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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 5

The Elohim gathers to discuss the new suns – Ahman speaks: a gift from the God Beyond – Galendriel leads the proceedings – The Gods debate; counsel is sought – Shaemdiel (Chief Archon) gathers his lineage – Shaemdiel reveals his bold plan – Shaemdiel: “Who will stand beside me?” – Rutheniel disagrees with her Beloved and gives counsel  – Shaemdiel and sons proceed with boldness – daughters don’t – Shaemdiel finds Ahman waiting in the Chasm – Shaemdiel pleads his cause before Ahman – Ahman gives a father’s counsel – Shaemdiel consents – The danger of an overzealous believer – Shaemdiel disregards the counsel of Ahman and prepares to bypass the will of Elohim – Elohim decides to move five of the twelve suns – Galendriel and Rutheniel go to the Chasm to protect the seven suns – Shaemdiel petitions Galendriel to allow him to continue – Galendriel: “Why have you presumed to act before the command is given?” – Shaemdiel sees no fault in his actions – The One and Areta observe Shaemdiel through the Tael


1  In Salem did the Elohim gather, from the quorums of Heaven did the Lords and Gods of the first realm converge, being drawn into one by the beauty of twelve stars which shined and twinkled in the night skies of Jeruel; which very stars were themselves gathered and bound most closely together into a globular cluster which flashed and sparkled like diamonds in the constellations of Janmoleah.

2  And the congregations of the holy did wait most anxiously to hear from Ahman the revelation of so new a mystery filled with wonder, being each, both Gods and Goddesses filled with happy excitement and eager anticipation regarding so great a wonder as was revealed midst the starry night of Jeruel.

3  Seeing then the gathering of the seven houses, Ahman rose up to speak; and standing upon the porch of the temple, he spoke to the assembly, saying: “To you, O children of Light, give forth an eager heart, and be you filled with holy expectation.

4  For you have seen for yourselves the glory of yonder stars, which even now do sparkle forth from out of the Chasm, to fill us all with wonder.

5  What then shall we do regarding them? For it is certain already that such wonders which we do see came not from ourselves, neither did the Lords and Gods above us bring them forth. For these twelve suns which you see came forth through the working of that One from which even all these Heavens did come forth in the distant long ago.

6  Hear then you children of glory: What then shall we make of so great a wonder as these twelve stars present? For what intent were they brought forth? For whose benefit were they shaped and fashioned, and in the deep starry night made to sparkle before our eyes?

7  What then shall we make of this mystery? For in searching through the Tael have we only this received: that such stars as even now do appear, to twinkle in the night, even these are called of God, the suns of Ashengaard, and beyond this is there only silence filled with expectations.

8  Let us therefore determine for ourselves that good and happy course which we would take together, regarding this gift which The One and Areta would give for the benefit of all the Heavens together; for it is certain that the God beyond us all would add increase and glory to all our realms.

9  Decide therefore, what we the Elohim should rightly do; that in each house of this our glory, the quorums of God might act as one in all holiness and joy; being each to each bound by love and gentle wisdom whereby we might serve well this Heaven which we love.”

10  Thus did Ahman speak, and Galendriel rose to stand beside her sweet Beloved, and she spoke, saying: “How speak the Lords and Gods of Eloheim regarding the words of Ahman? Will you give assent?”

11  Then did each house rise up to give assent; first from the House of Valhaladea did all the women rise up to say: “Amen!” Then in like manner rose the House of Archons, and with a mighty shout they cried: “Amen!” And each house according to their order and standing rose up to give assent.

12  And hearing all these things, Galendriel spoke again, saying: “Let then the Mothers rise up and in your quorums deliberate on these things.” And immediately did all the women rise up of one accord, each going forth to gather unto their quorum, according to their house.

13  Again did Galendriel speak, saying: “Let then the Fathers rise up and in your quorums deliberate on all these things.” And in like manner did all the men of Elohim rise up as one, each seeking out his quorum according to their house.

14  Now there arose throughout the seven cities of Jeruel, an eager yet happy debate, for the Gods of Heaven sought among themselves that single course which would benefit well the glories and wonders of Kolob.

15  Causing that Ahman should send unto all the Councils of Light the emissaries of God, entreating them through joyful petition to give to Elohim some good and holy counsel regarding those twelve suns which The One and Areta had placed within the Chasm.

