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Galendriel (the Beautiful)


Pronunciation:  geh-LEN-drai-ehl

Occurrences:  40

First Reference:  Wisdom 24:15


And there shall preside among them the great Father of All, even Ahman, and beside him shall stand the most Heavenly Mother of All, Galendriel the Beautiful.



See:  Ahman, Aretakai, Elohim, Heavenly Mother, Valhaladea


Summary:  Often referred to as the “Mother of All”, Galendriel the Beautiful is a daughter of the First God, Areta and The One, and serves with her Beloved Noeiel (more commonly referred to in scripture as Ahman or Melchizedek) as co-Ahman of the Celestial Council of Elohim (W:24:15). As the Queen and Sovereign Mother of Elohim, she presides over the Matriarchal House of Valhaladea, serving as Heavenly Mother to all who dwell within the realms of Elohim (including the spirit children incarnating on this earth), as well as the Telestial and Terrestrial Kingdoms of the Olaha Shinehah (AZC — Ahman).



Priesthood Ancestry     W:1:3       W:18:22      1:2:10


Matriarchal                                                          Patriarchal

    Areta — Supreme Mother of All                               The One — Supreme Father of All

         Galendriel — Mother Ahman of Elohim                       Noeiel — Father Ahman of Elohim

                 Sher-el — Chief Aretakai of Elohim                            Michael — Chief Archon of Elohim

                         Sophiel — Holy Spirit                                                  Emmanuel — Emmanuelite



Significant Events Involving Galendriel


E:4:1-35         Comforts and counsels certain Heavenly Mothers regarding the behavior of Shaemdiel


E:8:1-5           Commends Sophiel in her successful creation of a pathway to world of the First Power


E:9:34-36       Galendriel and Shadiel rescue the 12,000 Cherubim injured by Shaemdiel


E:9:56-60       Descends with a host of Cherubim to rescue spirit children held hostage by Shaemdiel  (6:2:7-9)


1:1:11-26       Among the Heavenly host which descends to take Azrael to the kingdom of Heaven


1:3:1              Galendriel and Ahman present Azrael before the presence of The One


5:5:1-13        Galendriel and Ahman address the Elohim concerning the twelve suns of Ashengaard


5:5:66-77      Galendriel and Rutheniel secure the seven suns of Ashengaard against Shaemdiel’s efforts


6:3:1-20        Gathers with Rutheniel and Ahman to counsel with Mahaleenah


6:8:24-31      Galendriel and Ahman are informed by Mahaleenah regarding Cain’s murder of Abel


6:10:1-34      During the Second War, Michael and Sher-el seek out Galendriel and Ahman to put forth a petition to assist the Ahgendai in battling against the Demiurge



Azrael’s Commentary — Galendriel


The First and Sovereign Mother of the House of Valhaladea, Co-Ahman of the Council of Elohim, and the beloved and adoring wife of Melchizedek. She created the city of Salem of Merigoth on the celestial world of Jeruel. This beautiful city Galendriel gave to her Beloved after they were elected and then appointed to the position of Ahman.


As the First and Sovereign Mother, all holders of the Matriarchal Priesthood receive their office, influence and power through the auspices of Galendriel.



Azrael’s Commentary — Ahman


More of a title than a name, in the Celestial Kingdom the title Ahman more accurately applies to both the presiding Heavenly Father and the presiding Heavenly Mother together. At the head of each of the Seven Councils of Light, there is appointed by election and ordination the Ahman of that particular council.


In the scriptures, the title of Ahman is used as a name to designate the presiding Heavenly Father of the Council of Elohim. This is done solely for the convenience of the reader of the scriptures. Heaven does not consider this a slight to the Heavenly Mother, and those who think it appropriate to be offended on behalf of the presiding Heavenly Mother are more likely to offend her than the author of the scriptures.


The title of Ahman is often used in conjunction with the phrase: The Father of All. But because the title of Ahman actually includes both a Heavenly Father and a Heavenly Mother, the word Ahman can also be used to refer to: The Mother of All.


In the phrase: The Father of All, the All refers to every Lord and God of Elohim, every ministering angel, cherub and seraph of the Celestial Kingdom. The phrase also includes all those children of God who have chosen to dwell in the Telestial and Terrestrial Kingdoms created by the Elohim.





Thus was there caused to gather the heavenly hosts in splendor exceeding; and there shined out from around the throne of Ahman the Kerrillean light of Xanthis which like a jewel sat as a diadem upon the brow of Galendriel, the Mother of All.

Enlightenment 3:7


And there fell upon the congregations of Heaven a deep stillness, and a mighty hush did fall upon the whole earth, for Ahman did rise forth in all his majesty to speak, and there stood beside him in stately array, Galendriel the Beautiful, dressed in robes of purest white trimmed in silver; and upon her bodice was there placed an ephod of blue sapphire, and upon her head was there also a blue and shimmering telephim.

1st Endowment 8:4


9. But in the kingdom of God did the Elohim gather round about the throne of the great Father and Mother of All, and Ahman spoke unto the hosts of Heaven, saying:

10. “Consider, you Lords and Gods of Elohim, and know this thing for yourselves, for the shadow of great tribulation do I perceive.

11. For there has leaped forth out of the Abyss some dark and terrible thing, even the Father of Evil has obscurity and dimness brought out of the womb of matter unformed.”

12. And the hosts of Heaven, when they heard this, grew silent; and there rose to stand before the council, the great Mother of All, and she spoke, saying:

13. “Give not your soul to trouble because of this thing, neither let perplexities rise within you. For there is nothing which, once revealed, is able to hide away its heart from before us.”

Enlightenment 1:9-13


[Excerpt from the Personal Testimony of Azrael Ondi-Ahman]

[...] Again I spoke to God, saying: “Heavenly Father, in my soul I am filled with questions. Yet above them all is this one most needful. If you then be both God and Father unto the children of men, have we not a Heavenly Mother also?”

And in that moment God smiled upon me, and immediately there fell from Heaven another great light, and in the light did I see descending a woman of such matchless beauty, such comely form, that I was speechless before her. And she was clothed in robes of purest white, and there was upon her head a telephim trimmed in gold. And she came and stood beside the Father, and casting down upon me a gentle gaze, she said: “Greetings, fair son, from me to thee.”

And God the Father spoke to me again, saying: “Behold my own Beloved, even the Heavenly Mother; and know this thing for yourself; for even as you see before you the Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, yet are we together made but one God unto the children of men. For even as a man and a woman are made one flesh in marriage, even so are we become as one God. Know then that whosoever shall pray unto the Father, even then shall the Mother hear also. And whosoever shall pray unto the Mother, even unto that child shall I attend with all gentle affection. For how shall you believe in the Father and not the Mother also? For together are we made as one God forever unto the children of men. [...]

~Personal Testimony of Azrael Ondi-Ahman