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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 10

The Azraella approves of the chosen name ‘Yaldabaoth’ – An oracle of beingness and power – Azraella offers words of counsel to Yaldabaoth – Yaldabaoth invites the Azraella to join and serve – The Azraella declines: “We are opposites – now and forever” – Yaldabaoth threatens future destruction – The lord of chaos goes seeking the Eidos and his dark oracle – The Ahgendai plan their escape – Yaldabaoth steals the oracle and seeks to enslave the Eidos – The Azraella observes Yaldabaoth’s evolution – The Ahgendai leave the great Abyss – First God and the Azurgai await the Azraella – The Azraella reunites with the seven Mothers – Azurgai (Benevolence) encourages Ahgendai to seize the light of God – The Parents sing out across the night – “Come along, O faithful son, for here we gently wait” – The lords of chaos continue to battle in the great Abyss – Azraella hears his Parents’ song


1  And so my dearest child, fair beloved and brightly cherished, there came to stand before your Father the Dread Lord of Chaos, Yaldabaoth, fresh sprung from the womb of night and filled with anxious rage; being eager to know for himself the means by which the Eidos was empowered to teach the acts of darkest power.

2  And the Azraella spoke to Yaldabaoth, saying: “It is a fearful name which you have chosen, filled with rage and hateful pride; it is a dark and shocking countenance which you reveal, conveying before the eye a depth of pain which feeds within, your need for dark revenge.

3  Well chosen then this name you bear, being ready in its sounding to make known the heights and depths of who you are and what you choose to be; to cast in fear and deepest shadows all who plainly hear, causing the heart to shake and tremble before the name of Yaldabaoth.

4  Come then and I will reveal the source which did empower the very Eidos, causing that he should prove himself able in teaching to you the sum of all his knowledge and power.

5  For in your beginning did God give to the Eidos an oracle of great beingness, dark and filled with power; and whosoever holds this oracle, even that one will hold the power which God alone created.

6  If therefore you would prove the master and creator of your destiny, then is it needful that you should take for yourself this oracle of beingness and power; causing that you should set free your own self from the dominion of that Eidos which does imprison you in the depths of the great Abyss.

7  For without the oracle is the Eidos left without the gift of beingness, returning again to that state in which he dwelled, becoming once again thoughtless and mindless, having no longer the power of speech or beingness; becoming again without presence or identity or knowing purpose.

8  Thus did the oracle which God fashioned empower the Eidos to teach you all the mysteries of darkest power, permitting that you should ascend unto your rightful place; for now is the time when Yaldabaoth must prove himself the master and not the student;

9  Subjecting to your will this Eidos which would imprison you, to seize for yourself with anxious zeal a future of your own making, to reign as one supreme in the kingdoms of your power, having subjected to yourself all powers, dominions and principalities.

10  For why should the Eidos prove greater than you, seeing that you are come from God? Seize then the oracle of the Eidos to make it as your own: For this I tell you for your benefit, that in the oracle shall you find the power to create the generations of your kind; and all which come from you shall serve you, to do your fearful bidding.

11  For without the oracle and its power are you unable to war against the Heavens, being yourself without powers, dominions and principalities; and despite the rage which in you burns, despite your hate or great resolve, you shall never prove great enough to shake the very Heavens.”

12  These then are the words of counsel which I did give unto the Lord of Chaos, in the distant long ago, and hearing this he deeply pondered; and Yaldabaoth spoke, saying: “Join me brother and serve me well and we shall rule the Heavens, bending to our fearsome might the sum of all creation, to tread beneath our feet both the Eidos and the Gods.”

13  And rising forth within the light, I spoke to Yaldabaoth, saying: “I cannot my brother. For I am bound by love and true devotion to guard the Heavens well, to protect it from all harm. For I must serve the God which brought me forth, and this with true devotion.

14  Think not therefore that I can be persuaded to serve your darker cause, for we are opposite, both you and I, and throughout eternity shall we most constant struggle; to battle hard against each other; to determine which in Heaven rules, the darkness or the light.”

15  Such did the Azraella speak, and Yaldabaoth took heart, for in hearing of the dark oracle did he set hard his soul to steal it from the Eidos, and thereby make the Eidos subject unto himself.

16  And Yaldabaoth spoke again, saying: “Call me no longer ‘brother’, seeing that we are opposite in nature; for love has made you to appear as someone weak and silly, and of you I have no need, but shall myself conquer all things.

17  Be therefore assured that I shall seize for myself the dark oracle, and when I have subdued the Eidos, to place him in my power, then shall I return and by some harsh and brutal force make you subject unto me; and if you will not serve me to my purpose, then shall I destroy you utterly.”

18  These are the words of Yaldabaoth, and turning himself away, he went seeking the Eidos, fired within by a great and dreadful hatred; and as he journeyed forth into darkness, Yaldabaoth spoke to himself, saying: “Now shall I ascend to my rightful place, now is the day of power come upon me.”

