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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 11

A single beckoning light – “Greetings most fair and noble son” – The One and Areta introduce themselves to the Ahgendai – The Azraella embraces his Father and Mother – The One asks to see Mahaleenah – The Azraella dances to the music of the spheres – The feminine coalesces: Mahaleenah begins to sing – The One is perplexed – Mahaleenah sees the Azraella as her parents – Mahaleenah gives tender and sacred greetings – The One and Areta discuss Mahaleenah’s mystery – “From whence shall come the generations of the Ahgendai?” – Areta is optimistic about the dilemma – The One and Areta are moved to passion watching the Ahgendai play – Heaven perceives the coming of the Ahgendai – The Gods are drawn together by the passions of beyond – A festival of love: celebrating the Ahgendai – The One invites the Ahgendai to create a world of their own – A future kingdom of warrior Gods – “As loving Parents we would dwell beside you”


1  In the far distance, where the stars most brightly shine, there glowed a single great light; being itself the light which came from God, shrouding in dazzling brightness the glory and holiness of The One and Areta together.

2  Twinkling and glittering from out of the cosmic Deep, beckoning that the Azraella should come and see; for the Father and the Mother desired to reveal themselves unto the son, even that Dread Savior which had endured so well the harshness of the great Abyss; having proven himself most able to defend the realms of Heaven against the fearsome darkness of Yaldabaoth, to turn aside his dark design.

3  And in seeing the greatly shining light, the Azraella leaped out across the cosmic Deep, compelled by love and deepest longing to stand before the light, perchance to know for himself at last, the Father and the Mother.

4  And within the light did there move most gently an even greater Light, dancing and turning midst gentle rhythms, bound together by loving passions and deepest yearnings; and a voice spoke out from the light, saying:

5  “Greetings most fair and noble son, long have we desired to see you, whereby we might hold you in our arms; being yourself the seed of all our hope and the song of all our joy.

6  For in the beginning were you appointed and foreordained to defend the hosts of Heaven, that by your victories against the Lord of Darkness, even all the realms of Heaven might be continually invigorated and made to appear as new and most desirable.

7  Behold, I am your Father, even the God beyond all others, being the first of all our kind. And this other which dwells within me, even she is your Mother, being called Areta; for together did we bring forth the very Heavens, filled with glory and increase forever.”

8  Such did the Father speak in the greeting of his son, and there spoke the voice of Areta, saying: “O my good and loving son, long have I desired to see you; to hold you tight against my breast and there give suck, to heal your soul of sorrow.

9  For you are the song of all our hopes made manifest, the dream made real and fiercely fashioned through fiery passions of love and lust together mingled through kiss and gentle touch.”

10  And so speaking, The One and Areta did separate themselves from each the other, whereby they might stand as separate before the Azraella; and the Ahgendai did step forth and embrace both Father and Mother, being himself consumed by joy and love, to be as one most cherished by the Parents which brought him forth.

11  Then did The One speak, saying: “Where, O son, is your sweet Beloved, even Mahaleenah? Bring her forth therefore that we may see her and give into her keeping a fullness of our affection; for in like manner was she also conceived in the fires of all our love, to be for you a sweet companion forever and forever.

12  Open therefore the gates of your soul that she may embrace both Father and Mother, for now is the danger past and those which would harm have you left far behind; for now is the light most fully come, and the gates of Heaven opened wide to receive the very Ahgendai.”

13  And hearing these words, the Azraella did begin to dance before the Father and the Mother; hearing in his heart the music of the spheres, moving with a gentle grace which did fling open the gates of his soul, permitting that Mahaleenah should enter into the light of both Father and Mother.

14  Thus in the dancing of the Azraella did all that which was feminine gather and coalesce into oneness, and there leaped out of the Azraella, the Beloved, even Mahaleenah Kai-Lucia; and seeing again the face and form of the Azraella, she fell into his arms, kissing him upon the face; calling out for all to hear, saying:

15  “Father, Father, we are safe,
for the darkness is gone away;
sing and dance and shout with joy
and touch this brighter day.


16  Come hold me close with gentle arms,
and let us sweetly glide,
let us dance and fiery kiss
among the starry tide.


17  See the Heavens, how bright they shine,
how sweet the stars do glow;
so take me Father to your heart
and let our spirits flow.


