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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 19

God shall speak tenderly to the daughters of men – An oath and covenant to be established – Why priesthood of Mother Eve was taken from earth – Matriarchal Order to be restored – Sanctuaries in the home – Tabernacle of God found in priesthood – The Teacher to restore the keys of knowledge


1  And Michael spoke again unto the Teacher, saying: “Behold, the day comes when the voice of the Lord shall be heard upon the earth; unto the pure in heart will the word go forth.

2  For God shall speak tenderly unto the daughters of men, in gentleness shall his grace attend them; with everlasting cords of love will he draw them nigh.

3  In that day God shall remember the promises given, for unto all the mothers of men will God establish an oath and a covenant, that righteousness might dwell in the hearts of men, that holiness might be unto them as a covering and peace shall arise to shine upon the earth.

4  For I will establish peace among the nations, by the coming forth of righteousness shall the tabernacle of my glory be made to dwell among the children of men.

5  Come now, O daughters of promise, and rejoice; attend now and give ear, O mothers of men, for unto you the word is sent.

6  Rejoice and be glad for you are remembered on high. For God has heard the desires of your heart and shall give you answer; by the showing forth of his grace shall he give a multitude of assurance.

7  Surely God will speak to you in that day, saying: ‘Tell me now, O daughters of promise, is it good that the children should suffer so? For, behold, consider how many are made to suffer because of the foolish ways of men.

8  For war has devoured my children as a lion among the flocks, and pestilence has haunted the weak even unto despair. With uplifted hands have the fallen cried for mercy, but unto them was given only emptiness and tears.

9  By false shepherds have the words of God been hid in the darkness; they have stopped the ears so that they might not hear the indictment of the Lord against them. With great cunning have they conspired to rule over the children of my soul.

10  Yet shall I answer for the children who weep, I shall stretch forth my hand to rescue, for the fallen will I lift up, and the weak shall I make strong again. And all who despair because of the foolishness of men shall I fill to overflowing; in the presence of God shall they be satisfied.

11  Therefore have I prepared you, O daughters of promise, that even you might stretch forth the hand to bless all the children of men, and this by way of an oath and a covenant, which covenant shall remain throughout all the days of both mother and daughter and not depart.

12  For in the councils of Elohim was it confirmed unto all the children of men that a way be established whereby they might attain for themselves so great a glory as to dwell in the presence of their Heavenly Father and Mother forever.

13  Therefore, unto the sons and daughters of God was it granted to give so great a blessing, and this by way of an oath and a covenant.

14  Now in the beginning did Eve receive the oath and covenant of Matriarchy before the world was, that by such righteousness as she should establish might the spirit children of Emmanuel come into the tabernacles of Enosh.

15  But the hearts of men grew in vanity and with much pride did they seek to rule over the daughters of promise, and in the days of Noah was the Matriarchal Order of Heaven taken away from the earth, that it might not be defiled.

16  For this cause have I sent forth unto the children of men my chosen one, that you might prepare the way for the coming again of many blessings.

17  For the promise is given unto all who desire to walk uprightly before the God of Heaven, that even unto them might be established the fulfillment of every good thing.

18  Unto all who desire shall God grant this Matriarchal Order, which is the power of healing and anointing, of faith and charity, and receives unto itself the ministering of angels and the witness of the Heavenly Mother.

19  This covenant shall you teach unto the daughters and mothers of men, that in their families there might be room found for the Lord their God. For in the homes of the faithful shall I dwell and not delay.

20  For in their homes shall I place both altar and mercy seat and there abide, for soon shall I come in power and glory to establish my kingdom upon the earth, and in my house shall I begin, and from my house shall I go forth to glorify even all the children of men.

21  In the eternal order of both Matriarch and Patriarch shall my tabernacle be established, and I shall dwell with the children of men, and they shall be my people, and I will surely be their God.

22  And I shall wipe away the tears from their eyes, and sorrow shall I cast far from them, and in joy shall they receive their exaltation, and to the faithful will I give the fountain of the waters of life freely, that both male and female, Patriarch and Matriarch might drink unto eternal life.

23  Come and rejoice, O daughters of promise; lift up your hearts and sing aloud, O mothers of men, for unto you is the blessing given, unto you is the word sent.

24  For surely I will send my servant and he shall teach you; in much assurance and in faith exceeding shall he bring forth the keys of knowledge, and his words shall you write upon the tablets of the heart, that you might observe this oath and covenant throughout all your generations of both mother and daughter.

25  That by your faithfulness unto God you might receive the election of his grace, even unto exaltation; and you shall dwell peacefully beside your husbands in the kingdom of Heaven.’”