta, saying:

39  “Behold.” And The One waved his hand, and in an instant was the room no longer bound by space and time, but did in a bright and sudden moment, become itself unbounded, immeasurable, and without limitations.

40  And there appeared suddenly in the vastness of the Deep, the likeness of an earth, yet being in its nature incorporeal, having both sun and moon and stars which were themselves in like manner incorporeal.

41  Now there was seen upon the earth three continents of great size, which continents were separate and apart from each the other, having between them great oceans and seas; and there appeared upon the three continents of the earth great shimmering cities of light.

42  Which cities were made to appear as those of the first estate, the second estate, and the third estate, but altogether the Telestial Kingdom as it might become through the passing of the aeons, being themselves beyond the touch of time; being neither past nor present but instead what might become in ages hence.

43  Then did The One speak to his Beloved, saying: “Gaze you now, my Love, upon this spirit world which we have made, which very world we have brought forth through the third fractals of the second primes of the fourth and fifth dimensions.

44  For here is a world of spirit wherein even all our spirit children might await a good inheritance, to be born, themselves, into that principality which they have earned for themselves through the living of mortal life, to receive through incorruptible tabernacles of flesh and bone that portion of glory wherein they shall prove most happily suited.

45  Yet consider also, my Love, how that on this earth of spirit there are found many wonders, which wonders shall instill into the souls of all our children such forms and shapes and patterns as we would have them fashion within the realms of Heaven’s glory.

46  For you see, yourself, the shining beauty of yonder cities, which cities do contain in form and likeness such cities as our children will build throughout the dominions of the Telestial Kingdom, for the cities which you see now do foreshadow the cities which shall come to be.

47  Thus through the mysteries of Anamnesis shall even all our children recall in moments of inspiration the forms and patterns of heavenly things, to strive themselves to fashion in like manner the things which their spirits shall here perceive;

48  To strive through many efforts to imitate what the eyes of the flesh cannot clearly see, but which the spirit within does quick remember, being itself always anxious to see the mysteries of God revealed through the living of their life.

49  For this spirit place have we made for even all our children, which very children have lived already the mortal life, to walk Hodos Alea, and who do await only the coming of their inheritance, whereby they might be born into glory, to live in such joys as shall be found within the principalities of the Telestial Kingdom.

50  But consider also this other mystery, for the spirits of all living things which we have made, which creatures are made to swim in the seas, or to walk upon the lands, or which fly through the airs above;

51  Being made to live the mortal life, even as our children have lived the mortal life, being made also in like manner to find such glory as lies within them; even these living creatures shall we cause to dwell in this world of spirit also, to await their birth and place into that portion of the Telestial Kingdom for which they have prepared themselves through the living of mortal life.

52  Here then shall our children await their birth into the principalities of the Telestial Kingdom, being themselves permitted to fellowship with each the other, being made to learn through the instructions of the spirit and soul together the place, nature, and culture of their own estate.

53  For unto each continent of the spirit earth is there given the likeness of some estate, being on one continent the cities of the first principality, having themselves firmly established in the likeness, customs, and culture of the first estate.

54  While on the second and third continents of the spirit world are there likewise found respectively the cities of the second and third principalities, each being themselves firmly fixed in the likeness and customs of the second and third estates of the Telestial Kingdom.

55  Seeing therefore that we have established this spirit world within the mysteries of the House of Mithron, let us place all these wonders within the fair dominion of the Teraphim, to be to them an inheritance forever.

56  For here shall the Teraphim become as guardians and teachers to even all our children, to guide and counsel them in the living of such immortal lives as they shall find awaiting them, causing that the Teraphim should appear to all our children as angels of light, filled with mystery and wisdom.

57  While yet to the Cherubim of the Goieye and the Shulieye shall we appoint that they become as the guardians and teachers to the spirits of all the animals which we have brought through the mortal life;

58  To teach the fish of the sea, and the birds which fly in the airs above, and the animals which walk upon the land; to teach to all these living spirits their place and inheritance within the powers, dominions and principalities of the Telestial Kingdom of Glory.

59  And so, my Love, see this Heaven which we have made, and if you be pleased to give consent, let it be established according to our word together; to make in Heaven a place where all might find joy and sweet fulfillment, even according to their several abilities in seeking after God.

60  For here in this sacred place shall even all creation find the hope of great reward, to find for each themselves a place where they might most happily dwell.

61  And in their choosing shall we always watch over them, to guide and comfort and onward lead, holding before the eyes of all our children the pathway to still some greater glory;

62  Speaking into the souls of all, words of strength and hope and brightness, encouraging them through all our love to lift themselves higher still, even till they should become as the Father and the Mother.”

63  So spoke The One, and Areta spoke again, saying: “Let all these things be so, my Love, for in all the things which we have spoken do I see the way to still some greater glory yet unborn, which like a star would lead us on, causing that one glory should lead unto another, to cast beyond the dreams of God, the seed to still some greater Heaven.”