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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 13

Angels greet the Father and his Daughter – “Let us make at last a home” – In the mountains of Sileah by the Amethyst Sea – The trees of Shimaloo – The Tael shimmers in the loving of the Ahgendai – Speculation among the Gods – The seven Ahmans of the Celestial Kingdom gather – The mystery of the Janmoleah – The Gods and Goddesses ponder the mysteries – On Mahaliel, the Ahgendai convene a council – Azraella speaks: the darkness stirs – Yaldabaoth will come seeking – A great and troubling storm – Mastering war to benefit Heaven – Guarding the Archons from destruction – Giving meaning to Heaven’s losses – Yaldabaoth to attack Olaha Shinehah first – Preparing for battle: Kragenjin fly to the Abyss – The five observations of the Gods – Shaemdiel schemes, compelled by pride


1  Above the waters of the sea,
beside the Amber Plains,
where fields of flowers softly bowed,
beneath the gentle rains.


2  Stood the hosts of angels singing,
beneath a graying sky,
hopeful hearts most eager waiting
to greet the Ahgendai.


3  Came at once a mighty rushing
which drove the clouds apart,
dappled sunlight on the fields
which brightened every heart.


4  Softly rose the happy chorus,
their anthems greatly pealing,
resounding deeply o’er the dale,
fraught with tender feelings.


5  Ten thousand angels at a glance,
each filled with expectation;
hopeful, joyful, shining souls
full of approbation.


6  When at last there quietly came
the Father and his Daughter,
walking softly by the sea,
beside the sparkling water.


7  Great the joy, the angels leap
and in the Heavens fly,
twirling, swirling, pirouettes
across the bluing sky.


8  Chasing quick the clouds along,
they fall from towering heights,
ten thousand angels filled with joy,
their bodies glowing bright.


9  Sweeping low across the sea,
racing o’re the water,
racing, singing, happy greeting,
the Father and his Daughter.


10  Such the greeting the Gods were given
midst light and joyful song,
which made the two most kindly smile,
as angels raced along.


11  Then spoke the Father to his Daughter
in words most deeply knowing,
which caused the child to sweetly dream,
to fill her heart with glowing.


12  “Let us make at last a home,
and there but soft abide,
where we can live and find our rest
when working side by side.


13  Let us dress our home with beauty,
from ground to lofty rafter,
to strengthen well our sweet abode,
when shook by mighty laughter.


14  A place of welcome and repose,
a place of warmth and light,
a place of joy and hopeful dreams,
a place forever bright.


15  And round our home we’ll surely plant,
a garden filled with flowers;
with shrubs of green and trees made tall,
which rise like mighty towers.


16  For there the winds shall dance and play
and birds most sweetly sing,
and all that lives shall safely dwell
within our gardens green.


17  And through our land shall rivers flow
and springs and brooks entwine,
and here shall angels find a home,
and sing their songs sublime.


18  There shall purple mountains rise,
their lofty summits crowned,
with sparkling snows which softly melt
to flow down sacred ground.


19  So let us make at last a home
where we shall safe abide,
and there we’ll live and find our rest
when working side by side.


20  A place of calm, a place of mirth,
a place of sweet delight;
a place which we can call our home
which shines forever bright.


21  So call the angels from afar,
and let their anthems sing,
let their voices shout with joy
and make the Heavens ring.


22  What say you now; how speaks your heart;
what thoughts most inward lie?
For I would build for us a home
beneath the bluing sky.”


23  Such were the words the Father spoke
to his one and only Daughter,
when they in joy most quietly strolled
beside the sparkling water.


24  And being in agreement, the Father and the Daughter did go unto the mountains of Sileah, and in a valley of great beauty, which valley was bordered in its southernmost part by the Amethyst Sea, they fashioned a small but pleasing home.

25  And there fell into the valley a great many waterfalls, whose vaporous veils gave birth to a host of rainbows which did most brightly shine; to dress in most colorful splendor the gardens of the land.

26  For there surrounded the home a garden of great size, being in its measurement some twelve miles long and twelve miles wide; containing within its boundaries, marvels and wonders far greater than the tongue can speak or the pen can write.

27  And seeing that the home was good and finely made, the Father and the Daughter did enter in and there did they make their abode; to fill the house with beauty and song.

28  And upon the mountains of Sileah did there come to dwell a congregation of the Cherubim, whereby they might dwell nigh unto the Daughter, perchance to give to her some good and happy service.

29  Now on a certain day did the Azraella go unto the southernmost part of the garden, beside the Amethyst Sea, and there did he fashion a strange and wondrous oracle; and casting it upon the ground there sprung up immediately from out of the earth, the trees of Shimaloo.

