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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 14

The One and Azraella make a hidden barrier to protect Kolob from Yaldabaoth – Yaldabaoth powerful enough to attack Olaha Shinehah, but not the Celestial Kingdom – Yaldabaoth to breach barrier in the future – Mysteries apportioned for Ahmans to solve – Shaemdiel self-appoints himself – Rutheniel pleads with Shaemdiel to let go of pride – Holy quorum of four plan for the coming of Yaldabaoth – Yaldabaoth predicted to attack terrestrial realms first – Azraella is asked how he will defend Olaha Shinehah – Azraella reveals his plans: conducting the first war of Heaven – Permitting Heaven to feel threatened – Rescuing terrestrial life from destruction – Terrestrial citizens to be given a choice – Repelling the Nemesis – War plans ready, Yaldabaoth a worthy opponent – Despite intentions: nothing is certain – Adapt, improvise, overcome – Obtaining victory and avoiding unrighteous dominion – The Doctrine of Minimalism – Azraella well prepared for the coming storm – Areta’s parting words before battle – The Ahgendai return home, a forge is built – Azraella fashions a sword, shield and breastplate – Azraella addresses Mahaleenah’s forces and counsels his Daughter – The armies of Light position for war


1  Now The One and the Azraella did go forth together secretly to the regions which surrounded the worlds of Kolob, and around the great Chasm did they place a dark and hidden barrier, being itself constructed out of the fifth fractal of the fourth prime of the twenty-third dimension.

2  Which barrier would hold at bay Yaldabaoth, but which the Gods themselves could most easily pass through, being themselves unaware of the barrier which The One and the Azraella had placed around the worlds of the Celestial Kingdom.

3  For it was reasoned by the Azraella that Yaldabaoth be prevented from attacking the worlds of Kolob until he prove himself strong enough to breech the barrier, lest he present himself before the Gods as some pale and passing shadow and not the Nemesis which The One intended.

4  And even though Yaldabaoth should prove strong enough to leap out of the great Abyss, and even though he should prove fearsome enough to attack Olaha Shinehah, still was Yaldabaoth not powerful enough to attack the Councils of the Seven Lights, to fill them deep with fear.

5  Now to Yaldabaoth was given the power of twenty-three dimensions; yet despite this, still was he not strong enough to use the fullness of his strength, being himself constrained by his immaturity to the fourth fractal of the fourth prime of the twenty-third dimension.

6  But in the moment when he should prove the master of his powers, in that moment would he breech with sudden fierceness the barrier which The One and the Azraella had placed around the Celestial Kingdom; permitting that Yaldabaoth should attack with sudden fury the kingdoms of the Light.

7  Now in the Celestial Kingdom did the Councils of the Seven Lights commission that the Ahmans of each council take such measures as would reveal the meaning of the five mysteries, which mysteries had caused the Gods and Goddesses to wonder and speculate within all their many quorums and councils.

8  And each Ahman did go forth to solve a portion of the riddle, each portion of the mystery having been assigned by a consensus of all Gods and Goddesses together; and each Ahman did prove most eager in solving the portion assigned, while still they sought to aid one another in the doing of so great a charge.

9  But Shaemdiel proved most determined in taking the commission to himself alone, thinking to himself that by so doing he would do some great favor for the Ahmans which were assigned; being himself most desirous of proving himself the greatest of all the Gods of Elohim.

10  For Shaemdiel could see in himself no error, but against his Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother did he perceive a great many errors which did trouble deeply the musings of his mind; seeing in their careful deliberations and in their consideration of others a sign of weakness and trepidation.

11  Thus did the Chief Archon of the Elohim presume to act against his Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, believing all the while that he acted only for their good; having made of himself a fault finder against all those he thought less worthy than himself.

12  Yet did the Beloved of Shaemdiel, even Rutheniel, plead constantly with her husband, hoping through kind words to persuade Shaemdiel from falling deeper into pride; which pride gave birth in Shaemdiel to the constant troublings of a dark and brooding ego which chafed and complained constantly against such constraints as would compel him to act rightly and not amiss.

13  But beyond the highest glory, deep in the halls of wondrous lights brightly shining did there gather solemnly The One and Areta together, and before them stood the Azraella and his Mahaleenah; being themselves all together found deep in subtle plannings concerning the coming of Yaldabaoth.

14  For it was certain that Yaldabaoth would come quick from out of the great Abyss, and reaching out through the power of his soul, feel the shining lights of Heaven’s glory; which like a beacon would draw him forth across the Deep until at last he beheld the great Eternal Round called Olaha Shinehah.

