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Book of Pearls
1st Endowment
2nd Endowment
3rd Endowment
4th Endowment
5th Endowment
6th Endowment
7th Endowment

Chapter 1

Words of the Teacher – Emmanuel, the son of Michael – “Whom shall I call, whom shall I send?” – Deceived by strange gods – Woe unto the shepherds of Zion – A new shepherd to be called – A teacher of righteousness from the womb of adversity – The new shepherd shall confront false shepherds – Going forth to harvest – The false shepherds speak out – God to establish a holy people – Daughters of Promise to receive the covenant


1  These are the words which the Teacher taught unto the children of men when he sojourned among them. For with words of wisdom would he clothe the children of God, that they might walk uprightly before Heaven and earth.

2  Therefore, let all who desire to take unto themselves a knowledge of heavenly things give heed, that they might prove all things which are good and expedient unto exaltation, that they might become even as a light to those who are bound in darkness.

3  Now in the kingdom of God there stood before the Lords of Elohim, Emmanuel, the son of Michael who is the son of Ahman, even the Most High God.

4  And the son of Michael, even Emmanuel, spoke saying: “Whom shall I call, whom shall I send? For behold, my children who are made to dwell upon the earth have polluted themselves; the covenants have they forgotten; my law have they broken and trodden under foot for religion’s sake.

5  For the Fallen One has deceived many; strong delusions have beguiled even the very elect. When I speak there is none to hear; when I call there is none to answer.

6  Behold, my children have sought after strange gods; the wealth of the world do they seek to satisfy the lusts of the flesh, to make merry the heart of pride. My kingdom have they forsaken, and they know it not.

7  How my children have imagined a vain thing, for they love to assemble themselves together as a people who love righteousness, but their hearts are far from me. They have set their feet upon crooked paths to stray; their hands are filled with mischief.

8  Therefore, I shall proclaim against them, saying: Woe unto the shepherds of Zion who fill themselves with pride! Should not my shepherds care tenderly for my flocks?

9  False shepherds have they become, for they have made desolate the inheritance of the Lord; for the weak they have not strengthened, the sick and the afflicted they have not healed, the fallen they have left to perish in great want.

10  Behold how my children have wandered, how they have strayed into strange and dreadful paths, for the light of my word has been taken from them because of the priestcrafts and vain imaginings of false shepherds.

11  As a brutish man have they made rule over the innocent; they have become great with much pride. My children which are lost they will not search out to recover, to return them again unto me.

12  Therefore I have set myself against the false shepherds and I will bring them to account. I will remove them out of their place; they shall no longer tend my children, for I have rejected them.

13  For I will seek and search after the sheep of my pasture. As a shepherd looks for his own scattered flocks, so will I look for my children. I will rescue them from dark places and gently lead them beside still waters. In green and verdant pastures shall they be drawn again unto me and I shall comfort them.

14  And I shall set over them a new shepherd who will watch over them tenderly, who will lead them in all the words of the Lord, for I shall stretch forth my hand into a desert place to bring forth my servant.

15  Him have I prepared from his youth, that he might teach even all my children; a teacher of righteousness shall he be unto me, for I shall hide in his inward parts the power of my word.

16  For out of the womb of adversity shall he come forth, from the furnace of affliction shall I draw him. Behold, a man of sorrow, acquainted with grief, him shall I redeem from tribulation, and I shall place his feet upon straight paths that he may turn neither to the right nor to the left.

17  The poor of the earth shall he defend; the downtrodden shall he lift up; they that are lost shall he gather again, and unto the weary shall he give rest; and all they who are of heavy heart shall he make joyful again.

18  But unto the false shepherds who rule harshly over my children shall he come as a tempest; as a great water overflowing shall he sweep away the prideful from among my people; even as a storm of great hail shall he beat down the oppressor to proclaim anew the day of the Lord.

19  Like a hot flame that purifies, he shall set forth his hand and purify the children of promise; as a fire that purges, he shall purge my children of all their fears, that they might sing a new song. Surely he shall plead their cause and not relent.

20  At his voice shall the Fallen One tremble greatly; by the power of my word shall he make hell a desolation that it should not be inhabited by the children of men.

21  Against my adversaries shall he make war and not hold back. Against the children of darkness shall he raise the standard of the Lord and with a mighty shout, cry: ‘Havoc!’ For there shall be in his right hand both justice and mercy, and in his left shall be found great recompense.

22  Surely he shall go forth among the midst of my children to harvest; to gather from the midst of my house the obedient, that I may with them proclaim the day of the Lord.

23  But in the day that I shall stretch forth my hand to bring my servant out of obscurity, the false shepherds shall exclaim loudly against him, saying:

24  ‘Who are you that the Lord should call you to administer unto this people and to give them instruction? Where is your authority that we might know that you are from God? Behold, we know that you are a deceiver and are come from the devil, who is the prince of all lies.

25  For only we are the shepherds over this people, and God will not speak unto one such as you; for you are a hard man, and your speech is rough and grievous to bear. Who are you that the people of the Lord should desire you?

26  Behold, the Lord our God shall say nothing unto this people except as we shall give him utterance, for by the law of the church is the Lord bound to observe all which he has commanded us to do.

27  Behold, you are out of the way, a hard man with strange words. Who are you that we should give heed unto you? For you are a man of many sorrows and uncomely to the eye; who are you that we should desire you?’

28  Yet in that day shall I perform my dark act in the midst of the ungodly. For through my servant shall I bring forth a great work which shall be marvelous to behold.

29  For I shall establish in the midst of my children a choice generation, a holy people. To them shall I send my servant and he shall teach them in the ways of God.

30  And they shall become as a peculiar people, a royal household. And I shall clothe them in white raiment and set my words upon their lips to proclaim unto the children of men: ‘Behold, your God reigns!’

31  Then shall the sons and daughters of my glory increase in knowledge and understanding, and they shall proclaim the wisdom of God to all people, and under their hands shall the nations of the earth be blessed. For they shall teach a multitude of people; the habitation of peace shall they establish.

32  And unto the daughters of promise shall God reveal an oath and a covenant, for unto the pure shall he grant both blessing and authority, and upon their heads shall he reveal the way of peace and holiness.

33  In that day shall they withstand the nations because of war, for from their hands shall come forth a great calm. Then shall the nations of men grow weary of great conflict, and they shall repent the sword for their children’s sake, and each shall live peaceably beside his neighbor.”