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Pronunciation:  yal-DAW-bay-oth

Occurrences:  427

First Reference:  Yeshua 52:35


Causing that those which were appointed to receive might hold in trust for future ages the mysteries of Azraella; when the sons and daughters of light and glory did fiercely war against the Chief Demiurgos, even Yaldabaoth; shaking through most fearsome battles, the very gates of Heaven.



See:  Antipode, Chief Demiurgos, Demiurge


Other Designations:  Antipode, Chaos, Dark Dominion, Darkness, Dread Lord, Evil (Father of), Father of Chaos, Lord of Chaos, Lord of Darkness, Lord of Doom, Nemesis, Self-Created One, Terror


Summary:  Yaldabaoth exists as the ultimate enemy of God and virtue. Referred to as the “Lord of Chaos” and the “Father of Evil”, Yaldabaoth is the Antipode of light and goodness, and the Nemesis of God and Heaven. As Chief of the Demiurgos, Yaldabaoth rules supreme over a host of lesser emanations, the foremost being his first son, Jehovah-Yahweh.


The Antipode (later recognized as Yaldabaoth) was brought forth by the First God, Areta and The One, as part of a multi-faceted plan to protect Heaven against the dangers of mediocrity and create a new pathway to greater glory (1:5:1-37).


In accordance with The One’s plan, another power was brought forth to serve as an opposing counter-balance to the Antipode. This power is referred to as the Ahgendai, and is currently represented by both masculine and feminine aspects known respectively as the Azraella Ahgendai and Mahaleenah Kai-Lucia. The Ahgendai — meaning the “dread saviors of Heaven” — exist to protect the kingdoms of God from the dangers posed by Yaldabaoth and the Demiurge. It was The One’s intent that Heaven be kept vibrant and refreshed through the clash of these two opposing forces, as represented by the Ahgendai and the Antipode (5:16:13-14).


The Antipode gave himself the name “Yaldabaoth” while dwelling in the depths of the Abyss under the harsh tutelage of the Eidos. After escaping from the Abyss — a development anticipated by The One — Yaldabaoth has since waged two wars against the Kingdoms of Heaven (see First War; Second War). It was during the First War that both Yaldabaoth and the Ahgendai were introduced to the kingdoms of God. Never before had the citizens of Heaven seen or experienced anything like the dark and destructive powers of Yaldabaoth. Even the most powerful of Celestial citizens proved ineffective against the Lord of Doom. While the Ahgendai ultimately prevented the Demiurge from achieving mass destruction, Heaven suffered tragic losses in both wars (5:16:42-70; 5:17:1-34; 6:12:22; 6:13:44-45).


Following his inaugural attack against Heaven, Yaldabaoth created the first of ten sons, to whom he gave the name Jehovah-Yahweh, which in the language of the Demiurge means, “Great Pretender and Blasphemer” (5:17:51-66; 1:6:13-22; 5:17:51-65). This first emanation, this “brutal bastard” of Yaldabaoth’s likeness, was the first of many dark emanations to arise from the mind of Yaldabaoth.


Prior to leaving the realms of Heaven after his first attack, Yaldabaoth managed to influence Shaemdiel, the Chief Archon of Elohim. Being subtly drawn to Yaldabaoth by the designs of The One, Shaemdiel conversed with the Demiurge and went on to rebel against the Elohim. After initiating a violent insurrection, Shaemdiel and a portion of his lineage was expelled from Heaven to give service to Yaldabaoth. Shaemdiel was later given the name “Lucifer” by Jehovah-Yahweh.


After his exchange with Shaemdiel, Yaldabaoth and Jehovah-Yahweh were guided far away from the realms of Heaven, to dwell in a cosmos not made by God (6:1:31-32; 2:12:15). Traveling through space and time to the far distant past, the Demiurge came to dwell in this cosmos, the cosmos of the First Creation. Upon his arrival, Yaldabaoth set about establishing his dominion over the Eidos. He also came to discover this world (Earth) — the world of the First Power (1:4:28-29; 1:6:23-44; E:1:48-60; E:5:6-9; 1:7:1-44; 6:1:31-32, 43-44). It is here, in the world of God’s beginning, that Yaldabaoth hopes to find the birthseed of First God and corrupt him, thereby subverting the kingdoms of Heaven (1:4:35; 1:8:13-15,19; 6:3:12d; 6:5:54-64; 6:6:14-17).


