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Chapter 31

The Seventh Dispensation - - Completion and Harmony (part III)

(Kaseah continued) – Becoming free of mortal illusions – The sacrifice of temporal things – Parable: The Good Mother – The giving of time, effort and money – Beware those who mock the gift of sacrifice – Kaseah returns to her Beloved – The completion of the dispensations – Telestial tabernacles for the children of Heaven – A-Z particles and the streams of intelligence – The purpose of heavenly bodies – Bringing forth the second assembly of spirit children


1  Now Kaseah continued to teach, saying: “By what means then are you enabled to see beyond such illusions as the mortal life shall cast upon you? For to these four great illusions are there added many others besides.

2  How then shall you set free yourselves from such illusions as do deceive you regarding the greater issues of your life, to set at liberty your own selves whereby you can see and hear and feel and touch the things which truly are?

3  Come then and God shall answer, for in the mortal life are you made both mortal and immortal, both body and spirit, being made subject in your flesh to the illusion of many things.

4  While in your spirit is there found the eternal and divine, in which there stands revealed the only reality, which reality is not subject to the senses of your flesh, but which reveals itself through the inward eye of the heart and spirit together.

5  For the reality which is born of God does not yield itself to the whims and dictates of those which cannot see; but is itself made always wondrous and filled with glory, being in its nature constant and everlasting.

6  Thus if you would free yourself of illusion, to sweep away the shadows before your eyes, then know most deeply within that in the sacrifice of temporal things are all illusions swept away, causing your spirit to come alive within you.

7  For at your birth is there heaped upon you the illusions of mortality, causing that in your youth you should continue such illusions as even your own parents and friends are subject to; and in the living of your life do you add to these the delusions of the self, imprisoning yourselves in obscurities and darknesses of every kind.

8  Yet in the sacrifice of temporal things do you set free yourself of every illusion, to draw yourself closer unto God; for it is in the sacrifice of such temporal things as would imprison you that you grow day by day ever more spiritual, causing that there should shine out from the depths of you all things sacred and divine.

9  But if you will not sacrifice the temporal while yet you claim yourself as one made spiritual, then have you deceived yourself, and there is no light in you but darkness only.

10  Preaching to yourself the sermons of the ego, permitting that you should do nothing for God, but for yourself only; becoming through the darkness of your lesser self both dogmatic and suspicious.

11  Being made subject to anger and wrath and bitter words, wherein you do wound yourself again and again upon the rocks of your own deception.

12  Mocking those who would grow in God through the offering up of such temporal things as you would cleave to most dearly, striving through subtle words to turn them away from sacrifice, to make them as yourself.

13  Hoping thereby to remove yourself from condemnation; for you know already that in the sacrifice of the true believer is all your falseness made revealed, being yourself exposed for all to see as some imposter who would pretend to do service to God, yet in your heart would you serve yourself alone, to find some great advantage.

14  If then you would free yourself of every illusion, then be you wise and act with firmness, being eager to take to your soul the joy of sacrifice; becoming in your daily offerings like unto a good and loving mother, who for the love of her family will gladly sacrifice even all she has, and this in joy.

15  Come and I will tell you what it is like unto: For there was a man which loved his wife dearly for she was the mother of all his children, and he thought to give to her a gift of money, saying:

16  “This, my Love, I give to you whereby you might purchase for yourself anything which you desire. For you are a good and loving wife and I would show to you my gratitude and devotion.”

17  So the mother took the money and taking with her the children she loved, she went forth to shop and buy; and when the father came home he found that the mother had purchased for their children all manner of little gifts and presents, but for herself she bought nothing at all.

18  And the father seeing this did sigh, and giving to his Beloved even more money, he spoke, saying: “This my dearest is for you, for I would honor you to show my love. Go now and whatsoever you desire for yourself, even this purchase with all my blessings. Only take not the children with you lest you be tempted to give to them this gift which I would give to you alone.”

19  So again the wife went to shop and to buy, and when the husband returned he found that all the money which he had given to his wife, even this did she spend to add beauty to the house wherein the family lived.

20  And again the father sighed midst all his smiles, and again he offered to his Beloved a gift of money, and with gentle firmness he spoke to her, saying:

21  “This my dearest, is for you, for I would honor you because of such love and devotion as you have shown to me all these many years. Go then and with this gift, purchase for yourself the thing you desire most to have.

