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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 15


Yaldabaoth ecapes from the Abyss – The Darkness rushes towards the distant light of  – Yaldabaoth pauses to plan his attack – Kolob sends one thousand Seraphim to defend the lesser light – The Celestial Kingdom watches through the Tael – The Seraphim charge: one third are wounded – A second charge is pushed back – The remaining Seraphim attack once more – Yaldabaoth shatters the Seraphim like glass – Yaldabaoth takes terrestrial worlds hostage – The Lords and Gods gather in silent shock – Areta and The One arrive – Areta freezes eternal time – The One speaks about the Darkness and the need to gather and protect the innocent – The Keep is fashioned – Loriel of Avion: Queen of the Pensieye – Guardians of the Keep – Areta unfreezes eternal time – Hidden, the Azraella calmly waits


1  Frightful darkness, deepest gloom
stood Yaldabaoth darkly brooding,
Father of Chaos, Lord of Doom
his evil dreams extruding.


2  Deep the Abyss in which he dwelt,
endless as the darkest night,
endless the wrath that he felt,
which fed his fearsome might.


3  Chafed and bitter within his prison,
he moved midst eager prowling,
ever seeking to escape,
he raged with constant howling.


4  The gates of darkness his mind did seize,
midst fury they broke apart,
tearing wide the womb of night,
he leaped with a sudden start.


5  What dreadful presence the cosmos felt,
the starry Heavens trembled,
the stars grew dim and thinly pale,
when Yaldabaoth fierce assembled.


6  Gathering up his mighty powers,
he shaped his dreadful presence,
forming with most bitter zeal
the sum of all his essence;


7  Breathing out most fearsome threats,
his hatred greatly flaming,
like fiery shards which seek to wound,
the Gods he took to blaming.


8  With eyes of hatred deeply gazing,
he searched the starry night,
when he at last did quick behold
that far and distant light.


9  There in the darkness was soon revealed
the great Eternal Round
where moved three kingdoms filled with joy-
the Gods at last he found.


10  How deeply seethed his burning hate,
how filled with bitter thought,
with wild abandon he quickly lunged,
his mind most overwrought.


11  To heap on God some great revenge,
to strike with hurtful strife,
to tear and wound with frightful woe,
and kill their joyful life.


12  Leapt Yaldabaoth fiercely bent,
his fiery might went rushing,
quick across the starry deep,
his mind was set on crushing.


13  Closer, closer came Lord Doom,
nearer rushed the Darkness,
faster, faster sped he on,
his hate most sharply focused.


14  How brightly shined the lights of Heaven,
what sparkling wonders glowed,
where beauty dwells midst lofty spires,
and joy, like rivers flowed.


15  Blithely rolled the happy kingdoms,
unaware of doom,
sweetly flew the angels singing,
amidst the gathering gloom.


16  Yet far away the Darkness rushed
to swallow up the Light,
filled with hate and bitter rage,
filled with vengeful spite.


17  Onward, onward rushed the Darkness,
closer near it drew,
brighter glowed the happy kingdoms,
sparkling like the dew.


18  When all at once Yaldabaoth stopped,
to decide some fearsome plan,
gazing darkly on such lights,
which before his eyes did span.


19  Deeply brooding, Lord of Doom,
Father of Chaos seething,
gazing on the worlds of light,
his rage like fiery breathing.


20  Brooding darkly before the lights,
Yaldabaoth took great thought,
Olaha Shinehah vast and bright,
its worlds with beauty wrought.


21  Billions and billions of happy worlds
within their galaxies turning,
moving through the Eternal Round,
their glory brightly burning.


22  Gazed Yaldabaoth darkly hidden,
within the folds of time,
thinking, seething, hurtful dreamings,
upon the worlds sublime.


23  “What hurtful, dreadful, weeping pains
might I most surely cause,
announcing to God my fierce intent,
and make the Heavens pause?


24  Where begin my dark designs;
how shake the Heavens deep;
how make the Heavens drown in tears,
and make the angels weep?


