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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 2

The creeping shadows of complacency, dullness and mediocrity – Saving Heaven through struggle, strength and victory – A dark and fearsome adversary is needed – Shaking the seeds of complacency – Areta fears for Heaven’s sake – The One reveals his plan to renew Heaven – Balancing the Nemesis with an opposite: the Dread Savior – Heaven to be protected by one most mighty and strong – Heaven invigorated by the conflict of the two powers – Archons unable to withstand the Nemesis – A warrior God to bridge the chasm between First God and Heaven – Creating the Nemesis yet avoiding complicity – An ancient hate locked away – The purpose of the Nemesis – Bringing forth the Nemesis: joining in Oneness – Forcing out the dark seed: the birth of the Antipode – Guarding eternal truth – Areta: the only key to saving Heaven – Areta agrees to unite in Oneness – “By what means shall we bring forth our Savior?” – A mystery worthy of thought


1  Brightly shined the light
amid the stars of Heaven,
brightly burned the love
within the heart of God;
sweetly strolled two gentle lovers
beside the sparkling streams,
becoming to each a sweet fulfillment
graced with endless dreams.

2  And Areta spoke to her Beloved, saying: “Let us be wise, my Love, and ponder well our course; for it is for us alone to hold at bay the loss of all our glory, to keep forever new and shining this Heaven which we love.

3  For the greatest threat which we must face throughout the whole of all our realms are the slow and creeping shadows of complacency, dullness and mediocrity. How then shall we proceed? By what means shall we make the Heavens struggle, to keep forever bright and new the things of greatest worth?

4  Speak, my Love and hold not back, but tell me plainly clear; and whatsoever you devise, this will I embrace, to make it mine as it is yours, to act as one together.

5  Let us hold within our hands this means which you devise; for once in ancient long agos, you strove against the evil, when you as Kronus stood alone against the strong and mighty, striving through most subtle means to save the world of man.”

6  And The One answered, saying: “Hear then, my gentle Love, and I will tell you plainly. For there is but one way to save the Heavens from the shadows which we alone can see. For it is struggle which makes for strength, and it is strength and victory which would chase away our doom.

7  Not some cheap and hollow victory against the weak or those unable; but only the victory which comes from great cost, against an adversary of frightful power.

8  Which very power will shake from the souls of all, the very seeds which would make dull and complacent this Heaven which we love; causing through most shocking fury, that even all who dwell herein should rise up in courage and strength; being made to know at last that except they become as heroes all, then might the children of God lose forever the glory which they strived so hard to gain.

9  Thus by dreadful fear shall the Heavens tremble before the dark power, to fill the Councils of Light with an urgency charged with deep excitement, causing them to go beyond themselves; becoming themselves graced with a far deeper resolve in saving well the very eternities in which they most happily dwell.

10  For this cause is it necessary that we should bring forth an adversary of great power and fierceness, possessing within himself a power and force sufficient to tear down the very Heavens, if it so be that the children of God should prove unworthy by reason of complacency.

11  For it is far better that the Heavens perish suddenly and in a moment than that we should linger on, growing by small degrees ever more complacent and unworthy, to fade ourselves into some cold oblivion forever.

12  Tell me dearest, which shall prove preferable: a swift and sudden extinction, or a slow and lingering demise filled with tedium? Which shall prove to you far better: to have the Heavens ring with glory and brightness forever, being always strong, vibrant and vigorous; or to march steadily to our doom, fading away little by little until we are all swallowed up in tedium and mediocrity?”

13  And Areta answered, saying: “My Love, if this dark and fearsome power shall have strength enough to tear down the Heavens, to leave in ruin all which we have made because of love; then what power shall prove strong enough to hold at bay so dread a force?

14  For the children of God, from the lowest to the greatest have we brought forth in love, nurtured in love and made glorious because of love. How then shall those who love most purely withstand so great an evil as you propose?

15  For even I, myself, cannot comprehend so dread a thing; since before the beginning of Gods or Heavens I sought only love and beauty, being in my essence the very seed from which all good things grow; knowing and seeking only the tender feelings of a sacred heart and mind.

16  And although I see with sorrow the rightness of all your words, still, my Love, am I made to tremble because of them. For I fear the loss of all our joy; yet have I seen for myself this oblivion of which you speak, and this do I fear above all else.

17  So, my Love, do as you deem right and I will stand beside you. Yet know that even though I see, by reason, the good behind your doings, still does my heart tremble and fear that I might not bear well the seeing of so dread a thing.”

18  And Areta wept upon the bosom of The One, and The One held her gently to his soul; and all his power and strength did reach out to embrace the heart of his Beloved, to give her strength and courage graced with hope and deep resolve.

19  And softly into her ear he spoke, saying: “Of a truth is it firmly known throughout the Heavens, that in Areta was there never seen the touch of any shadow; for all love and goodness exist first because of you, my Love.