18  Moving soft with easy grace,
to rhythms filled with light,
and make the Heavens shout with joy
among the stars so bright.


19  Happy, happy, hear me sing,
come dance away with me;
for in the Heavens we safely dwell,
beyond the darkest sea.”


20  Thus did the daughter sing to Azraella, and when The One heard the words, how she called the Azraella ‘Father’, he was deep perplexed, for it was intended that the Azraella and Mahaleenah should be the Beloved of each the other.

21  And perceiving well the perplexity of God, the Azraella spoke to Mahaleenah, saying: “Behold dearest, and be yourself enlightened, for here before us in the light is the Father and the Mother from which we are both together come.

22  Go you then and tender to them your good affection, for they do love you so, and desire to make known to you the depths and height of all their affection; being eager to reveal in you a fullness of their intent regarding you and me together.”

23  Then did Mahaleenah look with awe upon the face of The One and Areta together, being herself overjoyed and filled with reverence; yet could she not grasp in her mind that it was the God Beyond which was her Father and her Mother;

24  But believed most firmly, and without doubt, that it was the Azraella who was her Father and her Mother, for she knew with certainty that it was from the bosom of the Ahgendai that she was drawn forth into celestial glory.

25  Yet did Mahaleenah speak humbly and graciously unto The One, saying: “O Father of my Father, most dear and tender greetings from me to thee; for with my heart would I tender most holy affection, to see in you the Father beyond all Fathers.

26  And to you great Mother, most beautiful and sublime, being yourself most holy and supreme above all others; in you do I see the source of all beauty and grace together blended, being yourself most worthy of all my true devotion.

27  Becoming, myself, through the working of your will, the first daughter of my Father; even this Azraella who withstood with boldness the fierceness of the great Abyss, having endured so well with manly grace the afflictions of the Eidos and Yaldabaoth together.

28  Receive therefore the affections of all my heart, and know with certainty that I do always yield my heart to thee; to serve you well throughout the eternities, whereby I might prove to you a blessing and a joy, filled with hopeful promise.

29  For together are you, both Father and Mother, the source from which I am come, even as this my Father is made to come from you also; receive therefore the token of my affections and my acceptance, to be to you as one obedient and faithful and filled with joy forever.”

30  And so speaking, Mahaleenah did walk unto The One and she did embrace him, to give to him a kiss; and going to Areta, she likewise gave to her a deep and sacred greeting.

31  Then did The One and Areta smile, and although Mahaleenah should see in Azraella her only true and devoted Father, still was the God Beyond pleased by the gracious reverence of the daughter, to see in her a good and worthy child.

32  And The One spoke to Areta, saying: “It is a mystery, this daughter who would see in Azraella the Father she adores. Yet is it a mystery not of our making, but is itself shaped by Mahaleenah.

33  What then shall we do with so great a mystery as this? For we would not compel Mahaleenah to go against her nature, to see in Azraella her only true Beloved; being herself determined in seeing a Father only.

34  Yet if she sees in Azraella a Father and not her Beloved, then from whence shall come the generations of the Ahgendai which would stand beside our dreadful Savior in defending well the realms of Heaven, to keep it new and young forever?

35  For it is in the woman to choose the time of her pregnancy, being in herself alone, the one who so elects. Yet if our Mahaleenah should see in Azraella only the likeness of a Father, then how will she bring forth the seed of future generations?”

36  But Areta seemed not perplexed, and she answered The One, saying: “There is time, my Love; for things left to themselves do tend to work their own designs. Let us see then how the Ahgendai shall work their own designs.

37  For we will invite the Ahgendai to fashion a world of their own making; and in the doing of so great a labor shall Mahaleenah see in Azraella something far more wondrous and desirable.

38  So let us take our children into the starry regions whereby they might begin to create for themselves a kingdom of their own filled with wonder; and in the laboring to bring forth something new and filled with glory, then shall the daughter see at last her own Beloved, and not the Father as she supposes.

39  And if perchance she should still see in Azraella a Father only, then shall we make still some other means to bring forth our designs; causing that there should spring into life, the generations of the Ahgendai; for there is no problem which cannot be overcome through the working of our will.”