25  How attack so vast a realm;
where begin my fiery purge;
when assail such lofty heights;
how prove myself a scourge?


26  See the Heavens how quiet they rest,
how filled with joyful bliss;
now shall I but prove my part,
and be their Nemesis.”


27  Thus did Yaldabaoth ponder the greatness of Olaha Shinehah, and looking beyond the joyful realms and across the Chasm of the Deep, he saw the suns of Kolob brightly shining like a jewel in the midst of a starry crown.

28  And perceiving deeply in himself the presence of God, he flashed with inward hate, boiling and seething with awful rage, coiling together all his might; and gazing upon a portion of Olaha Shinehah, he spoke, saying:

29  “Now shall I announce to God my great revenge, and with most hurtful powers cause the Heavens to tremble before me; drawing out from all his glory this God which hurt me so.

30  Slow at first shall I build their terror, to taint the great etherium with my fierce and dread intent; causing the Heavens to fill with dread and deep foreboding; and in a moment of great disquiet shall I attack and bring to ruin the kingdoms of the Light.

31  Then shall the God Beyond grow deep alarmed, and shall come himself to battle; permitting that I should wreak on him my deep and bitter rage; to cast on him some hurtful wound which would make the Heavens tremble.”

32  So spoke Yaldabaoth, and there immediately began to fly out of the Father of Chaos, a fierce and flashing light, like sheets of lightning crimson red which shook with violence the dimensions of the lesser kingdom.

33  And upon the worlds which moved nearby there was heard a deep and rumbling sound, and there billowed up around a certain sun of a terrestrial world, a darkly glowing cloud of rage, filled with fire and doom.

34  To cast the world in glooming shadows which caused the children of God to wonder, to fill them with deep astonishment; and the shadows deepened and darkness covered the whole world together; and fear took hold the hearts of many.

35  But in the kingdoms of celestial light did the Gods and Goddesses also feel the rising up of doom and chaos together fashioned; causing that there should swiftly fly from out of the exalted realms, one thousand of the Seraphim.

36  Thus did there come from out of each house of the Seraphim some two hundred and fifty of the fierce and mighty, flying forth in a hurried rush unto Olaha Shinehah, to see perchance what they might do against the Darkness which gathered fiercely round midst the kingdoms of terrestrial glory.

37  And there watched from afar even all the Gods and Goddesses of celestial light, being themselves filled with hope and great resolve; standing eager within the Tael to see how well the Seraphim might fare when confronting the Darkness which had come forth to trouble the children of God.

38  But Yaldabaoth, in seeing the onward rush of the Seraphim, took great delight, having himself never seen the likeness of so strange a creature; yet being himself fully resolved in destroying the heavenly host which came against him, to swallow them up in darkness and savage hurt.

39  Onward rushed the noble thousand, forward came the Seraphic host, each resolved to stand against that power which would swallow up the sun, to cast the worlds of terrestrial glory into dark and frightful shadows.

40  And seeing before them, in the distance, that Darkness which would devour the sun midst awful flashing and rumbling doom, the Seraphim did call forth the keys of the ninth dimension whereby the gathering gloom of darkness might be cast back from whence it came.

41  But there rose up against the Seraphim, a dimension which they knew not of; and as a wall of hurt it did strike against them with great and savage force; hurling them back into the depths of the great Chasm which separated Olaha Shinehah from the Celestial Kingdom.

42  Thus did the Seraphim find themselves repelled by a force and a power far greater than themselves, and of the Seraphim were one third found greatly wounded; for their wings were shattered and filled with pain, causing that those which were still able should assemble once again and go against the darksome power.

43  Rushed again the mighty Seraphim, charging with a great resolve; drawing forth the keys of power to strike against that frightful Doom which had invaded the realms of God; being themselves most eager to save the children of God from that unknown force which stood arrayed against them.

44  Yet to himself did Yaldabaoth laugh with inward glee, to see his power matched against the Seraphic host which flew most swift against him; and seeing that the Seraphim would charge upon him once again, he lashed out with sudden quickness, and the Seraphim which came against him were cast even further back into the Chasm than before.