20  Hush now, my tender Love, and this most firmly know: that even though I should bring forth this dark and dreadful Nemesis which would prove the worth of our estate, still shall I bring forth to match him, a mystery and a power.

21  For you know already how that to every power, force or dominion there is given also an opposite power, force or dominion; and these opposites, though they should struggle fearsomely against each the other, still would they hold at bay each the other.

22  Therefore, my Love, let go your fear and in your heart cease to tremble; for it is only our wish that we make Heaven seem forever new and filled with wonder.

23  And though the Darkness should shake it fiercely without relent, still shall the Heavens hold well their place; for we shall give to watch over the kingdoms of Light a dread and fearful Savior; and he shall make the Heavens live forever in brightness and glory.

24  Proving before the heavenly host his care for them, being in his person the one most mighty and strong; being himself unmoved by fear, nor possessing within himself any degree of turning; but standing before the dark Nemesis as one most calm and fully knowing.

25  Fashioned not by darkness, but by love and fierce resolve; becoming to all who dwell within the kingdoms of Light as some great mystery filled with power and dreadful might, but being in his person always guided by kindness whereby he might make forever new this Heaven which we love.

26  Bearing upon his shoulders the weight of our concerns, then proceeding himself to right them; ever seeking the victory of good over evil and of light over darkness; to stand himself before that dark power as one made true and fierce relentless, being indomitable and unshaken before the dreadful fury.

27  Thus would I bring forth for the sake of Heaven, a dreadful darkness filled with a darksome evil, terrible and unexpected wherewith he would seek through fury to destroy and plunder the holy places;

28  Even as I would also bring forth for the sake of our estate, a Savior of unbreakable will and bright resolve; that in the conflict between such opposing powers, the Heavens might be invigorated, to cherish more strongly still the kingdoms of the Light.

29  So shall there come forth into Heaven, the presence of the Warrior God, who would himself protect and rightly guard the whole of our estate. For as you have rightly said:

30  The Archons of God are quick to love, being themselves the creators of Heaven’s glory; being themselves repulsed by needless death, destruction and war. Ever choosing for themselves the things of greatest worth and beauty; being themselves filled with holiness and gentleness graced by a good and happy humor.

31  Proving themselves already unable to withstand on their own such a fearful darkness as I would cause to leap out suddenly against them.

32  Thus shall we create together a more exalted God, becoming himself the very path which would bridge the chasm which does even now separate us from the highest and most exalted Councils of the Light.

33  Come now my good and tender Love, and I shall wipe away your tears. Tell me only of your heart’s desire concerning all which I have said regarding these matters. And whatsoever you would amend, even that shall we do together for the sake of all our children.”

34  And Areta, being comforted, spoke thus to her Beloved, saying: “Tell me Love, by what means shall we create this dark and dreadful foe? For at no time have we set forth our hands to evil. From what substance then shall so great a Nemesis come forth?

35  Seeing then that we would be the author and parent of so dread a power, how shall we not be held responsible by the very Gods, seeing that it was from us that so great a danger was foisted upon the heavenly abode, to shake it with such violent fury?”

36  But The One answered, saying: “Did we not determine in our beginnings that to be holy was preferable to a cold and disdainful perfection? For this cause are all the Gods and Goddesses commanded most subtly to have for themselves some small vice, a slight but happy imperfection, harmless yet delightful to the senses.

37  Know then my Love, that in me is there found in the deepest part of me, an imperfection far greater than all the Heavens bound together. For in that far and distant long ago, when as Kronus I walked upon the world of First Man, even I did bear a great and deadly hate filled with boundless fury.

38  For when I saw my mother bound in the deepest dungeons of Seti-Kahn, even I did desire greatly to kill my very father. Yet did you petition kindly, asking if perchance my love for you was greater than my hate.

39  And notwithstanding that my love proved greater, still did I hold in abeyance the hate which raged within me for your sake, to bury it deep within my soul.

40  Yet did my father die most cruelly, and in the hearing thereof I did greatly weep, for I thought myself delivered at last from the hate which raged and haunted me.

41  But again did the hate leap up greater than before, for in my death on yonder world did I behold my own Beloved, even Yoshibeth, raped and plundered by brutal men; and for all my desire to save you, I could not, for I was made incorporeal.

42  Then did the hate surge great within me, filling me with dark and sullen rage; becoming myself ever haunted and goaded by memories of hurt and weeping, when savage men did most deeply wound my dearest and only Love.

43  But in the deepness of the cosmos, when at last you came to me, I leaped for joy and did with firm resolve bury well this hate which would consume; to lock it away throughout the very eternities, causing that it should fester and grow; waiting for that one moment when it would leap out unawares, to devour whole the joy of all my life.

44  This then be the seed from which will come that dark and dreadful Nemesis which would shake the Heavens round; causing by his relentless fury that the Gods should see anew the glories in which they dwell, to awaken within their hearts a love for that which they might lose.

