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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 4

The need for plans well made – Strengthening the Antipode – A school and teacher for the Antipode: the Abyss and the Eidos – Fashioning an oracle to empower the Eidos – Choosing a school for the Ahgendai – The oracle is cast into the Abyss – Anticipating the strategies of the Nemesis – Olaha Shinehah, the mighty Chasm, and the Elohim – Setting the stage for future a great drama – Revealing the Gods which would aid the Nemesis – The twelve new suns of Ashengaard – Avoiding unrighteous dominion – Five new suns for Kolob, seven for the Ahgendai – “Let’s see for ourselves how the Gods will act” – Twelve new stars appear in Heaven’s night sky – The councils of Elohim gather


1  Now The One and Areta went walking by an ancient sea, strolling together side by side and arm in arm; and The One spoke, saying: “Consider, my Love, how great the depths of our designs must be. For if we would save our Heavens from the touch of apathy, then must we plan most deeply well.

2  For the beginnings of our designs must we plan with great forethought, to make a good foundation; lest we fail in our intent to make forever new this Heaven which we love, causing to fade away in some far most distant future, the glory and dreams of all Gods and Goddesses; to leave in dust and shadows, the glories and wonders of all the holy places.

3  So come, my Love, and let us reason; and from our love and hope together find for us some great confidence. For together are we made most strongly able; only let us keep in silence the devising of our plans, for it is we alone who must bear the burden of all we do.”

4  These are the words which The One spoke, and Areta replied, saying: “Yes, my Love, let us plan together well; and all our counsel keep in silence hid. For we alone, being both Supreme Father and Supreme Mother of all these Heavens, must bear in ourselves the outcome of all we do.

5  Let us then begin with confidence, for we have determined already the coming forth of some darker power filled with evil, and of that Savior who would withstand him.

6  Yet tell me Love and this thing consider well; for this Antipode which shall be forced from out of the soul of you, even it shall prove both small and weak in its beginning. By what means will it be made strong enough to threaten the very Heavens? From whence shall come its dreadful power?”

7  And The One answered Areta, saying: “Hear then and I will speak the fullness of my thoughts. For in the coming forth of the Antipode shall he prove as something small and frail, even as a child drawn fresh from the womb.

8  For this cause is it needful that there be found for the Antipode a school of strength and learning; a place where even all his hate might blossom into a fearful rage filled with dread intent, becoming in his powers most deeply skilled, being himself most fierce directed by an intelligence both cunning and deep and filled with great resolve.

9  Know then that in preparing a school we must wisely choose; for there is but one place only where he might flourish or altogether die. For in the Abyss must the Antipode be taken and there be schooled according to his nature.

10  Yet tell me dearest: Who shall prove the teacher of so dread a child? For it is necessary that he be guided and directed in the using of his hate; being fashioned by one of equal mind and dread intent. Who then shall this teacher prove to be?”

11  And Areta answered, saying: “There is one only who can prove itself the teacher of so dread a Nemesis as this Antipode is meant to be. For in the Eidos do you find that mindless purposer and dread destroyer of all created things.

12  Thus is it needful, my Love, that we fashion a dark and frightful oracle which will imbue the Eidos with both thoughtful mind and speech; whereby he might instruct well the Antipode of God and Heaven; pouring into him the very darkness of the Abyss filled with chaos.

13  For it is the Abyss which shall prove the school and the Eidos shall prove the teacher. For it is the Eidos which rules the Deep, pouring from out of his powers, the matter unformed, being himself cold and callous and cruel indifferent.

14  And when the Antipode shall grow in strength and maturity, then shall he prove to us the power of his might. For on that day shall the Nemesis of God strike against the Eidos, to steal from out of its depths, this darksome oracle which we shall make.

15  Yet being unable to subdue the vastness of the Eidos, the Nemesis of God shall leap out from the Abyss, to stand himself alone and fully grown, to stand between the darkness of the Deep and the light which comes from God; then in that moment shall we see what he will do.”

16  So joined Areta in placing her hand upon the doings of The One, and hearing the words of his Beloved, The One smiled midst deep and turning thoughts. And again did Areta speak, saying:

17  “Consider this also, my Love, for it is of equal necessity that the offspring of all our love be likewise schooled. For in the coming forth of so dread a Savior shall both the male and female be richly nurtured in all our virtues, and this through the pregnancy of the Azurgai.

18  By what means then shall the seed of the Ahgendai have revealed in them such strengths and powers as will prove the equal of our Nemesis? For if the seed of the Ahgendai be called by us the ‘Dread Savior’, how then shall the virtues of God make him to appear as something dreadful to the darksome power?”

19  But The One answered, saying: “It is not to our Nemesis that our offspring shall appear as something dreadful, but to the citizens of Heaven shall he appear as something dreadful. For in his hands shall he wield the sword of war whereby he might strike against the enemy.

