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Chapter 23

How shall the righteous be made known? – God’s indictment against the house of Christ – Must God command in every instant? – In the beginning, man was innocent – Furnace of mortality – How the righteous should act – What doctrine can make a man righteous? – Being in the service of your fellow man – The great commandment – Gandhi and God – The sealing power of righteousness – “I am the way, the truth and the life” – How the house of Christ was lead astray – Becoming as Only Begotten of the Father


1  And the Teacher spoke again, saying: “My Lord, how shall the righteous be made known before the children of men? How shall they speak, how move, how live?

2  For, behold, there are many who for a pretense declare your name, and with wrath and indignation breathe condemnation upon those who would come unto you by some other way.

3  Therefore, my Lord, how shall the children of men discern the righteous from the wicked, that they might know unto whom they should go to receive both wisdom and instruction, that as many as will might walk uprightly before the Father and Mother of their soul?”

4  And the Lord answered, saying: “Come now and draw near unto me. Incline your ear so that you can hear, open now the doors of your heart that you might know concerning the ways of righteousness.

5  For I will give unto you the decree that you might declare aloud the indictment of the Lord against the false followers of the Holy One. Raise your voice as a trumpet and shout it from the roof tops, do not hold back.

6  Declare my word unto the children of disobedience, tell the house of Christ the way wherein they have sinned against the Anointed One; for surely he has called unto them as if from afar, and there are none to hear.

7  For they have laid Sabbath to Sabbath as though they desired to serve the Lord their God, for a pretense would they walk in the way of righteousness.

8  Yet they have busied themselves overmuch, for the love of gain would they forsake the ways of the Lord, in gathering unto themselves great possessions would they deny the Lord who called them.

9  In prayer would they lift their voices unto me as though they were eager to hear, yet when I would speak unto them they arise to go their way, that they might walk in the pride of their heart.

10  They cry unto me for justice, yet they are filled with mischief continually. For a pretense would they seek from my hand both mercy and forgiveness, yet they will forgive none who should trespass against them.

11  Into the house of the Lord would they go, as though they were eager to worship God; with songs and prayers unceasing would they draw nigh unto me; with shouts of ‘Hosanna’ and ‘Amen’ would they declare unto the world that they are my people.

12  Yet they are filled with strife, for they quarrel one against another by way of doctrine; with the fist of wickedness would they condemn the innocent who seek only to come to me, even though it should be according to their own understanding.

13  For there has risen among my people certain men with cunning ways, false shepherds who preach aloud the gospel of prosperity, whereby they would sell the God of Heaven that they might gather unto themselves an abundance of wealth, that they might exercise power and dominion over the children of my soul.

14  For such as these desire only to make merchandise of the souls of men, that by their great and swelling words they might fulfill the lusts of the flesh.

15  Yet they are not satisfied, neither are they filled by an abundance of plenty. Like ravenous wolves have they crept in unawares, they have scattered my children and caused that they should walk in strange places.

16  Therefore, seeing that the prideful have corrupted all my house, I shall purge them from the midst of my people; for I shall expose their inward parts, that which they have hid in the darkness shall I reveal in the light.

17  Will you call this worship? Is this the righteousness that you would offer unto me? Shall I, the Lord, be pleased with corruption and deceit?

18  Have I not shown you from the beginning, the way in which you should go? Is this not the worship which I desire of the children of men: to loose the chains of injustice, to break asunder every yoke that the oppressed go free, to proclaim the liberty of God throughout the land?

19  Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to give unto the homeless, shelter and rest? Is it not to clothe the naked and to turn again the wicked that they might come unto me?

20  What good are your assemblies unto me? Wherein shall you benefit, seeing that you have thought to separate yourselves from those who suffer and will not so much as lift your little finger to undo the heavy burden?

21  Must I, the Lord, command in every instant that you should do good one unto the other? Is this not the righteousness which I desire of you, to set your hand to bring to pass all things which are good unto the children of men, that you might walk in holiness before me?