45  That being made to fear the loss of Heaven’s glory, they might altogether rise up, and by some noble effort, struggle bravely to keep at bay the darkness which would steal away the light, to smash into ruin the beauty of the godly realms.

46  Consider, my Love, how this Nemesis shall be brought forth. For the burden of that ancient hatred have I most secretly carried throughout endless eternities, and even now do I weary of so great a burden and would by some loving means rid myself of it forever.

47  Therefore, my Love, if you be willing, then join together your soul and spirit and heavenly tabernacle with my own. That together we might no longer be separate and apart, but united fully in Oneness forever; you in me and I in you.

48  For I long to rest in the love and beauty of all your goodness, to join ourselves into a Oneness which will far outshine the whole of all our Heavens; causing the very Gods to gasp in wonder before the greatness and beauty of our mystery.

49  Thus, my Love, if you will consent to save me from an ancient hate, even we will be joined forever as one; to embrace each other continually in a sexual union filled with endless joy and wonder, giving to the very Gods a goal worthy of all their struggles against the darkness.

50  What say you Love? For herein have I revealed to you my inmost secret, being hopeful that you will be gracious and save most fully this man which loves you so.

51  For if you would join with me soul to soul, spirit to spirit, flesh cleaving unto flesh, then shall the ancient hate from long ago be forced out of me forever, to stand alone by itself.

52  This then will be the Antipode of God, and from so small a seed shall rise up, little by little, a great and dreadful power which will vent even all his hate against the heavenly realms, perchance to destroy it altogether.

53  And if it so be that the Gods should ask from whence came so great an evil, then shall I reveal the lesser truth concerning that evil which did haunt me even from the very beginning, before the birth of God or Heaven; biding well the rightful time, going quietly and unseen throughout the very eternities; ever watching, ever waiting when it might leap out against me to destroy the whole of Heaven.

54  For among the Gods is it rightly known: that the truth which can be spoken is not eternal Truth. Thus is it needful that eternal Truth be guarded well by a lesser truth, to keep most holy the Truth which is not spoken.

55  Consider then, my Love, whether or not you would rid me of so great a hate as I have borne throughout the vastness of all things eternal.

56  For if you should elect to enter into me whereby we might be truly one, then shall the hate buried deep within be forced out of me altogether to stand alone as itself, becoming forever the very Antipode of God.

57  For the greater does force out the lesser, and whensoever opposites do meet, to occupy the same space, then does the lesser yield before the greater. For what communion has light with darkness, and wherein shall hate and love agree together?

58  Seeing then that in you, my Love, there exists only the purest good, possessing in yourself neither shadow nor vice, you then will be the power which would force from your Beloved the seed of hate and darkness.

59  That from this seed there might evolve a great and dreadful darkness filled with evil and awful power; directing against the realms of Heaven a malignant will filled with doom and swift destruction; ever striving, ever plotting to find in us a weakness which would cause that Heaven fall.

60  Forcing upon the kingdoms of Light a desperate struggle, which struggle will fill the Gods with a great resolve to vanquish so great a threat, lest the Heavens be lost forever.

61  Here then is the surest way to save forever this Heaven which we have drawn from the soul of all our love together. Know then, my Love, that into your hands is there found the only key which would bring to pass all these things.

62  And if you should choose to withhold your hand from so great a thing, then shall I continue on to love you always still; to stand most faithfully beside you, even till the very Heavens should fall down around us.

63  And when at last the Heavens fade, still will I deeply cherish my own Beloved, to love you always even in the midst of oblivion; ever reaching through the shadows to touch again the seed of all your light and glory.”

64  Such were the words which The One spoke most tenderly to his Beloved; and Areta pondered well the things which he had said; and laying soft her head upon his bosom, she spoke, saying:

65  “It is good, this plan which you devised. Therefore, my Love, let us be one forever; I in you and you in me; that by our union we might cast far from you the hurtful seed of hate; which hate was born most long ago, when as Kronus you strove against the ancient evil.

66  Only this, dear heart, quick tell me true: By what means have you devised to bring forth to oppose the darkness, that dread and mighty Savior which would guard most deeply well this Heaven that we love?

67  For never before have a man and a woman conjoined themselves together, to be as one in soul and spirit and living flesh. How then shall we proceed in bringing forth so great a son, seeing that the thing you ask has never been done before?

68  For in all the Heavens do husband and wife dwell individually unto themselves until that moment when they should love with fiery passions; and when the woman has taken from her Love the seeds of life to bring forth children, then does she alone bear the pregnancy.

69  Yet if we should be forever one, then by what means shall we bring forth our Savior? In the taking of the living seed, who will bear the pregnancy seeing that I shall dwell in you and you shall dwell in me?”

70  And The One smiled, and holding close his tender lover, he spoke to her, saying: “This is a mystery worthy of thought. Come then my Love, and I will show the answer.”