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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 16

Michael instructs the Teacher – The song of God revealed – How great the mysteries of godliness are – Mystery of the resurrected Yeshua – How the Law of Kind works – A brilliant globe of light – Arch-Angels and Hodos Alea – The good promises of God – Becoming as the Souls of the Just Made Perfect – Arch-Angels and dispensations – Mystery of Azrael revealed – Azrael, the friend of God


1  And when Emmanuel had finished speaking these words to the Teacher, he walked with him a little way and brought him before Michael the Prince, Arch Angel unto the Most High God, that he might instruct him concerning all the ways of Heaven.

2  And Michael spoke unto the Teacher, saying: “Peace be unto you.” And the Teacher replied, saying: “And to you peace, my Lord.”

3  Then did Michael, Prince and Arch Angel of God, smile upon the man and taking him by the arm walked with him throughout the eternities upon a sea of glass, and there came in Heaven a stillness, for the hosts of Heaven in silence stood, and in the stillness was there heard a song. For, behold, the soul of the great God did sing, that he might woo unto himself even every man and every woman, if it so be that they should hear the song and give heed. For God is not willing that even one should be lost.

4  And Michael spoke, saying: “Have you considered how great the mysteries of godliness are? Have you considered what great love the Father has for the children of men?

5  For this cause did the Father grant unto all men the promise of immortality and eternal life, that they might receive unto themselves the glory of their Father.”

6  And the Teacher spoke unto Michael, saying, “Behold, my Lord, how great your majesty is become. Yet in my wonderment I do puzzle, for behold, this one, even Emmanuel, has said that in the Celestial Kingdom there are but three kinds of beings:

7  Ministering angels who possess bodies of flesh and bone like unto men; yet they being eternal dwell forever in the presence of God.

8  Then are there the Souls of the Just Made Perfect, who possess glorified spiritual bodies even as this Emmanuel did in the beginning.

9  And Arch Angels like unto you, who possess celestial bodies of flesh and bone unlike the natural man, having taken unto themselves the glory of God.

10  Yet, my Lord, when I look upon this Emmanuel, does he not possess a body of flesh and bone like unto man? How shall I understand except you teach me also this great mystery?”

11  And Michael answered, saying: “Hear and understand that you might write unto all who will the mystery of the resurrection. For this Emmanuel which you now see is in the similitude of Yeshua who rose from the dead, having been crucified by conspiring men.

12  And this body of flesh and bone is given that all men might know concerning the love of God and receive unto themselves the promise of immortality and life everlasting in the kingdom of Heaven; that taking to their soul this hope, they might be made free from fear.

13  For by the laws which govern was Yeshua born of a woman and by the grace of God, which was revealed to him by the Great Mother Spirit, did he establish the way whereby all who are willing might be exalted.

14  Now in the beginning was the law given that kind should produce after its own kind. The Soul of the Just, having been made perfect, possessing unto themselves a spiritual body, did organize unto themselves the spirits of all men, both male and female, and the souls of the children of men did they cause to dwell upon the earth in tabernacles of mortality.”

15  Now as Michael spoke, behold, there came towards the Teacher a brilliant globe of light, and at great speed did it rush nigh upon him. But Michael did command softly and with great suddenness the globe of light was made to stand still; and in the light a child did play; and in the midst of great glory did he smile upon the man of God.

16  And Michael spoke again, saying: “Behold now this greater mystery and consider: Do I not possess a celestial tabernacle of flesh and bone?”

17  And the Teacher answered, saying: “Lord, you have a tabernacle of flesh and bone, yet it does possess great light and glory. Yet this Emmanuel who has taken to himself the resurrected tabernacle of Yeshua, even he, has not your countenance nor your great majesty. Is not Emmanuel, even your Only Begotten, the Soul of the Just Made Perfect? Where, therefore, is his great glory?”

18  And Michael answered, saying: “Consider how that in the beginning God, even this Emmanuel, did organize the intelligences that the spirits of men might be, that he might be unto them even as a loving Father. And when this was accomplished, I did establish the seed of men, that in their tabernacles the children of his soul might take root and flourish.

19  For in the beginning was God even as a man, that he might receive the election of grace and be exalted on high; for even as he is, so might everyone become if it so be that they will be holy even as he is holy.