22  Is this not the good which I have required of you, that you deal justly one with another, that you give unto the fallen such mercy as you would seek from my hand, and that you walk humbly beside the Father and Mother of your soul that even they might lead you unto eternal life?

23  For this cause did I grant unto every man the power whereby they should be agents unto themselves to do much good, that they might no longer be made subject to evil.

24  But unto that person who shall do nothing except he first be commanded, even that person shall find to his soul desolation and bitterness, and there shall be found for him neither place nor glory beside the throne of God.

25  Consider how that in the beginning, man was innocent before the Father and Mother of his soul, knowing only the goodness of Heaven; for unto the innocent was there not given a knowledge of evil.

26  Now seeing that the children of God had not the knowledge of good and evil wherein they might choose for themselves the good, and seeing also that they were without strength to take unto themselves the glory of Heaven;

27  And seeing also that the sons and daughters of God were without union whereby they might become as one before the Lord of Hosts, to take unto themselves a multitude of increase,

28  It became expedient to send them forth unto the earth that they might take unto themselves either husband or wife, that they might receive an abundance of blessing wherein they should give comfort and joy unto one another.

29  For it was determined aforetime that they should come to a knowledge of good and evil, and that by such agency as I shall grant unto them, they might choose the good and forsake evil altogether.

30  Thus did I desire to exalt the children of God unto the highest that is in them, whereby they might obtain for themselves a kingdom of glory wherein they might abide, whether it be unto the Telestial, Terrestrial, or Celestial; even unto that glory shall they be granted endless lives, or if it so be, the life eternal.

31  Therefore it was expedient to send them forth into the furnace of mortality, that by such oppositions as they must meet, they might strive to attain unto the greatest glory of all, even the Celestial Kingdom wherein there is found both God and Goddess.

32  Now, seeing that opposition is necessary to bring about the designs of God, why are you made to wonder so? For if there be no opposition, how shall there come forth righteousness, or that strength whereby the children of God might take unto themselves a fullness of glory?

33  Consider how the righteous should act before the children of men. For the righteous can by no means be hid from the world, neither can the light be swallowed up in darkness.

34  For all they that are righteous are filled with the love of God towards all the children of men, and are given deep wisdom whereby they are made to know that to serve the children of men is but to do service to God.

35  For in God have they given forth all their trust, upon the coming forth of his promise do they wait patiently, for unto whatever good they shall set their hand to do, even that thing shall they consecrate unto God that he might bring it to pass according to his will.

36  Thus are the righteous not made anxious concerning the things of this life, having received unto their souls the whisperings of the Heavenly Mother, even of the Heavenly Mother who loved them from the beginning.

37  In the presence of the Lord do they find joy everlasting, neither will they let the fallen take away the promise of glory, nor steal away the merry heart which God has granted unto them according to his grace.

38  In meditation and quietness do the righteous find strength. In the wisdom of God are the righteous filled with joy and the end of all their way is peace.

39  As the sun arising from his bedchamber is made to chase away the darkness of the night, to fill the land with light and warmth again, even so shall the coming forth of the righteous be unto the children of men.

40  Therefore consider how the righteous shall be made known. Come now and stand before the Lord that I might instruct you, that you might know the way in which the righteous shall be made to walk before me.

41  For I would not have you think that to be religious is to be righteous also. For I delight not in the assembling together of churchgoers who are made to contend one with another.

42  For what doctrine alone shall make a man righteous? Behold, I say unto you, there is given not one; for only God can make the righteous so;

43  Which God is made manifest in that the righteous should love the children of men even as their own soul.

44  Wherefore, this alone is wisdom: For I would have you know that when you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are only in the service of your God.

45  This alone, therefore, is righteousness. For truly was it spoken by the Anointed One when it was asked of him which is the greatest of all the commandments of God.

46  Know then that if you will love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your strength, and with all your mind, and if you shall love your neighbor as your own soul, then shall you fulfill all righteousness; for on these two hang all the laws and the prophets.

