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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 3

The One and Areta fly to the streams of intelligence – Bringing forth an offspring to be the mighty Savior – Infant shall be like Parents: both male and female, God and Goddess – The One reveals a rare and shimmering oracle – Ahgendai: the Dread Saviors of Heaven – Creating the Ahgendai offspring – The One gifts the Azurgai: Reflections of Areta’s truer self – Areta casts forth her oracle: seven women of light and virtue – The nature of the Azurgai – The One gives greetings to the Azurgai, and reveals the desires and plans of God – The One inquires: “Who shall bear the pregnancy?” – The Azurgai examine the oracle of the Ahgendai and agree to bear the pregnancy of Areta – Each to carry the embryo of the Ahgendai for seven years – An alliance to be formed between the Ahgendai and Azurgai – Covenants are made


1  Swiftly flew the Gods of Heaven, to the very heart of the golden streams, which streams flowed as a great river of light, binding and stitching together even all the creations of God into one great Eternal Round; being held as one by the forming of great dimensions; balancing in perfect harmony the movements of time and space within the great Eternal Round.

2  And The One spoke to his Beloved, saying: “Behold, my Love, the ever moving streams of intelligence which flow throughout the immensity of space; which streams you alone did first create, causing that they should flow throughout the whole of all creations; bearing within their surging tides, the sum of all your dreams.

3  Know then that together shall we bring forth an offspring far unlike the children of God; for in the forming of so dread a Savior as we would make, even this shall require no pregnancy, but only the shaping of our heart’s desire within the living streams.

4  For you know yourself, most secretly, how that there flows most hidden within the golden flood, a silver thread of light and glory; carrying within itself the essence of all your virtues.

5  Hear then the fullness of our designs in bringing forth that son who would defend all Heaven against the darkness of the Antipode; for together shall we make agreement with the intelligences which reside within that yonder stream, even that silver thread of purest virtue;

6  Causing that we should form from out of all our need and love, a great and mighty son, which son shall appear at the first even as we shall be, having in his very person both male and female parts.

7  Being made from infancy, even as we would be, united in oneness, both God and Goddess, both male and female; which at maturity shall both become as separate and fully sovereign; becoming themselves in the time appointed, the Father and Mother of the very Ahgendai.”

8  Now in the hearing of the word “Ahgendai”, Areta was filled with wonder, saying: “Tell me Love, what is this word which you would call the new Gods and Goddesses of Heaven, for never before have I heard its likeness?”

9  Then did The One reach into his very soul, and pulling out his hand again, he held within his palm an oracle of great power, beautifully fashioned and rare above all things rare; being filled within by swirling lights of shimmering blue and blazing red, gently burning and ever radiant, yet being themselves unmixed and fully separate.

10  And looking upon his Beloved, The One spoke, saying: “Behold this oracle which I have fashioned, being itself the seed from which shall come the offspring of all our hopes together; being made to live and breathe and always be within the realms of Heaven.

11  For this oracle which I have fashioned have I called: the Ahgendai; which meaning shall always be: “the dread saviors of Heaven.” For it shall be appointed that the Ahgendai shall guard most fully well this Heaven which we love; to protect it well and keep it young forever through the struggle of good and evil, light and darkness.

12  Know then that when we shall enter into each the other to be as one forever, then shall I release within our souls this very oracle; and when we shall enter the silver tide, then shall our passions come alive within us, causing that we should love and greatly woo midst all our fiery rhythms.

13  Which rhythms shall cause this very oracle to come itself alive, being made to tremble within and without; and when at last there should burst from us a great and mighty orgasm, then shall that very orgasm burst asunder the seals which hold bound this oracle which you see.

14  Causing that there should leap out from all our loving passions the beginnings of that child which would become for us the very guardian and defender of the heavenly places, to become in time the very Ahgendai of God.

15  This then shall the very Azurgai come forth to attend; passing through their gentle touches the sum of all our strengths, virtues, and deepest knowing, to shepherd well this mighty offspring in all things holy and filled with mystery; to become in both the male and female, the greatest mystery of all, filled with holy power.”

16  Now hearing these words, Areta again was made to wonder, saying: “Tell me Love, what is this Azurgai of which you speak? For again have you brought forth a word which is new to my hearing. Speak to me the meaning of this word whereby I might have some understanding. For this twice have you caught me unawares, to take me by surprise.”

17  Then did The One smile, and holding Areta close to his bosom, he looked deep into her eyes, and with gentle mirth he spoke, saying: “The Azurgai are the gift I give to you. For no man can have so dear a wife as you, my Love, have proved to be.

18  Consider then this silver thread of lights and particles which runs most hidden throughout the golden streams of intelligence; possessing in itself the sum of all your goodness; which very goodness was made the foundation upon which the whole of Heaven is most firmly built.

19  And now, my Love, behold this other also.” And The One reached into his soul the second time; and again he pulled out an oracle most richly made, possessing within its form a blazing and silvery light and placing it into the hands of Areta, he continued, saying:

20  “This, my dearest, is my gift of love; for as you would give to me the gift of oneness, whereby I might be rescued from the hate of long ago, even so would I now give you the gift of seeing for yourself the realness of your virtues.

