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Pronunciation:  AH-m'n

Occurrences: 25 (title)   80 (name)

First Reference:  Beginnings 2:18


[Lucifer (Shaemdiel) speaking to Cain]

“Consider, Cain, how you are like unto me. For my Father, even Ahman, did prefer Michael over me. Consider, therefore, how my Father scorned me for the sake of my younger brother, and how your father also has scorned you for Abel’s sake.”



See:  Celestial Kingdom, Councils of Light, Elohim, Galendriel, God, Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother, King of Heaven, Melchizedek, Noeiel


Summary:  The term “Ahman” is a title used to designate the presiding Heavenly Father and/or Heavenly Mother of any one of the Seven Councils of Light that comprise the Celestial Kingdom of Heaven. However, in the Song of God, the term “Ahman” is used predominantly to designate the presiding Heavenly Father of the Council of Elohim.


In the 5th Endowment, it is revealed that Ahman is also designated by the name “Noeiel” (5:13:39). When Ahman chooses to manifest himself to mortal individuals, he assumes the immortal yet physical guise of Melchizedek (B:29:35).


Ahman (Noeiel) is a son of the First God, Areta and The One (W:18:22; 1:2:10). He and his beloved wife Galendriel were appointed to serve as the King and Queen of the celestial realms of Elohim (1:1:25-27). Together, Ahman and Galendriel live on the planet Jeruel, and preside as the Sovereign Father and Mother of the Council of Elohim. As co-Ahmans, they are also members of the Council of the Seven Lights. Ahman and Galendriel serve as Heavenly Parents (in primarily a figurative sense, but not excluding literal instances) to all the ministering angels, Gods and Goddesses of Elohim, as well as all citizens of the Telestial and Terrestrial kingdoms (AZC — Ahman).


Ahman and Galendriel are often distinguished as the “Father and Mother of All.” A further explanation of the use and meaning of this phrase is provided in Azrael’s Commentary, included below.



Azrael’s Commentary — Ahman


More of a title than a name, in the Celestial Kingdom the title “Ahman” more accurately applies to both the presiding Heavenly Father and the presiding Heavenly Mother together. At the head of each of the Seven Councils of Light, there is appointed by election and ordination the Ahman of that particular council.


In the scriptures, the title of Ahman is used as a name to designate the presiding Heavenly Father of the Council of Elohim. This is done solely for the convenience of the reader of the scriptures. Heaven does not consider this a slight to the Heavenly Mother, and those who think it appropriate to be offended on behalf of the presiding Heavenly Mother are more likely to offend her than the author of the scriptures.


The title of Ahman is often used in conjunction with the phrase: “The Father of All”. But because the title of Ahman actually includes both a Heavenly Father and a Heavenly Mother, the word Ahman can also be used to refer to: “The Mother of All”.


In the phrase: “The Father of All”, the “All” refers to every Lord and God of Elohim, every ministering angel, cherub and seraph of the Celestial Kingdom. The phrase also includes all those children of God who have chosen to dwell in the Telestial and Terrestrial Kingdoms created by the Elohim.



Azrael’s Commentary — Melchizedek


The physical and immortal manifestation of Ahman whenever he chooses to walk into the mortal life of any individual who is chosen to do the works of God. But why does Ahman choose to come in the guise of Melchizedek?


A very long time ago, on a mortal world called Acqualia, there was a man called Melchizedek who was the king of a city state called Salem. But his love for God and spiritual things was so great, that he set aside his crown to become a humble teacher of the holy mysteries. The wife of the king could not bear to be without her husband, for she loved him greatly. So when the king announced that he was abdicating his throne, his wife gave up her royal life-style and went to be with him.


Every day, this man who once was king would sit in the market place beside his wife, and he would teach the children of God; and together with his wife they would comfort the poor and the sick. The once royal couple became so beloved by the people of the city, that they were given the status of saints.


It was in that life that Melchizedek and his wife were first sealed to their exaltation in the kingdom of God. And throughout the rolling forth of several eternities, Melchizedek and his Beloved continued to progress together; going from one glory to another glory, until they were elected to become the Ahman of the Council of Elohim.  And so, anytime Ahman desires to walk beside his chosen ones, he enters the guise of that tabernacle wherein he achieved his first exaltation in the kingdom of God.


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Priesthood Ancestry     Wisdom 1:3


Matriarchal                                                          Patriarchal

    Areta — Supreme Mother of All                               The One — Supreme Father of All

         Galendriel — Mother Ahman of Elohim                      Noeiel (Ahman) — Father Ahman of Elohim

                 Sher-el — Chief Aretakai of Elohim                           Michael — Chief Archon of Elohim

                         Sophiel — Holy Spirit                                                Emmanuel — Emmanuelite


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Significant Events / Passages


Ahman pierces the veil, converses with The One
Enlightenment 5:1-62


Ahman communes with Azrael before the Council of Elohim; both report to The One concerning dispensations on the world of the First Power
1st Endowment 1:1:11—2:41  


Ahman addresses the Elohim prior to initiating the dispensations        
1st Endowment 8:5-20


Ahman addresses the Elohim concerning the appearance of the suns of Ashengaard
5th Endowment 5:1-13          