The relationship between Yaldabaoth and the Ahgendai resembles opponents engaged in the game of chess, each anticipating the other’s move, acting and reacting in an eternal dance of war and struggle (5:14:38-45). In spite of the very real dangers posed by the Demiurge, The One and the Azraella provide the assurance that light and love will ultimately prove victorious over the dark and evil designs of Yaldabaoth (1:4:41; 1:5:29, 5:14:38; 6:6:45).



Birth of the Antipode

1:5:1-37          5:1:1-67           5:2:1-70          5:4:1-43            5:5:78-79           5:6:1-17   


Yaldabaoth began as what is referred to as the Antipode. The Antipode originated from the remnant of anger and hate born in the heart and mind of The One when he lived as Kronus on the world of First Man (1:5:8-19; 5:2:34-64). Having carried the dark emotion for countless eternities, The One conceived a plan that would not only create a new pinnacle of glory and exaltation, it would also serve to rescue him from his ancient hatred and concurrently save the Heavens from the threat of mediocrity. To accomplish these aims, Areta and The One agreed to merge themselves into a state of supreme oneness. This unprecedented event caused the shade of hate and darkness to be forced out of The One by reason of the pure light and virtue of Areta (5:6:1-10). The One and Areta had pre-determined that this Antipode, this small seed of hate and darkness, be strengthened and empowered to become a perfect opposite of The One and a true Nemesis of God and Heaven (1:5:16-29).


3. Thus would the love of Areta purge away the darker shade, to remove from her Beloved the dross of ancient hate and bitter rage; and opening wide her endless depths, she entered into the body of The One; forging into a single wholeness, the bodies and souls of each the other.

4. Causing that The One and Areta should blaze together as a great and blinding light, having within themselves together the shining of still some other light.

5. For the outward light which burned most brightly was the sum of all their virtues blended, being itself the holiest of all things Holy; while the Light which turned within the greater light was the fire of sexual passion filled with a loving and joyful heart made full with eager lusting.

6. And entering in, there fell out of The One, the Antipode of light and virtue; being itself as something weak and nearly helpless; being itself also the seed of that great and dreadful power which would rage forever against the Gods, to keep them strong and filled with vigor.

5th Endowment 6:3-6



Intended Purpose and Nature of the Antipode

1:5:1-37          1:8:13-19           1:12:1-19            5:6:7-10


The Antipode was brought forth by The One and Areta to serve as a relentless enemy which would contend against God and Heaven and ultimately save the realms of Light from the dangers of mediocrity and complacency. Though he knows it not, Yaldabaoth is being used to further the designs of The One and increase the glory of Heaven. The One provides context behind the existence of Yaldabaoth, saying:


20. Thus would I create from the Antipode, the very enemy of God, possessing unto himself a purpose and identity peculiar to himself, being made forever the Chief Demiurgos, Lord of Darkness, Father of Chaos; having in his soul an endless thirst for that darker glory which he alone can see.

21. For he shall prefer darkness to light, and power to glory; he will prefer death to life, evil instead of good, hate and war instead of love and harmony; being in his soul the only evil which is absolute and undiluted;

22. Hating with perfect zeal, the glories and wonders of the greater Light; striving with all his might to find those means by which he would destroy forever the kingdom of God, taking to his darkened soul that revenge which he would have against me.

23. Thus would I make for myself this perfect enemy, this relentless foe; knowing full well that if I should prove less in my resolve to continue in the paths of glory, then would I stand as defeated before the darkness of the Demiurge.

24. Now...would the struggle between good and evil cease to exist within the soul of me, but would rage constant war without; knowing full well that the prize to be won is not the single soul only, but the whole of all our glory would I place in constant risk; for in the endless reaches of my soul have I established the fullness of Heaven’s glory.

25. See, then, how there is placed on me this necessity to choose strength and vigor over mild complacency; electing always the pursuit of some greater excellence which would contend constantly against that dull mediocrity which, of itself, would cause to vanish away the very soul of us.

