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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 10

The One speaks: “Being drawn from darkness, I might become as a light” – The law of opposition – The role and purpose of Yaldabaoth – Adam and Eve teach and uplift the children of men – Children of men begin to embrace heavenly principles – Adam teaches farming – Eve teaches the ways of love and joining – The children of men witness true love – The gardens of Shem Torath – Adam counsels men regarding the ways of love – Eve teaches the women the law and covenant of marriage – The brutality of men against women is removed – Establishing a tabernacle of God’s peace – Sanctuary in the home, established by the woman – A glory built upon love


1  Thus, my children, was I made to see fully the corruptions and the harshness of that world which was unmade by God, being by its own nature filled with despair and cruelty; having neither hope nor joy for it had not the shadow of things more glorious.

2  Yet for all the horrors to which I was made a witness, I did find great comfort in the presence of The One; being made to stand beside him in the glory of many lights; and in an instant did the sorrow of all my heart flee away and I was filled with calmness.

3  And the Light within the greater light did glow brighter still, and the voice of The One did speak tenderly unto me, saying: “Trouble not your soul, my son, over such things as you were made to see; for even all this harshness did perish long ago, and only their shadows do you most faintly see in the world far beyond.

4  For that which you were made witness to did give birth to me; that being drawn from the darkness, I might become as a light unto all who should follow after me.

5  For by my own hand did I make death to seem as a passing shadow, that there might spring up from out of the darkness, new life abundant, moving out and ever seeking for that glory which it could most faintly see.

6  Thus did I determine for the good of all, that there should be brought through the veils of time the law of opposition, even the epiphenomenon of good and evil; for I thought it preferable to give hope in place of despair, joy in place of sorrow, and life in place of death.

7  For you have seen yourself the cruel destruction of yonder world in the days of First Man; for the life of countless millions did cruel death swallow up in madness, that they should be no more; and the glory of all that could have been did the silence consume in darkness.

8  Seeing therefore the passing away of all my beginning, even I did continue on, being the only one of my kind; and I did resolve most firmly within that in the day of my power I would return again unto my own, and by some subtle design set forth the hand to redeem the whole of First Man.

9  Thus did I cause that Yaldabaoth should come forth unto this world beyond all beginnings, knowing full well that he would set forth to establish himself as the only true dominion.

10  For it was the Demiurge themselves which first put forth in the mind of man the image of God, even though the likeness was filled with threats and cruelty; causing that all men should tremble in fear before him; thus was there created in the heart of man the hope for some deliverance.

11  Thus by fear did the Demiurge compel the children of men to cleave unto Adam and Eve during the days of their sojourn upon the earth; seeking from their hand the wisdom and loving kindness of that true God which dwelt far beyond in light and glory.

12  For in the days of Adam and Eve did they teach unto the children of men the beginning of every good thing; for you know yourself, how that in yonder world did First Man have no knowledge concerning those affections which bind together both husband and wife, parent and child, or even friend cleaving unto friend for love’s sake.

13  Therefore, it became expedient that Adam should uplift the minds of men by showing unto them the beginning of wisdom whereby they might lift themselves above the passions of beasts, to ascend above their former state, being made noble and worthy of all consideration.

14  Thus by careful measure did Adam and Eve uplift the minds of all, both male and female, that they might rise above the meanness of their former lives, to stand before the whole creation, being made altogether new and filled with promise.

15  Seeing therefore that the children of men were made separated from the beasts of the earth, they did take upon themselves the nature and disposition of Adam and Eve; learning from the very beginning the ways of peace and kind affection.

16  For behold, the children of men did esteem greatly the presence of Adam and Eve, thinking them to be Gods which were worthy of worship and emulation; counting their presence as some great gain, being by their very nature preferable to that Demiurge which would rule most harshly over them.

17  Thus by careful measure did Adam teach unto the children of men those things which were good and beneficial, while always giving firm counsel against the evil way, establishing in the minds of all which heard the rising epiphenomenon of good and evil.

18  For everything which Adam and Eve said and did would the children of men accept most readily as being for their good and not evil; that by their careful imitation they might prove themselves acceptable to the Gods which they loved, while pushing aside with equal fervor the god whom they feared, even Jehovah-Yahweh.

19  Now Adam taught unto the children of men the ways of farming, both to plant and to harvest; and the spear and the cudgel did all men lay aside, and they did plant for the good of all, a variety of gardens and orchards.

20  And each man did cooperate with every other man for some mutual benefit, and in that day was man separated from the mere passions of beasts to become altogether a new creature.

21  Yet, Eve, of herself took note concerning the ways of men and women; for in the days before Adam and Eve did the sons of men take little thought for women’s sake, thinking them weak and unworthy of consideration.

22  For each man, when he had desires, would rush upon a woman to seize her and to rape her fully until he was left satisfied and empty of seed; and when he was done, then would he cast the woman aside, being made contemptuous by her many tears and pleadings.

23  Now Eve, being made witness to all these things, did go unto Adam and she spoke unto him, saying: “Have you not seen, my love, how the sons of men are made to treat the women of their kind?

24  Come now and let us teach unto the children of men the ways of love and joining, that they might learn with eagerness the joys to be gained in both marriage and family; for unto this was I ordained to establish in the world far beyond.”

25  Now in the beginning of their sojourn did Adam build a house for his Beloved; and upon each day, with the rising of the sun, would all the children of men gather themselves upon the ground, both male and female according to their several tribes, and there would they await most anxiously the coming forth of Adam and Eve.