20  Thus shall it come to be that the Gods and Goddesses of Heaven shall see in him that fierce and dreadful Savior who would rescue them from evil and defeat; yet for all their love for him, still will they fear him.

21  For his might shall prove greater than all the Heavens, yet in his person shall he prove most equally kind and ever gracious; hiding well the fullness of his powers until the day of war and fearsome battle.

22  Where then shall we send the very seed of all the Ahgendai, whereby they might be schooled; being forced by fearsome teachers to draw from their soul a fullness of strength and power?

23  For it is certain that such virtues in which they are fully nurtured shall restrain them from the doing of any evil; becoming for them that sacred light which would guide them through the darkness.

24  Thus is it needful, that at the birth of our offspring, even then must the Azurgai take the child unto the very Abyss; which Abyss will have within both Antipode and Eidos; and these, both well together, shall prove themselves as fearsome teachers.

25  Yet this comfort will I give: For it is not possible that the seed of the very Ahgendai should be destroyed; seeing that both male and female were brought forth in love, and nurtured well by sacred virtue.

26  Let us then with confidence place the seed of all our hope within the very Abyss, to see for ourselves what shall become; and when at last they should be made as both mature, then shall they leap from out of the darkness, to behold at last the Father and Mother which brought them forth.

27  What say you, Love: Shall we this thing, both also do?” And Areta pondered deeply all her heart and soul. And looking upon the face of her Beloved, she spoke, saying: “Yes, dear Love, even this shall we also do.”

28  Thus were Areta and The One made both resolved to send into the great Abyss the Antipode and the seed of the very Ahgendai; being themselves confident that both would be well benefited.

29  And going to the edge of the great Deep, The One and Areta forged together a dark and fearsome oracle which would give to Eidos the power of thought and speech; and when they were completed, they took the oracle and into the great Abyss did they cast it, causing that the very depths of chaos should shudder from the power of it.

30  Then did Areta speak, saying: “It has begun, this path which we would take to make the Heavens new and brightly vigorous. Yet tell me, Love, by what means shall our Nemesis attack the very Gods, seeing that between the kingdoms of the lesser light and the kingdoms of the greater Light there is a Chasm which even the Nemesis shall not have power enough to cross?

31  For it is certain that in his leaping out from the womb of darkness, the Nemesis of God will quickly attack the kingdoms of Olaha Shinehah; which kingdoms even the Dread Savior shall protect most subtly.

32  But seeing in the distance the great shining lights of the Celestial Kingdom, how shall this Nemesis proceed in carrying out the whole of our designs against the very Gods and Goddesses of Heaven; for the barrier of the Chasm have we fashioned whereby only the Gods may traverse?”

33  And The One answered her, saying: “Rightly, Love, have you seen the problem which must face the Nemesis of God. Yet consider also all these things:

34  For the gateway of the Abyss lies nearest to Olaha Shinehah, causing that the Nemesis shall first see the lights and glories of the lesser kingdoms; and in accordance to his nature, he will attack with all his might and fury.

35  Yet shall the lesser kingdoms prove too great by way of numbers; for the Olaha Shinehah is made as a great ring of glowing light which surrounds completely the kingdoms of the very Gods; which ring of light is composed of many billions of galaxies, bearing each in themselves, millions upon millions of worlds both telestial and terrestrial.

36  But in leaping forth out of the Abyss, the Nemesis shall attack with violent fury the Olaha Shinehah; and being unable to overcome so vast a realm, he shall turn to see in the distance the worlds of the Celestial Kingdom.

37  For the Celestial Kingdom possesses these seven suns only, and around each sun does there move just three celestial worlds where the Gods themselves do live; and around each celestial world move the moons of Paradise where the ministering angels of God have made for themselves some happy abode.

38  Thus shall the Nemesis of God sit himself down to gaze upon the kingdoms of God, believing in his soul that if he could but cross the mighty Chasm, even he would defeat so few worlds as those on which the Gods themselves do live.

39  But consider this also, my Love, for the Olaha Shinehah is apportioned unto the Council of Elohim; being appointed themselves as the rightful administrators and guardians of so vast a realm.

40  Thus when the Nemesis of God shall attack with violent fury the kingdoms of the lesser light, even then shall the Elohim become all aware; and not this only, for when there shall arise to defend the lesser kingdoms that Dread Savior whom we love, even of him shall the Elohim become aware of also.

41  And so shall we set well the stage whereupon there shall unfold a great drama filled with mystery; which mystery will provide for the Nemesis some small means by which he may trouble deeply the first kingdom of the greater Light, which kingdom is that of the very Elohim.

42  For it is needful that there should come out from the Elohim, those Gods which would aid the Nemesis; believing always in their soul that they act rightly and not amiss for the good of all; even though the Elohim should stand against them.

43  For it is given that even all the Gods and Goddesses shall bear in themselves the capacity to do both good or evil; even as it is given that even every God should bear within some slight, yet happy imperfection.”