22  Only do not spend the gift on the children we love, neither spend it for the sake of our home, but for yourself only; spend, therefore, this gift on the thing which will make you happiest above all other things.”

23  So again the mother went forth to shop and to buy, seeking for herself the thing which would make her happiest above all other things; and the father, when he was come again to his home, found that the wife he loved had purchased for him many gifts of goodly things.

24  And the father seeing all these things was deeply moved by the goodness of his wife, yet being exasperated, he chided his wife most tenderly, saying:

25  “Why, my Love, did you not do with the money as I intended? For these three times have you spent even all the money on children and home and husband. Why then could you not buy for yourself some little gift?”

26  Then did the wife speak to her husband, saying: “In all your instructions did I do according to your words. For at the first did you invite that I should go and purchase whatsoever I desired; and seeing that I desired the smiles of our children, I did give to them a good many gifts.

27  But in the second occasion did you refrain me from giving to our children, but instructed me to go and purchase whatsoever my heart desired; and so I went and bought for our home all manner of beautiful and wondrous things whereby even the whole family might be enriched, for this was the thing I desired above all else.

28  Yet on the third occasion did you forbid me to purchase anything for the house and children altogether, but instructed me that I should spend the money on whatsoever would make me the happiest of all.

29  For this cause did I purchase for you, my Love, these many gifts, knowing that in your joy I would find the greatest happiness.

30  How then did I fail in doing as you instructed? By what means did I prove discourteous in honoring such gifts as you did give me? Seeing that in all things I did give to myself the things which I desired most to have.

31  Permitting that I should see in the eyes of our children, or in the rooms of our home, and even in yourself, my Love, such things as would bring forth some deeper joy within me.”

32  So spoke the wife to her husband, and taking his wife into his arms most gently, he kissed her upon the lips and he spoke to her, saying: “Could you not see to buy for yourself alone, my Love, a gift made just for you?”

33  And upon his breasts did the good mother speak, saying: “Did you not know, my Love, that in giving to those I love, I give also to myself the greater portion; receiving through your joy and the joy of our children the fulfillment of myself?

34  For together are we made as one, both father and mother and children also, causing that in such sacrifices as we do make for each the other, even therein do we find for ourselves the greatest joy of all.”

35  And hearing this the husband blessed his wife and with many kisses and tender touches he did celebrate the wife which he adored; seeing in her sacrifice an example worthy of every praise and deep devotion.

36  In what manner, therefore, should you offer up your sacrifices unto God, causing that you should participate with Heaven in the blessing of all God’s children, proving even your own selves as worthy of exaltation, having become yourself in every similitude like unto your Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother?

37  Behold, I tell you: that even as the good mother did sacrifice her gifts to the family she loved, even so must you likewise do; finding in the joy of God the only true happiness which would lift you far above your lesser self.

38  For in the giving of time and effort and money also, even by these things do you fill up your heart and mind with Heaven, causing that all shadows and illusions should flee themselves away, finding in you no darkness where they might lurk and constant grow.

39  Causing that there should well up within you a calm assurance, free of pride; knowing for yourself that you are made a partner with God in the bringing of Heaven down to earth.

40  Then shall you dwell in harmony and sweet accord, having in yourself no conflict or division between the flesh of the body and the spirit of your truer self; and of your peace there shall be no end.

41  Take care, therefore, among yourselves and beware of those who stand falsely among you, pretending through their words that they believe the things of God, even while they make mock and ridicule the gift of sacrifice.

42  For they desire not that you be free of such illusions as would bind them strongly, knowing for themselves already that in such harmony as you would take to yourself through sacrifice, even therein shall they themselves stand revealed before your eyes as someone false and filled with pretenses.

43  Be you, therefore, wise and with your heart perceive well the greater issues, being yourself undeceived by lesser things, choosing for yourself the harmony which does await to dwell within you, making of the mortal life a gift which God did give.

44  And as you did choose rightly in ages past to cleave to God in all things temporal and spiritual, then choose likewise now.

45  That there might rise within your heart and soul and mind the light of these seven dispensations which were sent to you from God, whereby you might find your way home again, to dwell in glory in the kingdom of your Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother forever and ever, even worlds without end.”