30  Which trees were made of finely shaped crystals which rose up some 100 feet above the ground, causing that whensoever the sun should shine upon them even then would the crystals refract the light; making to appear before the eye a canopy of rainbowed light which like leaves did dance and flutter in the airs round about.

31  Seeing therefore the trees of Shimaloo, Mahaleenah did fairly swoon, and there did she seduce the Azraella, to lay with him side by side; opening wide the gates of her soul whereby she might receive into herself the joys of Peshkaleah.

32  Such was the creating of Mahaliel and the home wherein the Ahgendai did live; and in the loving of the Azraella and his Mahaleenah were the very Heavens made wide awake, to perceive through the Tael, the rising up of something new and filled with mystery.

33  For in the beginning of the Ahgendai, when the Azraella was made to dwell in the Abyss and there most nobly struggle against the Eidos and the Antipode, even in those fearsome moments did the Tael tremble; revealing to all the Gods that in the womb of endless night did there erupt a great battle between the evil and the good.

34  Yet of this evil and of that good did the Gods most ill perceive, for such knowledge was hidden deep in the mystery of The One and Areta together; causing that the Gods of Heaven should possess no sure knowledge of the Antipode or the Ahgendai.

35  But in that moment when goodness made love to goodness beneath the trees of Shimaloo, when Mahaleenah did take to herself the passions of the Azraella, even then did the Tael shimmer with excitement and holy lust; revealing to all the Gods the presence of something new and wondrous strange.

36  Causing that throughout the seven glories of the Celestial Kingdom should even all the Gods and Goddesses engage in deep and joyful speculation regarding the meaning of all these things, meeting within their quorums to share most eager thoughts.

37  Wondering first among themselves the meaning of such fearsome struggles as did erupt between the darkness and the light within the great Abyss; and secondly to wonder among themselves concerning such lustful passions as did cause the very Heavens to shimmer with delight.

38  And there was convened a great gathering of Gods and Goddesses, and there presided among them the seven Ahmans of the heavenly hosts, each according to their several councils: from the Council of El Jor El did there preside both Kikuriel and Miriel;

39  From the Council of El Kolobree did there preside Shuliel and Xaniel; from the Council of El Ramadee presided Dahmiel and Bithliel; from the Council of Shem El Koreem presided Shoandiel and Doriel; from the Council of Elkashie presided Pajmiel and Hashimiel; from the Council of Elolam presided Henliel and Bashiel; and from the Council of Elohim presided Noeiel and Galendriel.

40  These then were the seven Ahmans which presided among all the Gods and Goddesses which were most happily gathered to discuss among themselves the mysteries which moved within the Tael; for the mystery within the Tael did they call the Janmoleah.

41  Consider then what the Janmoleah should mean, for in the mysteries of Janmoleah were all things, events, histories and persons recorded and firmly held through the binding codes of Kadasarooyâ; which binding codes did move the keys of the Zimagâyah in most subtle fashion.

42  Permitting that persons of one era should move through the veils of space and time to touch the people of another era; and this only for their good; for in the mysteries of Janmoleah did God reach back to ages past, to change the distant future; and this through the wisdom of all the Gods together.

43  And so there gathered the Councils of the Seven Lights, both Gods and Goddesses, being eager to know the mystery which lay unseen, but which all could plainly feel; discerning through the Tael something fierce and dreadful, and then again something filled with love and gentle passions.

44  Yet to this mystery was there added still another, for it was observed that among the suns of Ashengaard was one seen missing; and where it went could none discern through the wonders of the Tael.

45  Now as the Gods and Goddesses did gather and did most deeply ponder, even so on Mahaliel did the Ahgendai, both Father and Daughter convene together the heavenly hosts.

46  Thus did there gather round about the home of the Ahgendai the hosts of the Oggaliaphim and the Seraphim, the Koshendai and the Kragenjin; and to these were also added the Cherubim which gathered close around the Daughter.

47  And to the whole gathering did the Azraella speak, saying: “Hear, O mighty, and be you most attentive; for soon there shall fall upon us the day of battle and of war; when we as one, must hold at bay the darkness which the Nemesis of God would impose upon us.

48  For even now does the Darkness stir midst great perplexities, being unable himself to seize hold the Eidos; for in the stealing away of the dark oracle did the Eidos return again to his former state, to prove himself as something scattered, impermanent, vaporous and incorporeal.

49  And being unable to subdue his former master, even the Lord of Darkness shall seek to seize my person whereby he might forge through threats and violence an alliance between us, whereby he might storm the gates of Heaven to destroy us altogether.

