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Mithron (House of)


Pronunciation:  MITH-rahn

Occurrences:  21

First Reference:  Wisdom 24:21


And before the Father and Mother of Heaven, and before Michael also, shall stand the House of Shevas, the House of Mithron, and the House of El Shalon; and beside these shall be added also three others over which the Mothers alone preside.



See:  Celestial Kingdom, Elohim, Houses (seven), Quorums (twelve)


Summary:  The Celestial Kingdom of Heaven consists of seven Councils of Light. Each Council contains seven organizational bodies called Houses, with each House containing within itself twelve Quorums. While the same Houses and the Quorums exist throughout all seven Councils of Light, the mandates of each vary according to the Council.


  Seven Houses of Heaven                 Presiding Priesthood


House of Mithron                                  Patriarchal / Matriarchal

House of El Shalon                               Patriarchal

House of El Shaloah                             Matriarchal

House of Shevas                                  Matriarchal (primarily)

House of Sabaoth                                 Patriarchal (primarily)

House of Archons                                 Patriarchal

House of Valhaladea                            Matriarchal


The House of Mithron was the first House to be established by the First God, Areta and The One, during the initial creation stages of the First Heaven, later referred to as the Telestial Kingdom (4:9:19). Mithron is the oldest and largest of the seven Houses to arise midst the progression and evolution of Heaven. Not only does House Mithron oversee the domain of Paradise, it is responsible for all the worlds and inhabitants of the Olaha Shinehah, as represented by the Telestial and Terrestrial Kingdoms of glory (AZC — Mithron). The work of Mithron is centered in an exquisite temple set among vast gardens located on the world of Jeruel (E:2:49).


Referred to as the “House of First Covenants”, Mithron oversees the introductory aspects of Hodos Alea: the way of eternal progression. While the responsibilities of House Mithon have most certainly broadened and evolved since its inception, its original duties were organized under the purview of four offices:


1)  Office of Mortality and Reincarnation     4:9:21-36     This office served to organize the many facets pertaining to the laws and principles of reincarnation and dispensationalism.


2)  Office of the Guardian Angels      4:9:36-51     This office was established to set forth the laws and principles that govern the Cherubim, who serve as guardian angels to God’s spirit children. Each spirit child is appointed a guardian angel to protect, inspire and encourage them throughout the living of their mortal lives.


3)  Office of Covenants      4:9:51-60     At the onset of the sixth dispensation, spirit children are offered the chance to make covenants, the keeping of which would establish a path toward exaltation and provide the power of the third witness — that of the Great Mother Spirit.


4)  Office of the Teraphim     4:9:59-63     Spirit children who are faithful in keeping their covenants advance to the office of the Teraphim, to sit in council with their Heavenly Parents and serve as ministering angels who move between Heaven and earth to bless and instruct those who would draw close to the heart of God.


The House of Mithron also administers the “Principles and Rights of Friendship and Continued Associations”, which principles ensure that friendships formed during mortality are maintained between individuals who inherit different degrees of glory and dwell in different principalities (4:13:54-60).


Thus through the Principles and Rights of Friendship and Continued Associations shall every kingdom and principality become most deeply aware of each the other, to share through friendship the mysteries and wonders of all greater and lesser glories in the kingdoms of our power;

Causing that every man and every woman might go beyond the boundaries of that kingdom wherein they dwell, to see again the friend they love most deeply, if it so be that they should petition the House of Mithron for love’s sake only.

4th Endowment 13:58-59



Azrael’s Commentary — Mithron (House of)


The first and oldest of all the Houses in the Celestial Kingdom, this House was organized by God with the creation of the first Heaven (4:15:10-24), which first Heaven became later known as the Telestial Kingdom of Glory. The first temple ever fashioned by God is still in existence and is one of the most popular tourist sights in Heaven.

The word Mithron, means ‘to cross over’, as in a bridge which takes you safely from one place to another. The House of Mithron is known as the ‘House of First Covenants’, because it deals specifically with the living of a mortal life wherein the children of God have taken covenants pertaining to their desire to dwell more closely beside their Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.

