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Chapter 30

The Seventh Dispensation - - Completion and Harmony (part II)

(Kaseah continued) – Illusion of freedom – Compelled to conform – Freedom born of responsibility and obligation – Spiritual imprisonment versus spiritual freedom – True freedom is born of spirit – Illusion of control – Do not hold hostage the love of others – Seek not to control others – Robbing yourself of the need for God – Length of life determined – You decide the quality of your life – Teaching children mastery of life – Illusion of possessions – Possessions: a harmful master – Spirit and soul: the only true possessions


1  And Kaseah spoke again to the assembly, saying: “Consider now the illusion of freedom, how you do speak highly of it, causing that you should excite yourselves over the politics of the day, proclaiming that in this city or in that country is there found the greatest of freedoms.

2  Yet I tell you that even in this is there found a great illusion, which illusion would distract you through much speaking and subtle pretenses, causing that you should not see such freedoms and liberties which God has given you already, proving yourselves confused and not enlightened.

3  Believing that in the rule of democracy is there found that certain liberty which would fulfill the sum of all your dreams and aspirations, according to your pleasure; yet are you made ignorant of the things which are, seeing only such shadows as swirl around you.

4  For in such governments as you proclaim the best is there found all manner of laws and ordinances which do compel even every one of you; and to these are there added the rule of social custom and public opinion and peer pressure, and all these things do compel that you conform.

5  Yet, knowing yourselves that this is true, still do you proclaim yourselves free and set at liberty to do as you might please, and in this is there found the great illusion, which illusion does appeal to the pride and vanity of every man and every woman.

6  Come then and consider: For a man may think himself free and yet in his flesh be imprisoned by many things, being himself deceived and swallowed up by pretenses, bearing in himself the illusion that he is free, even while he is bound by many chains;

7  While yet some other, though bound in a prison of iron and stone, may prove himself the freest of all, being himself set free through the goodness of his words and deeds, to walk in the soul of God and Heaven as one unhindered.

8  Knowing in himself neither boundaries nor limitations, becoming through the mysteries of the spirit and soul together as one made boundless and eternal; to soar as one unfettered beyond the prison wall, to dwell in the heart of God as one made free and set at liberty, being free of fear, dancing always in the light which dwells within.

9  Behold then how many are deceived, believing that in the spiritual life there are found many demands and limitations, which things they proclaim all too grievous a burden.

10  While in their physical life they should think themselves free and unencumbered, even though they be strongly bound and fettered.

11  Thus do many appear as blind and foolish, believing that in the living of their mortal life there is some greater freedom given to the flesh, while the spirit lies imprisoned in a body of flesh and bone.

12  Hear then the wisdom which comes from God, for in license and wanton behavior is there never found the freedom you seek, but brutishness only.

13  And if you should prove yourself unknowing of so great a simple thing, then are you never set at liberty, being yourself imprisoned within the walls of your own ignorance, being tossed and torn asunder between nobleness and bestiality.

14  For freedom is born of responsibility and obligation, which things we take upon ourselves, and this is the thing which would make you free; not because such responsibilities and obligations are forced upon you by those who rule, but because you accept freely the doing of the goodly thing.

15  Thus in choosing for yourself to participate in the politics of the city do you show yourself as free, believing yourselves not subject to the law or to men, but subject only to the goodness which comes from God whereby you might bring it forth alive in the affairs of men.

16  Being yourself not dogmatic in the politics of the day, but proving yourself always gracious and tolerant of others; seeking by every means to increase the love of God and spiritual things through a gentle approbation.

17  Thinking always of what is good for the city, even above your own selves; believing in your heart and mind that you are a child of God, having your citizenship found first in Heaven; owing to God the Father and the Mother a true allegiance filled with worship and devotion together.

18  Thus are you made to see yourself as one made free, even though there be placed upon you a great many responsibilities and obligations, being yourself made free to participate in the affairs of government.

19  But in the spirit of yourselves is there found a far greater freedom than you have ever known, being in your spirit not subject to the dictates of others, being in your spirit as one made sovereign, according to your own desires.

20  For the flesh of the body can others imprison, to rob you of such freedoms as common men are prone to value; but by what means can some other imprison the spirit of which you are made, seeing that the spirit is unseen and ineffable, filled with wonder?

