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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 24

What happens after death of the righteous – Standing again before the Heavenly Mother – Reviewing the covenants – Reasons for mortal life – Righteous brought before the Elohim – The assemblies and glories of the Elohim – Before the House of Shevas – Michael, the Chief Archon, speaks to the righteous – Names written in the Book of Life – Becoming Souls of the Just Made Perfect – White robes, signet ring, crown, blue pavement – Receiving a company of the Cherubic hosts – Rejoice, for the righteous are come home again


1  “So shall the coming forth of the righteous be, and when death shall come upon them, then shall the Father of their soul go joyfully unto them.

2  And he shall take the soul of the righteous that they might stand again before the Heavenly Mother, and she shall take them to her bosom and shall rejoice greatly.

3  For that child which was gone away into the furnace of mortality, even that child is returned home again to partake of that glory which it is the Father’s pleasure to grant unto all who should walk in the way of righteousness.

4  Then shall the Father and Mother take the righteous and they shall look again at those covenants which were made aforetime, when the righteous dwelt in innocence before them.

5  For all the spirit children of God, even Emmanuel, are made to dwell in the Keep, and there is between the innocent and the kingdom of God a great chasm;

6  And there is but one way whereby the innocent might attain for themselves such glory wherein they might abide forever in the presence of Lords many and Gods many.

7  Wherefore, seeing that there is but one way whereby the hopeful might attain unto so great a glory, to dwell in peace forever beside the Father and Mother of their soul, it was expedient to send them forth into mortality, whereby they might come to a knowledge of good and evil.

8  And if they will take unto their souls the good, then shall they become one with God in all holiness, and eternity shall be made their dwelling place.

9  For this cause were there made certain covenants whereby the children of God are bound unto a fullness of promise, that when they shall prove themselves faithful to follow in the ways of God always, they shall be granted eternal life and there shall be prepared for them thrones of glory.

10  Thus, in the lesser kingdoms shall there be found neither room nor place, seeing that the innocent are made to become righteous, even as the Father and Mother of their soul.

11  So shall the Father and Mother take the righteous unto their bosom and they shall look again at those covenants which were made in the beginning that all things might be fulfilled according to the will of the Elohim.

12  And when these things are accomplished before the Father and Mother, then shall the righteous be made to stand before their only love, that they might be forever as husband and wife, heart to heart, mind to mind, soul cleaving unto soul.

13  And they shall be brought before Lords many and Gods many, even before the fullness of the Elohim by their Heavenly Father and Mother, that they might be found worthy of all acceptation before the heavenly hosts.

14  Now consider how great shall be the assembling together of the Elohim, for there shall gather before the steps of the Chief Archon both Gods and Goddesses in solemn assembly.

15  And there shall preside among them the great Father of All, even Ahman, and beside him shall stand the most Heavenly Mother of All, Galendriel the Beautiful.

16  Then shall there be gathered unto them the hosts of Seraphim, and among them shall preside Abdiel, the Mighty, and unto his bosom shall there cleave Japhaniel.

17  And there shall be added to these the Cherubic hosts, and there shall preside alone among them, Shadiel; for among all the wonders of eternity, there can be found none equal to her glory.

18  Thus shall the souls of the righteous be made to stand beside the Father and Mother of their souls, that they might be found worthy before the Lords and Gods of Elohim, even before the Seven Steps of Eternity shall they be made to stand.

19  So shall the righteous be brought before all the heavenly hosts; before the Seven Houses of Heaven shall the worthy be gathered.

20  Behold the House of the Archons, over which shall preside even the very King of Heaven, even Ahman, the Father of All; and on his right hand shall stand the Ancient of Days even Michael, who shall stand forth as Chief Archon before all the great and mighty.

21  And before the Father and Mother of Heaven, and before Michael also, shall stand the House of Shevas, the House of Mithron, and the House of El Shalon; and beside these shall be added also three others over which the Mothers alone preside.

22  Then shall the Father and Mother present unto the holy, the children of their soul, both male and female, and they shall plead their cause before the House of Shevas, saying:

23  ‘Consider, my Lords, how that we have brought before so many, the souls of the righteous, both husband and wife, that they might be found worthy of all acceptation.

24  For in the furnace of mortality did they come to a sure knowledge of good and evil. Yet, notwithstanding their many sorrows and afflictions, they did cleave unto the good according to the whisperings of that Holy Spirit which is granted unto all the children of men;

25  Even the Mother of their souls did lead them unto all godliness, even according to their several abilities to understand.

26  Thus did these children of promise fulfill all righteousness, for truly they sought to follow in the steps of their Father, even according to that example which I did grant unto them; that they might take unto their soul an abundance of hope against the day of trouble.

27  For it was decreed from the beginning that the Father of all the children of men take upon himself mortal flesh, that he might go forth unto the children of his soul to walk among them, that he might show them the way in which they should go.

28  Now consider, my Lords, how that we have taken again to our bosom the children of our soul, and have blessed them according to that which is our right to grant unto the righteous.

29  Therefore, examine and see if these two are worthy of exaltation beside the throne of their Father and Mother, that they might dwell forever in the house of God.

30  And if there should be anything lacking, then according to that grace which is granted unto us, we shall make recompense for the children of promise, that they might stand justified and purified before my Father and your Father, that these faithful might receive the sanctification whereby they might be forever as one before the God of Heaven.’

31  So shall the Father and Mother of the righteous speak unto the Lords of Shevas, unto whom is given the power by which the heavenly glory should be guarded diligently against all uncleanliness.

32  And if it so be that the souls of the righteous should be found worthy, having fulfilled all those covenants which were made aforetime, then shall the House of Shevas present them unto the Arch-Angel Michael, even the Chief Archon, and he shall stretch forth his hand unto the righteous and he shall speak unto them, saying:

33  ‘Come now,  blessed of your Father. Come and stand near unto me and rejoice. For this day shall you take upon your soul, the fullness of Heaven’s glory.

34  For this day shall there be given unto you a new name, which name shall be forever written in the Book of Life, for there are prepared for both husband and wife, thrones, powers and dominions.

35  Come now and rejoice. For there is given unto you this day, great power wherein you shall become as Gods, even creators of worlds without end; for in this moment are you the Souls of the Just Made Perfect, even as your Father and Mother were in the beginning, even Emmanuel and Sophiel.

36  Into your hands is there granted the power of eternal increase wherein you shall fashion unto yourselves both sons and daughters without number, that eternity might increase her borders beyond measure.

37  Come, righteous! Look round about you, and behold the eternal family of God. Behold the Father and Mother of your spirit and know that even as they are, might you also become if you will but follow diligently in the way of holiness.

38  Surely, in this day shall every promise be fulfilled unto you, even according to your righteousness.

39  Attend now, House of El Shalon, and write in the Book of Life the names of these righteous ones. Place upon them white robes, and on their finger, place the signet ring of that house wherein they shall ever abide.

40  Place upon their head the crown of God’s glory, that eternity might be unto them as a covering; establish under their feet the power by which they might continue forever in the way of God, even the Father of All.

41  Give into their keeping the ministering of angels, whereby great things shall be accomplished according to the will of these righteous ones.

42  Assign unto these, Shadiel, a company of the Cherubic hosts, that they might guard the way of the elect, that no unclean thing might draw nigh unto them.

43  Hear and rejoice, mighty hosts! Rejoice aloud and be glad! For the children of promise have come to stand before the holy according to that righteousness which it was in their power to do.

44  Rejoice and sing forth praises, let the congregations exclaim aloud. For that which was lost is found, that which was gone far away is come home again.’”