1st Endowment 5:20-25



The Antipode Becomes Yaldabaoth

1:6:1-14          5:9:1-77          5:10:1-32


Soon after his separation from The One, the Antipode was led to the Abyss to be schooled by the oracle-empowered Eidos (5:4:1-15, 29-30; 5:6:1-41; 1:5:8-28; 1:6:3-8). The young Ahgendai was also taken to the Abyss to mature and be tested by the brutalities of both the Eidos and the Antipode (5:4:16-28; 5:7:36-41; 5:8:1-59). The Antipode and the Ahgendai matured and evolved together in the depths of the Abyss for several aeons (5:9:6). The Abyss is described as a sea of endless chaos and unformed matter. No order or structure can evolve within its depths. It was here wherein the Antipode and the Ahgendai were schooled and made to mature, to endure the harsh dominion of the Eidos.


It was the Azraella who inspired the Antipode to fashion a name for himself and assume the role he was destined for (5:9:47-64). Scripture portrays the moment when the Antipode presents himself before the Azraella, to declare his sovereignty and announce himself as Yaldabaoth, Chief of the Demiurgos, Lord of Darkness, Father of Chaos (5:9:64-77).


...there gather[ed] about the Ahgendai a great and rushing wind which howled and moaned from out of the very depths, causing that all matter unformed should break and shatter before its fury; and there was great and terrible lightning filled with fire and violent rage.

And the very air did seethe and boil with fearsome dread, and in a sudden and unexpected moment, there rushed upon the Azraella, a great and hideous evil filled with vile and putrid odors.

And from out of the depths of dark forever, from the womb of endless night, a voice spoke with dreadful soundings, saying: “I am Yaldabaoth, being myself uncreated and unknown. For by my own power did I draw myself from out of the womb of endless night.

Being myself the Chief Demiurgos of the matter unformed; Father of Chaos am I, even he whose name is unspeakable and whose countenance is unknowable; for Darkness and Depth have I created, the shatterer and destroyer of worlds shall I become.

5th Endowment 9:72-75



Yaldabaoth Battles the Eidos and Evolves

5:4:12-15 (prognosis)            1:6:1-14            5:10:1-32, 73-77             5:13:47-50


As part of a plan to turn Yaldabaoth against his teacher (5:9:49-63), the Azraella informed Yaldabaoth about the special oracle which God had given to empower the Eidos. The oracle gave the Eidos the power of mind and speech, enabling him to instruct the Antipode of God (5:4:12-14, 29-30; 5:6:25-26). Learning of the dark oracle (5:9:76-77), and being inspired by the Azraella to steal it, Yaldabaoth made war against the Eidos and was successful in obtaining the oracle for himself (5:10:1-18). As the two powers raged against each other, the Azraella keenly observed from hidden places the way in which Yaldabaoth fought and maneuvered against the Eidos (5:10:19-32). The Ahgendai escaped the Abyss, while the Eidos and Yaldabaoth continued to battle for three eternities (5:10:76-77).



Escaping the Abyss and the First War in Heaven  (see First War)

   Prognoses      5:4:30-41          5:13:60-62         5:14:1-6, 13-56


    Summaries     E:1:1-48          6:1:17          1:4:1-41          6:10:10-11         5th Endowment 15—17 (real time)


As was anticipated by The One, Yaldabaoth eventually escaped from out of the Abyss (5:15:1-4), to see in the distance the glowing lights of Heaven (Olaha Shinehah). Fueled by hate and the desire for revenge, Yaldabaoth rushed toward the kingdoms of Light intent on destroying the happy realms. One thousand Seraphim rushed to defend Heaven against the strange power, but their efforts were futile and two-hundred of the Seraphim were destroyed (5:15:35-49, 53). While the Demiurge was restricted from accessing the Celestial realm (5:14:1-2), he destroyed several suns and planets of the Terrestrial Kingdom (5:16:43-53). All life on the besieged Terrestrial worlds was rescued by the Ahgendai.


The Azraella successfully interrupted Yaldabaoth’s attack and expelled him far from the kingdoms of Heaven. However, during the battle a prominent member of the Celestial KingdomDahmiel of Komah Seedrah —  unexpectedly rushed to help the Ahgendai in his fight against Yaldabaoth. The Arch-Angel was no match for the powers of the Nemesis, and Dahmiel was destroyed. The tragic loss of Dahmiel and the Seraphim was a complete shock to the citizens of Heaven.