21  Go forth therefore unto yonder stream, and place this oracle upon the silver thread. And you shall behold a mystery and a power. For there shall rise up before you the reflections of your truer self; holding before your eyes the virtues which in you move, causing that you may converse most well together.

22  For the power of this oracle have I fashioned whereby you might behold the true reflection of yourself; which several reflections are not made as thin reflections only, as in a mirror; but even these reflections shall be made to live and breathe, becoming forever as sentient beings within the rivers and streams of intelligence.

23  Possessing in themselves both form and movement, having each their several personalities; which personalities will reflect only that virtue from which they arise; and these virtues are born of you, my Love.

24  Thus shall these living forms be called: the Azurgai, and even they will aid us in the bringing forth of that noble offspring which would guard the Heavens well; pouring into that mighty soul, the sum of Heaven’s goodness, whereby it might always guide and influence, even in the midst of fearsome battle.

25  Go then, my good and tender Love, and place upon the silver thread, this oracle which I have made for you alone, and see for yourself the true goodness of which you are made, which very goodness shall well possess the heart and soul of the very Ahgendai.”

26  Such were the words of The One, and Areta did even as he bid; and walking softly toward the flowing streams of bright intelligence, she placed the oracle upon the silver thread; and immediately did the silver thread of light shimmer and roll upon itself.

27  Weaving and turning, shaping and gathering, even until there arose from out of the golden streams, seven women clothed in silver light; being themselves naked and unadorned by anything save virtue only; being themselves most beautiful and rare; and the names of the seven were: Wisdom, Benevolence, Faith, Justice, Fortitude, Beauty and Harmony.

28  And Areta being startled by their form and beauty, spoke unto the seven, saying: “Greetings from me to thee, O bright and shining wonders. By what name or word should I address you all?”

29  And Wisdom spoke, saying: “To you most holy Mother give we all our sacred greetings. Behold, we are the Azurgai, and even we do wait to serve you. Speak to us your will and even that shall we firmly seek to do.

30  For we are made the reflections of yourself, being in our several persons alive and fully knowing; being ever ready to speak in counsel or to stand as one together in the doing of your will; to carry throughout the streams of intelligence the sum of your designs; to bring forth in holiness, the hopes and dreams of all your heart.

31  For I am Wisdom; yet am I not my own wisdom, for I am the wisdom of your soul reflected back to you again; being free of such heavy burdens as you are called to bear from time to time; giving to you a clear and ready counsel untainted by such entanglements as life would cast upon you.

32  Look then and see, most great and holy Mother, for even these others are made the reflections of yourself also; being themselves sentient and fully knowing; being themselves the purest reflection of all your many virtues, yet being themselves untainted by such entanglements as the Gods themselves must bear.

33  What then, most sovereign and supreme Mother, would you have us do? For the Azurgai will serve according to your desire; only this remember well: We are the reflection of yourself, being ourselves sovereign as you are sovereign; ever seeking for ourself some greater estate, even as you would seek for yourself a greater glory.

34  Know then that even we would establish within the streams of intelligence, an order filled with purpose; having established within the golden flood the likeness of ourselves which likeness is the reflection of yourself;

35  Establishing among the intelligences gathered here even a variety of powers, dominions and principalities filled with goodness; becoming in each and separate particle ever anxious to progress and grow beyond themselves; to create within the shining streams a Heaven of our own.

36  What then would you have us to do? And whatsoever you desire, even we shall find a way to bring it all to pass. Only grant to us in equal sway, a favor of our own, which favor you will likewise freely give.”

37  Now when Areta heard the wisdom of her soul reflected back to her through the speaking of the Azurgai, she was struck deep with wonder, and awe overwhelmed her speech; for the beauty and words of the Azurgai were above all the creations of God.

38  Then did Areta turn to look at her Beloved, smiling to herself with deep excitement; and The One came and stood beside her, to take her by the hand; and gazing upon the Azurgai, The One spoke, saying: “To each and all, good greetings from me to thee.”

39  Hearing then the voice of The One, there stood forth to speak from out of the Azurgai, the woman called Benevolence; and she spoke most tenderly, saying: “Greetings most dear and sweet Beloved; it is joy for us to hear and see at last, the heart of our desiring.

40  Know then, most gracious Lover, that such affections and yearnings as Areta does most deeply bear for you, even that do we likewise bear; for we are the reflection of all her heart and soul and mind.

41  How then shall we prove our good and faithful service? For whatsoever you desire, even that will we strive to do; proving through a good and timely service, our deep devotion and sweet affection to the Supreme Father of All.”

42  Hearing then such gracious words, The One smiled and turning to Areta he softly spoke to her, saying: “Behold, my dear, how all your love for me is magnified these sevenfold already.” Then did Areta gently laugh, to set a tremble the depth and breadth of all the golden streams of light; causing that the moving tides should shimmer and dance because of joy.

43  And turning to the Azurgai, The One spoke, saying: “Most gracious and gentle ladies, hear now the words of all my heart. For this, my Love, would join with me to be as one forever; fusing through loving passions even the fullness of our mind and heart and soul;

44  To bind together as one our spirit and flesh, whereby we might bring forth to save these Heavens, an offspring of great and mighty powers; for in the coming forth of the Ahgendai shall even all the Heavens be forever renewed through the struggle of light and darkness, good and evil.