47  But I tell you truly, that all the law is fulfilled in one: ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.’

48  Therefore, if any man or any woman shall follow in this way, then I, the Lord, shall be pleased with their offerings and I will stretch forth my hand to bear them up in the day of trouble.

49  And when death shall steal upon them unawares, I will come unto them, and I will take them unto my bosom that they might receive unto their soul, a Father and a Mother’s love.

50  For, behold, I, even God, am love and whosoever is filled with love, even unto that one shall I send forth my Spirit to bless and to pardon abundantly.”

51  Now when the Lord had said these things, he called forth from the heavenly hosts, one most holy. And there came and stood before the Teacher, a little man with brown skin and bald head, bespectacled and wearing only a swaddling of cloth across his loins; and there was about him an overflowing of love and peace.

52  And the Lord spoke again to the Teacher, saying: “Come now and tell me. Who is this man that I should call him forth from the heavenly hosts?”

53  And the Teacher answered, saying: “My Lord, surely he is most familiar to me. For there arose in India a man of great soul, and this man which stands before me is the same man. My Lord, this little man is Gandhi.”

54  When the Lord heard this he spoke, saying: “You have answered well. Consider, therefore, how that this man has become as one most dear to me. Surely he has made himself to become even the very friend of God.”

55  Now when the Teacher heard these words, he did rejoice before the God of Heaven because of that hope which the Father had granted unto the children of men. And he spoke unto the Lord, saying:

56  “Surely your kindness is higher than the heavens. Yet there are many who shall wonder concerning this thing, for this man was a Hindu during his sojourn upon the earth. Therefore many shall say: ‘How can Gandhi be the friend of God seeing that he was not of the house of Christ?’”

57  And the Lord answered, saying: “Behold now, a friend most dear. For in this man am I made to delight continually; for in all his days he did walk humbly before the children of men.

58  By his hand were the fallen lifted upon wings of mercy, that they might find comfort and wisdom in the counsel of the Lord.

59  Did he not proclaim liberty unto many captives whereby the oppressed were set free? Did he not undo the heavy burden which for so long had weighed down so many? For in this man was the love of God made manifest unto the children of men.

60  How say you then that he is not of the house of Christ, seeing that he has become even as the Only Begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth?

61  For I would not have you ignorant concerning the ways of God wherein many are made joint heirs with the Father, neither would I have you unmindful of those mercies which I bestow unto all who shall serve their fellow beings according to the love of God which is in them.

62  For that Spirit which leads the righteous to do good unto all the children of men, even that Spirit shall seal all who are worthy unto life eternal, that they might take unto their souls the glory of heavenly things.

63  And I shall love them as though they were my only child. For what father having but one child of his flesh, will not love such a one with a deep and abiding love, desiring always to give unto his only begotten, a fullness of promise and blessing?

64  Now consider how that Emmanuel, even this Yeshua of Nazareth, came to show unto the children of men the way in which they should walk before the Father of their soul.

65  For he truly declared, saying: ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh unto the Father except he shall do as I have done.’

66  In this has the house of Christ been led astray, for many are made to think that if you would be saved in the kingdom of God, you need only profess aloud the name of Christ.

67  By this means have cunning and ignorant men preached unto a multitude of believers, saying: By such and such a doctrine as you shall believe, even therein shall you be justified before God and all they who do not believe as we do, even these must surely perish forever.

68  Thus shall they who know not the mercies of God marvel that Gandhi should become even as my Only Begotten; for by his great love towards all the children of men has he fulfilled all my law.

69  For there is but one way by which a man may draw nigh unto God. Therefore, whosoever shall do good unto the children of men, even as Yeshua who loved all men even unto death, they shall become as Only Begotten.

70  And they shall become the very friend of God and shall take unto themselves the fullness of the Father, and they shall be exalted on high, even worlds without end, for they shall receive unto their soul, eternal life.”