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Occurrences:  56

First Reference:  Yeshua 50:23


For in the beginning did your spirit dwell in the Paradise of the Father, from everlasting to everlasting. Fear not, therefore, those which are able to kill the body, for the spirit of man lives forever.



See:  Anamnesis, Celestial Kingdom, Eden World, El Shaloah / El Shalon (House of), Heaven, Keep (the), ministering angel, Mithron (House of), Teraphim


Summary:  The “Paradise of the Keep” (W:25:13) refers to a particular region in the Celestial Kingdom specifically designated for protecting and nurturing the spirit children of God. It is here, on the moons of Paradise, where newly fashioned spirit embryos dwell until they achieve a state of self-awareness, after which they acquire a knowledge of God’s love and devotion prior to incarnating on a mortal world (4:4:29-61). Paradise serves as a nursery where spirit children are taught by Cherubim of the Goieye regarding the nature of God and the ways of Heaven and eternal progression (4:12:17-21). Celestial citizens who have yet to achieve exaltation as a Perfected Soul but have progressed to the status of ministering angel also dwell on Paradise moons, assisting the Goieye in teaching and nurturing innocent spirit children of God (W:25:13; 5:4:37).


At the appointed time, spirit children are given the opportunity to enter into the school of mortality (see: El Shaloah/Shalon: Perfected Soul). While mortality inhibits, or veils, any sure recollection of Paradise, the knowledge and experiences obtained there serve as a foundation for the child’s development of soul during the mortal probation. Moments of inspiration and impressions of beauty and goodness arise from the spirit child’s previous experiences in Paradise (W:25:16-20; 4:27:18-19, 23-24). Given the unique circumstances surrounding mortality on this world, the world of the First Power, Paradisiacal foundations of knowledge do not apply to the general population.


In the Celestial Kingdom, each of the seven realms are comprised of a solar system containing three planets, with each planet possessing within its orbit a number of paradise moons (5:4:37; E:4:17). In the Celestial Kingdom of the Ahgendai, there are seven paradise moons orbiting a single planet called Mahaliel. These seven moons serve as way stations for those seeking exaltation in this most glorified realm (5:12:26-30).



Creation of the Keep


With the rise of Yaldabaoth and his first attack against Heaven, The One and Areta fashioned what is referred to as “the Keep”, wherein all the citizens of Heaven, ‘from the least to the greatest’, found refuge and protection during Yaldaboath’s attack (5:15:63-76). The Keep has since become the dwelling place for all the spirit children of God (W:24:5).


The concept of the Keep seems to build on what was previously established as Paradise. While there is a singular reference to the “Keep” during the early design stages of the Telestial Kingdom (4:4:31), all other references to the Keep refer to a development that occurred in response to the rise of Yaldabaoth and his attack against Heaven. While a simpler concept or version of the Keep may have pre-existed the Demiurge — being represented by the dimensions of Paradise it wasn’t until Heaven was attacked by the Lord of Chaos that an impenetrable refuge was fashioned and placed under the general jurisdiction of the Azraella Ahgendai, who was foreordained by The One and Areta as ‘Protector of the Keep’ (5:8:19). Worlds of Paradise were subsequently placed within the dimensions of the Keep. The only key that can open the doors of the Keep is that of a Father’s or Mother’s love for their child (5:15:73).



Shaemdiel Disturbs Paradise


Shaemdiel, former Chief Archon of the Council of Elohim, was influenced by Yaldabaoth and subsequently led many of his lineage in rebellion against God. Many of the ministering angels who dwelt on Jeruel’s Paradise moon (Eden World) were affected by Shaemdiel’s words (E:5:17-18). Citizens of Mitanni, Ramnios, Elseli and Gimmel — four of the twelve cities established on Eden Worldsided with the Chief Archon (E:2:15; E:8:6). At the peak of his insurrection, Shaemdiel violently stormed the Keep and took his spirit children hostage in the city of Mitanni. Shaemdiel’s uprising came to an abrupt end on the plains of Kuristan when the might and glory of the Elohim descended with Ahman and the Azraella Ahgendai (E:9:1-75; W:2:36-42; 6:2:7-12, 20-23).



Gardens of Ondi-Ahman


According to scripture, the Council of Elohim and the Ahgendai will convene a sacred convocation on this earth to mark the closing of the 7th dispensation on this world of the First Power (B:5:26-29; W:28:10-20). This future gathering will take place in an undisclosed location on this earth, in what is referred to as the Sacred Gardens of Ondi-Ahman — a re-created version of the gardens of Paradise.





