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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 5

The long journey of Father Ahman – Ahman addresses The One: trouble in Paradise; seeking counsel and wisdom; a plea for Shaemdiel – The One responds – Glory of The One presented – Birth of God revealed – The death of First Man – A plan of redemption – Ahman replies to The One – The One takes responsibility for Shaemdiel’s fall – Shaemdiel made an unknown agent for God


1  Through the generations of eternity did Ahman go forth, and in the onward speeding rush of the Father did the light give way to the higher light, revealing forever and anon the glory of The One.

2  And piercing deeply the furtherest veil, Ahman came at last to that beginning beyond all beginnings, and in the councils of El Jor El the Father stood in wonder exceeding.

3  And The One spoke unto the Father, saying: “Greetings great Melchizedek, King of Salem, Lord and Ahman of Jeruel: For what just cause have you come seeking?”

4  Perceiving then the greatest of All, the Father with measured step drew near, and in a voice made reverent and filled with awe, spoke, saying:

5  “Most Sovereign Lord, Greatest and Most Holy, in whom the endless creations with worship adore, by your hand alone am I drawn near; for when I beheld the coming of Yaldabaoth, I faintly discerned the shadow of your design.

6  For in all the creations of God could there be found neither room nor place for him; yet notwithstanding these things, by some dark and troubling scheme did he a foothold find in the heart and mind of Shaemdiel whereby he might tempt him.

7  And by such words as he spoke did the Lord of Kolob shake already the foundations of Heaven, to see if there be any who would take to themselves some greater glory.

8  Yet of Yaldabaoth did I espy, in visions made all subtle and deep, the Chief Demiurgos swiftly fleeing, and in a realm beyond all yesterdays did he a refuge find in the world of the First Power.

9  Seeing then that this Yaldabaoth from the Deep came forth, and seeing again that for him was no place given except the world beyond beginning; I saw the moving of some more artful hand than any before could fair discern.

10  Of whom then should I some greater counsel seek if not you Most Holy? For you, alone, from the First World came, being of yourself the greatest God of All; before whom countless eternities without fail must move.

11  Come, Most Sovereign Lord, and from your wisdom some counsel give, for in your word alone shall I find revealed the hidden pathways of your will;

12  That by such a means as you would place into my keeping, I might set forth the whole of your design; to increase forever the kingdoms of the greater Light.

13  Only let not Shaemdiel be lost to me, for I perceive that of your designs he has no knowledge given, but has set hard his soul against the counsel of Elohim;

14  And would, by some dark and cunning means, change forever the ways of Hodos Alea; which way you did establish from the very beginning to make secure the way of exaltation, lest that which is folly make less of it.

15  Thus did Yaldabaoth, being himself blind and filled with Chaos, make also blind the Son of the Morning Light; to place in him the heart of anarchy, having his vision obscured through cunning deceit.

16  Where then shall I find room for Shaemdiel, seeing that by his several contentions he has made himself unsuited for the heavenly abode?

17  For in the hearts of the very chosen has he raised up a great many consternations, to disturb already the councils of the Teraphim through diverse disputations.

18  Evensomuch that among the ministering angels of Paradise have many laid claim against the kingdom of God, thinking themselves cheated of some greater glory because of the ways of Hodos Alea.

19  By what means, therefore, would you have set in order again the kingdoms of the greater Light, seeing that by your hand alone was Yaldabaoth drawn forth from the Abyss and in the world of the First Power did make place for him?”

20  Such are the words which the Father spoke and, when he was concluded, there arose before him a deepening mist filled with exceeding wonders; and in the mist was there clearly seen a swirling and turning veil of shimmering light whose bright beauty the tongues of angels could scarce describe.

21  And The One spoke from the light, saying: “Have you not considered, my Son, how that between me and the highest councils of Heaven there is found a barrier which is greater than any other?

22  See then, how that by some deep design, I have drawn you forth unto me; that by your coming there might exist some communion between that which is great and that which is greater still.

23  For I, alone, am The One which is greatest above all else, being before all Gods the First and Most Sovereign Lord of All;

24  Having established in the depths of my own bosom the countless turnings of eternity, in whose hands the course of all heavenly things must forever move.

25  Behold, how the pathways of endless ages around the throne must ever move, causing all that is past, and all that is present, and all that is future to give obeisance unto me.

26  For I, alone, am Eternal One, above whom there is no greater found; yet in that beginning beyond all beginnings have I a memory recollected.

27  Thus it was that in a time beyond all your yesterdays was there found neither God nor Goddess but Man only; and in the world of the First Creation was he brought forth in darkness, knowing only what the senses of the body would permit.

28  Among the spirit children of many Gods is this word not given, have you yourself not also heard: how that God was once a man, to evolve himself from less to greater?

29  So it was that in a time before forever, even I, as a man on the First World did dwell; being the first to make for himself a living soul which the darkening shade had no power to touch or put out again.

30  But still did all of man in the First World perish long ago, being consumed by a multitude of folly; yet notwithstanding these things, in such a memory as I have found have all which died come alive in me again.

31  Yet in that beginning beyond beginning did First Man dwindle away into death because of foolishness, for although his knowledge was great and ever reaching, yet of wisdom did he possess but little.