15  And seeing entwined the kingdoms of telestial and terrestrial glory, perchance might he attack at first the worlds of the terrestrial realm; for between the worlds of the telestial and terrestrial was there seen a great difference.

16  For the citizens of the telestial realm possessed great technologies, being proud of such accomplishments as were achieved through the knowing of many sciences; having in their worlds great shining cities of glass and chromed steel; being themselves starfarers which traded between all the distant worlds within their galaxy.

17  But in the terrestrial realm were worlds made like the gardens of paradise, having no cities of glass and steel, but having small, quaint villages and hamlets whose citizens were made the masters of many spiritual arts; possessing among themselves the greatest of craftsmen, gardeners, artists, poets, musicians, mathematicians and theosophers.

18  Thus did The One discern through subtle knowing, that in the coming forth of the Lord of Darkness from out of the great Abyss, even then would he turn upon Olaha Shinehah to shake it with his might; beginning first his dread designs by attacking the idyllic worlds of the Terrestrial Kingdom, for such worlds did move along the outer corridors of the great Eternal Round.

19  And The One spoke to the Azraella, saying: “Consider, my son, how Yaldabaoth shall attack first the realms of the terrestrial worlds, believing them easier to overcome because of the simplicity of their glory;

20  Thinking that by acting cruelly against the good and honorable, even he might cause all other worlds of Olaha Shinehah to surrender fearfully before his fearsome rage, lest Yaldabaoth destroy them also.

21  How then shall you contend against Yaldabaoth in defending well the second estate? For it is within the power of the Chief Demiurgos to shatter into pieces such worlds as would contend against him for the sake of their own defense.

22  What then shall you design for the defense of Olaha Shinehah? For by such fearsome attacks as Yaldabaoth shall cast against the great Eternal Round shall he announce his dreadful presence to all the Gods and Goddesses of Heaven.

23  And by your stern defense shall even all the Heavens, from the least to the greatest be made aware of a new and fearsome God who would, through battle prove a benefit to all the heavenly realms together; becoming themselves awakened to the presence and purpose of the Azraella and his Daughter.

24  Speak then, my son, of such intentions as you have designed through the working of your will. For even your Heavenly Parents are most anxious to hear of such plans as you have devised already, when you must meet in battle the Nemesis of all our glory; announcing through fearsome conflict the first war within the lights of Heaven.”

25  Such did The One speak unto the Azraella, and taking deep and subtle thought, the Azraella answered, saying: “True is it certain that Yaldabaoth shall attack first the worlds of the terrestrial glory; for in all his planning am I made most constantly aware through the speaking of the Kragenjin who are placed to watch over the Lord of Chaos.

26  Yet of this would I remind you: for the intent of bringing forth Yaldabaoth is to shake with violent fury, the kingdoms of the Light; causing through such violent strivings that the Heavens be born anew and filled with happy vigor; removing through most fearful conflict the seeds of future doom.

27  Thus is it needful that Yaldabaoth prove well his dark intent, causing all to be awakened by a harsh and sudden shock; seeing with their own eyes the peril which has sprung upon them from out of the darkest Deep; becoming themselves most fully startled by the fury and dread intent of this Nemesis which you brought forth.

28  For this cause shall I, at first, withhold my hand from defense of Olaha Shinehah; permitting that all the Heavens should see and feel for themselves the darksome rage which would swallow up the innocent in the depths of cold oblivion.

29  Knowing myself that in the withholding of my hand shall some worlds of terrestrial glory become shattered and broken; filling the Tael with a great and silent void which shall cause the very Heavens to shake with shock and disbelief.

30  And so shall the presence of Yaldabaoth be announced before all the realms of Heaven, and before the dread onslaught of so great a Nemesis shall we observe the Heavens in their response to so great a threat, gauging by careful observations the power of Yaldabaoth against the realms of Light.

31  Yet in this would I assure you, that such worlds as Yaldabaoth might deem to shatter beneath the fierceness of his wrath, even on those worlds shall I cause to be rescued even all living things, being themselves the children of God or the beasts and birds and fishes; even all living things shall I envelop instantly within the powers of the twenty-fourth dimension.

32  And to the moons of Mahaliel shall they find refuge, where they might safely dwell far beyond the reach of doom; and to such citizens of the terrestrial worlds as I shall rescue will I give a good and pleasing choice; permitting that they might dwell forever upon the moons of Mahaliel, becoming themselves as ministering angels forever after.

33  Or to return again to the realms of the terrestrial glory where they might continue as before upon a world far distant from the ravishings of the dark and dreadful Nemesis, to continue themselves in such glory as they are made accustomed.

