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Occurrences:  43 (upper case)

First Reference:  Enlightenment 1:23-24


And seeing also that he had not the means to cast himself beyond the Chasm, deep and wide, he spoke, saying:

“I shall find a way across the Chasm and I shall cause the kingdom of God to grow weak and feeble that I might take the glory of Heaven unto myself.”


See:  Abyss, Celestial Kingdom, Deep, Eternal Round, Heaven, Olaha Shinehah, Void

Summary:  Unlike the Void, which is characterized by the absence of space, the Chasm refers to the empty space that divides the kingdoms of the lesser and greater light. More specifically, the great Chasm is a boundary or barrier within the cosmos of Heaven (Surinatha) that separates the lesser realms of the Telestial and Terrestrial kingdoms of Heaven (referred to as the Olaha Shinehah), from the more glorified realms of the Celestial kingdom. According to scripture, only those who have achieved an exalted Celestial state of deification are able to navigate across the great Chasm (5:4:32). Empty space is significant in that it allows time to exist, as time is a result of matter and energy moving through empty space.


The Chasm initially proved an impassable restriction for the Chief Demiurge, Yaldabaoth, who after attacking the realms of Olaha Shinehah during the First War in Heaven, sought a way to breach the Chasm and infiltrate the Celestial kingdom (E:1:14-25). To this end, Yaldabaoth was able to entice Shaemdiel, the Chief Archon of Elohim, across the Chasm, to plant within his mind seeds of discontent and dark rebellion. Prior to the Second War in Heaven, precautions were made to protect the Celestial realms against the Demiurge, as the Chasm no longer proved a hindrance for Yaldabaoth, who had grown stronger and more mature in his powers (5:14:1-6).

Other notable events relating to the Chasm

• Shaemdiel cast Bashiel and twelve thousand Cherubim into the Chasm; the Cherubim were later rescued from the “folds of darkness”
by a host of angels led by Galendriel, the Sovereign Mother of the Elohim (E:9:29-35).


• The twelve suns of Ashengaard were initially placed in the Chasm “nearest to the world of Jeruel” (5:4:50).     




Thus shall the Nemesis of God sit himself down to gaze upon the kingdoms of God, believing in his soul that if he could but cross the mighty Chasm, even he would defeat so few worlds as those on which the Gods themselves do live.

5th Endowment 4:38


Having conceived in his mind some deep and hidden gnosis, Yaldabaoth turned his gaze away from Olaha Shinehah; and espying across the Chasm the stars of the Celestial Kingdom, Yaldabaoth spoke to himself, saying:

“I shall find a way across the Chasm and I shall cause the kingdom of God to grow weak and feeble that I might take the glory of Heaven unto myself, to be both Lord and Master.”

And so it came about that there sat beside the Chasm which divided the lesser light from the greater, a darkly brooding presence, even Yaldabaoth, Father of Chaos, Lord of Doom.

5th Endowment 17:70-72


How strongly then did the wrath of Shaemdiel rise up within him; and there fell upon Shaemdiel alone, in a mighty rush, the captains of the Cherubim, being led in battle by Loriel.

And with exceeding rage he did crush them, every one, and broke in pieces the power, and glory, and beauty of all their house; and with a shout made all terrible and filled with doom, he flung the twelve thousand into the Chasm deep and wide....

But there came likewise to stand before the Elohim, Galendriel, the Mother of All, and hearing in her soul the cries of many fallen, she called unto Shadiel who alone commanded the Cherubic hosts;

And with her also came ten thousand times ten thousand, and with the Mother did they together go forth unto the Chasm deep and wide, to rescue from the folds of darkness the twelve thousand of the Cherubim which lay hurt and sorely wounded.

Enlightenment 9:29-30, 34-35


These suns shall we place in the vastness of the great Chasm nearest to the world of Jeruel, causing that the very Elohim should take great council regarding them.

5th Endowment 4:50

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Lower case references (chasm)


Occurrences:  10

First Reference:  Yeshua 20:60


And grieve not the passing of this life which is of the body only; for I tell you truly that life is but a bridge passing over a chasm wide and deep.

Yeshua 20:60


Know then that in the taking of a covenant do you join yourself to God, and this by your own desire; for the covenant is the bridge which crosses o’er the chasm, which chasm is the illusions of mortal life, opening up before your eyes the realness of God and Heaven.

7th Endowment 5:10


For all the spirit children of God, even Emmanuel, are made to dwell in the Keep, and there is between the innocent and the kingdom of God a great chasm;

And there is but one way whereby the innocent might attain for themselves such glory wherein they might abide forever in the presence of Lords many and Gods many.

Wherefore, seeing that there is but one way whereby the hopeful might attain unto so great a glory, to dwell in peace forever beside the Father and Mother of their soul, it was expedient to send them forth into mortality, whereby they might come to a knowledge of good and evil.

And if they will take unto their souls the good, then shall they become one with God in all holiness, and eternity shall be made their dwelling place.

For this cause were there made certain covenants whereby the children of God are bound unto a fullness of promise, that when they shall prove themselves faithful to follow in the ways of God always, they shall be granted eternal life and there shall be prepared for them thrones of glory.

Wisdom 24:5-9


And between the world of the first principality and the world of the second principality shall we place an unseen barrier to separate the one glory from the other, causing that each principality should prove itself sovereign and complete within the boundaries of its estate.

For even though both worlds should know deeply of each the other, still shall they prove unable of themselves to cross the chasm which even now does separate both worlds from each the other.

4th Endowment 13:52-53