50  Yet in the womb of endless night, throughout the depths of the great Abyss shall he prove unable to find me; and soon thereafter shall he come looking, chasing through the veils of time the path which leads to here.

51  For I would not have you prove yourself unknowing, but would myself forewarn you; for it is appointed by the God Beyond, that there come against the heavenly abode a great and troubling storm.

52  Which storm shall shake with fury against the heavenly place, to threaten the beauty and wonder of all our many glories; that in the very shaking of the Heavens there might fall away the seeds of complacency, tedium and mediocrity.

53  Thus shall it fall to us to play the game of war and to master all its parts; that by our deep and cunning efforts we might permit the Demiurge to win a little, gain a little, to shake the whole of Heaven.

54  Causing that all who live therein might see anew, the beauty and wonder of all their glory; which beauty and wonder might all be lost because of such fierceness as Yaldabaoth might hurl against them.

55  Thus shall the fear of so great a loss cause the Gods to see afresh this Heaven in which they dwell; causing that they should cherish still more deeply the eternal and divine; becoming through the fear of loss more determined in holding on to that which makes the Heavens shine.

56  Let us therefore master well our parts, for it is not given that any of us can perish because of battle or of war; for we possess in ourselves the keys of Zimagâyah; but of the Archons is it known already that they themselves can perish.

57  For the Archons of God are made to master a fullness of twelve dimensions, but to the Demiurge are there given some nineteen dimensions in which to wage a bitter strife; but to Yaldabaoth alone is there given some twenty-three dimensions in which he might establish well his power over the sum of all his kind.

58  Therefore, let us guard well the Archons from destruction; for this truth to you I speak, knowing already your strength in enduring so hard a truth: for it is certain that some Archons shall perish, regardless of all our care.

59  Be therefore resolved in giving meaning to so great a loss; to make the Heavens shine like new, and to protect the sacred places wherein the Gods do dwell; thus shall those which perish add still some greater worth through the sacrifice of their life.

60  Let then the Kragenjin go now unto the Abyss, and thereby await the coming forth of Yaldabaoth; and when he is come forth, then send word to me through the workings of the Tael; that we might prove forewarned against the day of battle.

61  For I perceive that in going against the heavenly places, even Yaldabaoth shall strike first against Olaha Shinehah, to shake it with his might; by this means shall he announce the coming of that fierce and relentless power which would break in pieces the kingdoms of the Light.

62  Causing that the very Gods should prove themselves astonished by so dread an act; being themselves caught unawares by the fearsome hatred of Yaldabaoth; creating in the heart of every God and Goddess a great perplexity regarding the thing which they should do.

63  Arise now, O great and mighty, for now is the day of rejoicing passed regarding the celebration of this new and glorious world; and the day of preparation is come upon us.

64  Let us then set forth to labor, that in defending well Olaha Shinehah, even then shall the presence and purpose of the Ahgendai be announced unto all the Gods of Heaven.”

65  So spoke the Azraella, and immediately did there fly away the hosts of Kragenjin, to go themselves into the Abyss and there await the fearsome birth of Yaldabaoth when he should leap full force out of the womb of endless night.

66  But in the Councils of the Seven Lights did the Gods and Goddesses gather up the beginnings of a great and subtle mystery; to lay side by side the observations which they did see and feel; and among the Gods and Goddesses was there seen a great excitement filled with speculation and happy wonder.

67  For these five things did all observe with the senses, or feel through the Tael most certain: for it was seen already how that one of the suns of Ashengaard no longer shined among its brethren, being itself taken away to some unknown place where it might shine in a glory all its own.

68  And to this mystery was there added the vanishing away of some 300,000 of the Seraphim; and to this was there also known of the slipping away of Murel-Sundii-Mahali, First and Only Sovereign of the Shulieye, and with her a great many of the Cherubim.

69  These then did the Gods add to the things which moved most subtly through the Tael like dark and fearsome shadows, or which moved soft upon loving passions filled with tenderness and kind regard.

70  Yet among all the Gods did one alone scheme and plot some deep and grand design, believing alone that if he should himself unravel the mystery for all to see, then would all Gods and Goddesses show forth their admiration of him.

71  Believing among themselves that of all the Gods which lived in Heaven, surely Shaemdiel was one most highly favored by the Gods which dwelled beyond.

72  And so did Shaemdiel go forth to seek, being himself driven and compelled by a fierce and hidden pride, to prove himself greater than all the rest; being himself consumed by an overzealous faith in the greatness of his own power and worth.