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Chief Archon / Aretakai


Occurrences: 17

First Reference: Wisdom 24:14


Now consider how great shall be the assembling together of the Elohim, for there shall gather before the steps of the Chief Archon both Gods and Goddesses in solemn assembly.



See:  Arch-Angel, Archon, Archons (House of), Michael, Shaemdiel


Summary:   Each of the seven celestial Councils of Light are presided over by a Father and Mother Ahman, appointed as King and Queen over their Council and Celestial domain (B:28:80-81; W:24:20; 1:1:25-27). Serving under the Supreme Father and Mother of the Council are seven representatives from both the Matriarchy and the Patriarchy. In the House of Archons (Patriarchal), the highest position under the Father Ahman is designated as the Chief Archon. In the House of Valhaladea (Matriarchal), the highest position under the Mother Ahman is the Chief Aretakai. These positions may be designated with the titles of “Prince” and Princess” (W:2:8; W:16:1-3; E:10:33), and are always filled by a Beloved husband and wife (1:1:11-12). The rank and position of the seven leading Arch-Angels is determined (in part) by seniority (W:16:45).


In the Council of Elohim, the position of Chief Archon was originally held by Shaemdiel (E:1:26; E:10:33; 5:5:39-47; 5:14:11-12). However, during his rebellion, Shaemdiel was removed from this position and replaced by his younger brother, Michael (E:8:26-28; E:9:42-43; B:2:1-39).


Michael and his Beloved, Sher-el, preside as the Chief Archon and Chief Aretakai of the Council of Elohim. One of the responsibilities of the Chief Archon is to determine when to initiate the first dispensation on a mortal world, so that the spirit children of the Emmanuel and Sophiel may begin incarnating into mortal life (see: House of El Shalon / El Shaloah). It is the Chief Archon and his Beloved who assume mortal form, and descend to the mortal world to walk among the native, evolutionary humans as the Adamilus and Evelah (Adam and Eve). In addition to launching the first dispensation, the Chief Archon oversees the remaining six dispensations and the Arch-Angels which preside over them (W:16:43-46).





Azrael’s Commentary contains a single reference to the seven leading Archons of each Council as “Chief Archons”:


“...There are 115 permanent members on the Council of the Seven Lights. These members are the Ahmans of each council, plus the seven Chief Archons, both Patriarchal and Matriarchal, of each council. The Seraphim elect only one member to represent all the tribes of the Seraphim on the Council of Seven Lights. Over this sublime quorum presides The One and Areta.”[...]

AZC — Councils of Light; para. 5



- Scripture refers to the seven presiding Archons as ‘mighty ones’ or ‘captains’ (e.g., W:2:38).


Chief Artificer