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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 2

Shaemdiel is troubled – Beauty of Heaven described – The anguish of Shaemdiel – Gathering of the Teraphim in the city of Mitanni – Teraphim of Adorea also gather – The words of Doriel of Ramnios – The words of Zerrah of Adorea – The words of Lorriel – Taking sides


1  There midst the shining brightness of Heaven’s glory flew Shaemdiel, Son of the Morning Light, whose heart was made all anxious and filled with trouble by the cunning words of Yaldabaoth.

2  In fevered haste did Shaemdiel go ever seeking, for he would examine for himself with eyes made strange and dim through cunning deceit the rapturous glory of the kingdoms of the greater Light.

3  Now in the kingdoms of celestial glory did the light of the Kokobeam shine out into the immensity of space; for in the kingdom of God’s glory were there but seven suns possessing great power and beauty.

4  And there was chief among them, the sun called Xanathea, whose blue brightness and majesty did fill the heart of God with wonder exceeding.

5  Now unto each sun of the greater Light were there given but three worlds of celestial splendor; and upon each of these were there caused to dwell in perfect harmony seven cities wherein the Lords and Gods of Elohim made forever their abode.

6  And prince above all worlds celestial moved Jeruel, being dressed round about in holiness exceeding; and there alone did the Father and Mother of All reside; and of all the cities which God alone had made was there none to equal Salem of Merigoth.

7  Behold then the beauty and wonder of Salem, whose very foundation the celestial world was unworthy to touch, having been established forever in the airs above; being trimmed on every side midst clouds of heavenly light, whose brightness and glory as a sun did shine upon all the lands of Jeruel.

8  Now above the world of Jeruel did there shine forth in the night airs above, a moon of most exquisite comeliness, even the Eden world of Paradise which moved throughout the regions of the Keep.

9  And upon this world was there established forever the twelve cities of the ministering angels, and with them also dwelt the Cherubic hosts of Heaven.

10  Yet for all that was glorious in the kingdoms of the greater Light did Shaemdiel begin to sorrow; for when he pondered the wonders of the celestial worlds to compare them with the lesser light, he found their greatness and dominion wanting.

11  Then came Shaemdiel unto the Paradise of God being distressed and heavy burdened; for when he beheld the numberless concourses of spirits which moved in innocence before the throne of God, he wept in his soul, saying:

12  “Behold, how numerous and beyond counting the children of God have become, and yet from so great a multitude are there but few who will take to themselves the greatest glory of all.”

13  And lifting his voice in a mighty shout, Shaemdiel caused to be gathered unto him the Teraphim out of every city save a few; and unto the city of Mitanni, on the plains of Kuristan did they gather from afar.

14  And he spoke unto them all the words of Yaldabaoth, and of his darkness and power were they made all aware; and all which heard were filled with great tremblings, and distress caused the souls of many to quake within.

15  For there came forth from the mouth of Shaemdiel a shadow which would make as something small the wonders and glories of eternity; and over all the lands and cities of Paradise did the dimness pass unhindered.

16  But in the city of Adorea, in the land of Lycia, did the council of the Teraphim gather, being made after the Order of the House of Mithron.

17  And there was gathered in solemn array the Cherubic hosts and there ruled among them Shadiel, and there also gathered there a remnant of the Teraphim, and there presided among them Doriel and Lorriel, being made husband and wife forever.

18  And there was joined with them also a great many ministering angels, and there was chief among them Ayrimee and Lydia, and with them was there counted many which were foremost among the children of God.

19  Now there stood before the whole assembly, Doriel of Ramnios, and he spoke unto the council concerning the troublings of Shaemdiel, saying:

20  “You beloved of the Lord give ear and to all my words attend, for you know how there has intruded throughout the Paradise of God, a dark and deepening mist of gloom which would make uncertain the hearts of many righteous.

21  For the words of Shaemdiel have made to appear as small and trifling the glory and power of the greater Light;

22  And they which are of the brethren, whether male or female, has obscurity troubled deep within, evensomuch that the path of glory can they no longer see, neither can they see the rightness of the way before them.

23  What then shall we of the council do for the sake of our brethren who are made to labor with us on behalf of many spirits, which spirits have yet to enter into the Way?