16  But in the Council of Elohim did there preside over the quorums of Arkomium, Shaemdiel, and he gathered unto himself most secretly, the sons and daughters of his lineage; on the world of Bhugosa did there assemble the sum of all his house which were made as Lords and Gods of Elohim.

17  And there fell upon the gathering a great hush, and Shaemdiel stood forth to speak, saying: “Hear, my children, the words of your Father. For this day will I lay before you that means by which even our whole house shall be advantaged.

18  For I would propose a plan of great importance to all our house; for even now do the quorums of Elohim debate between themselves a course of action regarding the suns of Ashengaard; being themselves bound by protocol and courtly grace.

19  Causing that even all of Elohim should appear indecisive and over cautious regarding so great an opportunity as The One did intend to place before us; being determined in himself that we should act in confidence and gratitude.

20  For even now does the God beyond us watch to see what we would do regarding so great a gift as would increase the glory of all the Heavens together.

21  Yet do our brethren delay to act, being over careful lest they offend or presume too much; seeking from even all the Councils of Light a consensus of consent regarding those things which we alone should decide.

22  Let us then, for the sake of all our brethren within the Elohim, take upon ourselves alone the burden of acting for the good of all our realm; and by our efforts secure for ourselves and our posterity, a glory and an honor far greater than any other.

23  For from the beginning did The One and Areta determine that in the Celestial Kingdom should the worlds of the Gods move around the seven suns of Kolob; and from the beginning of forever has this always been so.

24  Consider now, with thoughtful hearts, the intent of that foremost God which even now does peer through the Deep to gaze upon us; for now is there placed before us these twelve suns; which suns are meant only to increase forever the estate and glory of all these Heavens.

25  Let us therefore act quickly and with firm resolve, that we may remove from our brethren the burden of deciding rightly which course of action we should take; for we know already the way which we must go.

26  For even as a loving Father would I entreat you to act as one beside me, to redeem from indecision and trepidation those brethren of Elohim which we love; to place upon ourselves the responsibility of fulfilling with eager zeal the intentions of The One and Areta together.

27  Let us then act with dispatch and by such powers as we possess seize hold of yonder stars, and place them in the regions of Kolob; whereby they might shine more brightly upon the kingdom of God.

28  For whosoever shall stand as one beside me, even that one will I bless above all the rest; to add upon your glory even greater glories. Who then will stand beside me in adding to the Heavens these gifts which the God Beyond has deigned to give?”

29  So spoke Shaemdiel unto the men and women of his lineage; but there stood quickly forth his own Beloved, and she spoke to him before those assembled, saying: “My Love, what is this thing which you would do? For it is unseemly to act in this matter until the Eloheim have themselves decided.

30  Break not therefore the harmony which holds the Eloheim as one together, neither entreat our lineage to act presumptuously. For even though your heart would seek to benefit the Heavens, still is your reasoning faulty and made amiss.

31  Rush not in haste to do this thing; for in so doing you will bring upon our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother the weight and sorrow of some disrespect; for by your action would you question wrongly the wisdom of Ahman and Galendriel together.

32  Disturb not therefore the harmony of Eloheim for the sake of inward pride, but by such love as you bear for me, wait in patience the decisions of Eloheim regarding these things.

33  But if you will not heed the counsel of my heart, then know, my dearest Love, that I shall not permit that any of our daughters, which are gathered here, to put forth their hands to aid you.

34  Force me not then to withhold my hand from yours, for I do love you so; and would only desire that we should prove ourselves content and well prepared to do according to our Father’s will in the gift of yonder stars.”

35  Such were the pleadings of Rutheniel, but Shaemdiel would not heed, but with gentleness set aside her counsel, believing with firm resolve in the rightness of his intent. And speaking to those assembled, he spoke, saying:

36  “Let those who would stand beside me in the doing of some good for the sake of Elohim, come even now to my assistance; that by our actions we might prove well our true devotion unto God; for this I tell you rightly, that if you shall place your hand with mine then shall you be richly blest.”

37  Thus did the sons of Shaemdiel rise in earnest, to stand before their Father; but of the daughters did not even one stand forth to give assent, but turned with sad hearts to follow after Rutheniel.

38  And Shaemdiel and all his sons did rise up and swiftly did they go forth unto the Chasm to lay hold the stars of God, being eager to accomplish the doing of some great and mighty deed before the Elohim should be made aware.

