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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 12

Creating a new kingdom of Heaven: seeking out the Azurgai – A covenant of fellowship – Seven moons for seven mothers – Mahaleenah and the Azurgai prepare the streams of intelligence – Azraella moves the first sun of Ashengaard – Azraella fashions the binding codes of Kadasarooya – The Zimagayah: twenty-four dimensions of space and time – The seals of Mahali-Kadass – Azraella creates a world – Azraella petitions for an earth spirit – El-Kai-Terra: the oldest of all earth spirits – The world receives a name: Mahaliel – Azraella creates the seven moons of Mahaliel – Mahaleenah and El-Kai-Terra create life on Mahaliel – A covenant is made with the Seraphim – The First Queen of the Cherubim dreams – The Shulieye reveal themselves to Mahaleenah and express desire to dwell and serve among the Ahgendai – Mahaleenah accepts the Queen’s petition and covenants are made – 700,000 Cherubim divided among the moons – Creation of the Oggaliaphim – Creation of the Koshendai: guardians of the Zimagayah – Creation of the Kragenjin: hidden spies of Azraella – Azraella and Mahaleenah prepare to build a home


1  Gazing out into the starry cosmos, peering deep into the heart of creation, the Azraella spoke to Mahaleenah, saying: “Come, Beloved Daughter and let us begin our happy labors; to create for us and our seed hereafter a kingdom of our own devising.”

2  And leaping together into the stars, the Ahgendai did go hand in hand towards the streams of living intelligence, to find for themselves the very Azurgai.

3  For the Azraella thought it desirable to make with them a covenant whereby they might create together the foundations of a new Heaven whose glory and power would far outshine the kingdoms of the Archons; providing for both the Ahgendai and the Azurgai, an inheritance forever.

4  Thus did there come before the Azurgai, both the Azraella and Mahaleenah, and there did they forge between them a covenant of good and happy fellowship; permitting that throughout all the realms of the Ahgendai, from now and forever, even therein would the Azurgai possess a kingdom of their own.

5  And the Azraella and Mahaleenah did give as a gift to the Azurgai, even all the moons which would move about the realms of the Ahgendai, to dress and fashion them as they might choose; and in the giving of so great a gift, was there forged between the Ahgendai and the Azurgai an alliance which would prove for each both beneficial and filled with promise.

6  Now Mahaleenah did go forth into the cosmos, to the place which God appointed for the creation of the world of the Ahgendai; and with her went the seven Mothers whereby they might take some happy counsel among themselves, filled with great excitement.

7  And being in the place appointed, the Azurgai called forth the streams of intelligence to come and gather round about; and there began to flow about them threads of golden light, which threads did converge into brightly flowing streams.

8  And the streams did move and flow and brightly dance, to soft converge into a mighty river; flowing, moving undulations of brightly dancing light; gushing through the void of space to bathe in light and deep intelligence, all the matter which lay unformed within the starry deep.

9  Thus as Mahaleenah busied herself among the seven Mothers, even then did Azraella go forth unto the suns of Ashengaard and there did he call forth a single sun of great splendor, and by the speaking of the word did he cause it to move into the regions where the Daughter labored among the Azurgai.

10  Opening wide the great dimensions, causing that the sun should quickly vanish from out of its former place, to stand in a flashing instant in the midst of that starry deep where the streams of intelligence had also gathered.

11  And reaching out to the Daughter she came and stood beside him, and the Azraella called out of the depths all the unformed matter which was bathed within the flood; causing that it should go from common matter to eternal matter, becoming itself quickened and enlivened by the very intelligences which moved within the flood.

12  And Azraella reached deep into his soul and there did he fashion through the power of the oracles, the binding codes of Kadasarooya; which very codes would empower him to create a world of exquisite form and beauty; being bound in each its several parts into a oneness both rare and glorious.

13  And not this only, for there were drawn from both the Azraella and Mahaleenah the twenty-four dimensions of space and time; which in the language of God are called the Zimagayah, having in each dimension seven primes, and to each prime was there given twelve fractals of linear time.

14  Thus to guard well the fractals of time which moved within each prime, Mahaleenah did set about them the seals of Mahali-Kadass; causing that each fractal should be separate and sovereign from every other fractal of time, yet within the Tael were all made to appear as one in purpose and deep design.

15  And seeing that all things were prepared for the creation of their realm, Azraella gave forth a quick command and, behold, all the eternal matter which lay within the golden tide did leap from out of the flood, moving and grinding each against the other; forming through great and heated pressures a sphere of wondrous light.