32  For of wisdom was First Man unable to lay hold seeing that unto him was no knowledge given of good or evil, being in himself uncreated of God, being without soul and having no means of bringing it forth.

33  But seeing now that in the mind of The One, First Man is made to come alive again, I have resolved to set forth the means whereby all who are willing might fashion unto themselves a living soul.

34  Thus shall I redeem First Man from the folly of all his ways, to rescue him from endless death; that from the world of the First Power might many come forth unhindered into the presence of The One.

35  Consider deeply then the mystery within, for if I reach back to redeem First Man, to make in many a living soul; how great then shall the kingdom of God become, seeing that in the beginning from one only, came forth the fullness of Heaven’s glory?

36  Who then will call small and trifling the dominions of this greater Light, seeing that unto Kolob will be given a multitude of suns beyond counting, which suns shall shine from eternity to eternity in unending power and glory?

37  For this cause did I bring forth Yaldabaoth from the womb of eternal night, knowing already that in the creations of God there would be found for him neither room nor place.

38  And unto the world of the First Power did I send him forth, that being deceived in the midst of some great vanity, he might set forth a new beginning of my own design.

39  Yet if Yaldabaoth be sent unto the world of the First Power, shall I not send also from the heavenly abode, one to watch over him; to make secure the hope of immortality?

40  For it is expedient that Yaldabaoth fulfill the purpose of his dark design, to bring before the world of First Man the terror of some evil thing.

41  But who among Heaven’s glory will also go forth to mete, with measured hand, good for evil, and hope for despair: Who, by some divine contemplation, might make possible the coming forth of the soul in First Man, and thereby prepare the way to some greater glory?

42  Thus in the coming forth of both good and evil there shall spring up in the mind of man the sounding echo of something deeper still, which as an epiphenomenon in the heart of man will cause that many should seek after spiritual things.

43  For even as a child is given shape and life through the coming together of opposites, being in the man and the woman bound, even so is the soul of man given shape and life also by the coming together of good and evil.

44  And as a child drawn freshly from the womb is made to live and breathe in the midst of great travail, so in like manner is the soul of man drawn forth from the midst of adversity.

45  And though the soul of man in its beginning prove weak and frail, yet shall I set forth the way wherein the soul, in strength, might grow, that I might draw it forth unto me.

46  Who then shall I send unto the world of the First Power to set forth the whole of my design, to make way for the coming of the soul of man, and to increase forever the glory of Heaven?”

47  So spoke The One unto the Father, and Ahman, with ready heart, gave swift reply, saying: “Most Sovereign Lord, Great and Holy: If it be acceptable in your eyes, grant that even I might go forth unto the world of the First Power;

48  That I might take into my keeping the fullness of your design; for I shall set before the mind of man the good and the evil, that by some greater mystery, he a soul might make.

49  Yet tell me only by what means shall I restrain the hand of Yaldabaoth; to exercise upon him some subtle influence seeing that he is separated and apart from the creations of God?

50  Now, Most Sovereign Lord, seeing that Shaemdiel is made unsuited for the Celestial Kingdom, would it not prove expedient to send him also unto the world of the First Power;

51  That, perchance, there might be established between the Lord of Light and the Lord of Darkness the means of some communion, that by my subtle influence upon Shaemdiel I might refrain Yaldabaoth from consuming the whole of man through his dark designs?”

52  And The One answered again from the light, saying: “Well is it said of you, my Son, that you are the knower of hidden things, revealing through some delicate word the depth of your great wisdom.

53  Hear now the whole of my intent, for it was by my design that Yaldabaoth did leap forth out of the womb of Darkness, and seeing the lights which God had made shining in the far away, caused that he should go and see for himself the glories which I set forth.

54  And seeing that he had no power to set at naught the dominions and glories of the greater and lesser lights, he sat himself down beside the Chasm made deep and wide and there brooded darkly.

55  And as he sat, I did move upon the mind of Shaemdiel to draw him forth across the Chasm; and as he drew near unto the worlds of Olaha Shinehah he heard and saw for himself the presence of something dark and dreadful.

56  Thus have I, by some deeper wisdom, prepared the way whereby you might draw forth into eternal life the soul of man; to exercise over Yaldabaoth the shadow of my design.

57  For in the casting down of Shaemdiel will Yaldabaoth greatly rejoice; supposing as he might that he has made weaker still the dominions of God.

58  For this Yaldabaoth has darkness made all blind within, being ever puffed up and filled with cunning deceit, evensomuch that he can see no power greater than himself.

59  Thus have I, in cleverness, established the means whereby you might, with subtlety, exercise some good over Yaldabaoth, lest he stretch forth his hand to destroy forever the hope of every man.

60  For if it so be that he shall take hold of Shaemdiel, to submit him unto some darker power, then shall he be made subject also unto the powers of the greater Light.

61  Only fear not the losing of Shaemdiel unto evil, for unto you is it given to lay forth the foundation of still some greater redemption, whereby he might ascend again unto the bosom of his Beloved.”

62  So spoke The One, and when all things were completed, then did the Father go swiftly again unto Jeruel, being refreshed and in wisdom guarded round about.