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Seven Lights (Council of)


Occurrences:  1   (Commentary — 3)

First Reference:  5th Endowment 17:36


And there flowed from out of the Ahmans a kind and warm regard, to lay before the Azraella an invitation that he might return with them to the Council of the Seven Lights whereby the Azraella might be honored midst deep and solemn thanksgiving.



See:  Celestial Kingdom, Councils of Light, God, Heaven, Ker-El-Shamudef


Summary:  The Celestial Kingdom is comprised of seven Councils of Light. After Yaldabaoth’s first assault against Heaven, presiding members of the Seven Councils determined it was necessary to create a single governing body which could more efficiently work and communicate with the Azraella Ahgendai. Thus was formed the Council of the Seven Lights.


This Council is mentioned only once in scripture (5:17:36). It is perhaps at this gathering that The One and Areta organized the supreme council and its mandates.



Azrael's Commentary - Seven Councils of Light (excerpt)


[...] No one lives on Ker-El-Shamudef, it is merely a gathering place for the supreme governing body of all the realms of Heaven. This elite council is known as the Council of the Seven Lights, and convenes only on two occasions: 1) at the behest of The One and Areta, 2) at the Nexus of a new eternity. These gatherings always take place on Ker-El-Shamudef. As a general rule, only those whose glory is that of the Archon or greater are permitted to attend any of the sessions of the supreme council. But on rare occasions, all members of the seven celestial councils may be invited to witness something truly exceptional.


There are 115 permanent members on the Council of the Seven Lights. These members are the Ahmans of each council, plus the seven Chief Archons, both Patriarchal and Matriarchal, of each council. The Seraphim elect only one member to represent all the tribes of the Seraphim on the Council of Seven Lights. Over this sublime quorum presides The One and Areta. What is interesting is the fact that the Ahgendai are not permanent members of this council, but are instead permanent members of an even more exclusive council known as the Council of The One. This council consists of eleven members: The One, Areta, the Azraella and his Daughter, plus the seven Azurgai.


Prior to the [First War] in Heaven, there was no single supreme governing body called the Council of the Seven Lights. With the rebellion of Shaemdiel and the battle between Yaldabaoth and the Azraella, in which the Ahman Dahmiel was made a casualty, the kingdoms of celestial glory saw a need for a single governing body which could respond as one in dealing with the dark Savior known as the Azraella. Instead of the Ahgendai having to deal with seven separate councils, there was now one which could decide things for all councils at once. It was The One and Areta which assembled the first supreme council and defined for them their mandate: at the approach of war, whatever the Azraella shall command for the defense of the heavenly realms, this shall the Seven Councils of Light strive with all diligence to do.





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