Yaldabaoth’s First Emanation (Son) — Jehovah-Yahweh

1:6:13-22        5:17:51-66         E:1:7-8         6:1:42-48


As the First War concluded, Yaldabaoth was subtly inspired by the Azraella to realize that he alone was “not enough to make the Heavens dark” (5:17:24-28). After being evicted and scattered away from Heaven, Yaldabaoth coalesced his powers and set about creating the first of ten dark princes which would come to rule over a vast demonic army. Yaldabaoth gave his first emanation the name: Jehovah-Yahweh, which in the language of the Demiurge means, “Great Pretender and Blasphemer” (E:1:8; 2:11:36; 5:17:55). As his first conscious act, the seedling child rushed to attack the dark presence of his father, but Yaldabaoth quickly established his dominance over Jehovah-Yahweh, providing two options: fealty or death.



Perceiving a Mystery — the Existence of a Prototype  

E:1:14-24              5:17:67-72                 1:6:23-44     


Commanding Jehovah to set watch over the Deep, Yaldabaoth quietly returned to the realms of the lesser light where he intuited the workings of a great mystery. The Nemesis observed how God and Heaven progressed from less to greater, while the Eidos remained static and unchanging. Concluding the necessity for God to have had a beginning, Yaldabaoth determined to journey back in time to find the prototype from which all the worlds of Heaven were fashioned, and correspondingly, the world where God first evolved (1:6:23-44). Yaldabaoth became intent on finding the birthseed of God (First Man), and that one peculiar human from which First God evolved. In doing so, Yaldabaoth hoped to corrupt him, and thereby subvert the rise of First God and diminish the glory of Heaven (1:2:15; 1:4:35; 1:6:41; 6:1:31, 43-45; 6:3:12d; 6:5:59-64; 6:6:14-17). According to scripture, this very world which we presently inhabit is the world of the First Power.


37. Thus shall I go seeking that I might find for myself this very pattern, even the very prototype; and in the finding of that world shall I take swift dominion, that in the day of The One’s beginning I might declare myself unto him as the only true God, and by my own power cause that he should serve me always.

38. Then shall the kingdoms of the greater and lesser Light begin to dwindle and fade away through the moving of time and space, and I alone shall rule from eternity to eternity, bending and shaping all things in accordance to my will, which shall stand supreme forever.

39. And this Eidos which even now does not yield before me shall I make subject unto me also; for if I should find the world from which The One first took seed, then shall I go beyond that time when the Eidos first knew of me.

40. That seeing upon it the sudden appearance of my dreadful power, I might declare through a sly and subtle deceit that I, alone, did fashion the Eidos whereby it might serve me according to my pleasure.

41. By such means shall I take unto myself the Eidos which creates, and the birthseed of that One from whom all things glorious are made to flow, and I shall be victorious and rule supreme throughout the halls of endless night.

42. Thus by my cunning shall I cause that light should be swallowed up in darkness, and life shall I cause to tremble before the gates of death; and there shall vanish away forever, the hope of glory and increase in the kingdom of God.”

1st Endowment 6:37-42



Seducing Shaemdiel (Lucifer) to Rebellion

E:1:24-47               5:17:72-74                  Background — 1:4:24-29; 6:1:22-32


After establishing compliance and fealty from his son, Yaldabaoth quietly returned to the realms of Heaven where he succeeded in planting seeds of blindness and deceit in the heart of Shaemdiel, the Chief Arch-Angel of Elohim. Through subtle workings of The One, Shaemdiel was drawn to converse with the strange, booming power that was Yaldabaoth, who hovered on the edge of the Chasm which separated the kingdoms of the lesser and greater Light.


During their brief exchange, Yaldabaoth planted seeds of doubt and dimness in the heart of Shaemdiel regarding the dominion of the Celestial Kingdom (E:5:15), which was far less when compared to that of the Telestial and Terrestrial Kingdoms. Shaemdiel came to doubt the value of Agency, seeing it as a hindrance to glory and power. While the Demiurge proceeded to leave the realms of Heaven, Shaemdiel went on to rebel against God and lead a violent insurrection which resulted in his expulsion from Heaven, along with a portion of his lineage (E:1:24-47; 1:4:15-41; 6:1:22-30).