45  How then shall we proceed? For I have made for us an oracle which shall cause to leap from the midst of all our passions, the seed of so great a child. And seeing that the seed must be carried within the womb, who shall bear the pregnancy?

46  For it is uncertain that Areta, of herself, can bear in her womb the embryo, seeing that I shall be joined in her forever hence. By what means shall this living seed be made to grow, to take in the womb the sum of all our goodness?

47  This then is the mystery which I present; for it is necessary that the Ahgendai be formed by virtues deep and shining, lest in contending against the darksome powers of the Antipode, the Ahgendai be slowly corrupted and filled with deepening shadows.

48  Tell us therefore what must be done. For it is necessary that the Ahgendai possess the deepest virtue, whereby the strength of his soul might prove sure and most steadfast in cleaving to the good, even in the midst of battle, when the light and darkness meet to shake the very Heavens.”

49  So spoke The One, and the Azurgai did take among themselves a deep and silent counsel; and when they were concluded, there came to stand before The One and Areta together, the woman called Fortitude; and she spoke, saying:

50  “Show us, Love, this oracle which you have made, for we would examine for ourselves the mystery of its making.” And The One reaching into his soul brought it forth to place within her hands.

51  And taking the oracle, Fortitude withdrew, to place before her shining sisters, the oracle of the Ahgendai; and peering into the depth of mystery, the Azurgai greatly marveled; for the oracle was beautiful and finely made, filling the Azurgai with a deep and aching need to take the oracle unto themselves.

52  And among themselves did the Azurgai take silent counsel, passing from hand to hand the oracle of God; and when they were decided, there came to stand before The One and Areta, the woman called Harmony; and she spoke, saying:

53  “Hear, our Love, the designs of all our heart. For even we would bear in ourselves the pregnancy of Areta; for this have we decided to do for God and Heaven, and even for our own selves also.

54  Therefore, when there shall come the time when you and Areta should become as one together, then come forth into our stream and here make love in light and fiery passions; and when you should both be made to orgasm midst love and gasping breath then shall there spring out from you the seed of mystery and power.

55  Thus when you would make love to each the other, then shall the Azurgai gather round about, to wait the fiery moment. And when there shall leap from you the fiery seed, even this embryo shall Wisdom take to herself, to carry in the womb for seven years.

56  And when the seven years are made complete, then shall Benevolence pass through Wisdom in a soft and gentle rush, to take into her womb the embryo of God; and this shall she likewise shape and nurture for seven years.

57  And when the seven years are made complete, then shall Faith pass through Benevolence, to take into her womb also, the seed of the Ahgendai whereby she might also shape and nurture the mighty one of God.

58  Thus shall each of us in turn, take into our womb the fruit of all your love together; causing that we should each carry within ourselves this very embryo, to shape and nurture each for seven years, pouring into the Ahgendai the fullness of all our virtues.

59  And when there shall pass fully seven times seven years, then shall we give birth; to bring before you this child which would defend all Heaven against the darkness of the Antipode.

60  Only this would we ask in return. For there is in the oracle both male and female. Grant therefore that we might give to each the name which they would carry; for we also will prove to them as loving mothers, even as Areta herself would do.

61  Yet not this only would we ask: For we desire between the Azurgai and the Ahgendai a bond and a sealing; whereby the kingdoms, powers, dominions and principalities of the Azurgai might grow and flourish even as the kingdoms of the Ahgendai would likewise do.

62  That between the Azurgai and the Ahgendai there might stand some sweet alliance filled with joy and mutual approbation. For as the Ahgendai would begin to create for themselves a kingdom of light and glory, even we would join our hands with theirs, to be together as one forever; even as you and Areta would be as one.

63  How say you then most tender Love? Will you agree and by your word grant the desire of all our hearts?” So spoke the Azurgai. And The One spoke with solemn words, saying: “I agree and all my word will keep.”

64  Then did Harmony look upon Areta with eyes of sweet devotion; and she spoke to her, saying: “And you most holy Mother, Supreme and filled with goodness: Will you also agree and by your word keep faith?”

65  And Areta stepped gently forward, and placing her arms round about the woman, she kissed her upon the lips, saying: “By all the virtue in me, I agree and all my word will keep.”

66  Now when these things were agreed, the Azurgai did rush forth in happy glee, to surround at once both The One and Areta. And each of the seven did embrace the God of Heaven to kiss upon the lips; causing that there should erupt throughout the golden streams, a sparkling luster which shimmered and glowed midst flickering lights of great beauty.

67  And throughout the realms of Heaven did even every God and Goddess take note concerning the streams of intelligence; seeing for themselves how they did flash and sparkle and greatly glow midst the Deep of the great cosmos; which cosmos bound together even all the creations of God.

68  And the First and Sovereign Mother of El Jor El did speak throughout the Tael, saying: “Behold what beauty and wonder we do see; for I perceive the beginning of some great mystery which would bear for us a glory yet unknown.”