Whenever a group of spirit children living in Paradise express a desire to progress spiritually, they are taken first to the House of Mithron. This is a beautiful temple with vast gardens located on Jeruel. The spirit children enter these beautiful gardens by means of a specially constructed bridge which is found in Paradise. As the spirit children step onto the bridge to cross over, they pass through a ring made of sculpted gold dressed with diamonds and sapphires. Passing through this ring initiates a dimensional shift, causing the spirit children to step off the bridge into the gardens of the House of Mithron. This ring, which is located midway on the bridge itself, can only be activated from Jeruel. It cannot be activated on the moon of Paradise. In Paradise the bridge is built over a river which is called the ‘River of Life’. If the ring on the bridge is not activated, then looking through the ring will simply reveal the opposite shore in Paradise. But if the ring is activated and you look through it, you will see the gardens of the House of Mithron. Both the bridge and its ring were designed and constructed by the chief artificers in the House of El Shalon and El Shaloah, and given as a gift to the House of Mithron.

Upon entering the gardens of Mithron, the spirit children are given very intensive classes on what it means to live the mortal life. They are taught about opposition and the purpose of struggle. They learn about kind cleaving unto kind, the purpose of multiple lives and its relationship to the Principle of Equity and the Principle and Rights of Friendship and Continued Associations. Added to this instruction, the spirit children are taught about the laws of dispensationalism. Spirit children are drilled on the purposes for living the mortal life and of its profound importance to eternal progression in the kingdom of God. This instruction takes place over a period of time, and only at the end of this instruction do the Heavenly Parents present themselves in the gardens of Mithron. On this most sacred of occasions, the spirit children are gathered to hear words of encouragement and promise from their Heavenly Father and Mother.

It is at this final gathering that the Heavenly Mother composes a song for her children, and giving the song to the father, the Heavenly Father sings the Song of Election. After the song is sung, the spirit children must decide whether or not to make their covenants for entering mortality. These covenants are placed in the House of Mithron. And as a general rule, almost all spirit children within a specified group will make these covenants. Those few who choose not to make covenants are graciously returned to Paradise.

It should be noted that all dispensational leaders place covenants with the House of Mithron. These special covenants cover three principle areas: covenants between the dispensational leader and the Heavenly Parents, covenants between the dispensational leader and the House of Mithron, and covenants between the dispensational leader and the spirit children.

The House of Mithron is the largest of the seven Houses to be found in Heaven. Not only is it responsible for Paradise, it is responsible for all the worlds of Olaha Shinehah.



Azrael’s Commentary — Eternal Round: Olaha Shinehah


[...] In the 4th Endowment (4:15:10-23) we read of God’s creation of the very first House of Mithron, a temple of exquisite beauty within the very first Heaven. This first Heaven is the Telestial Kingdom, and this first House of Mithron marks the point of Nexus which separates one eternity from another. From God’s point of view, eternity is a specific measurement of time. An eternity equals 17.5 billion years. That’s how long it takes for the point of Nexus (the first House of Mithron) to revolve around the Celestial Kingdom in one complete orbit. (See AZC — Eternal Round: Olaha Shinehah)






So shall the righteous be brought before all the heavenly hosts; before the Seven Houses of Heaven shall the worthy be gathered.

Behold the House of the Archons, over which shall preside even the very King of Heaven, even Ahman, the Father of All; and on his right hand shall stand the Ancient of Days even Michael, who shall stand forth as Chief Archon before all the great and mighty.

And before the Father and Mother of Heaven, and before Michael also, shall stand the House of Shevas, the House of Mithron, and the House of El Shalon; and beside these shall be added also three others over which the Mothers alone preside.

Wisdom 24:19-21


And in that moment when the child should die, to pass away from mortal life to rise again in Heaven, even then did their guardian angels escort them through the veils of time, to bring them home again midst joy and sweet reunion.

And in the House of Mithron did the child study deep and well the life which they had lived, to place beside the others, being always guided and instructed by the angels which watched over them;

Causing that in another journey, in their passing through the veil, still did the selfsame cherub go with them into the mortal life to walk again the path of stones; gently moving quiet beside them to whisper in the ear, of things immortal and filled with light within the heart of God.

4th Endowment 9:45-47