45  And of the one thousand Seraphim which came at first against the Darkness, there were but only two hundred which stood uninjured still; becoming themselves filled with astonishment and perplexity; for never before in the history of the Gods had so great a power been fiercely met, to become themselves as those made vanquished before that dark and frightful mystery which would invade the realms of Heaven.

46  Yet a third time did those which stood uninjured of the Seraphim rush again upon Yaldabaoth, gathering up the sum of all their powers reaching deep into the Tael to draw upon all the Seraphim together; becoming themselves most fierce resolved to defend the realms of Heaven.

47  But Yaldabaoth drew forth the greatness of all his rage, his hate grew tightly focused; and seeing that the Seraphim had near rushed upon him, being themselves most fiercely resolved, he struck hard against them a great and staggering blow.

48  And the Seraphim did break and shatter like broken shards of glass, and in a sudden instant did the Seraphim slip away into oblivion to be seen no more forever among the Councils of the Seven Lights.

49  Thus did there return to the Celestial Kingdom only eight hundred of the Seraphic host, being themselves broken and deeply wounded; and all the Heavens did gasp in deep astonishment, becoming themselves most greatly perplexed by the awful things which they had seen when looking through the Tael.

50  But in the realms of terrestrial glory did Yaldabaoth hold a firm and fearful sway; taking hostage such worlds as did revolve around the sun, and there began to emanate from out of Yaldabaoth a deep and rumbling boom filled with hissing; reaching out in darksome waves to challenge all the Heavens, causing that God himself should come.

51  Yet within the deepest dimension did the Azraella watch most carefully, to keep on Yaldabaoth a deep and fearsome watch; having commanded already that Mahaleenah slip through most hidden veils to secure the inhabitants of such terrestrial worlds as the Lord of Darkness would take hostage.

52  But in the celestial worlds of Kolob did all the Lords and Gods gather each according to their quorum, each according to their council; being in all their powers, dominions and principalities filled with great concern and ever anxious.

53  For throughout the great eternities had never any of the Seraphim been defeated and made most broken; neither had there fallen into oblivion any of the godly realm; and throughout all the Houses of Gods and Goddesses did there grow a stunned and silent shock.

54  Yet in the midst of the Seven Councils, before the eyes of all who gathered did there grow a bright and sudden light, and from the light did there speak still a greater Light; and all the Gods and Goddesses grew calm and firm relieved, for there came before them both Areta and The One.

55  And the voice of the Supreme Mother spoke, saying: “Behold!” And all which gathered beheld in Olaha Shinehah the stopping of eternal time; stopped and still stood dark Yaldabaoth, frozen in place midst all his gloom; to stand in place as though a statue, unable to move or harm.

56  Stopped and frozen Olaha Shinehah, its myriad worlds made still and silent; to stand unmoved and never turning throughout the great Eternal Round; freed of peril for but the moment, while the Gods themselves considered the course of what to do.

57  Seeing then these things, all who gathered among the Gods were filled with deep astonishment; for never had the great Eternal Round been made to stop its constant moving; never before was eternal time held still and firmly frozen.

58  And The One spoke from out of the Light, saying: “Hear, my children and do not fear, for you know already how there is gathered against our glory, a dark and fearsome presence which even now stands poised to strike against the Light; to throw down into ruin and ashes this Heaven which we love.

59  For this I tell you for your learning, that there has come against us a fierce and dreadful Nemesis which would destroy this happy realm; being in itself a pure and hurtful evil which did but follow me from the beginning of my birth.

60  Growing stronger through the aeons, growing fiercer and filled with hate, hidden deep in darksome shadows, ever growing in its powers within the great Abyss, waiting for that certain moment when he might bring me down.

61  Behold then the great evil which hid most secretly until that time when he should prove strong enough to attack the very Gods; for yonder stands that darksome power which is himself relentless and indomitable, being himself unyielding and without mercy.

