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Salem / Salem of Merigoth


Pronunciation:  SAY-luhm  [of]  MEYR-ih-gahth

Occurrences:  Salem - 13        Salem of Merigoth - 13         Merigoth - 2     

First Reference:  Beginnings 28:31


On the seventh day after Abraham was circumcised before the Lord, there came unto the grove of Mamre, Abiel of Salem, and he was clothed in white raiment and there was upon his countenance the power of endless lives.



See:  Abiel, Archons (Temple of), Elohim, Jeruel, Merigoth, Valhaladea (Temple of)


Summary:  Salem of Merigoth is the premier city of the celestial realms of the Elohim. Located on the chief planet of Jeruel, Salem was created by Galendriel, the Supreme and Sovereign Mother of Elohim, as a gift to her Beloved husband after they were appointed as co-Ahmans of the Council (AZC — Galendriel). The city of Salem floats in the sky (E:2:7), and serves as the dwelling place of the Elohim’s most glorified citizens. Both the Temple of the Archons and the Temple of Valhaladea are located in the city of Salem (1:1:19). When the Houses and Quorums of Elohim convene, or when the presiding members of the Elohim gather, such events take place in Salem of Merigoth (1:8:1; 5:5:1; 6:10:34).


As a note of interest: Ahman and Galendriel were first sealed to their exaltation during a mortal life in which they served as king and queen of a city-state called ‘Salem’, on the mortal world of Acqualia (AZC — Melchizedek).






Abraham is visited by the angel Abdiel, from the celestial city of Salem        B:28:31-90


“Prince of Salem”  —  refers to Shaemdiel (Lucifer), former Chief Archon of the Council of Elohim (E:10:33; 1:8:24)


“King of Salem”  —  refers to Ahman, who is also referred to as Noeiel or Melchizedek  (B:29:36; E:5:3)


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And prince above all worlds celestial moved Jeruel, being dressed round about in holiness exceeding; and there alone did the Father and Mother of All reside; and of all the cities which God alone had made was there none to equal Salem of Merigoth.

Behold then the beauty and wonder of Salem, whose very foundation the celestial world was unworthy to touch, having been established forever in the airs above; being trimmed on every side midst clouds of heavenly light, whose brightness and glory as a sun did shine upon all the lands of Jeruel.

Enlightenment 2:6-7


Now Abraham went and bowed himself down before the King of Salem, and Melchizedek spoke unto him, saying: “Greetings to you, Abraham. Peace and blessing be upon your house forever.

Beginnings 29:36


But in the kingdom of God did there gather unto Salem of Merigoth, the Council of Elohim from all Jeruel, and unto that exalted council were gathered also from all the celestial worlds of Kolob the quorums of Korimash, Terrigai, Lorridoth, Borgolie, Marridon, Yoshliheim, Sarrijah, Xandori, Vangeleia, Shemhora, Shimbeth, and Kimjaroo.

And the quorums which gathered were great in number, and filling up the whole city, there spilled out unto the plains below Salem, and in the airs above the plain and in the heavens above the city the very Lords and Gods of Kolob, each according to their house and order.

For even unto the beautiful city would the heavens gather from afar to hear for themselves the words which Ahman would speak unto them; for of Shaemdiel and the Demiurge were all made aware.

1st Endowment 8:1-3


And there was placed in the center court of Salem of Merigoth, between the temples of Valhaladea and the Archons, a memorial to those which fell from among the Elohim in standing beside the Azraella and his Daughter in the battles of Gilliahmas and Soli-Endi-Muhat.

6th Endowment 13:44