26  And on a certain day did Adam and Eve walk forth from the midst of their house to stand naked and unclothed before the children of men; and the children of men did gasp in wonder at the beauty and comeliness of Adam and Eve; for they did stand in calmness before them, being tranquil within and without, being neither ashamed nor troubled by their own nakedness.

27  And walking forth most calmly and serene, Adam and Eve did set forth to stroll alone among the orchards, and the children of men did follow after them from a distance, for of Adam’s tenderness unto Eve did the sons and daughters of men gaze upon in amazement, for among themselves had no man ever treated a woman in like manner.

28  Now when Adam and Eve were come unto a certain place by the waters of Shem Torath, they did commune one with the other in all gentle affections, speaking and laughing in the midst of their joy; being unmindful of those which watched from a distance; being centered only upon that love which they did hold for one another.

29  And throughout the day did Adam and Eve lay together beside the waters of Shem Torath, moving each upon the other in great love, consuming each through gentle kisses, the passions of both body and spirit.

30  Thus were the sons and daughters of men made witnesses of that true love which was ordained of God from the very beginning, and the women of Enosh were filled with longing and desire, while the men of their kind were made ashamed, being convicted in their own minds against themselves.

31  And with each new day would Adam and Eve walk naked through the gardens which were planted by the waters of Shem Torath, being observed from afar; and Adam and Eve did love each other most tenderly and joyfully beside the waters as a lesson to all which saw.

32  Thus did the women of Enosh grow strong and determined in the loving of Adam and Eve, evensomuch that whensoever a man would seize upon a woman to rape her, then would every woman of the tribe rush forth to defend her, striking out against the man with all manner of sticks and stones.

33  And the men being astonished, grew troubled in their minds, and they did go forth unto Adam, and they did speak unto him in the manner of their kind, saying: “Help us Adami, for the women of our tribe have gone to war against us and we know not what to do; for they have become most mad and envious for love’s sake.”

34  So Adam counseled the sons of Enosh regarding the ways of love and tenderness, whereby he might remove them from the lusts and passions of mere beasts; and the sons of men took heart from Adam and whatsoever he taught unto them, even this would they begin to emulate, even here a little and there a little.

35  And Eve took unto herself even all the daughters of men, and she taught unto them the law and covenant of marriage, whereby each man would have just one wife to bring forth children unto themselves; and this for the sake of their lineage, being both father and mother unto the same children.

36  And Eve commanded them straightly that each man should love his wife to worship her, and that each woman should love her husband to worship him likewise, and this without shame or guilt.

37  For the loving of the man and the woman did God ordain from the very beginning, whereby he might lift even the whole of their kind above the beasts of the field; whereby they might stand supreme above all creation.

38  For it is the nature of beasts only to fight and to quarrel among themselves whereby they might take unto themselves a harem of females, and this only to satisfy the lusts of the body only, being compelled by the dictates of their lower passions, and not love, to reproduce themselves anew.

39  But in Adam and Eve did God ordain that a man should love a woman in all tenderness, whereby he might commune with her in all gentle affection; that together they might play in joy with each the other, that they might be refreshed and satisfied in the coming together of their love for one another.

40  By such means would God remove forever the brutality of men against the woman, and this through love only; causing that each woman should be exalted beside her husband, to stand as equal and worthy of all consideration;

41  That there might stand forth in the affairs of men, the very tabernacle of God’s peace, wherein the whole of man might find both joy and rest in the love of both the man and the woman together.

42  Being made together a ready refuge and a tower of strength wherein the God of Heaven might make ready his abode; that both the man and the woman might find a sure acceptance in the heart of each the other; being guarded round about by all manner of gentle speech and tender affection.

43  For in the life of all men is the world made to seem but harsh and cruel, filled constantly with all manner of trouble and bitterness, giving rise to a multitude of adversities and perplexities which make weary and heavy laden the souls of men.

44  Therefore, my son, go you forth unto the children of men and establish in the very midst of them the tabernacle of God’s peace, wherein all they which would enter in might find joy in place of sorrow, hope in place of despair, and fullness in place of much wanting.

45  For you know yourself how that the spirit of a man is made to dwell in tabernacles of flesh and bone, whereby they might come to a sure knowledge of good and evil, that perceiving deeply the joys to be had in the greater portion, they might seek out for themselves that one great love which would stand in glory beside them forever.

46  Therefore, seeing that a man and a woman would cleave together for love’s sake, then let these two become as one flesh, even one tabernacle together; and this according to the laws and covenants which I have set forth in the distant long ago.

47  For even I would cause to dwell upon the world of my beginnings, a place of refuge and peace, that both the man and the woman might come together in love and harmony.

48  That there might spring forth among the nations of the earth a tabernacle not made by blind passions, neither built by the hands of men alone; but established only in the heart of the man and the woman, being bound together and strongly fashioned according to that love which endures forever.

49  Thus, my son, did I find it expedient that the woman should establish in the midst of her home a sanctuary wherein a portion of my spirit might dwell upon the earth; that there might flow outward unto all who dwell therein, the very heart and mind of God the Father and the Mother.

50  But unto the man have I strongly decreed that from the love of both husband and wife shall they construct through tender affections, the very tabernacle of God’s peace among the nations and peoples of the earth.

51  For you know yourself already, that we war not against flesh and bone as some might suppose, but against those dominions, powers and principalities which would break apart forever, the love of both the man and the woman;

52  For all the glory which you see round about have I built most strongly upon the love of both God and Goddess; that from their holy union there might flow throughout the whole of my creation, the only true pathway to glory and exaltation in the kingdoms of the greater Light.

53  Go now, my son, and remember full well those things which I would place into your keeping, that all those who should listen unto the words of your mouth to do them, even these might find unto their joy a goodly hope filled with many blessings.”