39  But there was in the great Chasm, the Ahman of all the Elohim who waited patiently the coming of Shaemdiel and his many sons; for Ahman was most deeply aware of Shaemdiel’s intent; yet did he withhold from Elohim the intentions of the Chief Archon till he should first speak privately with him.

40  And seeing from a distance, the light of Ahman shining in the Deep, Shaemdiel went forth to speak with him, commanding to his sons that they return again unto Jeruel till he should summon them.

41  And seeing before him the Chief Archon, Ahman spoke, saying: “Fair greetings, my son: For what intent do you approach nigh the suns of Ashengaard? Speak well to a Father’s heart and tell me now your full intent. For as a loving Father would I give you counsel.”

42  Now hearing the words of his Father, Shaemdiel grew bold and thus did he speak, saying: “My good and gracious Father, be it known to you that as Chief Archon of the House of Archons, even I have brought forth my sons to move the stars of God.

43  For it is unseemly that we should tarry for the sake of some consensus, for it is given that the Ahman of Elohim should lead in the moment of trial; for this do I perceive with anxious heart: that even the God beyond us would test to see what we shall do with so great a gift as he would give.

44  Thus for your sake would I take hold the suns of Ashengaard whereby I might move them into the regions of Kolob; that by such good and noble efforts might even all the Heavens be richly blest, to add to their glory, even some greater glory still.

45  This then, most holy Father, is the intent of all my soul. For it is not for my sake but yours instead that I would act; seeing that the Elohim have withheld their hand in seizing hold the gifts of God, delaying through endless discussions the things which must be done.

46  Seeing then that I am Chief Archon of the House of Archons, even I did choose to lead where others felt reluctant; that by my acting for the sake of Elohim, I might lift the heavy burden of deciding the way which we must go.

47  Tell me, Father: Have I not acted rightly? Should not those who are appointed to lead do so with vigor and great assurance? Why then will you hinder me in the doing of some good thing which would benefit the Elohim altogether?”

48  Such were the words of Shaemdiel unto his Father, and Ahman taking careful thought did answer his son, saying: “Hear, my son, the counsel of your Father; for I would not have you act presumptuously regarding the suns of Ashengaard, neither would I have you think less of those brethren which seek through counsel and debate, the surest way.

49  For it is through counsel and debate that we refrain ourselves from acting brashly concerning well the greater issues; setting for ourselves a time when the debate is set aside and in that moment do we decide rightly the way to go.

50  Thus is it appointed unto me to preside among our brethren whereby I might hear such counsel as they would give, and in the time appointed do I decide the way to go.

51  And not this only, for as I am appointed to preside among our brethren, even so does my Beloved preside most equally beside me; to preside herself among the women of Elohim, listening with careful heart to such words as they would speak. And in the times appointed does she likewise decide the way to go.

52  And being ourselves decided, both Husband and Wife, Father and Mother, then do we converse alone among ourselves; to place in each the other the hand of confidence and agreement whereby we might act as one for the sake of all.

53  Being careful among ourselves to presume no privilege or advantage above our brethren; but choosing well the best course wherein the Elohim might be themselves benefited by the things we do.

54  Thus would we show through deliberation and debate, our respect for such gifts as The One and Areta would grant for our good; displaying through careful counsel that we desire above all else to act rightly and not presumptuously.

55  Withhold your hand therefore from assuming for yourself the right way which we must go, lest you prove yourself discourteous regarding the counsel and wisdom of Elohim, to set above them the desires of your own heart.

56  For it is certain that in times of great adversity, those who are elected to preside must also lead into the fray; yet do the wise know when to lead and when to seek a goodly counsel, being ever careful to keep in sacred trust the harmony and balance of our estate.

57  Consider therefore with thoughtful heart this thing which you would do, and presume not to act before the appointed time; for I tell you truly that there is a moment given when we shall decide together the course which we would take.”

58  (This, my dearest daughter, was the counsel which Ahman gave unto Shaemdiel.) And looking upon his Father, Shaemdiel spoke in reply, saying: “All which you have spoken will I consider most deeply well. For above all things would I seek first to please my Father, to set your heart at ease.”

59  And going again unto Salem of Merigoth, Shaemdiel considered well his course; biding well his time till the moment of decision should be made; being himself made anxious because of it.

60  Thus did Shaemdiel reveal himself overzealous; hiding within his soul the seed of pridefulness, being eager to seize for himself and all his lineage the praise and glory of all his peers; seeking for himself a benefit and place which would give rise in others, the seeds of envy and resentment.

