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Ahgi Wynnaki


Pronunciation:  AH-gee + wihn-NAH-kee

Occurrences:  12
First Reference:
 3rd Endowment 16:10


For we know already that it is Ahgi Wynnaki which commands them, even the Butcher of Malay; for both Manegus and I, myself, did fight against him in years past; and he is a fierce and cunning man of war, being himself the greatest general of the Chen.”



See:  Chen (empire), First Track, Fortress Octavius, Kronus Maximillius


Azrael’s Commentary - Ahgi Wynnaki


During the days of of Kronus, Ahgi Wynnaki, also known as the “Butcher of Malay”, was the greatest general of the Chen. A bastard son of the Emperor, Tai Pau Chen, Ahgi Wynnaki excelled in all things military. He was outwardly calm, soft spoken and detached, but in battle he was cunning, ferocious and merciless. In his early years, as a young general he was sent to quell the rebellion on the Malay Peninsula. He was ordered to put to death all rebel leaders. Being himself uncertain as to how to distinguish a leader from a follower, Ahgi Wynnaki solved the problem by ordering a naval blockade of the whole peninsula so that no rebels could escape by sea; and placing a heavily armed division along the northern escape route, Ahgi Wynnaki marched the rest of his army south into the peninsula itself. He ordered the death of every male over the age of two years old. The campaign to put down the rebellion took just under a year, and at the end, some one and a half million men and boys were either killed in battle or executed upon surrender. The Emperor of the Chen was so pleased with the results of the campaign that he promoted Ahgi Wynnaki to vice marshal on the spot. The campaign against the Malay Peninsula made Ahgi Wynnaki both feared and famous. From that moment, Ahgi Wynnaki blazed a trail of ferocious brilliance in one campaign after another.


At the age of 66, Ahgi Wynnaki was given permission by the Emperor to lead the expeditionary force which would seize present-day Alaska from the Drakonian Empire. The reason for choosing Ahgi Wynnaki for the task was simple. Ahgi Wynnaki had never lost a campaign or a battle. The Chen were convinced that they would succeed simply because of the reputation of Ahgi Wynnaki. However, Ahgi Wynnaki had never fought a winter campaign in the far north countries. Other commanders in the Chen military were very adept at cold weather warfare, but they did not have the prestige of Ahgi Wynnaki. And when Ahgi Wynnaki asked for advice and counsel on cold weather warfare from his peers, he was given poor advice from those who were jealous of the famous general. They wanted him to fail and thereby fall out of favor with the Emperor.


On a personal note, Ahgi Wynnaki had watched the games in which Kronus appeared so prominently. When it was learned that this same Kronus commanded the forces arrayed against him in Alaska, Ahgi Wynnaki felt the shadow of defeat hanging over his head. With his supply lines cut off by sea, Ahgi Wynnaki became fatalistic and this fatalism infected the army under his command. A point of interest is the fact that when Kronus entered the enemy camp disguised as a Chen officer (3:17:24-25), it was Ahgi Wynnaki who approached him and asked for a status report on his northern perimeter. Kronus did not know he was speaking to Ahgi Wynnaki, and Ahgi Wynnaki did not know he had Kronus in front of him. Ahgi Wynnaki was so impressed with the man’s thorough knowledge regarding his defensive lines that he invited Kronus to walk with him as he inspected his night positions. He even shared a cup of tea with Kronus as the snow and wind swirled around them.


In the end, Ahgi Wynnaki chose suicide rather than face defeat and capture by Drakonian forces. All soldiers of the Chen Empire were issued a vial of poison at the beginning of each military campaign, and were thoroughly indoctrinated in the use of the poison. Soldiers severely wounded or fearing capture by the enemy would drink the poison and thereby protect whatever military information or secrets they had in their head. These black vials of poison were carried on a steel chain and worn around the neck of each soldier. When Ahgi Wynnaki realized that he was surrounded and his cause was hopeless, he dressed himself in the uniform of a private, and taking up a position on his own front line, he drank the poison. The Drakonians never found the body of the famous general. They were never able to use his body for propaganda purposes simply because they could not find him among the 45,000 corpses. The Drakonians were looking for a famous general, they ignored the famous private lying among the dead.



Notes/References: this Kronus, with but five thousand men only, defeated the one hundred thousand warriors of the Chen.

Causing that the great Butcher of Malay should kill himself because of shame and black despair. Who then will sing the songs of war about this Ahgi Wynnaki, except they first sing of Kronus and his five thousand?

3rd Endowment 21:10-11


For this man you know full well already, for in his youth did he take from my hand three gold standards in the playing of the Game; and did himself withstand with cunning force, the great Ahgi Wynnaki.

3rd Endowment 28:53