24  By what power shall we turn aside the words of Shaemdiel, seeing that he is greater than the whole of us?

25  Who is there among us who can lift again the hope of glory; and by some weighty word of counsel restore again the joy and peace of Eden World?

26  For except we act wisely, then shall the darkening gloom reach out into the Keep to disturb the very children of God over whom we are all made accountable.”

27  Now when Doriel said these things there stood up to speak, from among the ministering angels, a certain man whose name was Zerrah of Adorea; and he spoke, saying:

28  “My brethren, for what just cause would we hope to withstand the words of Shaemdiel, seeing that he is an Arch-Angel of the Most High God, and that into his keeping are given the very fires of Kolob?

29  Why should our hearts be made to tremble because of him? Has he not argued well concerning the spirit children of God?

30  For he would establish yet some nobler way whereby all spirits might take to themselves the greatest glory of all.

31  How then will you say that there is a darkness upon the land; why will you call into doubt the one whom God has set as Chief Archon of the heavenly hosts?

32  Consider then that Shaemdiel does but speak the mind of God in this thing, and that such a gloom as we but see is yet the dawn to still some greater light.”

33  Now at these words did the whole council grow silent and filled with stillness, for every man and every woman did consider deeply the words of Zerrah of Adorea.

34  And there spoke out from the stillness the sweet and tender voice of Lorriel, and all eyes turned to look upon her; for of her goodness and wisdom were all aware, and of her beauty did the Cherubim sing.

35  And she spoke unto the whole house, saying: “Good brethren, let us resolve with all expedience to act wisely and not in haste, lest we behave unseemly in this thing.

36  For of Shaemdiel are we all made aware concerning his greatness and power; for his words, like arrows, have pierced to the heart the listening ear; and his voice, like thunder, has shaken already a great many who, but for our actions, like leaves would surely fall.

37  For this I tell you with all certainty, that among those gathered here is there none found worthy to reason with him, seeing that among the Eloheim he is preferred above many others.

38  But against the words of Zerrah let us reason altogether; for into the hands of Shaemdiel is the Keep not given, nor by his power is this Eden World made to move round about the throne of God.

39  Who shall say then that the words of Shaemdiel are come from God, seeing that over Paradise he is given neither power nor authority?

40  It is for this cause that the words of Shaemdiel have cast a shadow of dimness across the land; for I tell you truly, that by his words will no great dawn come, but darkness and perplexity only.

41  For the pathway to yonder glory has some greater power established for our sake alone; that by our faithfulness unto God we might pass unhindered unto the greatest glory of all.

42  Thus by the world of the First Power have the foundations of glory been made all secure; that of all the spirits which are come from the heart of God is it decreed that not even one should be lost or vanished away.

43  Who then will say again that Shaemdiel has but spoken to us the mind and will of Eloheim; for which of us have heard for ourselves the speaking of the Tael concerning the glories of the greater Light?

44  For you know yourselves that by the speaking of the Tael is the power given, and whosoever would hear the singing thereof, unto them is it given to make real the dreams and longings of the willing heart.

45  Unto what power, therefore, is it given to make known unto us the mind and will of Eloheim regarding these things?

46  Only he whom the First Power has made both Lord and Prince of the Seven Steps, being Protector of the Keep; for so have the Lords and Gods of Eloheim declared in the speaking of the Tael.

47  Now let us act wisely regarding the troubled musings of Shaemdiel, lest darkness and uncertainty make corrupt the very Paradise of God.

48  Let us withstand with boldness the dimness with which Yaldabaoth would afflict us from afar, and to the kingdom of God put forth our petition.”

49  So spoke Lorriel, and they which were of the council agreed altogether to make known their appeal unto the House of Mithron, which House resided forever in the kingdom of God on Jeruel.

50  But on the plains of Kuristan, in the city of Mitanni did the Son of the Morning Light speak with power unto the Teraphim, and of the ministering angels there were many deceived.

51  And there fell upon the cities of Mitanni and Ramnios, Elseli and Gimmel a darkening mist of gloom; and throughout the Eden world of Paradise did many grow disconcerted.