62  For this I tell you that you might know: For while these Heavens progressed in joy and light and sweet fulfillment, yonder did the Darkness grow in hate and bitter loathing; seething and boiling with hurtful dreams which fed his dark designs.

63  Know then, my noble children, that there has intruded upon these Heavens a cruel and spiteful evil, and even now has war been forced upon us; and except we take swift measures, we shall prove ourselves most vulnerable.

64  Thus is it needful that I should fashion a Keep which will make safe the children that we love, from the greatest to the least; even all the children of Heaven, from the Celestial Kingdom to the Telestial Kingdom shall we place within the Keep to be for them a refuge; for the innocent must we protect from that dark and evil scourge which even now stands upon our very doorstep.

65  While you this Heaven must maintain, to guard it from destruction; for it is certain that even the Gods would prove unable to withstand by force this Evil which is come upon us; being yourselves holy and filled with peace and joyful heart, being incapable of rage or fearsome indignation.

66  For even I did know beforehand that this Evil would rise against us, to wreak a dark destruction; compelling that I should bring forth a good but dark deliverer; thus did my Beloved join with me to fashion a dreadful Savior which even now would announce himself through fearful battle.

67  Go then and let us hurry; go you forth and not delay, for it is needful that you gather up even all the children and to the Keep which I will forge and deep construct, even thereto shall you bring them; for it shall prove itself an impregnable refuge for those made young and innocent.

68  And when you are complete in gathering out the innocent, then must you prepare yourselves against the day of battle, for in these Heavens where love and beauty are made as one, even here shall Evil come forth to battle; and to you is it given to uphold what soon shall be shaken, and to repair and make as new the things which shall be broken.

69  Gaze you now on yonder worlds and see the hurtful foe; now go you forth, do not delay, and gather out the innocent, for soon there shall be announced through fearsome battle, a dark yet goodly Savior who shall save the realms of light.”

70  And immediately did every God and Goddess rise up as one and the whole Celestial Kingdom joined in gathering out the innocent from all the kingdoms of Heaven; and taking them to the place appointed, they found The One and Areta together, fashioning a deep and awesome Keep which would prove a refuge against the day of battle.

71  And at the gates thereof did Areta place in charge, the cherub called Loriel of Avion, being herself the First and Sovereign Queen of the Pensieye; and within the Keep did all the children of Heaven go, from the greatest to the least, even all found refuge.

72  Yet within the Keep did The One place also even all the cherubs of the Shulieye, for in the beginning did God make a covenant whereby the Shulieye might watch over all the children of God, to be for each a guardian and a protector.

73  And into the Keep could none gain entrance except the Gods and Goddesses themselves, for the doors of the Keep could none open save those who had a parent’s love; for the key which alone could open wide the hidden door was found only in a Father’s or a Mother’s love for a child.

74  Thus did there stand at the very doors, the Cherubim of the Pensieye, while inward watched the Cherubim of the Shulieye, proving themselves both eager and anxious to carry well their charge.

75  And so there stood before the very doors, Loriel and twelve thousand of the Pensieye, holding in their hands the oracles of the Kai whereby they might repel such evils as would seek to harm the innocent.

76  But over all these things, being themselves most deeply hidden within the veils of the great dimensions stood the Seraphim of the Ahgendai; being themselves fierce and mighty, holding in their hand the sword of war.

77  And in all the Heavens did every God and every Goddess turn themselves to watch, gazing upon that frozen time where Yaldabaoth stood like stone, unmoving and deeply frozen.

78  Then did the voice of Areta speak, saying: “Behold!” and in an instant did the great Eternal Round continue in its moving; and eternal time flowed gently on, and in the realms of terrestrial glory did Yaldabaoth move with a sudden start, seething and boiling with hurtful rage.

79  While in a place made deep and hidden, the Azraella waited; standing calm within the storm, waiting for that certain moment when the inhabitants of those terrestrial worlds which Yaldabaoth held hostage, should be themselves rescued and safely placed upon the moons of Mahaliel.