4th Endowment 4:29-61  —  Purpose of Paradise Moons


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Now there was prepared near unto the kingdom of God, an earth of exceeding great beauty, and unto this Paradise are the spirit children of God made to dwell; that they might be brought to a remembrance of the good when they should be sent forth to dwell in the furnace of mortality.

So were the spirits of all God’s children made to dwell in the Keep, and they did come to a knowledge of the glory to be found in the kingdom of their Father and Mother, both Emmanuel and Sophiel, even God.

For there is made to dwell in the Paradise of the Keep, a host of ministering angels, and they do teach unto the spirits of all men, a multitude of knowledge concerning the kingdom of God, that in the days of their probation when they are sent forth to dwell in the furnace of mortality, they might possess unto themselves a fount of great wisdom.

Wisdom 25:11-13


Now above the world of Jeruel did there shine forth in the night airs above, a moon of most exquisite comeliness, even the world of Paradise which moved throughout the regions of the Keep.

And upon this world was there established forever the twelve cities of the ministering angels, and with them also dwelt the Cherubic hosts of Heaven.

Enlightenment 2:8-9


For you know already how that in the beginning were you drawn from the bosom of God, being fashioned of such loving passions as the Father and the Mother would give to each other midst fiery kiss and deep embrace;

Causing that in the beginning when your spirit was made to dwell in the Paradise of God, being yourselves attended by the very angels, even then did you come to dwell in the goodness of God and Heaven together.

Yet were you unable to perceive the goodness of heavenly things, for you had no knowledge of those things which stand as opposite to the nature of God; for in the beginning were you all as innocent babes.

But in that moment when you were born into mortal life, then did the senses of the body weave together a veil which would separate you from a sure recollection of that Paradise from which you came.

4th Endowment 12:17-20


For in the beginning, before the dawn of mortal life, did even every man and every woman dwell in the Paradise of God, which Paradise proved far greater in its beauty than the mind of man can know or deep conceive.

Yet in your beginning did you renounce with eager hearts the glory of Heaven, to await with sweet delight the appointed hour of your bodily birth, being hopeful yourselves to follow in the steps of God, whereby you might become even as your Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, to possess for yourselves the greater glory.[...]

Be you, therefore, wise and deeply knowing, for the purpose of beauty is revelation, revealing to the eyes which see, the truth which comes from God; lifting up the heart and soul, to fill you up with wonder and delight, to lift you up with awe.

Thus in beauty do you look beyond the thinness of your lives, to see beyond the shadows, to where the light most brightly shines, to feel again with tender hearts the beauty of your former state when first in Heaven you did dwell beside the throne of God.

4th Endowment 27:18-19, 23-24


For the Celestial Kingdom possesses these seven suns only, and around each sun does there move just three celestial worlds where the Gods themselves do live; and around each celestial world move the moons of Paradise where the ministering angels of God have made for themselves some happy abode.

5th Endowment 4:37


[...] The sign of this graduation begins with the giving of a gift from your Heavenly Parents; for they will create for you and your Beloved, a beautiful world of Paradise which they will set in orbit around the world of Jeruel. This world will become the home and nursery of your spirit children, and is placed in one of the dimensions of the Keep. [...]

So if you were to take a peek into the world of Paradise and cast your gaze upon the spirit children of God, they would appear to you as being between five to seven years of age. Their innocence prevents them from advancing any further.

Azrael’s Commentary: El Shalon/Shaloah — 2. Perfected Souls


Once spirit children have indicated their desire to mature and become as their Heavenly Parents, it becomes incumbent upon the Heavenly Parents to create and prepare a mortal world which will act as a school of learning. For in Paradise, spirit children are innocent. They are unable to appreciate the goodness and beauty of Heaven because there is no opposite against which to compare it. But in the school of mortal life, spirit children will learn about opposition, as well as a great many other things.

Azrael’s Commentary: El Shalon/Shaloah — 3. Artificer


Whenever a group of spirit children living in Paradise express a desire to progress spiritually, they are taken first to the House of Mithron. This is a beautiful temple with vast gardens located on Jeruel. [...] The House of Mithron is the largest of the seven Houses to be found in Heaven. Not only is it responsible for Paradise, it is responsible for all the worlds of Olaha Shinehah.

Azrael’s Commentary: House of Mithron