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Book of Pearls
1st Endowment
2nd Endowment
3rd Endowment
4th Endowment
5th Endowment
6th Endowment
7th Endowment

Chapter 1

Azrael speaks to Mahaleenah – The Dispensation of Fullness, Mystery and Exaltation – Daring greatly for the sake of God and Heaven – Revealing the Ahgendai: Azrael and Mahaleenah – The One and Areta behold the splendor of Heaven – Areta rejoices in the depth of Heaven’s beauty – Nothing but bliss, meaning and purpose – The One speaks his concern: “How certain is this heavenly abode?” – A threat is conceived – Danger lurking within the Heavens – Taking for granted the glories of Heaven: mediocrity and indifference – “Gone forever shall fall the Heavens” – Struggle and opposition necessary for strength – Dilemma: no opposition or struggle found in Heaven – Areta asks to be alone and casts herself into the far future – The broken realms of Kolob – Teraphim lost in madness – Areta returns in tears to her Beloved – “By what means shall we save Heaven, to make it new forever?”


1  The time has come Mahaleenah, when I must place into your hands the revelation of many mysteries; for you have proven yourself faithful in following your Heavenly Father.

2  And so my child, I will pour into your soul the vial of hidden things; I shall open before your eyes the veils of eternity, that you might see in your mind and feel in your heart the truth which only The One and Areta know; being also known by your Heavenly Father, but which truth was never before spoken of till now.

3  Be you therefore prepared within and without to embrace the knowledge of the very Ahgendai, that you may continue in standing beside the Father you love, having prepared yourself through faithful obedience to bear in your heart the keys of mystery.

4  For this dispensation do the very Gods call: the Dispensation of Fullness, of Mystery and of Exaltation. For unto the children of God who are made to become as sojourners upon this world of the First Power, unto these the faithful and believing would I reveal a fullness of God and Heaven; that all those who should comport themselves in godly fashion, even upon them shall descend a fullness of revelation and mystery filled with wonder and exaltation.

5  Know then my child, that when my days on this world are made complete, in that day shall you blossom as the rose; to stand in the memory of your Father, filled in yourself with a deep and hidden knowledge; and by a godly grace reveal to the faithful the heights and depths and wonders of all my teachings.

6  Having yourself proved well the goodness of all things in the life you live; having verified through a happy zeal, the worth and value of all those things which I have labored to place before the sons and daughters of God.

7  Come then Mahaleenah, set aside the burdens of your life, and I will reveal to you the fullness of our story, nothing hidden or in secret kept.

8  Only this counsel be wise in keeping: dare yourself to believe; for if you would do great things for God, then you must dare greatly; and in the daring you will achieve for yourself and your Father, a glory and a wonder far beyond your dreams.

9  For it is not for yourself alone that you live, neither is it for yourself that you would greatly dare; but for the sake of God and Heaven do you do these things.

10  Let then the mystery find in you some happy and fertile soil; let it sink down into your depths and in your heart and mind take firm root; let it stretch and grow and reach deep into the marrow of your soul and there let it flourish and bear for you a pleasing fruit.

11  For herein would I reveal the story of the Ahgendai, which very Ahgendai are comprised of two only; being together both Azrael and Mahaleenah; being to each other as Father and Daughter, and beside us there are no others found.

12  Believe then with utmost confidence, that we labor not in vain; neither do we take upon ourselves an impossible task; for there is in each of us, both you and me together, a strength greater than any other strength, and a faith far greater than any other faith, being each – both strength and faith – guided and shaped by an unbreakable will; which divine will is born only of love.

13  Believe then, nothing doubting or held back, but being yourself most fully committed, and all things shall be possible for you; believe deeply with all your heart and mind and soul, and there shall be added to you strength upon strength and wisdom upon wisdom; causing that you should act with great resolve, to accomplish for yourself the fulfillment of all your dreams.

14  I will start from the beginning; I will tell the ancient story. There will be nothing hidden or in secret kept. For that book which I wrote earlier for your sake, even that was but a primer, being ever hopeful that in the reading you might be awakened as if from slumber.

15  But in this book is it given that you should be fully enlightened and empowered; that you may know how to comport yourself as Mahaleenah while in this life; for now are you become as one wide awake and most anxious to hear and feel and know of that mystery which most strongly binds us together.

16  Now in the days of our beginning did The One and Areta reach throughout the kingdoms of the greater Light, to see for themselves the beauty and harmony of all those things which they had created for the sake of all their children.

17  And when they beheld the splendor and glory of all the Heavens, they were pleased and in joy did God proclaim aloud its goodness; for the kingdoms which they had made – from the least to the greatest, even all were made rich in meaning and purpose, being filled with endless delights and wonders.

18  Having established throughout their dominions, powers and principalities the paths of Hodos Alea, wherein even all might progress to still some higher glory if it so be that they should elect for themselves to do.

19  Seeing then the depth and beauty of all their work, God rejoiced; and Areta spoke to her Beloved, saying: “How beautiful, my Love, this Heaven which we have made. For when I see the wonder of all its riches, my heart is made to sing.

