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Pronunciation:  TEHR-uh-fihm

Occurrences:  20

First Reference:  Enlightenment 2:13


And lifting his voice in a mighty shout, Shaemdiel caused to be gathered unto him the Teraphim out of every city save a few; and unto the city of Mitanni, on the plains of Kuristan did they gather from afar.



See:  Abdiel, Ayrimee & Lydia, Celestial Kingdom, Doriel, Lorriel, ministering angel, Zerrah of Adorea


Summary:  There are three orders of progression or states of being within the Celestial Kingdom of Heaven: ministering angels, Souls of the Just Made Perfect, and Arch-Angels. Existing as the fourth office within the House of Mithron, the Teraphim represent the highest order of ministering angels, and are appointed the lowest seats among the councils of Elohim (4:9:61-63; AZC — Abiel of Salem).


Teraphim possess eternal bodies of flesh and bone, but are unable to create spirit children like those who are Souls of the Just Made Perfect (4:15:25-28). For the most part, the Teraphim dwell and serve on the Paradise moons which orbit each of the Elohim’s three planets (E:2:4-8).


Scripture describes how when Areta (the Supreme Mother of Heaven) traveled to the distant future to observe the effects of mediocrity on the realms of Heaven, she found a small band of Teraphim on a paradise moon of Gaimaeah, a world in the realm of Shem El Koreem. The Teraphim had gone mad and were powerless to end their torment. The experience convinced Areta to support her Beloved (The One) in creating a means to save Heaven (5:1:55-67).


During Shaemdiel’s rebellion, many of the Teraphim became troubled by the words of the Chief Arch-Angel, to the extent of being deceived (E:2:50; E:5:17). Scripture portrays the occasion in which a council of the Teraphim gathered to discuss how to respond to Shaemdiel’s discrepant words and behavior (E:2:16-49). Teraphim present at this gathering included: Ayrimee and Lydia, Doriel and Lorriel of Ramnios, and Zerrah of Adorea.


Another prominent Teraphim mentioned in scripture is referred to as Abiel of Salem (B:28:31).





And even though the Teraphim should yet prove unable to produce spirit children after their own likeness, yet shall we continue in preparing the way before them, even till they should receive a fullness of our image and likeness together;

To become themselves, if they will desire and persevere, even as Perfected Souls, becoming themselves in every similitude like unto the Father and Mother which brought them forth in the midst of love and fire and tender passions.

Let us, therefore, give to the Teraphim, both male and female, bodies of flesh and bone, which tabernacle shall prove beyond the touch of weariness or quiet despair; for near the heart of God shall they always dwell, becoming themselves as partakers of the mystery and the light.

For out of the multitude of all our children are there the very few which would seek diligently to partake with us in the doing of mighty things, giving birth within themselves a mystery all their own filled with promise.

4th Endowment 15:25-28


For here shall the Teraphim become as guardians and teachers to even all our children, to guide and counsel them in the living of such immortal lives as they shall find awaiting them, causing that the Teraphim should appear to all our children as angels of light, filled with mystery and wisdom.

4th Endowment 15:56


And searching with anxious heart, Areta found in a small valley upon the moon of paradise, a band of the Teraphim; and gently did she rush forth to reveal herself unto them, whereby she might speak to them some word of comfort filled with hope.

Yet the Teraphim, when they saw her, knew her not at all, but gazed upon her with eyes made dull through madness; putting up to her a constant plea that she kill them to end their torment.

For being not Gods themselves, they could not slip away into the rest of dark oblivion; neither could they fade themselves away as the ministering angels had done in ages long past; for the Teraphim were made eternal, yet they had not the power of Gods or Goddesses, to slip into oblivion and thereby end their suffering.

5th Endowment 1:61-63


Terra Borah