20  Now consider the spirit and body of Emmanuel, how that this body of the resurrection is but a garment, a sign given to the children of men that to their souls they might have hope and rejoice in the promise of eternal life.

21  But this small child which you now see, possesses glory like unto my own. Therefore, learn wisdom and consider greatly: For in the beginning was the law given that kind should produce kind.

22  Therefore, this child which you see is the seed of my loins, and he shall grow and be nurtured in the mansions of his Father, that he might possess unto himself forever the fullness of his Father’s glory.

23  Likewise, when the dispensations of God which are given unto the children of men upon the earth are completed, there shall be prepared for this Emmanuel a celestial tabernacle like unto my own. And he shall be nurtured in the bosom of eternity, and even as his Father is, so shall he become an Arch Angel of the Most High God.

24  Behold, the Arch Angels of God give birth to Gods, for surely they are Gods; and from innumerable spirits which are organized do the souls of the Gods come. But unto which of many spirits shall the glory of godliness be given?

25  Therefore, was a way prepared whereby the most noble of all spirits should be made manifest, and that they should progress throughout all the generations of eternity, until they should become even as Emmanuel, and when the aeons of their probation are accomplished, when they have completed the way which is set before them, then shall they be born unto their Heavenly Father and Mother, and in the bosom of their glory dwell.

26  For behold, the creations of God are without end and none know the beginning from the end thereof. For in the beginning was I like unto man, and even as I am now, might all become if it so be that they shall be holy and follow the Lord their God and him only serve.

27  And the way you must go you know, for unto all the children of men is the promise given, that all men everywhere turn again their hearts unto God with full intent, and follow him only.

28  Then shall they receive unto their souls the wisdom and glory of God, which wisdom shall be to them as a light unto their feet and a lamp upon their path.

29  And when they shall seek after me to do my will, then surely shall they find me, and I will grant unto them the way of my Only Begotten, that they might know the perfect will of God, that they might receive the assurance of grace until they receive the fullness of promise, that they might know that my faithfulness unto them is stronger than the cords of death.

30  Therefore, unto all who shall keep their eye single to my glory, which glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man, unto them shall I give greater light and wisdom, and they shall be filled with the glory of God, even unto the comprehending of all things.

31  Therefore, sanctify yourselves and be you consecrated unto God, that your souls might become as one with God through the power of your Heavenly Mother, that you might be lifted up into the presence of God your Father and receive from his hand a fullness of blessing.

32  Therefore, let all those who have desires to do the work, let them become even as Yeshua, who for the love of all men desired to do the Father’s will. For as many as have desires, even they are called to work much righteousness unto the children of men, that they, too, might fulfill the law of Heaven.

33  And they shall receive unto their souls fountains of living water, that they may drink and never thirst again. And I will feed them as with manna from Heaven and they shall hunger nevermore.

34  For unto all such shall Emmanuel come. And he shall lead them through the power of the Heavenly Mother, until they come to an understanding of the truth of all things.

35  For behold, I am God, even the Heavenly Father, and I delight to reveal myself unto the children of men, and though their sins be great, yet shall I have mercy upon them and forgive them with everlasting mercy.

36  And I shall come in unto them, and I will be to them even as a tender Father, and they shall be to me as the children of my loins, and I shall make my abode with them and dwell among them in the sanctuary. And I will wipe away the tears from their eyes and all things which shall come upon them shall I turn for their good.

37  Therefore, all those who are called by my Spirit unto this covenant and who are diligent to magnify their office, even they shall I cause to be exalted, and they shall become the Souls of the Just Made Perfect, and they shall progress throughout all eternity until they receive the fullness of their Father, even Emmanuel, who did manifest himself unto the children of men as Yeshua of Nazareth.

38  Therefore, hear and understand, for when the earth shall fulfill the measure of her creation, when the dispensations which were established aforetime in the councils of Elohim have accomplished the glory of the Father, then shall a child be born in the kingdom of God, that this Yeshua might become like unto his Father, an Arch Angel of the Most High.”

39  And the Teacher spoke, saying: “My Lord, greatly have you blessed me, that even such a one as I should know the mysteries of godliness, for by your grace and condescensions unto me have I been made a partaker of heavenly things.