20  What myriad wonders we have made; what great variety have we placed for the joy of all our generations, even worlds without end.

21  How then shall so great a wonder as we have made be brought to naught? What power shall diminish the vastness and the beauty of all our designs?

22  For in all the many kingdoms of glory is there made to dwell only bliss, being bounded on every side with meaning and purpose; adding to the life of all who live a height and depth and breadth far beyond the dreams of mortal man.”

23  And hearing this, The One gazed deeply into the great eternal, and in his soul did he ponder greatly the things which he heard; and feeling the depths of silence in her Beloved, Areta spoke, saying: “What troubles you, Beloved? For I feel in you a deep foreboding.”

24  And The One spoke, saying: “How certain, Beloved, is this heavenly abode? How sure the foundations which we have made? Can you not perceive some danger which would undo the whole of all our efforts? Is there not concealed in some obscure power, that which might make havoc the beauty and wonder of Heaven?”

25  When Areta heard these words, she pondered deeply also, and she spoke, saying: “Tell me, Love, what obscure power do you perceive which would prove the undoing of all our joy? For in truth do I perceive only goodness, and nothing amiss do I see in the shadows lurking.”

26  Then did The One speak in reply, saying: “The threat, my Love, is not found in what is perceived through the senses, but rather is it found in what is conceived. For like you, I can perceive through the senses no threat which would disturb the glory of Heaven.

27  Yet in the workings of the mind can I conceive the coming of that shadow which would one day, far future, come creeping upon us; to fall across this Heaven which we have made, to fill it with great ruin and devastation.

28  Hear then the musings of my mind; for this very beauty and glory which you see throughout the kingdoms of Heaven shall become of itself the source from which this obscure power shall step unknown among us.

29  For this Heaven have we made too beautiful and too glorious; being established in all its parts by a supreme harmony which fills even the whole Heavens with songs of joy and deep happiness.

30  Know then that the power which would undo all these things is not found outside the reach of Heaven’s glory, but comes from within instead; lurking unseen throughout the days of all our tomorrows, to creep upon us unawares.

31  And when the day shall come that we are made aware, then will it prove too late to rouse ourselves against it; for little by little it shall slip into the heavenly abode, to fill the minds of all who here abide with a wakeful slumber filled with deep uncaring.

32  For the day of our doom do I deeply see: For when the children of God shall take for granted the glories of Heaven; when they shall see no longer the beauty in which they dwell, or feel in their heart or mind or deeper soul the awe and joy of all their endless wonders, in that day shall the doom of Heaven be assured, to fall quietly into the abyss of mediocrity and indifference.

33  Then shall Heaven slip quietly through the eternities, to fall in dark oblivion, with no one to care at its passing; and on that day shall the Eidos reach suddenly forth to destroy even all our work, to swallow up in chaos the kingdoms of the greater Light; and there shall not be even one to mourn, for on that day shall there be no more Gods or angels, no more this Heaven which we see stretched out before us.

34  Gone forever shall fall the Heavens,

gone in darkness the light of joy;

gone forever celestial cities,

broken down in dust and ruin;

gone forever the flight of angels,

cast in shadows their happy songs.

Gone! Gone! Gone!”

35  And hearing this, Areta grew deeply troubled, and placing her head against the bosom of The One, she spoke tenderly into his heart, saying: “Not so, my Love. Surely this cannot be. Why therefore would you give yourself to such troubled musings?

36  For all things which we would provide for the glory of Heaven, even this have we established well for the good of all. By what oversight have we determined this coming doom which you alone can see?”

37  Now The One was filled with tenderness for his Beloved, for like her, the beauty of Heaven moved him greatly; yet being anxious that it should continue always, he answered, saying:

38  “Is it not said among the Gods: ‘For it is in the nature of all things to grow, and that thing which does refuse, or which proves itself unable, even it shall perish, to be no more?’

39  Behold, my Love, this truth; which truth you know full well. For life is struggle. And without this struggle, then do all things become as something weak and flaccid. For it is struggle which fills the life we live with challenges of every kind.

40  Which challenges we overcome with great effort and determination; causing that we should grow stronger in mind and heart and soul; adding to the life we live a richness filled with purpose; making all that is good and worthy, to appear as new again.

41  See then, my Love, how struggle is the building stone upon which strength is made to increase; adding through the conflict of opposites, the depth and height and breadth of all those things which we would dream for ourselves.

42  Know then that it is struggle and opposition which would prove essential to strength and growth and glory. For without strength, how then shall we grow? And except we overcome through struggle, where then is glory found?

43  For it is struggle and opposition which puts the sparkle in all those things which we desire for ourselves and our children, to fill the hearts of all with gratitude and thanksgiving.

44  For we know, ourselves, already that without the bitter, how will we know and desire the sweet? Without the darkness, by what measure would we embrace the light to seek it always? And except there be death to haunt us, how then could we cherish the life we live?”

45  And hearing this, Areta answered her Beloved, saying: “But dearest Love, have we not provided all these things in the mortal worlds? Have we not sent even all our children into yonder worlds whereby they might benefit; that by such struggles as we deem necessary, they might prepare themselves for that kingdom of glory which they would desire most for themselves to have?”