Establishing Dominion in the First Cosmos          E:1:48-60        E:6:1-35        E:7:1-58        1:7:1-44       1:4:28-29       6:1:31-48       6:4:1-4       1:2:12-17        E:5:8-9


How did Yaldabaoth find his way to the First Cosmos and the world of the First Power? It was The One’s intent that the Demiurge establish their dominion in the First Cosmos, but how was this ensured? Two curious passages reveal that the Azraella played a direct role in Yaldabaoth finding his way through space and time to the far distant past of the First Creation where he would eventually discover the world of the First Power (6:1:31-32; 2:12:15; see also E:5:8-9; 40). (It is speculated by students that Yaldabaoth’s arrival and interaction in the distant past of the First Cosmos created an alternate timeline, distinct from the original.)


Arriving in the First Cosmos, Yaldabaoth sought to establish command over the Eidos, to subdue and secure the mindless creator to his dark control. While the Chief Demiurge succeeded to some degree in this endeavor, he was incapable of recognizing the feminine, primordial consciousness referred to as Areta, who “lay hidden and serene within the folds the mindless creator” (1:7:14).


Upon discovering the world of the First Power, Yaldabaoth found no trace of humankind, but only great beasts moving upon the land. In his displeasure, Yaldabaoth sent three great comets to the earth, bringing an end to the rule of the dinosaur (1:7:21-25). He then commanded the Eidos to bring forth new life on the desolate earth, and seeing it come to pass, Yaldabaoth was pleased. However, it was the power of Areta which caused that new life (and the beginnings of humankind) evolve upon the earth, not the Eidos or Yaldabaoth (1:7:26-30).


With the advent of evolutionary modern humans, Yaldabaoth brought forth Jehovah-Yahweh to establish a harsh dominion over the earth (1:2:15-16). Proclaiming himself as god and creator of this world, Jehovah-Yahweh has since fought to maintain a domineering rule over humankind and keep women in a state of subjugation (E:13:1; 1:11:2). Yet behind the oppression and domination wrought by Jehovah-Yahweh moved the specific aims of Yaldabaoth, who primarily sought to find the birthseed of God and enslave him (1:4:35; 1:6:37-42; 1:8:13-15,19; 6:3:12d; 6:5:54-64; 6:6:14-17, 20-24).


Yaldabaoth was elated to receive into his keeping the fallen Arch-Angel Shaemdiel and his host, believing he had succeeded in shaking the realms of Heaven (E:5:57-58; E:10:1-8). Yaldabaoth commanded Shaemdiel to serve alongside Jehovah-Yahweh, while charging him with the specific task of finding the unique human from which First God evolved (6:5:58-66).



Second War in Heaven  (see Second War)        6th Endowment 8 — 13


The Second War was yet another staged event, brought about in accordance to the will of The One. The war was intended not only to invigorate Heaven, but to identify potential candidates for a new, more glorious kingdom of Heaven referred to as the kingdom of the Ahgendai (6:1:19-28). According to the plans of the Azraella, the Second War in Heaven would commence with the advent of the Elohim’s first dispensation on earth, as initiated by Adam and Eve — the mortal manifestations of Michael and Sher-el (6:3:40-48; 6:6:44; 6:7:55; 6:8:1-9).


The Second War proved much more involved than the First War, as both the Azraella Ahgendai and the Demiurgos had since created armies with which to achieve their goals. Nevertheless, the forces of Yaldabaoth far outnumbered those of the Ahgendai (6:3:33-38, 46).


While the Second War ultimately served The One’s purpose, Yaldabaoth and his dark army claimed the lives of twenty-six Arch-Angels of the Elohim. There were also numerous casualties among the Cherubim and Seraphim (6:13:43-45). Despite the tragic loss, the citizens of Heaven have come to trust the Ahgendai to protect the realms of light from the dark designs of Yaldabaoth. Those from Heaven who volunteered to fight in the Second War unknowingly became candidates for a new class of Godhood and a more exalted kingdom of glory, the kingdom of the Ahgendai. As part of this new pathway of progression, those from Heaven who participated in the Second War are living mortal lives upon this world, the world of the First Power (6:13:46-54).



