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First Track


Occurrences:  none



See:  First Creation/Cosmos, First God, First Man, First Power, First World


Summary:  While it does not occur in scripture, the phrase ‘First Track’ is used among students to designate the original timeline from which First God evolved. Events of the First Track are depicted in the 3rd Endowment, which describes the history and circumstances surrounding the first human to engender soul and survive physical death with memory intact. This soul became the masculine aspect of First God, as represented by Areta and The One.


The 3rd Endowment, along with certain information provided in the 1st Endowment and Azrael’s Commentary, presents an alternate history of human civilization on this earth — a history that unfolded during the earth’s original timeline, i.e., the First Track of the world of the First Power (otherwise known as the First World). The history of our present track (timeline) has deviated from that of the First Track due to the introduction and influence of new components, including the Demiurge, the Fallen, and the dispensations of God. According to scripture, our present timeline is the first iteration, the inaugural replication of the original timeline from which God first evolved (E:14:6-9; 1:10:6-8; 1:3:31).





6. For, behold, all things shall I make new again, for I shall establish a new Heaven and a new earth, and this through the rolling forth of the dispensations which I have appointed; that there might be set before the eyes of man the only sure hope of immortality and eternal life.

7. And that world which first gave rise to me shall I redeem through continual replication, even until there shall ascend unto me a multitude of souls, which souls shall first find birth deep in the heart of man.

8. These shall I instruct well altogether and cause that they should dwell in tabernacles of everlasting spirit, and in the kingdom of God shall they come to a perfect understanding of all things temporal and all things eternal, being perfected themselves every whit.

9. In that day shall the kingdom of Heaven stretch wide her borders, being increased beyond all measure because of those things which I have set forth in the world of First Man, to establish upon the earth the knowledge of good and evil.

Enlightenment 14:6-9


Thus did I determine for the good of all, that there should be brought through the veils of time the law of opposition, even the epiphenomenon of good and evil; for I thought it preferable to give hope in place of despair, joy in place of sorrow, and life in place of death.

For you have seen yourself the cruel destruction of yonder world in the days of First Man; for the life of countless millions did cruel death swallow up in madness, that they should be no more; and the glory of all that could have been did the silence consume in darkness.

Seeing therefore the passing away of all my beginning, even I did continue on, being the only one of my kind; and I did resolve most firmly within that in the day of my power I would return again unto my own, and by some subtle design set forth the hand to redeem the whole of First Man.

1st Endowment 10:6-8


Such was the strength and presence of evil in the world of your beginnings, Most Holy Father. That throughout each succeeding dispensation there was made some great effort to ensure some small achievement, trusting always that in the replication of that distant world we might continue to add upon those things which we did establish at the first.

1st Endowment 3:31


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