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Pronunciation:  mehl-KHIZ-eh-dehk

Occurrences:  5

First Reference:  Beginnings 29:35


And when the sun arose, he went out from his tent and he saw sitting beneath the terebinth trees Melchizedek, even he who is High Priest forever after the order of Elohim.



See:  Ahman, Elohim, Galendriel, Jeruel, Noeiel


Summary:  Melchizedek is the physical and immortal manifestation of Ahman (Noeiel), the Beloved of Galendriel and presiding Heavenly Father of the Celestial Council of Elohim. Whenever Ahman communes with a mortal who is chosen to do the works of God, he uses the same physical tabernacle with which, long ago, he first achieved his exaltation in the kingdom of God. It can be assumed that as a result of his holiness while living his life as Melchizedek, he was translated from a mortal state to an eternal state, allowing him to return to God before experiencing physical death. As a result of this achievement, Noeiel (Ahman) has access to the immortalized tabernacle of Melchizedek. For example, Ahman used the immortal tabernacle of Melchizedek when he came to visit Abraham beneath the terebinth trees (B:29:32-40).


As a curious note: When Ahman went seeking The One in the realms of El Jor El, The One refers to him as “Melchizedek” (E:5:3).



Azrael’s Commentary - Melchizedek


The physical and immortal manifestation of Ahman whenever he chooses to walk into the mortal life of any individual who is chosen to do the works of God. But why does Ahman choose to come in the guise of Melchizedek?


A very long time ago, on a mortal world called Acqualia, there was a man called Melchizedek who was the king of a city state called Salem. But his love for God and spiritual things was so great, that he set aside his crown to become a humble teacher of the holy mysteries. The wife of the king could not bear to be without her husband, for she loved him greatly. So when the king announced that he was abdicating his throne, his wife gave up her royal life-style and went to be with him.


Every day, this man who once was king would sit in the market place beside his wife, and he would teach the children of God; and together with his wife they would comfort the poor and the sick. The once royal couple became so beloved by the people of the city, that they were given the status of saints.


It was in that life that Melchizedek and his wife were first sealed to their exaltation in the kingdom of God. And throughout the rolling forth of several eternities, Melchizedek and his Beloved continued to progress together; going from one glory to another glory, until they were elected to become the Ahman of the Council of Elohim.


And so, anytime Ahman desires to walk beside his chosen ones, he enters the guise of that tabernacle wherein he achieved his first exaltation in the kingdom of God.



Azrael’s Commentary - Transfiguration and Translation


To be transfigured means to change the form or appearance of an individual from a mortal state to an immortal state. The process of transfiguration causes feelings of euphoria and supreme harmony, expunging from a person’s mind, all fears, worries and uncertainties which occur due to the stress of living the mortal life. This state of bliss and calm certainty is always temporary, and happens only when celestial beings present themselves for the purpose of instructing one concerning the designs and purposes of God. The process of transfiguration begins prior to the appearance of celestial beings. This can be verified by reading Yeshua 19:3-4. In this account, Yeshua is transfigured before his apostles on Mount Tabor, prior to the advent of Moses and Elijah.


Being translated is much different than being transfigured. To be translated means that a mortal person is returned to God without first tasting death. And while this is rare, it does happen. Whenever a person follows God to such an extent that they become holy, having endured the trials and tribulations of life with masterful good grace, the veil of mortality begins to unravel itself from around them. And the person, being unhindered by doubt, simply steps through the veil into the presence of God and the Elohim who are gathered there to receive them.





And The One spoke unto the Father, saying: “Greetings great Melchizedek, King of Salem, Lord and Ahman of Jeruel: For what just cause have you come seeking?”

Enlightenment 5:3


But at the left of Ahman did there also gather seven Arch-Angels of the heavenly hosts, being themselves made rulers of the House of Archons; and there was foremost among them, Michael, Fairest Son of Ashengaard, being made Chief Magistrate after the Order of Melchizedek.

Enlightenment 8:28


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[...] “The priesthood of God has nothing to do with the Melchizedek or Aaronic Priesthood of the church. These priesthoods involve more wishful thinking than actual substance. The true priesthood of God is Patriarchal or Matriarchal in nature and they derive their power from your Heavenly Parents. There is no other priesthood. Priesthood is about family – not church!” [...]

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