16  Which sphere of light was strongly bound within the Zimagayah; and there formed within the sphere a bright and shining world having a great many seas and oceans; and out from the depths of the seas did there rise forth three great continents of land, each constructed of mighty mountains and broad fertile plains and deep valleys.

17  And again did the Azraella speak a word of great command, and there formed about the earth, in the skies above, dark and brooding clouds and it began to rain; gently bathing all the lands and across the deep blue seas, refreshing all the world together.

18  And there flowed from out of the mountains, streams of living water, clear and most refreshing; and these did gather into greatly rushing rivers which flowed out across the plains and through the deepest valleys.

19  Seeing therefore all these things, the Azraella was greatly pleased, and speaking again in a loud voice, he gave still another command, and there began to grow upon the land, all manner of trees and shrubs and flowers; filling first the deepest valleys, then moving quick across the plains, covering up the hills to touch the very mountains.

20  And seeing all these things, the Azraella smiled for it was good and pleasing to the eye; for the world was beautiful and most exquisite; filling the heart with deepest awe and reverence, graced by holy expectations, for the world was ready and well prepared for still the greater portion.

21  Reaching therefore into the Tael, the Azraella did petition both the Father and the Mother whereby there might be given to the world, an earth spirit which would guide and watch over the whole world together.

22  Becoming to all which lived as a mother and a guardian, to keep the world in balance and deepest harmony; to become herself the guiding power filled with wisdom, directing at her will the natural forces of a living world made rare above all the worlds which God had ever made.

23  And The One and Areta called forth the oldest of all the earth spirits which lived among the Heavens, even that very spirit which first dwelt on Terralee in the ancient long ago, and to her did he give possession of that world which the Ahgendai had created.

24  Now the name of the earth spirit was El-Kai-Terra, and leaping forth from out of the Tael, she went and dwelt within the first world of the Ahgendai; and there existed between El-Kai-Terra and the Ahgendai a covenant of life and joy and love, filled with greater purpose.

25  And seeing that the world in which she dwelt was good and pleasing, she did give unto it a name by which it would be forever known, calling the earth: Mahaliel; being named in honor of Mahaleenah; for between El-Kai-Terra and Mahaleenah was there found an abundance of affection.

26  Being therefore pleased and well content, the Azraella called forth again the matter unformed, and again there moved from out of the rivers of intelligence, a gathering of eternal matter, which eternal matter did begin to press against each the other; to form in differing sizes the seven moons which would move round about Mahaliel.

27  And as a gift did the Azraella give the seven moons to the Azurgai, to be for them as an inheritance forever; permitting that they should fashion for themselves a kingdom of their own, whereby they might participate among the Gods in bringing forth all the generations of the Ahgendai.

28  When therefore the Azurgai beheld the moons of Mahaliel, they were pleased and well content, and calling forth the silver stream which lay hidden in the golden rivers of intelligence, they did lace and twine the moons together.

29  And to each moon was there given an orbit around the world of Mahaliel, each according to their size, from the smallest to the greatest; each moon traveling around the earth in a path separate from all other moons; being themselves stitched together by silver threads of light, like pearls upon a string.

30  Thus did each moon become a Paradise, filled with gardens and deeply pleasing to the senses, to become themselves a way station for all who should prove worthy of exaltation in the kingdom of the Ahgendai; to wait in Paradise the moment of their birth as an Ahgendai of God.

31  But on Mahaliel did Mahaleenah and El-Kai-Terra take counsel among themselves; for it was needful that the living forms of all creatures take birth upon the land and in the waters of the deep and in the airs above; each possessing a purpose of their own, yet bound together in filling the world with life.

32  Being therefore decided and in agreement among themselves, Mahaleenah did create an oracle of living power from out of the depths of her soul, and calling forth the ethers of the air, she mixed it with the earth; and Mahaleenah spoke, saying: “Let there be life.”

33  And immediately there leaped out of the soul of El-Kai-Terra, all manner of birds, each producing after its own kind, to fill the world with songs of joy; and from the greatest to the least did the birds of Heaven dance upon the wind, flitting from tree to tree, or to soar and glide above the highest mountains or across the deep blue seas.

34  Seeing therefore the goodness of all these things, Mahaleenah was greatly pleased, and fashioning still another oracle, she did mix it with the elements of the earth; and breathing upon it with the breath of her own life, she spoke, saying: “Let there be life.”

35  And immediately there passed from out of the depths of El-Kai-Terra all manner of beasts, each producing after its own kind, to fill the lands of the earth with all manner of creatures; from the greatest to the smallest; each serving according to their purpose, to fill the earth with wonder.

