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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 16

A heavenly council convenes – Trading diamonds for dust – Preparing for the third dispensation – Who to send to Terralee? – Areta’s prayer – Necessity of adversities and hardships – Building pathways of faith and hope – Finding faith within – The One responds – A Beloved’s vow – “Fear not therefore the mortal life” – Sariah is born on Terralee


1  But on the world of Terralee did the centuries pass into millennia, and when there had passed some two thousand years since the days when Noaeya walked upon the earth, there was convened a great council in Heaven.

2  For there were gathered the captains of the Cherubim, being numbered out of each House some three thousand angels, being themselves gathered in the great amphitheater which God had placed above the earth to sit upon the clouds beside the House of Mithron.

3  And beside the very Cherubim sat the spirits of those men and women which had proved themselves faithful in the first and second dispensations, having themselves lived already three mortal lives filled with love and wisdom in reaching after God.

4  Having drawn to their souls the heart of God and Heaven through the goodness which they did, speaking forth in the days of their mortality the teachings of Adamilus and Evelah, and Noaeya, too, being diligent themselves to practice in the living of their mortal life the principles of wisdom and benevolence together.

5  Which thing proved most often a test and challenge to do, for the world of Terralee had become ever more complex through the doings of all mankind; for it was the things which could be seen that became of greatest value, while the truer things which lay unseen within the heart, this did many coldly disdain.

6  Becoming in themselves indifferent to God and spiritual things, knowing in themselves the existence of God and sacred things, yet being themselves uncaring in the midst of mortal life.

7  But being always within themselves most anxious in reaching forth, whereby they might gather to themselves the bitter fruits of wealth and power and troubled form, being themselves as always busy in pursuing the things which have no life.

8  Yet did these vex little the ones who would seek diligently to lay hold of eternal things; for the righteous were most perplexed by those who claimed through many words to love the God of Heaven, proclaiming aloud their faith through words made hollow and filled with delusion.

9  For there were many which would hear the words of God, to speak them well among themselves as though they did believe, but who, themselves were filled with empty deeds, always seeking through some excuse to justify themselves, while yet they put off the things of God.

10  Making small the spiritual life while yet they labored on, being themselves in one moment as those devout and filled with faith, but in another moment did they prove themselves aloof and filled with earthly cares, trading away such diamonds as God would give, for the dust of lesser things.

11  Proclaiming always that they believed, but being in their heart unconverted still, making of themselves a thin and paltry soul filled with burdens and cares and endless woe; being themselves desirous of God and sacred things, yet being ever hounded by envy and want and dark despair.

12  With such as these did the righteous seek to strive, teaching here and guiding there, ever showing by true example the way which leads to God.

13  Permitting that if one should find and there most truly believe, then would the whole world be benefited, causing that God should shine forth upon the earth through those who would seek themselves to imitate the doings of the Heavenly Father and the Heavenly Mother.

14  Thus did God permit that the righteous should sit in council with the very angels, to hear for themselves within the soul such things as God would do on yonder world, for the sake of all God’s children and not just a few.

15  For the time had come when God would establish the teachings of the third dispensation upon the world of Terralee, causing that every man and every woman might take to their soul the principles of faith and true devotion, to establish in the heart and mind and spirit of those who would embrace the seeds to still some greater strength.

16  And when all things were decided, then did The One speak to the whole assembly, saying: “Consider well, my good and happy darlings, the one which we would appoint to stand above the third dispensation to bring unto the earth.

17  For you know already that in the first dispensation did the Heavenly Mother and I go forth unto the world to establish well the ways of wisdom; and that in the second dispensation did I journey forth alone to speak of love and benevolence together mingled.

18  Who then shall we appoint to establish well this third dispensation, being in themselves that perfect example wherein is most surely found the heart of faith and joyful hope, being themselves established by faithful deeds, good and wise, and filled with constant joy?

19  Come then, and I will place before this whole assembly this petition which I would make; for in the days of my beginning, in a world made dark and filled with fright, even I was most well instructed in faith and hope.

20  For there fell in the midst of a deep and darkening gloom, a light most fair and pleasing; and from this light did the seed of all our glory take living form to walk upon the earth.