Yaldabaoth’s Realm of Influence


Aside from cosmic scale events (1:7:1-8), it is unknown to what extent Yaldabaoth is directly influencing the three dimensions we experience. Yaldabaoth’s effects are perhaps filtered down through his son, Jehovah-Yahweh and the emanations under Jehovah’s command who endeavor to subjugate humans through various means, including dark traditions and corrupt religious teachings (2nd Endowment). While Yaldabaoth and his minions strive to suppress and control humankind with evil, sorrow, despair, guilt, shame, war and death, God continues to bring forth love, goodness, joy, peace and life through the dispensation of angels (1:8:13-19; 6:1:33-36, 44-58; 2:3:28-30). The One summarizes Yaldabaoth’s intent, saying:


33. Consider then...the depths of my designs; for in the musings of my holy quorum was there seen a need for a school of constant struggle, dark and filled with trouble; whereby I might test such Gods as would seek for themselves the glory of the Ahgendai.

34. Setting before the Lords and Gods of Elohim two teachers which were opposite from each the other; for in the one is there found a teacher of darkness and chaos, even the Lord of Doom who would afflict the righteous with all manner of trials and burdens whereby he might break and shatter the faith and will of those who would prove eager in achieving some greater glory.

35. Thus would Yaldabaoth seek through dark designs to steal away from out of your heart and mind, the lights of wisdom, benevolence, faith, justice, fortitude, beauty and harmony; leaving in their stead a great many burdens filled with dread and deep foreboding.

36. Stealing away the light of God which would make you bold in all your striving, to give instead the darkness of fear and ignorance and deep despair; causing that all who would seek the greater portion should be weighed down by the shadows of their life; to surrender through weariness the vision of greater things, deep and holy.

6th Endowment 1:33-36



Antipode / Yaldabaoth Quotes



5:6:24-41            first words between the Eidos and the Antipode             

5:8:1-30              Antipode and Eidos react to the arrival of the Ahgendai at the Abyss         

5:9:50-77            Antipode converses with Azraella, inspired to fashion his name: Yaldabaoth              



Abyss and the First War

5:9:74-77 — 5:10:1-18   asks Azraella concerning the oracle possessed by the Eidos     

5:15:1-34            escapes from the Abyss, ponders his attack against Heaven      

5:17:52-72          introduces himself to Jehovah-Yahweh, contemplates dark strategy against Heaven     

E:1:1-60              escapes Abyss & creates Jehovah-Yahweh (summary), seduces Shaemdiel       


First Cosmos

E:6:9-15             commands Jehovah-Yahweh to take dominion over early mankind      

E:10:1-40           receives the Fallen into his keeping, speaks with Jehovah and Shaemdiel        

6:5:51-66           establishes a troubled truce between Shaemdiel and Jehovah, makes deal with Shaemdiel     


Second War

6:9:11-21            verbal exchange with the Azraella prior to the start of the Second War      

6:11:14-18          contemplations while battling at the Rift of Korisedrah       

6:12:29-34          “Kill the daughter and then the Heavens fall”       




Location, Characteristics, Weaponry


Yaldabaoth and his minions have established their domain outside of the creations of God, in the cosmos of the First Creation — which, according to scripture, is here in this very cosmos. Yaldabaoth and the Demiurge have a kingdom  located in this cosmos which they took over and populated. However, it is Yaldabaoth’s intent to take over the kingdom of Heaven and inhabit it. The Demiurge are often associated with the “regions of the Void”, the “womb of endless night”, or the “regions of greater darkness” (E:10:2; E:11:28; 6:6:10; 6:8:16).


The Demiurgos may only create things within the confines of their nature. Scripture relates how the Demiurge fashioned swords, spears and shields out of “darkest matter” to be used in their second attack against Heaven (6:8:16; 6:11:36). They cannot create life, only corrupt or destroy it (1:11:18-19, 39). The Demiurgos are first and foremost a parasitic species.


Yaldabaoth is described as a “darkly brooding presence” (E:1:25; 5:17:72), “having neither shape nor form” (1:6:10), having “neither visage nor countenance” (1:7:10).


