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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 32

Heaven grows – Another new world of glory: the Terrestrial Kingdom – A bridge to the second Heaven – Spirit children flow through the dispensations of God – Foundations for a third Heaven


1  Round and round the heavens moved, sweeping in their onward rush through endless halls of time, gathering within its realms the joys of immortality filled with rich delight; adding through careful measures one eternity upon another.

2  And God loved the children of their soul, wooing them gently through the aeons, leading them with tender words to seek a greater glory, being hopeful that some might reach beyond their present state to seize a higher plane filled with greater promise.

3  And the assemblies of God grew ever more numerous, each being numbered in their many millions, causing that every principality within the Telestial Kingdom should expand, establishing through the aeons an even greater and greater dominion.

4  Ever building midst all their dreams the cities and palaces of the First Heaven, reaching out with measured increase into Olaha Shinehah; establishing throughout the generations of many assemblies the first design of God.

5  Now when there were established firmly the first twelve assemblies of God, each having achieved through mortality the glory of both dreams and effort, God did withdraw from the First Heaven.

6  And together did The One and Areta fashion a bright and newer world filled with greater glory, being bounded within and without by seven dimensions; and to this world gathered the many congregations of the Shulieye and the Pensieye, being eager themselves to follow God with a joyful heart filled with song.

7  But of the Goieye did even the whole tribe petition God that they might remain in the Telestial Kingdom, permitting that they should continue to watch over the children of the First Heaven, whereby they might continue to counsel and guide, ever pointing beyond the stars to where the Father and Mother did soft await.

8  And God was pleased by the devotion of the Goieye and together did The One and Areta give consent, commanding only that the Goieye gather at the Season of the Song, whereby they might commune and rejoice with all their sisters of the Shulieye and the Pensieye.

9  And on the newer world would even all the Cherubim gather in the season of rejoicing, for this world did God establish to be the foundation of a far greater glory, becoming itself the second Heaven which God did call the Terrestrial Kingdom of Glory.

10  Causing that between the first and second Heaven should be built a bridge over which all who should desire might cross over, receiving to themselves a glory and a joy far greater than they had ever known.

11  For the bridge which God built was made of many mortal lives, being again guided by seven dispensations; yet were the dispensations of the second Heaven unlike those of the first, but were themselves fashioned to perfect the love between the man and the woman.

12  Being hopeful that by so doing the children of the second Heaven might come closer still to a truer likeness of God, having perfected within themselves the rule of holiness, establishing within themselves the first foundations of Emzahdeah.

13  Thus was there established by God the outward flowing of Hodos Alea, being bounded on every side, and within, by the laws and principles of eternal progression.

14  For in the worlds of mortality did the children of God flow through the dispensations, going from the first to the last, flowing as a mighty river from one life to the next even till all was made complete, causing that the children of God should choose for themselves that heavenly glory wherein they might find their joy.

15  And in the heavens also, in both the Telestial and Terrestrial did the children of God continue to flow, going from the first principality unto the second, and then again unto the third, but only as they desired, being themselves born into the First Heaven, having bodies of flesh and bone filled with passions and desires.

16  Learning and knowing the things of greater worth, being themselves unbound by forces beyond themselves, but being bound in joy forever, having set before their eyes a great many challenges filled with wonder, which challenges they did meet with eager hearts filled with boundless hope and happy expectations.

17  Being themselves ever guided by the Goieye to look beyond the realms of the Telestial Kingdom, to gaze with wondrous eyes into the depths of things unseen but surely felt, where God, in joy, did quietly wait, being hopeful that those who should desire might reach higher still.

18  Putting forth their heart’s desire to draw closer unto the Father and Mother which loved them so, to seek again through the mortal life, an increase in joy and glory far beyond the principalities, dominions and powers of the first estate.

19  Being hopeful to establish between the man and the woman a union and a love far greater than that which they had ever known, establishing within themselves through the second estate the seeds of Emzahdeah.

20  Perceiving therein the foundations of still some greater glory, becoming themselves through the mortal life again, a worthy heir of the Terrestrial Kingdom, having perfected through small degrees, the rule of holiness and sweet communion.

21  Thus did God fashion the Terrestrial Kingdom in all its many parts, establishing well the flow and rush of Hodos Alea, and through the aeons the second estate grew in number and power and glory.

22  And God was pleased that from out of the many assemblies of all their seed, still would many seek to follow after; yet still were they unable to create spirit children of their own, seeing that their souls were not perfected.

23  Then did The One gaze into the midst of the great Eternal Round, looking with thoughtful eye into the bosom of the Deep, fashioning within his thoughts a third Heaven rich with promise and great fulfillment.

24  And when he was completed, he gathered to his heart his own Beloved, and together did they swiftly fly into the Chasm deep and wide, and there did they lay the foundations of the Celestial Kingdom; believing each within their souls that even some of their children would seek to follow, to become themselves like God the Father and the Mother.