21  And the light, taking form, did appear even as a woman, which very woman became the Mother of all my life and soul together. Who then shall we send unto the world of Terralee except this one great and shining light?

22  For it was my mother which taught me well, in my beginning, of faith and hope together mingled. Which great and pleasing light is even now my own Beloved, being in her soul that happy fount from which all faith is made to flow as a mighty river, to fill the whole of Heaven with a sweet and pleasing glow.”

23  Thus did The One speak, and turning to his Beloved, the Father spoke in tender words, saying: “Behold, my Love, the time has come when we must teach of faith and hope, to establish upon the world of Terralee the third dispensation of God.

24  Permitting that even all our children might hear and come to know; and if they would believe, to practice in their life, then shall they be greatly strengthened in the ways of holiness.

25  Making place within themselves for the shining of a great light, which light will brightly shine and lead them onward in seeking after God.

26  For you, my Love, are that first and shining light which in the darkness glowed, burning brightly in the Deep upon a world of pain; giving birth within your depths to still some other light, bringing forth through small degrees, this place of light and glory.

27  Yet even now on Terralee is there found a pressing need, for we would light in every child a bright and shining star; which star would bring them home again to rest in you and me, becoming themselves as they might choose, even as God forever.”

28  Now when Areta heard these things, she did kiss The One upon the lips, and before the whole assembly she spoke, saying: “I will go, my Love, and on that world which we did make, establish well the dispensation of faith and hope.

29  And when I go and there abide upon that world which we did make, be you there as soft beside me, to walk and gently speak in the mansions of my soul; that even though you be unseen upon the world of mortal men, still shall I feel that tender touch of heart and spirit together mingled through the fabric of my life.

30  For you are the sun and I am the moon, and round and round we do chase each other through endless halls of time, consuming by our loving passions the sum of who we are, to give through kiss and fiery breath a birth to greater things.

31  When, therefore, I should go to earth to walk the mortal life, move you there as quiet within me, that I might drink from your lips the joy of life and love and endless wonder.

32  For in the living of mortal life must I construct the means by which faith is born and full maintained, causing that those who would believe might find themselves advantaged in cleaving unto God.

33  Thus, my good and tender Love, is it imperative that I be born as a mortal, and in the press of life bring forth from my soul the things of greatest worth; for you know yourself how that wine is made by the pressing of the grapes, and when it is made, it does bring joy to every man and every woman which would partake.

34  In like manner is it needful that I be given no advantage in the birth of mortal life, but that there should swirl around me a great many adversities and hardships; which very things shall press hard against my very soul, causing that I should draw from my depths the sweetness of God and Heaven.

35  For in the pressing of many adversities are the words of God given a deep and shining power, for if I should overcome such trials and hardships as do fall upon every man and every woman, then shall those which hear take confidence in all my words.

36  For in the godly are hardships made a passing thing, drawing from our soul the truth of who we are; revealing through the pressing of some adversity the goodness which in us lies, giving hope to those which likewise suffer, that they might likewise be filled with faith and hope and inward joy, even in the midst of such outward trials as do afflict from time to time.

37  Let us choose with careful thought the place where I must go, to be myself advantaged through a great many adversities, that in such a mortal life as I must live, there might rise the power of godly words dressed with deepest knowing.

38  Which thing will cause that those who hear, might find the deliverance of their heart to some high and holy place where the spirit and soul might find surcease from all their hurt and fear, to make for themselves a place of refuge through such faith as they themselves would grant.

39  For the things of God are the gifts we give ourselves, causing that we, alone, should choose the things of greatest worth, being ourselves the masters of our life; to decide ourselves whether it be filled with joy or sorrow, light or darkness, strength or constant fear, being in ourselves far greater than such adversities as do outward press.

40  Thus, in such a life as I will be born into, being itself surrounded by all manner of fear and doubt and constant hurt, even therefrom shall I construct within my life the pathways of faith and hope together; laying down by careful means such principles as will make faith attainable for all who would believe.

41  Causing that such a path as I might build, might even others likewise build within themselves, that in that good yet inward journey they might find again the joy of far greater things.