So spoke the Father of Chaos, and Yaldabaoth reached out unto the host of Shaemdiel and suddenly, in an instant, there came upon them a darkening gloom which like a vapor, vile and loathsome surrounded them fast on every side; and when it was vanished away, behold, in the presence of Yaldabaoth did they stand.

Thus were the angels made to shudder and with fearful dread give way, for the likeness of Yaldabaoth had none before ever seen;

Enlightenment 10:12-13


For this Yaldabaoth has darkness made all blind within, being ever puffed up and filled with cunning deceit, evensomuch that he can see no power greater than himself.

Enlightenment 5:58




Hierarchy of the Demiurgos            6th Endowment 11:54-59


  Yaldabaoth - Chief Demiurgos of the matter unformed    

  •  possesses control of 23 dimensions (5:13:57; 5:14:5)


              Kalliform - created by Yaldabaoth to serve as his personal guard and army, and to defend him against attacks waged by the dark princes (6:11:56-57).


                     Dark Princes (ten) - sons/emanations of Yaldabaoth's mind  

                           •  possess control of 19 dimensions (5:13:57)


Jehovah-Yahweh  (oldest and most fearsome of the ten princes — 6:5:60)











                    Doud - intelligent emanations of the dark princes (6:11:54). The Doud named Anchillicus served under Jehovah-Yahweh (6:1:46-47). The weapons of the Doud are capable of piercing twelve dimensions and destroying Gods and Goddesses (6:8:16).


Kezan - mindless emanations of the Doud, the Kezan are driven by hate, ruled over harshly by the Doud (6:11:55)





For there is a danger greater than Yaldabaoth, an enemy greater to be feared than all his might; know therefore, my son, that mediocrity is the only danger that can cause to dwindle the whole of our estate.

For this cause have I elected that Yaldabaoth should rage against me in constant battle, that I might be awakened to the dangers within by the war that rages without.

Fear not, my son, the shadows of defeat, for I know in truth that there is no power which can, by any means, overcome the greatness of my soul; and though the angels themselves should fall, yet have I power sufficient to redeem them subtly and altogether.

1st Endowment 5:27-29


12. Consider then such opposing forces as would stand arrayed against us in the working of our intent; for these four things will seek to frustrate the working of our will:

a) The natural world of First Man being itself not bound to the laws of God, for it is blind and has no spirit.

b) Jehovah-Yahweh who seeks to subject all mankind to the rule of fear; pretending himself to stand as god, filled with wrath and indignation.

c) Shaemdiel, who would seek to frustrate the dispensations of God whereby he might prove the rightness of his own design.

d) Yaldabaoth, who seeks to find the seed of our beginning and bend it to his will; and thereby erase forever the whole of Heaven.

13. Thus in seeking to achieve the goals of our design, we must face an opposition never before encountered on the worlds which God has made; causing that in the world of First Man, we must circumvent the will and design of such forces as will stand arrayed against us.

14. Let us then proceed in frustrating the designs of those who would oppose us in the working of our will; to prove through godly action the force of our intent in making right what now stands wrong; setting forth our hand through most subtle wisdom in bringing forth the desires of all our heart.

6th Endowment 3:12-14


Now in the regions of the Void did Yaldabaoth create weapons of war for all his mighty hosts, each army being armed and fiercely trained; for each Doud did Yaldabaoth arm with spear and sword, made of darkest matter, which weapons could pierce at once the twelve dimensions of Heaven, to cast into oblivion the one who should be pierced.

And Yaldabaoth fiercely ordered the training of the hosts, each army compelled to practice in tactics and maneuvers, even till the hosts of Darkness did move as one together; each moving in support to form some great design which would sweep away into oblivion the forces of Light arrayed against them.

To prove at last, through darkest strategies, the victors over God; having cast into most glooming shadows the light and joy of Heaven, to crush at last the very One from whom the Heavens sprang, enthroning within the realms of God this Yaldabaoth who darkly rules.

6th Endowment 8:16-18


Tearing fierce with violent hands

to corrupt what now is holy,

seeking with most hurtful glee,

to find some dread advantage

whereby Yaldabaoth might prove the victor,

and all the Gods in shadows cast,

to rise again no more;

to become themselves a fading echo

of things once good and pure.

6th Endowment 8:50