21  Being in its nature incorruptible and eternal, boundless and without limitations, for in the joys of the spirit do you find that sweet enchantment which leads you unto God, causing that you should see in things unseen by mortal eyes the greatest freedom of all.

22  For it is given that you alone might imprison the spirit within, and this through a faithless neglect, causing that even though the body should walk about the earth as something free, still are you most deeply fettered, having imprisoned within walls of flesh, even your own selves.

23  Becoming yourself as one made subject to every passion, being made always anxious and filled with want, speaking aloud that you are free, yet standing before your private self as one made empty and alone, filled with quiet despair.

24  Such is the illusion of freedom, having in itself the appearance of substance, yet being in its nature both dark and fleeting, being always illusive and thinly passing; for which people are ever grasping but never able to lay hold.

25  For the true freedom which comes from God is born of spirit, calling out within your heart to come and in its joy away; to fly and soar and dance and reel, calling out within your soul the freedom for which you are made destined while in this mortal life.

26  Causing that whosoever should possess so great a gift within the heart and mind, even they are made the freest of every man and every woman, even though the body of their flesh should be imprisoned in walls of iron and stone.

27  And if you would have for yourself this truer freedom, then cleave you unto God with a faithful heart, chasing down through the spirit within, the prize for which you dream; to be made one with God through the goodness that you do, establishing before the eyes of all, the beginning of every joy.

28  What shall it matter then, this freedom of the flesh, when the greater self is free already? Becoming while in the mortal life beyond the reach of earthly things, having yourselves been set at liberty through the exercise of spiritual things, for in this are you made free, while all things else are made a shadow.

29  Choose then such a freedom as you would first and foremost have, whether of the spirit or of the flesh; for the spirit is real and everlasting while the flesh is made transitory and impermanent, being given no reality which it can fully grasp or deeply know.

30  Consider now the illusion of control, for in the mortal life do you strive continually to exercise control through a great many manipulations, believing that in the doing of these things you might find some lasting security;

31  Thinking to seize for yourself the love of others, believing falsely that those you love should yield themselves to your control and influence, turning through manipulation their love into a prison whereby you might hold them hostage.

32  Yet I tell you truly, that in the doing of such a thing do you lose the thing you seek to have, to become yourself as one most loved and deeply cherished and held in high regard.

33  This then is the dark illusion which you did learn, being taught from tender youth; which illusion you inflict upon your own children also, causing for yourselves a great many disappointments filled with tears and hurtful grief.

34  For there are many which believe that in love is there found the one who controls and the one who yields, and if it so be that one should not yield, then do they proclaim your love as something false and filled with pretenses; to break your heart in many pieces for the sake of their control.

35  Yet, it is the one who seeks to control that is false, for they would see themselves in you, demanding that you should act and speak and believe even as they do; becoming yourself a mirror image, having no real substance of your own.

36  Seek not, therefore, to control another, to use their love against them whereby you yourself are benefited; for those who would control another are themselves without faith or hope, proving their love imperfect and filled with trouble, becoming themselves as someone sour and filled with great suspicions.

37  If, therefore, you would know the true love of another, then seek neither to control nor to manipulate the ones you love and cherish, but permit that they should be themselves in every aspect, to blossom and grow according to the spirit within them.

38  And if their love prove good and true and ever faithful, then shall they flow into your life again and again; and like the ebb and flow of some inward sea, bring forth a richness filled with blessings and joys of every kind.

39  Now consider also how you would seek to control the issues of your life, thinking that you can guard yourself against the whims of circumstance and blind misfortune; hedging against tomorrow the labors of the day.

40  Seeking through artifice to control the mortal life, becoming yourself as someone rushed and harried, forgetting how to live while yet you labor on, thinking yourselves advantaged in the midst of great illusions.

41  For in controlling your life is there found that certain shadow; for when there should spring upon you suddenly the weight of some adversity, then are you exposed; revealing not your mastery and control, but exposing for yourself to see your need for God and Heaven’s grace to bear you up again.

42  Thus would the illusion of control rob you of your need for God, thinking yourselves advantaged through the controlling of your life, paying lip service to God, pretending yourselves as one devout, yet having no devotion.