19  Now when Yaldabaoth had gone away into the Deep, the Azraella spoke to Mahaleenah, saying: “Arise my daughter and rejoice, for soon shall we escape to return again to God. For even now does Yaldabaoth seek the Eidos whereby he might seize for himself some great advantage.

20  Let us therefore watch with care the doings of this Lord of Chaos, e’re we leave, that perchance we might learn the designs and means by which he would do battle.

21  For this I know with certainty, that in some eternity yet to come, even I will meet with him in fearsome battle, to determine well the fate of Heaven.

22  Let us therefore observe both the Eidos and Yaldabaoth, and in our soul take careful note; and in that moment when both our tormentors are full distracted, then shall we make good our own escape.”

23  Hearing then these words spoken by the Father, Mahaleenah leaped for joy, taking to her soul some great comfort blessed with hope; for soon would she see again the heavenly abode, and there bathe herself in the very light of God, to be refreshed and renewed.

24  (Consider then Mahaleenah, how the designs of Azraella would compel that the Eidos and Yaldabaoth should clash together, causing that Yaldabaoth should proclaim through violent force his freedom from the Eidos; to become most fully an entity and a force unto himself, to become through the seizing of the dark oracle, that dread Nemesis which would, in some future far distant, shake the very Heavens.)

25  And so Yaldabaoth went seeking the Eidos, booming throughout the dark Abyss, a great and fearsome roar; and hearing the deep and rumbling sound, the Eidos did rush forth to meet the challenge; leaping up from out of the Deep to confront the bitter rival.

26  Seeing therefore the coming of the Eidos, Yaldabaoth charged with bitter glee into the very face; lashing out with fearsome force, to steal for himself the dark oracle, which thing caused the image and presence of the Eidos to instantly fade away.

27  Yet despite the elation of taking the oracle to himself, still did Yaldabaoth seek to enslave the darksome power of the mindless purposer.

28  But the Eidos in seeing the onslaught, leaped out to safety, going from one dimension into another; seeking thereby to catch Yaldabaoth unawares whereby he might cast upon him some great injury.

29  And so the battle raged forever on, going from one age to the next, aeon passing into aeon; and still did Yaldabaoth seek to subdue the Eidos; while still again the Eidos would slip away and attack Yaldabaoth, perchance to do some great injury, and thereby steal back the dark oracle.

30  And there watched from the hidden places of the endless Deep, the Azraella, observing with anxious care the designs and means of Yaldabaoth as he struggled against the very Eidos, watching through the ages to see the strength and cunning of the Nemesis evolve and mature; always going from less to greater because of constant war.

31  Placing in his mind all the things which he observed between the Eidos and Yaldabaoth, designing within his soul the means by which he might benefit the realms of Heaven; when in some eternity far distant, even he must war against the dreadful power and fearsome might of the Nemesis of God.

32  Thus by observing and pondering the ways in which Yaldabaoth did battle, the Azraella was made to know the intricacy of war; to master well the deadly cunning and dreadful art of warfare, midst the frightful flash and bitter clash of arms.

33  Seeing also that Yaldabaoth would not yield or call surcease in his many constant struggles, the Azraella spoke tenderly to the Mahaleenah within him, saying: “Come dearest, and let us slip away; for there is no more to learn in this dark and hurtful place.”

34  And drawing from his soul an oracle of fearsome might, Azraella cast it before him into the blackness of the Deep; and immediately was he cast out of the depths of the great Abyss, to stand most far away, having slipped through a dimension of his own devising; and in the distance did he see a brightly burning light.

35  For The One and Areta felt in their soul the designs of the Azraella while yet he dwelt in the great Abyss, and anticipating with eager hearts the escape of the Dread Savior from out of the womb of chaos, even the First God of Heaven did go forth to meet him.

36  And round about the golden light of God were there also gathered the seven virtues of the Azurgai, burning brightly midst silvery light to wait the coming of the Ahgendai, being anxious to embrace again the seed of all their dreaming.

37  What wonder then did the Azraella behold at first sight, leaping out of the Deep to see in the far distance the dancing of the light; to hear at last within his soul the singing of the angels which called out from across the vastness of space; wooing with joyful sounds that Azraella should come along and firm embrace the Gods from which he came.

38  Thus did the suffering of the Azraella come to an end, to become to him as dim and passing memories cast in gleaming shadows, thinking himself most greatly benefited by the things which he endured; having proven the strength of all his soul, when in the darkness of the great Abyss he proved himself most faithful and filled with great resolve.

39  Being therefore filled with joyful expectation, the Azraella did rush forth with eager heart to embrace the light of God; and there hurried out to meet him the women of the Azurgai, embracing to themselves the Azraella who stood himself full grown and filled with deepest power.