Ahman petitions the Ahgendai for assistance in stabilizing the dispensations; Ahgendai are adopted by the Elohim
6th Endowment 8:23-45              1st Endowment 3:13-14, 19-20            1st Endowment 8:52-56



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Alternate Titles Referring to Ahman / Noeiel



King of Heaven  (7)  

King of Salem  (2)   B:29:36    E:5:3

King of Peace and Righteousness  (2)   B:28:80     B:29:33

Father of All  (34)

Lord and Ahman of Jeruel  (1)   E:5:3

Most High / Most High God


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Quick Facts


•  Ahman (Noeiel) is a son of The One; chosen by The One to be Ahman of the Council of Elohim

Wisdom 18:22          1st Endowment 2:10


•  Ahman is the father of the seven presiding Arch-Angels of Elohim, including Shaemdiel

Beginnings 2:18               Wisdom 16:43           5th Endowment 5:48


•  Ahman & Galendriel are the parents of Michael & Sher-el, grandparents of Emmanuel & Sophiel

Wisdom 1:3              Beginnings 24:8-10, 38, 65


•  Ahman & Galendriel preside over the Council of Elohim, the oldest of the Seven Councils of Light         Wisdom 24:14-15         5th Endowment 13:39           6th Endowment 3:16


•  Ahman and Galendriel reside on a celestial world called Jeruel

Beginnings 28:85         Enlightenment 2:6


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Ahmans of the Seven Councils of Light        5th Endowment 13:38-39













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Significant Passages


7 Surely our God, even Ahman, is great and holy, for no unclean thing can come before him. Yet he has proclaimed aloud, saying: ‘Behold, I delight in mercy and in the forgiveness of sins do I rejoice. Therefore, stand forth and answer: What sin can separate you from me?

8 Give heed unto me, all you children of men. What sin can hide you as with a covering, that my Spirit should not find you? Where shall you go to flee from my presence, that I should not restore you again?

9 If you should ascend above the mountains of the earth, behold, I am there. If you should dwell in the depths of the sea, behold, I am there. If you should mount the wind as an eagle to dwell above the stars, behold, even there shall you find me.

10 And I shall stretch forth my hand to guide you, by the strength of my power will I bear you up. For I will rescue you from evil, that I might establish you for my glory, even among many great and noble.

11 Behold, I am Ahman. Man of holiness is my name. Therefore, hear and understand; for unto the earth have the spirit children of God been sent; into the furnace of affliction have they gone, that they might know with full understanding what is good and what is evil.

12 For I shall prove them herewith; their hearts will I search to sift out from among all the children of men, all who shall walk uprightly before me. These shall I purify as fine gold; I shall purge them of all uncleanliness as if by fire.

13 Behold, I am God, and my glory is a consuming fire. Therefore, unto all those who shall endure to come again unto me will I give eternal life, even worlds without end, for they shall be Gods.’

Wisdom 18:7-13


Thus is it appointed unto me to preside among our brethren whereby I might hear such counsel as they would give, and in the time appointed do I decide the way to go.

And not this only, for as I am appointed to preside among our brethren, even so does my Beloved preside most equally beside me; to preside herself among the women of Elohim, listening with careful heart to such words as they would speak. And in the times appointed does she likewise decide the way to go.

And being ourselves decided, both Husband and Wife, Father and Mother, then do we converse alone among ourselves; to place in each the other the hand of confidence and agreement whereby we might act as one for the sake of all.

Being careful among ourselves to presume no privilege or advantage above our brethren; but choosing well the best course wherein the Elohim might be themselves benefited by the things we do.

5th Endowment 5:50-53





Ahman (title)


Occurrences:  25 (?)  (Ahman / Ahmans / the Ahman / as Ahman)
First Reference:
 Enlightenment 5:3


And The One spoke unto the Father, saying: “Greetings great Melchizedek, King of Salem, Lord and Ahman of Jeruel: For what just cause have you come seeking?”




Ahman (name)


Occurrences:  Ahman - 80 (?)   

First Reference:  Beginnings 2:18


[Lucifer (Shaemdiel) speaking to Cain]

“Consider, Cain, how you are like unto me. For my Father, even Ahman, did prefer Michael over me. Consider, therefore, how my Father scorned me for the sake of my younger brother, and how your father also has scorned you for Abel’s sake.”




Noeiel (name)


Pronunciation:  NO-ai-ehl

Occurrences:  1


…and from the Council of Elohim presided Noeiel and Galendriel.

5th Endowment 13:39




Melchizedek (name)


Occurrences:  5

First Reference:  Beginnings 29:35


And when the sun arose, he went out from his tent and he saw sitting beneath the terebinth trees Melchizedek, even he who is High Priest forever after the order of Elohim.




Father/Mother of All


Occurrences:  Father of All - 34    Mother of All - 11

First Reference:  Beginnings 1:27


For in the day appointed did God determine to place within the heart of man the spirit children of many great and mighty, that the sons and daughters of man should no longer be as the beasts of the field, for he has declared the decree whereby all who are willing might become the sons and daughters of God, the Father of All.

Ahgi Wynnaki
Presiding co-Ahmans
Primary Sun
Primary Planet
Xanathea  (E:2:4)
Jeruel  (E:2:6)