46  Thus began the seventh dispensation through the teachings of Kaseah, and all her words and teachings did the assembly preserve to put in the Book of God, whereby whoever should so desire might read and study and deeply ponder.

47  And the years passed and Kaseah refrained herself the touch of death, but did instead ascend into Heaven to join again her own Beloved.

48  And the children of God did move through the appointed years of the seventh dispensation, each child, whether male or female, taking upon themselves their many lives; moving into each life midst gentle rhythms, like the waves of the sea which rush to shore; chasing down for themselves that certain joy wherein they might find their own glory and fulfillment.

49  Yet in Heaven did the angels make ready to receive the children of God into their appointed kingdoms and principalities, being themselves received in their spirit through the veils of death, and coming into glory the children of God rejoiced and were themselves most happy and content.

50  And generation by generation, in the passing of the ages, the populations of man grew less and less in the mortal world of Terralee, even until man was no longer found upon the earth; for the dispensations of God were made complete according to their purpose.

51  And in the first of endless aeons did the children of God move out into the depths of the First Heaven, becoming themselves awed and overwhelmed by such glories as God did provide for their fulfillment and joy.

52  Then did The One speak unto Areta, saying: “It is time, my Love, when our children must have a telestial body wherein their spirits might continue the joys between a man and a woman; to bring forth to themselves in this heavenly place, children of their own.

53  For these our children are unable in their present state to bring forth spirit children even as we have done; for they are without sufficient power to create the things of spirit; for between the man and the woman is the power of their love made less than our own.

54  Let us continue, therefore, this Hodos Alea whereby these may have families of their own, according to such laws and principles as will govern the telestial bodies of flesh and bone.

55  And to all their little babes made telestial in light and glory and filled with life, even to these shall we provide in each child a spirit made telestial through the living of mortality.

56  That through such love as a man might have for a woman, and a woman for a man, even these two might find the depth and height and breadth of Emzahdeah; causing that in the telestial man and woman might be found the beginnings of such a power as will create for themselves a host of spirit children.

57  Seeing then that we would have our children to become as we are, then let us now fashion for them the telestial body, causing that the man and the woman should be drawn to each the other through loving passions; to make for themselves children after their own fashion.”

58  Thus did The One speak, and together did The One and Areta cause a deep sleep to fall upon all the children of God; and as they slept, there was called from out of the streams of intelligence a flood of A-Z particles.

59  And of these did God fashion for each child at once, a tabernacle of exquisite beauty and purpose; yet were no two made to look alike, but were themselves made unique and finely fitted to every child of God, both male and female.

60  Now when the children awoke from all their slumbers, they found themselves enlivened in bodies of flesh and bone, and they were filled with great rejoicing; and among the angels of God did they move throughout the principalities of the Telestial Kingdom, building cities and wonders of every kind.

61  And as they busied themselves in the designing of their dominions, Areta spoke to The One, saying: “See, my Love, the children which we have made: how they do rejoice in such bodies of flesh and bone as we did make for their benefit.

62  For in their spirits only were the man and woman unable to touch or feel or deeply know the sexual passions of each the other, being themselves without the knowledge of Emzahdeah.

63  But through their bodies of flesh are their spirits made free to give and receive of each other’s passions, touching together through the flesh the spirit and the soul; forging through the fires of love a greater love than they have ever known.

64  See then, my Love, how it is needful that we ourselves should enter again the streams of intelligence for all their sake, to bring forth out of our love and passion even another assembly of spirit children, being themselves made innocent, even as the first.

65  These then shall we send to Terralee to live the mortal life; and going themselves through the seven dispensations of God, even they shall inherit a principality of glory; to become themselves the children of the first.”

66  Now hearing this, The One drew Areta unto his breasts, and he spoke to her softly, saying: “Well have you spoken, my Love, and to your counsel would I yield the sum of all my being, to receive in joy all your many passions.

67  Let us then go forth and make of all our love such spirit children as will become unto the first, the children of telestial glory; inheriting through their parents, telestial tabernacles made of flesh; causing that among the children of our soul might there spring up the beginning of many generations.”

68  So spoke The One and together did they go forth unto the streams of intelligence and there did they bring forth the second assembly of children in all their multitudes, and as the Father and Mother had done unto the first, so did they likewise unto the second, even worlds without end.