36  Then did Mahaleenah prove well content, and reaching again into her soul, she fashioned still another oracle and reaching beneath the waters of the sea, she gathered the earth beneath to mingle with the waters of the deep.

37  And again she spoke softly, saying: “Let there be life.” And there flowed from out of El-Kai-Terra, all manner of fishes and whales and even great leviathans; each producing after their kind, filling up the seas and oceans, swimming up the rivers and in the deep blue lakes; filling the waters of Mahaliel with an abundance of life.

38  Thus was the world of Mahaliel filled with an abundance of living things, and Mahaleenah spoke, saying: “It is good.” And hearing the words of the Daughter, El-Kai-Terra deeply sighed, and soft she whispered, saying: “It is good.”

39  Now as Mahaleenah busied herself in the doing of all these things, even in that moment did the Azraella go secretly among the congregations of the Seraphim, to make with them a covenant whereby they would guard forever the Keep of the Ahgendai; permitting that they should well protect the gates thereof lest the darkness of Yaldabaoth prevail against it in the day of fearsome battle.

40  And there came out from the congregations of the Seraphim, some 300,000 of the mighty, each according to their house, both male and female; to covenant with the Ahgendai in laboring beside the Azraella in protecting well the greatest of the Heavens.

41  And these did quick away, leaving behind the Heaven of the Archons, to keep a faithful watch and there most fiercely dwell; to become themselves the legions of Mahaleenah, and for her sake most intently fight in warring against the Demiurge.

42  But in the Seven Councils of Light, within the depths of Heaven did the Gods take note; wondering happily among themselves concerning the loss of so many of the Seraphim; being themselves unable to see within the mystery; for all these things did the God Beyond keep deeply hidden till the time when he should reveal all things.

43  Yet despite the depths of the deepest mystery, beyond the powers to hide or conceal, still was there one which saw beyond the shadows of secret turnings, for Areta had revealed to the First Queen of the Cherubim, the creation of a new and greater Heaven.

44  Revealing to her through clear and wondrous dreams, the story of the Ahgendai; disclosing to her alone the world of Mahaliel and its seven moons; causing that the First Queen should yearn for herself and her house, some newly shining place beyond the dreams of God.

45  Thus did there pass through the Tael, the First Queen of the Cherubim, being herself the first and only Sovereign of the Shulieye; and moving swift through winged flight, she came at last to the world of Mahaliel.

46  And with her went a great many of the Cherubim, and standing in the starry deep, they all began to sing; wooing soft through songs of love that Mahaleenah come and see, being ever hopeful that they might approach and put forth their petition.

47  Hearing therefore the song of many angels, Mahaleenah did go forth to see, and coming to a certain place among the stars, she beheld for the first time the beauty of the Cherubim; and being filled with awe at so great a sight, she did call out to them, to come and stand before her.

48  Thus did there come before Mahaleenah the First Queen of the Cherubim, being herself the greatest of all the Shulieye, and the Queen spoke unto Mahaleenah, saying:

49  “Most Sovereign and Supreme Mother, from me to thee fair greetings. Behold, most beloved and holy Sovereign, the gathering of the Shulieye which stand about me;

50  Being each themselves the appointed captains of the Cherubic hosts, having under their authority the congregations of those angels which in the Heavens give service unto God, being themselves most well content in watching over the children of Heaven.

51  Permit therefore that I may place before you, most holy Sovereign, the fullness of my petition: for behold, I am Murel-Sundii-Mahali; being myself the First Queen of the Cherubic hosts, being drawn from the house of the Shulieye, to preside in holiness among all my sisters.

52  For it is given to the Cherubim to serve the Gods of Heaven, being ourselves most truly devoted and filled with love; for it is gratitude which guides the affection of all our hearts; for in the ancient long ago did God the Father and the Mother save the Cherubim from sure destruction.

53  Thus throughout the ages, from eternity to eternity have the Cherubim served the God of Heaven, to watch with care the children of their love; and in whatsoever place the Gods of Heaven should choose to go, even there have the Cherubim followed; giving to God the joy of all our service.

54  Grant therefore, most holy Sovereign, that we might likewise serve, to find in the kingdom of the Ahgendai a home and a place for ourselves also; for we desire to serve you, and this with all our heart.

55  For is not this realm also a Heaven of the Gods? And shall not the children of your womb become also the children of God? Grant therefore that in this happy realm we might stand beside you; to add to the wonders of your creation, the beauty of our songs.”