34  And to those who choose to be as ministering angels, even these shall work side by side with the Cherubim in watching over the children of the Ahgendai, in that far and distant age when there should come forth the generations of our kind.

35  But consider this also, for even though Yaldabaoth prove strong enough to shatter these few worlds of the Terrestrial Kingdom, still shall the vastness of Olaha Shinehah prove too great; for in the great Eternal Round does there move a great many billions of galaxies filled with bright and shining glory.

36  Yet shall Yaldabaoth begin with vigor to shatter the worlds before him causing in Heaven a deep and gasping shock; and seeing myself how the citizens of Heaven respond to so dark and dread a sight, even then will I leap suddenly forth to defend and repel the Nemesis.

37  Thus shall the opening of the first war of Heaven be conducted, and even though I repel the Lord of Chaos, still will he prove relentless; and espying in the far distance the kingdoms of celestial glory, and seeing how few worlds do exist therein, even then shall he be emboldened and rush forth with bitter zeal.

38  Thus in all my planning and design have I proved diligent and most logical in discerning well the projected course of all coming events; perceiving through most subtle things the path which all might take; giving place in every circumstance a course which I might follow, permitting that I should win the day.

39  Yet despite all these things, regardless of care and deep perceiving, still is it certain that nothing is made most certain; for even Yaldabaoth shall prove himself as one most capable, bearing in his many efforts a design all his own, to match his mind against my own.

40  Matching always through constant struggles his will and dreadful purpose, striving with relentless effort to prove himself the greater; ever seeking and devising some new and dark design which would undo the whole of all my efforts.

41  For in all the planning of my mind, in anticipating the move and countermove of another, even in self-same reflections shall Yaldabaoth likewise contrive his own dark designs; ever seeking through deepest cunning to achieve his heart’s desire, to match me wit for wit.

42  Be it therefore known among us, that there exists in all things that moment when chaos will intrude, attempting through random happenstance to change the course of our direction; to distort with confusion such things as once were plainly clear.

43  Causing that we must ever adapt and improvise and overcome such happenstances as will intrude upon the course of our designs; lest we be overwhelmed by such constant changing parameters as will but swirl around us; to leave us far removed from such goals we desire the most to have.

44  This truth do the wise foreknow, and in the knowing do stand resolved to meet most bravely; facing calmly such random events as might overwhelm those of lesser purpose, proving ourselves still most determined in running the course before us, and win the brighter day.

45  And though there move against me the whims of unexpected happenstance, still shall I continue on and not relent; ever moving steadily on in achieving the whole of our designs; being myself most ever careful to withhold my hand from unrighteous dominion when opposing the Lord of Chaos.

46  For this do we as Gods abhor, that we should feel as those made weak and deeply fearful; embracing to our soul the rule of force and unrighteous dominion in the seeking of our true design; for only the fearful and ungodly will this most strive to do.

47  Seeing therefore that Yaldabaoth should possess a will of his own, bearing upon its fearsome tide the purposes, designs, intents and goals of so fearsome a master; which will shall clash against my own midst move and countermove;

48  Causing that there should weigh most subtly against the whole of my design the unexpected happenstance: How then shall I set right the course I deign to have, whereby I might prove at last victorious; avoiding with watchful diligence the dark rule of unrighteous dominion?

49  This then have I weighed in the hand and in my soul have well determined, for in watching well the Gods of Heaven have I observed their own behavior; how that in the working of their will they use most subtly the smallest of means, avoiding through the smallest of measures the hurt of unrighteous dominion.

50  Thus in the Doctrine of Minimalism shall I use the smallest of measure to shape and turn the greatest events, avoiding through the slightest and most subtle of means the heavy weight of unrighteous dominion; for there is nothing made impossible to those who are wise and patient, being in themselves most relentless and indomitable also.

51  For those who are wise do know most certain, that in using that which appears as something small and insignificant today, if given time, will on the morrow prove the hinge upon which greater events are turned; to cast the shadows into light, changing defeat into victory.

52  Thus great Father and most Holy Mother am I near prepared to fulfill the purpose of my life; to battle hard against Yaldabaoth when meeting face to face; to match him move for move and cunning for cunning in defending well this Heaven which we love.

53  For now would I return to Mahaliel and by your good and gracious leave engage in final preparation; to make full ready both Father and Daughter when facing down the Nemesis; to be ourselves most eager and well content to wait the coming storm.”