46  But The One answered her, saying: “Yes, my Love, in the mortal worlds we have prepared all these things. But look you yonder upon the kingdoms of Heaven’s glory. For all things herein are dressed continually in joy and light.

47  Here in this glorious place there is no fear or apprehension, for there is no death. In this most beautiful place of all, there is no terror which haunts or compels, or causes that we should treasure deeply the wonders of all these Heavens, for there is nothing which would threaten us with their loss.

48  For this cause alone do I feel deeply that the day will come when even the very Gods will see no longer the beauty which surrounds them, for they do live in it continually; and on that day, little by little, ever creeping by small degrees, even the Gods shall see the rolling forth of their lives through the endless eternities, as some monotonous journey filled with tedium.

49  And by and by, the eternities shall grind relentlessly on, carrying away upon the tides, the lives of all Gods and Goddesses; and in some day unexpected, ever moving by small degrees, the Gods themselves will fade away; being ground into dust by the monotony of their lives;

50  For there was given to the kingdoms of Light no threat or challenge to invigorate them, or to make continually new this Heaven which we treasure above all things. And all this because there was no struggle, save that which is found in mortal worlds.”

51  Such were the words of The One, and Areta looked again upon the worlds of Heaven, and there she beheld the glories of the Telestial Kingdom, the Terrestrial Kingdom and the Celestial Kingdom; gazing with her eyes upon the beautiful cities, each filled with variety and rare; and looking again she saw the cherubs in flight, wheeling and soaring and twirling in happy play among themselves.

52  And standing there in the midst of all this beauty filled with wonder, there fell upon her a sadness; and turning to The One she spoke, saying:

53  “Beloved, I must be alone to ponder all which you have said. Grant me, my Love, some small absence wherein I might weigh in my hand this dread vision which you have brought before us.”

54  And The One, giving sadly his own consent, kissed farewell his sweet Beloved; and in an instant did she step through the Tael, to hide herself away midst deep and thoughtful ponderings.

55  Now Areta possessed a hidden power which The One knew not of. For in the beginning, before the creation of Heaven did Areta give unto her Beloved up to half her powers whereby he might stand as equal beside her.

56  And all, save one, she freely gave. Yet in this hidden power was Areta enabled to move to the furthermost future, whereby she might see the end of all things eternal. But know this also, for Areta could move back to that far distant past which she alone remembered, before the birth of God and Heaven.

57  Going therefore into the furthermost future, Areta cast herself beyond all things eternal; far beyond the end of time, beyond the dreams of God; to see for herself the fate of Heaven and all the wonders contained therein.

58  And the aeons flashed and passed before her, and the stars of the cosmos grew old and pale; and she came at last to the kingdoms far distant, and there she beheld with waking sorrow the broken realms of Kolob.

59  Now Areta saw in the future the world of Gaimaeah, a celestial world of the Shem El Koreem; and going forth she beheld the broken cities cast down in ruin, long forsaken; and all that once was beautiful was overgrown and fastly held in the iron grip of large and tangled vines; and dust and decay lay claim to ancient glories.

60  Seeing then the ruin of so beautiful a world, Areta gazed with tearful eyes into the Heavens beyond, and there she espied the paradisical world of Gaimaeah, being itself cast in shadows and dimly lit; for the many suns of Kolob had burned away all their glory, and there was only one which remained, being old and greatly spent.

61  And searching with anxious heart, Areta found in a small valley upon the moon of paradise, a band of the Teraphim; and gently did she rush forth to reveal herself unto them, whereby she might speak to them some word of comfort filled with hope.

62  Yet the Teraphim, when they saw her, knew her not at all, but gazed upon her with eyes made dull through madness; putting up to her a constant plea that she kill them to end their torment.

63  For being not Gods themselves, they could not slip away into the rest of dark oblivion; neither could they fade themselves away as the ministering angels had done in ages long past; for the Teraphim were made eternal, yet they had not the power of Gods or Goddesses, to slip into oblivion and thereby end their suffering.

64  And quietly did Areta exclaim within her soul: “How many eternities must it take to lead us here to this?” And Areta wept with great heaving sobs; and in her sorrow she remembered her own Beloved.

65  Then did Areta swiftly fly, passing back through the aeons, passing in a mighty rush a great many generations of eternity; even till she came at last to find again The One, walking alone beside the sea; waving with his hand at the passing of the angels which soared in the airs about him.

66  And Areta fell into the arms of her Beloved, and she spoke unto him, saying: “Tell me Love, by what means shall we save forever this gentle Heaven, to make it new forever. And whatsoever you devise for the good of all, even that will I give consent, to place my hand on yours.”

67  And The One spoke, saying: “Come then Beloved and I will reveal the workings of my mind. For in my soul have I conceived with deep subtlety the beginnings of a great mystery and a power; and these things, though opposites, shall work together for the good of all.” Thus spoke The One to his darling Areta, and together did they return to their own place, far beyond the happy realms of El Jor El.