61  (Know then Mahaleenah, that to be zealous in doing the works of God is good and most desirable among those who believe; for such happy zeal is the fruit of joy and loving enthusiasm.

62  Yet must you know most equally well that to be overzealous is not good when found among those who claim to believe; for such overzealousness is born of pride and ego; and against this must you prove yourself ever watchful.

63  For it is needful that you guard well the work of God, to protect it from those who would steal it away for the sake of glorifying themselves, whereby they might receive for themselves the praise and envy of others, sowing among the children of God the seeds of resentment, pettiness and jealousy.)

64  Thus, being himself overzealous in anticipating the will of Elohim, Shaemdiel disregarded the counsel of his Father; and gathering again his sons most secretly, they went forth into the Chasm to lay hold the suns of Ashengaard, to move them into the regions of Kolob.

65  And going forth unto the very stars, Shaemdiel and his sons together did open wide the second prime of the seventh dimension, causing that one of the stars should be swallowed up within its folds, and in an instant did there appear in the regions of Kolob, one of the suns of Ashengaard.

66  Now it so happened that as Shaemdiel and his sons together did open wide the portals of the seventh dimension, the Elohim had resolved most firmly to move into the regions of Kolob, five of the twelve suns of Ashengaard; having themselves reached a happy and pleasing consensus.

67  But it was the counsel of Ahman and Galendriel together that of the twelve suns, seven should remain within the Chasm as God had placed them; permitting that The One and Areta might do as they thought best regarding them. Thus would the Elohim show forth their gratitude for such gifts as God would give.

68  Yet, before the ending of the council, even all the Elohim became aware of the moving of the first sun of Ashengaard into the regions of Kolob; and gazing into the daytime sky above them, they saw the shining of a bright and glorious star; and in a moment of wonderment there appeared a second star, near unto the first.

69  And as one did the Elohim rise up in joy at the beauty which was added unto the very Heavens; believing in their hearts that Ahman had rightly commissioned that Shaemdiel should carry out the decisions of the Elohim altogether.

70  But Galendriel did summon to her side, her daughter Rutheniel, and together did they swiftly go into the great deepness of the Chasm; being together resolved to hold in place the seven suns which the Elohim had determined to leave in the care of The One and Areta.

71  And reaching into the vastness of her powers, Galendriel brought forth seven oracles of great binding; and these did she set round about the seven suns of Ashengaard, to bind them firmly in that place where The One and Areta had placed them.

72  And coming to the seven, Shaemdiel and his sons did likewise try to move them, to carry them through the seventh dimension unto the very realms of Kolob; but for all their many powers, still would the seven suns not be moved.

73  Seeing therefore the light of Galendriel and Rutheniel shining in the distance, Shaemdiel went forth to place his petition; for he desired to seize for the sake of his pride, even all the suns of Ashengaard, to place them within the light of the Kokobeam.

74  Going therefore unto Galendriel, Shaemdiel spoke, saying: “Beloved Mother: Why will you hold in place these seven stars? Therefore would I petition you for their release. For it is not seemly that we should reject these seven suns as being unworthy of the heavenly abode.”

75  But Galendriel gazed in sorrow upon her son and speaking tenderly and with firmness she answered him, saying: “These seven which you would seize have the Eloheim determined to leave in place whereby the Gods Beyond us might do with them as they will.

76  Yet tell me son: Why have you presumed to act before the command is given? For what cause would you seize the suns of Ashengaard before the ruling of the Eloheim was made complete? Know you not that by your actions you would show to Ahman a disrespect unworthy of you?”

77  But Shaemdiel could see in himself no wrong, but did most lightly repent, to return again unto Jeruel; gazing oft into the daytime sky to see twinkling in the blue vault of Heaven, the five stars of Ashengaard.

78  And The One and Areta, watching all through the mysteries of the Tael, did ponder well the musings of Shaemdiel’s heart. And turning to The One, Areta placed her hand in his, and she spoke, saying: “And so, my Love, it has begun; this plan which we would make whereby the Heavens should become as new forever; being established in vigor and great excitements.”

79  And turning themselves away, they went quietly forth unto the great Abyss; there to forge themselves together, causing that there should leap out from The One, the Antipode of God; to become itself the Nemesis which would rage against the Heavens forever and anon.