40  Thus did the God Beyond converse among themselves concerning the mysteries of that love which flowed between the very Ahgendai, both male and female, even as a mighty flood of moving waters; becoming among themselves as Father and Daughter and not as Beloveds as the Gods supposed.

41  For even though Mahaleenah should prove most eager and willing to engage with the Azraella in sexual intercourse, still did she see in him that loving Father which guarded her well in the darkness of the great Abyss, when the fiercesome rage of the Eidos and the Antipode did beat upon him without relent.

42  And The One and Areta did fairly swoon in watching Mahaleenah and Azraella frolic in sexual play, each with the other in the midst of the cosmic Deep, each chasing each the other among the stars, to clasp and full engage midst rhythms filled with lustful passions.

43  Causing that The One and Areta should likewise frolic, being themselves inflamed with passions in the watching of the Ahgendai, sending swift throughout the Tael the passions of their love, filled with fiery kisses, joined with wild abandon.

44  And throughout the realms of Heaven did the Councils of Light most wondrous gather, feeling in the depths of their soul, through the movements of the Tael, that something new had come among them, wrapped in mystery filled with mystery.

45  For each and every God and Goddess could well perceive the coming of the Ahgendai, yet were they made unknowing of those designs which flowed most deep in the heart of First God; neither could they discern the purposes for which The One and Areta brought forth so great a mystery.

46  Thus did there gather throughout all their separate councils both Gods and Goddesses, being themselves drawn by the passions of godly intercourse within the cosmic Deep.

47  Causing that as The One and Areta should mingle themselves midst the fiery passions of Azraella and Mahaleenah, each for each moved by holy lust and deepest yearnings, even so did the Gods of Heaven become themselves inflamed.

48  And every God did seek his Beloved, and every Goddess was filled with yearning for the touch of her Beloved; and in the gardens of Heaven was there a great festival of loving passions filled with kiss and gentle touch.

49  Thus did the Gods and Goddesses join with the God Beyond in the loving of each the other; causing that all who were Beloved should seek the congress of some other Beloved; first flowing between husbands and wives, and then seeking out to touch their friends whereby they might also engage in sexual intercourse.

50  And all the Heavens sang with passion, from the greatest to the least, both male and female joined by joy and lust together mingled; to shake the Heavens fully round midst sighs of deepest longing, filled with kind regard and happy play.

51  Causing that even the Cherubim and the Seraphim should likewise frolic midst all their congregations, each according to their kind.

52  To inflame with joyful lust even all the creatures which dwelt in Heaven’s glory; from the birds which flew in the skies above, to the creatures of the land, and even the creatures which swam in the ocean deep, even all did join with God in the rhythms of holy love.

53  Celebrating through sexual intercourse the coming of the Ahgendai, being themselves filled with expectations touched with wonder; for the mysteries of God did inspire the Heavens to reach higher still; ever seeking through this mystery or that mystery to draw themselves closer to The One and Areta together.

54  Thus did the loving of the Ahgendai inflame the God Beyond, touching deep the very Heavens which moved eternal round; and when the passions ebbed midst sighs of sweet completion, then did The One speak to the Azraella saying:

55  “Behold, my son, the stars which yonder shine; go you therefore into the cosmic Deep and there most sweetly fashion a world of your own devising; for I would give into your keeping a gift of greatest wonder.

56  For even now would I give to you the seven suns of Ashengaard; and round these seven shall you build the heights and depths and breadth of your domain, to be for you forever after, a kingdom of your own.

57  For we would fashion from your seed hereafter, a kingdom of warrior Gods, that you may defend the hosts of Heaven against the dread designs of Yaldabaoth, who even now struggles against the very Eidos for supremacy.

58  Go you then, both yourself and Mahaleenah, and as you shall both decide, create a realm of power and might, graced by love and deepest beauty; and this shall be for you a home, both for you and me; for as loving Parents would we dwell most soft beside you.”

59  Such did The One speak, and the Ahgendai did bid farewell, and giving to each a kiss upon the lips, both the Azraella and Mahaleenah, the Ahgendai went forth to do; seeking each through happy faith to fulfill the will of God.