42  Which things will light the path which they must tread while in the mortal life, even till they should journey home again, to touch the soul of God; for what is a Father or a Mother worth without their little babes?

43  Know then, my good and holy Love, that the one which would take to earth the dispensations of God, are themselves the builders of some good and constant path, which path, like a bridge, does carry the ones who would believe through the darkness of their life; to safely carry them over such chasms as would separate the child from the love of the Father and the Mother which do need them so.

44  Send me, therefore, unto the earth and there let me walk through mortal life, for I will touch the children of our soul through words and deeds made good and wise, weaving gently into their lives, dreams far greater still.

45  Building through my constant care that sure and happy path, which would take all who would choose to so believe, into that faith which does sleep within the soul; which faith the cares of life would quickly hide away, to fill the soul with doubt instead.

46  Yet shall such words as I will teach give strength to those who will believe, causing that even they should sweep away the delusions of their life, to find the faith within.

47  For faith is born within the soul and can by no means be found beyond the self, being the gift we give ourselves, to carry us onward still to some far yet distant glory, even till we should obtain a fullness of heavenly things.

48  Only, my Love, walk you there as quiet beside me, and as my guardian angel be; for by your constancy am I strengthened against the things which press and deeply wound; for you are the sun and I am the moon, and round and round we do chase each other through endless halls of time.”

49  These then are the words which Areta spoke, and the angels hearing them did brightly sing, sending forth into the airs of Heaven the anthems of a Mother’s love, causing that the whole creation should leap with joy at the very sound thereof.

50  And The One, drawing into his bosom the one he loved most dearly, spoke softly into her ear, saying: “I shall go with you, my Love, and there walk as quiet beside, to whisper into the ear of things yet half remembered, when in this Heaven you did stroll with me beside the Crystal Sea.

51  And when there shall befall you the hurt of many sorrows, even then shall I bear you up again, to fill the sum of all your days with kiss and tender sigh; and on your bed when you sleep, even then shall I most gently lie to hold you in my arms, to speak in dreams within your heart of all our love together.

52  For I shall draw you daily into the temple of your soul, and there dress you well in strength and wisdom and happy light, speaking always into your mind brave words filled with grace and eager joy.

53  And though in your journey the world should see me not, still will you yourself both hear and see, for I shall sing upon the winds and with the flowers dance, revealing in your heart and mind the sum of all my love for you.

54  Fear not, therefore, the mortal life, with all its tears and bitter strife, for I shall walk upon the way, and through the hours of your day make known to you your truer place, and by the light which in you dwells, lead you on from grace to grace, even till you receive a fullness.

55  What shall it matter then, the inconstancy of mortal men? For I shall softly walk through the shadows of your day, and there upon that mortal way speak such words as will prove that through your life I gently move, to woo you with my love.

56  And though the way prove hard and steep, still your soul as a treasure keep, and here in the hollow of my hand, I shall lift you above the ways of man, to hold you safe in every part, and here in the shelter of my heart, fill you up to overflowing.

57  Let the world then prove some wild commotion, yet will I give my good devotion; and by your side forever stand, and there upon the world of man, gently guide and sweetly hold, and in my heart most soft enfold the heart and soul of my Beloved, forever and anon.

58  Kiss me now but ere you leave, that in your arms I might breathe the scent and warmth of all your love; for you are my joy, my only light, and here in this deep and starry night I shall love you more.

59  Draw from my lips this love of mine, that between our souls a star might shine, ever guiding through the years, to bring us soft together near, and in our hearts most deep embrace, to give as gifts grace for grace.

60  Kiss me now upon my lips, and in my love find sweet repose; for I shall stand as near beside wherever you should go; for I am the sun and you are the moon, and round and round we do but dance midst dreams and starry night, to be for each that gentle light which would fill the heart with joy.”

61  Such were the words which came from the soul of The One, even as a mighty river; and taking Areta into his arms, he did kiss her deep, and with many passions swept her all away midst fire and love together.

62  And on the world of Terralee did the seasons quietly pass, and the years as gently move; and there was born in a poor and humble house a girl child which all men called Sariah; for she was filled with grace and beauty together mingled, singing from days of tender youth the songs of faith and hope together fashioned.