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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 18

The great Eternal Round – The mercy of God – The furnace of affliction – Multiple lives and the mercy of God – Streams of intelligence – Beginnings of the cosmos – Wisdom shall receive greater wisdom


1  And after Michael had said these things, the Teacher spoke, saying: “My Lord, tell me concerning the creations and glories of our Father, Ahman; for he is great and mighty, and his righteousness is higher than the heavens.”

2  And Michael stretched forth his hand before the throne of the great God, and said: “Consider, my Lord Azrael, how that by reason of his great designs has God our Father fashioned together the Eternal Round wherein all things forever dwell.

3  All that is past, all that is present, and all that shall ever be, has he encompassed round about with his glory; that all creation might continue without end.

4  And before our God are all things forever present, for unto him is nothing lost or vanished away. For our God is surely the fount of great mercy, that even he should grant unto all who will, a kingdom of glory; whether Celestial, Terrestrial, or Telestial, according as they are able to bear. For these kingdoms did the Eternal One establish and ordain from the beginning.

5  For the breath of God is made to dwell in the children of God always, and by reason of this does God seek to restore that portion unto himself; that it should be clothed in glory and immortality.

6  Therefore, to accomplish his great designs, God has taken into his keeping all the dimensions of time, that all things past, present, and future might move before him according to his will.

7  Surely our God, even Ahman, is great and holy, for no unclean thing can come before him. Yet he has proclaimed aloud, saying: ‘Behold, I delight in mercy and in the forgiveness of sins do I rejoice. Therefore, stand forth and answer: What sin can separate you from me?

8  Give heed unto me, all you children of men. What sin can hide you as with a covering, that my Spirit should not find you? Where shall you go to flee from my presence, that I should not restore you again?

9  If you should ascend above the mountains of the earth, behold, I am there. If you should dwell in the depths of the sea, behold, I am there. If you should mount the wind as an eagle to dwell above the stars, behold, even there shall you find me.

10  And I shall stretch forth my hand to guide you, by the strength of my power will I bear you up. For I will rescue you from evil, that I might establish you for my glory, even among many great and noble.

11  Behold, I am Ahman. Man of holiness is my name. Therefore, hear and understand; for unto the earth have the spirit children of God been sent; into the furnace of affliction have they gone, that they might know with full understanding what is good and what is evil.

12  For I shall prove them herewith; their hearts will I search to sift out from among all the children of men, all who shall walk uprightly before me. These shall I purify as fine gold; I shall purge them of all uncleanliness as if by fire.

13  Behold, I am God, and my glory is a consuming fire. Therefore, unto all those who shall endure to come again unto me will I give eternal life, even worlds without end, for they shall be Gods.’

14  Thus has our God spoken, and to bring about his great designs he has established all the dimensions of time, whereby all things move continually before him.

15  Therefore, by reason of his great mercy he has proclaimed the decree, whereby all those who should die without a knowledge of heavenly things shall God deal graciously, even as a loving Father for an only child.

16  And they shall come again into mortality until they shall learn for themselves the way of holiness.

17  And if they shall hear and desire diligently to follow after the Father of their soul, then shall they become the Soul of the Just Made Perfect, and unto all who follow not straightly the Lord their God, unto them shall be granted a place among the ministering angels of Heaven.

18  And all those who shall hear and reject this word, unto them will be given that portion of which they are able, even according to their works.”

19  And when Michael had said these things, he took the Teacher by the arm and stood him before the great Deep, and the man looked and beheld countless galaxies moving in their majesty.

20  And throughout the immensity of space flowed great streams of intelligence as if they did bind together the creations of God.

21  And the Teacher asked, saying: “My Lord, whence came these streams of intelligence and these innumerable galaxies? For I know that from the intelligences did both Emmanuel and Sophiel organize the spirits of men, and that throughout all the galaxies did the Arch Angels of God create worlds without number and did establish the paths in which they should move. But from whence came this universe and all the galaxies therein?”

22  And Michael spoke, saying: “Consider, Azrael, how that from many Gods flows great light, brighter than the sun at noon day. Therefore did the great eternal Father, even the Father of Ahman, gather together the light from many Gods, even the excess therefrom, and did fashion together a cloak of great beauty, and in the center thereof did he place all the unformed matter that moved in the immensity of space and with the light did wrap and bind it together.

23  And God took the seed, even the universal seed, and placed it in the great Deep, even the Void. And it did grow and swell because of the heat that came by reason of God’s great light and glory.

24  And in the time appointed the seed did swell with great violence, and, behold, in an instant was this universe born. And it did move and expand into the deep Void, and as the matter cooled, behold, innumerable galaxies did form in their majesty.

25  Therefore, when this great seed expanded, behold the cloak of light which held this great seed together was torn asunder, and as trailing threads of glory did the light of intelligence flow throughout innumerable galaxies, to seal and bind together the universe which you see.

26  Thus were the great creations of the universe brought to pass for the glory of God. Therefore, you need not suppose that this is the only universe which God has created, for as there are stars without number, so has God fashioned many universes.

27  And when God had done all these things by the power of his word, he smiled, for it was for the good of man.

28  For intelligence shall cleave to intelligence; wisdom shall receive greater wisdom; truth shall hold fast to truth; virtue loves virtue, and light shall cleave unto light, forever.

29  Therefore, if any man desires to be exalted in the kingdom of God, let him seek the wisdom of godliness, that he might walk rightly before his Father who is in Heaven.”