40  Tell me, therefore, concerning those who shall become the Arch-Angels of Elohim, that I may teach unto the children of men the way in which they should go, that they might know for themselves that the ways of God are as one eternal round.”

41  And Michael spoke again, saying: “Consider then how that the Arch Angel is the source from which all things of spirit and soul have their beginning, for the Arch Angel is in every deed a Father, and from him do these things have their beginning.

42  And all worlds whereupon the children of men might dwell have they decreed and set in their orbits, that they might travel in their course around the suns which were ordained unto them.

43  Therefore, for this reason has the Father of All, even Ahman, ordained unto the sons of his lineage, even Arch Angels, the Law of Dispensation and the administration thereof, that even God might establish tabernacles wherein the spirits of many might dwell. Thus is the way set forth wherein the Heavenly Father might exalt many by reason of those words which he spoke unto the children of men when he came to dwell among them.

44  Therefore, over all the worlds of creation whereunto the children of men are made to dwell, has God ordained unto each seven dispensations, and over each has he set his Arch Angels, that they might bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

45  And God ordained that the eldest among the Arch Angels should preside in all righteousness over all the dispensations which are established.

46  Now this great Prince, even Michael, determined the season in which the spirits of men, whether male or female, might go forth unto the earth. And when the time appointed drew nigh, Michael did come down unto the earth with his Beloved, clothed in the flesh of mortality, even in the skins of animals, that the world might receive the spirits which Emmanuel did fashion according to his love for Sophiel, even the Great Mother Spirit.

47  And, behold, the seed was established among the children of men, whereby they might become even as the Gods, to know good and evil, that they might choose the good. And thus did God breathe into man the breath of his life, and man became a living soul.

48  Consider how great this mystery is: that over each dispensation an Arch Angel is given power and authority, that he might bring about the great designs of God. That when they should again enter mortality, they might teach unto all who are able great knowledge, even the knowledge of God.”

49  Now after Michael had said these things, he took the Teacher and bid him follow. And they came unto a great house and in the midst thereof was a garden of exceeding beauty.

50  And in the midst of the garden stood one who was glorious to behold, and his eyes were closed as if in sleep.

51  And Michael spoke saying: “Hear and understand even this great mystery. Behold, the Arch Angel Azrael. For this Azrael is the Great and Mighty One of God, and to him was given the Dispensation of Fullness wherein the knowledge of Heaven should be granted unto the children of men.

52  Therefore, to accomplish this purpose, God has ordained this mystery. For, behold, in the beginning did Azrael call forth the greatest and most noble of the heavenly host, and did covenant with them and ordained that they should come forth into their mortal probation during the days when he should bring unto the children of men a dispensation of heavenly things.

53  Therefore, are the children of God called and ordained to comfort the sorrowing, and to lift up the fallen, that they might raise the hand to bless and curse not.”

54  And when the Teacher heard these things, he knelt before the Lord, even Michael the Arch Angel and said: “My Lord, who am I that you should consider me, or the son of man, that you should visit him? How my soul is magnified beyond measure because of your glory; even the mysteries of eternity have you caused to dwell upon me that I should know concerning your grace and condescensions unto the children of men.”

55  And Michael drawing nigh, stood the Teacher upon his feet, and whispering in his ear, said: “Behold, I shall be unto you as a friend forever more. For God has chosen you from the beginning and he shall not cast you away. For behold, even you are Azrael and this life which you have taken among the children of men is but as a dream unto you.

56  Therefore, fear not, for God is with you always. Be not dismayed, for the Lord our God shall strengthen your hand unto the work which is set before you. Even the Great God and Father of All will stretch forth his arm to help you, for he will uphold you by his own hand, to bear you up in times of trouble.

57  For where you have no knowledge, even God will instruct you; where you have no understanding, behold, even the Father of All shall come forth to counsel and give unto you great wisdom.

58  And all those who shall anger because of you, even the false shepherds, will he cause to be confounded, and all they who shall contend against you shall pass away and darkness shall be their covering; they that war against you shall be as nothing.

59  For you shall breathe upon them with your hot breath; you shall fan them with great vengeance that even the wind shall carry them away; behold, as a whirlwind shall they be scattered and desolation shall be their habitation.”