44  Such were the words of The One, and Areta spoke again, saying: “Tell me, Love, by what imperfection will such Gods think to aid that very Nemesis which attacked at the first, the kingdoms of Olaha Shinehah?”

45  And The One answered, saying: “Concern yourself not overmuch because of this thing. For this I tell you with deep knowing: that such Gods as would aid the Nemesis will do so only because they believe that it is Heaven they seek to aid and not that dark power which would seek to destroy them.

46  And that imperfection which would cause that some Gods should trouble the very Heavens is the pride of great accomplishment; believing among themselves that such accomplishment will give to their words some greater weight in the councils of Elohim; causing that they should think themselves wiser than all the rest.”

47  Now Areta thought deeply upon the words of The One, and taking him by the hand, she spoke, saying: “Tell me, Love, what great accomplishment shall such Gods do which will prove greater than the accomplishments of all others?”

48  Then did The One smile with hidden knowing, and he spoke, saying: “Behold, my Dear, how that in the Celestial Kingdom of Glory there are given but seven great suns; and around these do the celestial worlds move in glory and splendor.

49  Let us therefore, both you and I together, fashion for the Celestial Kingdom, twelve new suns of resplendent glory; being made themselves as brightly blue and ever burning super stars, which stars we shall call the suns of Ashengaard; for since the birth of the Celestial Kingdom have there been no new suns added.

50  These suns shall we place in the vastness of the great Chasm nearest to the world of Jeruel, causing that the very Elohim should take great council regarding them.

51  Then shall we but wait and see if there be those Gods who would act alone among themselves in moving the suns of Ashengaard, to bring them ever closer to the suns of Kolob.

52  For if such Gods should deign to act, to presume among themselves the desires of the Elohim, then shall we find among such Gods those who would aid the Nemesis of God; believing all the while that they act rightly and not amiss, being themselves blinded by a willful pride.”

53  And Areta spoke again, saying: “But, Love, what shall we do if there are no Gods which would act before the will of Eloheim be known? What if there be in none of the Gods of Eloheim, this pride which would cause them to act presumptuously?”

54  Now hearing these things, The One thought deeply, and turning to his Beloved, he spoke, saying: “Let us see first what effect the suns of Ashengaard shall have upon the councils of Elohim; then shall we see more clearly how we must proceed in the working of our designs.”

55  And hearing all these things, Areta saw in the words of The One, a great and piercing wisdom; and she spoke, saying: “Can you see, my Love, how you would avoid in us the sin of unrighteous dominion? For by your word shall we create twelve most beautiful suns, great and richly rare, to place in the depths of the great Chasm.

56  Causing only that the Gods should choose for themselves how to act before the beauty of our creation; to decide for themselves to act as one within their quorum, or to rise up against it for the sake of some deep and hidden pride.

57  Thus, by your word would we withhold our hands from complicity in the falling of the prideful, preventing that we should coerce or compel that any should act against their nature.

58  Let us, therefore, do even as you will; for I see already a need for such suns as we shall make. For I would add to Kolob but five new suns, which suns shall place within this Heaven, twelve suns altogether.

59  But of those seven which shall remain, even these shall we give to the Ahgendai, whereby they might create for themselves a kingdom of their own; permitting that generations of the Ahgendai might find room sufficient to grow and prosper in a realm of their own designing.

60  Thus shall this Heaven be joined through the suns of Ashengaard with the Heaven of the Ahgendai, to work together hand in hand throughout the generations of eternity. How say you, Love, will you find in my words a wisdom worthy of your own?”

61  And The One smiled sweetly upon Areta, and holding her close to his bosom, he spoke, saying: “Let us do according to your word and see for ourselves how the Gods will act within the Elohim. For I perceive already that there is one who will aid us in the carrying out of all our plans, even though he knows it not;

62  Choosing for himself to act against his quorum, setting aside the desires of his Heavenly Parents so that he might appear as someone greater than all the rest; possessing in himself a prideful zeal which would shake the very Heavens.

63  And if it so be that he should fall, and other Gods with him, then shall we set forth some means to restore the fallen, whereby we might heal the Heavens of so great a breach, to restore in joy the Council of Elohim.”

64  Such was the counsel between The One and Areta, and going forth together, they fashioned twelve great suns of exceeding size and beauty; fusing into their cores the seeds of endless life, to set them in the Heavens.

65  Now in the kingdom of God was there a great commotion, for there appeared in the night sky, twelve stars together clustered, twinkling in their blue brightness with a wondrous and fiery glee.

66  And all the Gods took notice and wondered at the mystery. And Ahman spoke to Galendriel, saying: “Behold, my Love, the suns of Ashengaard have come upon us. For this I discerned through the whispering of the Tael.

67  For it is certain that the God beyond us all, would increase forever the glories of the Heavens; to bring forth something new and filled with expectation. Let us then gather from afar, the councils and quorums of Elohim, that we may decide rightly what we must do regarding them.”