54  Such did the Azraella speak to Parents good and wise, and there spoke to the Lord of Ahgendai, the Mother above all others, even Areta, saying: “Go then now, most noble heart, and prove yourself most ready; for we as Parents shall ever stand behind you with words of hope and strength and courage.

55  Go you forth and guard you well this Heaven which we love and by your fierce and cunning skills defend the hosts of Heaven; to set at naught the dark designs of Yaldabaoth, even as you would set in motion the design of your Father and Mother.

56  Be you then the bright fulfillment of our darker dreams, that from this struggle between good and evil, life and death, might rise still some brightly shining day when even all the Heavens would be reborn and made like new forever.”

57  And so speaking, the Azraella and his Mahaleenah did go themselves most quick away; returning to the mountains of Sileah, beside the Amethyst Sea; and there in the shadow of Mount Negurah did the Azraella build a forge, and taking from his soul an oracle of power he did cast it into the fires and with mighty strength did blend the oracle with the strength of purest diamond.

58  Fashioning with great and staggering blows, a sword of exquisite beauty, sharper than the keenest blade; able with the least of efforts to cleave in twain the heaviest of anvils made of iron; or to open wide the deep dimensions with a fierce and mighty sweep; or to disassemble the bonds of eternal matter, to cast things which do appear into that which is made of failing vapors filled with mist and shadows.

59  And taking from his soul another oracle of power, the Azraella fashioned in the fires of Negurah, a shield and helmet, with bucklers and greaves, all in all fused with brightly shining silver trimmed with gold.

60  And there was engraved upon the shield the oracle called: Shondii, which in the language of God shall always mean the light which in the darkness shines; for this oracle did the Azraella fashion to signify himself when in the darkness of the great Abyss he withstood with great resolve the fearsome might of the Eidos and the Antipode together.

61  And again the Azraella reached a third time into his soul, and from his heart he brought forth another oracle; and he fashioned from out of the fires of Negurah a breastplate of exquisite beauty, and upon the center of the breastplate did he engrave the likeness of the Shondii, and when he was complete, he called unto his Daughter.

62  And when she was come before the Father, the Azraella did place into her right hand the sword most keenly made, and in her left did he place the shield; and also did he place upon the Daughter the helmet, the breastplate, the bucklers and the greaves.

63  Then did the Father smile, for the Mahaleenah was made like unto a most beautiful yet frightful warrior; and giving forth a quick command there gathered round about the Daughter some 300,000 of the Seraphim, and to these were added in attendance some 700,000 of the Cherubim.

64  And the Azraella spoke unto the mighty host, saying: “Attend you now with all diligence the commands of this my Daughter. And as you would give obeisance unto me, even so give forth a quick obeisance unto her.

65  For it is appointed that she should stand beside me in the battles yet to come; to guard most fearsome well the Celestial Kingdom from the incursion of the Lord of Chaos, when soon he would leap forth to wage a bitter war.”

66  Thus spoke the Father, and turning to Mahaleenah, he spoke quietly into her hearing, saying: “Now is the time when we must serve our purpose; to make the Heavens new and filled with constant vigor; know therefore that I alone shall meet Yaldabaoth, to fight in fearsome struggles, while to you it is appointed to keep a watchful stance.

67  Behold now the legions which stand behind you, being eager themselves to fierce engage the darksome tide; ever hopeful that by their good and timely fight, they might please this Daughter which I delight to have.

68  Be you therefore most firm resolved, showing in both speech and manner, a calm demeanor filled with confidence; for this alone is the fire which would strengthen well the hearts of those who would follow you in battle, giving to you a good and constant effort filled with fearsome striving.

69  Present therefore a serene and hopeful presence, being yourself as one assured and always eager to step into the fray; to prove yourself as one most worthy of all their trust and love; watch therefore and quietly wait upon my good command, that on the day of battle you might give some good and timely aid.

70  Look you then with steady heart and see my fierce resolve, for such strength as you see in me lies also in your soul; to be for you that steady rock which would prove for you a refuge, permitting that there should rise up before your eyes the surest path to victory.

71  Know therefore that if you would lead, to prove yourself a general, then must you follow well such commands as I would give; for now must you set aside your former self and assume a regal form, causing that there should grow in others a confidence filled with hope.

72  Come now and let us here away, for the day of darkness gathers round and we must quickly go, lest Yaldabaoth catch us unawares and drown our hopes in sorrow.”

73  So spoke the Father, and quickly did there fly away a host of mighty angels, to be themselves positioned within the hidden veil, causing that the Lord of Darkness should prove unable to see the army of Light which stood arrayed against him.