56  So spoke Murel-Sundii-Mahali, even the First Queen of the Cherubim. And Mahaleenah in the hearing, proved most gracious and she answered, saying:

57  “Most gracious Queen, from me to thee give I acceptance; for I would find for you a place where you might dwell beside me. Yet this in love must I forewarn: For in all the Gods which you have served, in all the Heavens in which you dwell, even therein did you feel love and joy together mingled.

58  Yet in the Ahgendai shall you see most dreadful warriors; for it is appointed that we should defend the Heavens against the tide of darkness, when Yaldabaoth shall fierce leap forth to shake the Heavens deep; to prove himself through fearless striving, the Nemesis of God.

59  And though the Ahgendai prove kind and loving, still in the moment of battle shall we prove ourselves as dreadful saviors; to defend with fury and with violence the kingdoms of the Light, to make forever the Heavens new and filled with hopeful vigor.

60  If then this prove acceptable to the Cherubim, then shall I make for you a place beside us, whereby you might lend to all our realm the wonders of your grace and beauty; to become yourselves as those esteemed and deeply cherished.”

61  When therefore Mahaleenah had said these things, even then did Murel-Sundii-Mahali most humbly bow, and rising up she did go forth to kiss Mahaleenah upon the lips, and she spoke, saying:

62  “Then, most holy Sovereign, let it be agreed between your house and mine, that in joy and beauty or in deep and fearsome battle, even we, the Shulieye, shall dwell beside you; to render with love and true devotion such service as you would deem to have.”

63  Thus did the Cherubim come to dwell in the kingdom of the Ahgendai; for when they were concluded, Mahaleenah did take the Cherubim unto the seven moons of Paradise, whereby they might see for themselves the Azurgai, and with them make a good and lasting covenant.

64  And in the moment of their meeting did both the Cherubim and the Azurgai fall deep in love with each the other; and on the moons of Paradise did the Cherubim come to dwell; being numbered on each moon some 100,000 strong, making a host of 700,000 of the Shulieye.

65  Yet in the regions of Mahaliel, midst rivers of light did the Azraella fashion an oracle of great strength and infinite power, and this did he cast into the golden stream, and there began to evolve within the stream of intelligence a swirling and bubbling tide.

66  And there came from out of the gurgling brew, the first of the Oggaliaphim, being comprised themselves of seven orders of magnitude and power; and in each order was there made to stand 1,000 of the Oggaliaphim, both male and female; causing that there should stand before the Azraella a host of 7,000 fearsome strong.

67  To these did the Azraella apportion a place and a duty, to guard the gates between the darkness and the light; being themselves stationed among the stars round about Mahaliel; pledging themselves and their posterity thereafter to prove most fiercely loyal to the Azraella, to see in him their one and only God.

68  And from out of the 7,000 did there evolve seven great houses of vast and infinite power; which houses are called: Tellios, Eyegis, Migurah, Eldebros, Borgeah, Dorganah, and Shamikai; these then did the Azraella establish round about Mahaliel, to prove a dreadful barrier which would hold at bay the Nemesis of God.

69  Consider then the very appearance of the Oggaliaphim, being seen themselves as vast pillars of blazing fire which would consume the enemies of God, to cast them into darkest oblivion, to be no more forever.

70  Seeing therefore the Oggaliaphim, the Azraella was greatly pleased; and reaching again into his soul, he fashioned still another oracle and this did he cast into the silver stream which moved most deep and subtly within the golden flood.

71  And there came forth out of the stream, the very Koshendai which would guard the gates of all twenty-four dimensions; to hold in their hands the keys of Zimagayah; proving themselves through kind devotions the guardians of the great Eternal Round.

72  To this also did the Azraella create still another oracle filled with deep and hidden mysteries, and this did the Azraella mingle with the dust of stars to breathe upon them with the breath of his own mouth.

73  And there came out of the cosmic deep, the beginnings of the Kragenjin, being assigned themselves to watch over the Demiurge and Yaldabaoth; and to Azraella give swift report of all which they might do.

74  For the Kragenjin could not be seen or felt, being themselves most deeply hidden with the twelfth fractal of the seventh prime of the twenty-fourth dimension of the Zimagayah; proving themselves as those unknown and unperceived by any other power save that of the Ahgendai.

75  Such were the creations of the Azraella and Mahaleenah, establishing the foundations upon which the kingdom of the Ahgendai would grow by sure degrees; growing greater and greater throughout their generations; and seeing the works of their hands, the Ahgendai together spoke, saying: “It is good.”

76  And together did they go unto Mahaliel, and coming to the mountains of Sileah, which mountains did border the regions of the Amethyst Sea; and coming to a high valley they began to work together, both hand in hand, to build themselves a home.