43  Think not, therefore, that you can control the sum of all your life, thinking to yourself that you might set free your life of adversity and trial; for circumstance and misfortune are made to fall upon every man and every woman, to prove the spirit within.

44  For you can do nothing regarding the length of your life, to stretch it beyond its measure, but of its depth and height and breadth, this you are given the power to do; for the days of your life are appointed by God and you can by no means add to the length of all your days.

45  For it is God who has determined the day and hour of your death already, while it is life which would choose the means by which you die, and over these two things you are given no power.

46  Over what then are you given control in the living of your life? Hear then and I will answer, for the means by which you live your life, this do you determine and not another; for the quality of your life do you decide, whether there be in your life the joy of harmony or the sorrow of great discord.

47  Being appointed by God that you should prove the master of your own selves, choosing wisely the best course to go and the best way to live.

48  Choosing for yourself to live graciously and with calm acceptance, or to live in turmoil and great upheavals; for the whims of life you cannot control, but the emotions which would respond midst good or bad, light or darkness, this alone do you determine.

49  It is yourself alone which you control, while all else is folly and constant heartache, adding to your life the seeds of disappointment and bitterness, deceiving your own selves, making yourself blind and dull of hearing regarding such greater issues as do stir and move around you.

50  Therefore, be wise and teach to your children while in their youth to control themselves through God and the spirit together, that they may set free the mind from many follies, proving themselves a blessing and a joy, being themselves harmonious and always ready to receive the greater portion.

51  For seek not to control your children for your benefit, but rather seek to teach them to control themselves whereby they might become the true masters of their life, being always guided by such instructions as you did give them while in their youth.

52  Think not, therefore, that in your teaching you would control your children to rule over them, for in teaching would you influence and not control, if it so be that your instructions are rooted deep in the joy and wisdom of God.

53  Laying down by careful measures the foundations of a lasting harmony, causing that the children you love should feel themselves well content and richly blessed.

54  Thus would you give to your children both guidance and instruction, being in your love for them both kind and firm, yet in yourselves free of any controlling or manipulating manner.

55  Becoming in yourselves even as your Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, which in the beginning did teach you well the desires of their heart, yet without commandment or constraint.

56  Hear then this last, for in the illusion of possessions are almost all men and all women deceived, believing themselves made happy and fulfilled in the owning of many things, believing that in the owning of sundry things made precious and desirable, they might increase the value of their lives.

57  Thinking their lives made worth the living by the owning of this or that, proving to others beyond themselves that they are worthy of praise and admiration, having made their lives to appear as some great success.

58  Becoming themselves filled with pride towards the accomplishments of their life, while in their hearts they are filled with cold disdain towards those who live not as they do.

59  Yet do I tell you truly, even as you do now suspect: For it is not you which owns your possessions, but rather it is your possessions which own you, forcing upon your backs a grievous burden too heavy to bear.

60  For your possessions are a hurtful master, demanding of you a constant care filled with worry, seeking from you an unfailing attention, filling up your hands with the weight of things acquired, while in your heart you are made empty and filled with even greater wantings.

61  Causing that you should seek by every means to secure your possessions against tomorrow, deceiving your own selves, making your possessions to become as a snare about your feet and a chain upon your wrists.

62  Yet is it given that of your possessions there should be found a great illusion, being in themselves but things only, which things you would buy, sell, trade, break, lose or give away, being in their nature devoid of any care for you.

63  What then are the true possessions which of themselves do yield themselves as yours forever, going beyond the shadow of the grave, to dwell within you within the light; which light is eternal and everlasting, becoming itself without end or passing shadow?

64  For your spirit and soul are forever yours, and these alone do you possess; and if you should fill your days with love and goodness, then do such as these become yours forever, to dwell within the soul, even worlds without end.

65  Being in your soul filled with richness and abundance always, having secured while in the mortal life the grace of wisdom, benevolence, faith, justice, fortitude, beauty and harmony.

66  If then you would have harmony within your life, then possess yourselves through all these things, letting go such illusions as do swirl about you while in the mortal life, cleaving only unto God instead, to find therein the only true things worthy of possessing through all your many efforts.

67  Come now and if you will hear, even God shall reveal to you the means by which you might set free your soul of every illusion, to become in your life as one made calm and filled with peace, becoming yourselves as one enraptured by such harmony as God would give the holy.”