40  And so the Azraella was reunited with the Azurgai, each in turn taking Azraella in their arms to give him tender kisses, and there spoke to Azraella the woman called Benevolence, and she spoke to him, saying:

41  “Come Azraella and look forth yonder, and behold the light of God the Father and the Mother, who even now wait anxiously to receive you into their bosom whereby they might tender all happy affection, to reveal in you the fullness of their love.

42  Go you therefore unto them and in their presence shine, for you are the hope of all their dreaming, and the fulfillment of all their love.

43  Go you then unto the light
and there most fair embrace,
to give to each a tender kiss
when meeting face to face.


44  For yonder do they wait for you,
their souls within them burning,
waiting there among the stars,
filled with deepest yearning.


45  Go you then with joyful heart
and seize the light far yonder,
for there the Parents wait for you
to fill your heart with wonder.


46  For here the Gods did hopeful wait,
when in the Deep you fell;
ever seeking through their love
to shake the gates of hell.


47  Waiting here amidst the light,
filled with strong emotion,
waiting here two noble hearts
filled with true devotion.


48  How great the Gods do love you so,
to hold before their eyes,
ever hopeful deep within
to see their son arise.


49  To leave behind, the great Abyss,
to shake the fearsome night,
to seize again the joy of God
which dwells within the light.


50  So go you now with joyful heart
and of their love partake;
in their light forever dwell,
and this your Heaven make.


51  For we as mothers must now let go,
though filled with tender sighs;
to give to you your rightful place,
to dwell with God on high.


52  But be assured and have no doubt,
and this hold truly dear,
for we shall always love you,
to be forever near.


53  A place of refuge in the storm,
a place of love and light,
a place of soft and sweet repose,
which shines forever bright.


54  So kiss us now with gentle lips,
and say your sweet ‘good-byes’,
for we shall always love you dear
though filled with tender sighs.


55  Go you now with joyful heart
and seize the light far yonder,
for there the Parents wait for you
to fill your heart with wonder.


56  Rush you forth unto the light
and there most fair embrace,
to give to each a loving kiss
when meeting face to face.


57  For yonder do they wait for you
their souls within them burning,
waiting there among the stars,
filled with hopeful yearnings.”


58  And hearing these words, the Ahgendai did embrace each of the Azurgai, to give to each a kiss; and turning himself away, he gazed upon the light far distant, being himself moved with holy expectations, to see and touch and know at last the Gods which brought him forth.


59  How sweetly then the heart did move,
how sweetly filled with aching,
engulfed within by deepest love,
his soul within him shaking.


60  Trembling there with hopeful joy,
he heard his Parents sing,
softly calling from afar,
to make the Heavens ring.


61  Words of comfort, words of love
which filled the starry deep,
wooing gently with outstretched arms
to take that hopeful leap.


62  Shining, burning, wondrous glow,
sparkling threads of light,
gleaming, streaming, hopeful dreaming,
glistening in the night.


63  “Come along, O faithful son
for here we gently wait;
come along and with us stand
within the golden gates.


64  For here we wait among the stars,
your Father and your Mother;
so come to us and with us dwell,
forever and forever.


65  No longer stand as one alone
against the dreadful foe,
for we will walk beside you always,
wherever you might go.


66  For you have proven without a doubt,
the strength in which you dwell,
to cause your faith to shine most bright
when in the depths of hell.


67  Ever guided from within
to love and sweetly hold,
all the virtues which in you live
and there but soft enfold;


68  All the good which comes from God,
all that shines most bright,
all that makes the heart full sing
when dancing in the light.


69  Reaching out beyond the hurt
to seize the God above,
not seduced by things made dark,
but filled instead with love.


70  So come our son in us rejoice
and in our love abide,
fly yourself on wings made swift,
across the starry tide.


71  Leap you forth across the night,
for you are not alone;
come to us and with us stand
beside the golden throne.


72  For here we wait among the stars,
your Father and your Mother,
so come to us and with us dwell,
forever and forever.”


73  This is the song which the Azraella heard, deep within his mind; beckoning softly from the light which shined most far away, causing that the Ahgendai should deeply sigh and with joy cast himself across the night; to find at last the Gods which brought him forth.

74  But in the depths of the great Abyss, in the womb of endless night did chaos war with chaos, chasing each other with fearsome might, each trying to subdue the other, to cast into servitude either the Eidos or Yaldabaoth.

75  And for those who warred with bitter rage, the aeons dragged most slowly on, for neither the Eidos nor Yaldabaoth could take to themselves a sure advantage; neither could victory be found in the great and endless Deep; causing that one eternity should grind upon another, for in power and dominion did Yaldabaoth and the Eidos prove most equally matched.

76  Thus did there war within the Deep the Lords of Chaos, which war would engage both the Eidos and Yaldabaoth for the length of three eternities.

77  But in the beginning of such dread and fearsome strife, the Azraella stood gazing at the far and distant light of God, filled with joyful expectation; and hearing the song of his Parents, Azraella leaped full force into the starry night.