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Octavius (Fortress of)


Pronunciation:  awk-TAY-vee-uhs

Occurrences:  9

First Reference:  3rd Endowment 15:64


Go then quickly unto the Fortress of Octavius and seize command, and hold at bay the enemy from afar, even until your father shall come with the armies of Drakonia to relieve you.



See:  Ahgi Wynnaki, Borah Graccus, Caligula (fortress), Drakonia, First Track, First World, Kronus Maximillius, Manegus Acquilla, Ming Gai (straits of), Mount Pompeus, Tiberius (lake)


Refer to:  3rd Endowment 15:62 — 15:42


Summary:  In the days of Kronus Maximillius, Fortress Octavius was a newly constructed garrison that was ‘a part of the Northwest Defense Complex of the [Drakonian] empire’ (AZC — Borah Graccus). Overseen by Post Commander, Borah Graccus, the fortress was located in a remote area of present-day Alaska, accessible only by air or the Denali river. When armies of the Chen, led by the infamous Ahgi Wynnaki, initiated an attack against the northwestern territories with the intent of taking control of Octavius, it was determined by the Emperor of Drakonia that the young Kronus Maximillius be tested by taking command of the fortress and defending the region for thirty days until the arrival of reinforcements (3:15:62-67; 16:1-4).


With only 5,000 men, Kronus was greatly outnumbered by the 100,000 foreign invaders. Yet, not only did the young commander prove successful in defending Octavius, he did so with impressive figures — losing only 300 men compared to the 60,000 Chen troops that perished (3:17:38). While many of Kronus’ battle tactics went against military custom and were considered unconventional by Drakonian standards, his genius and uncommon methods earned the respect of his troops, his fellow commanders and the Emperor.


Post Commander of Octavius

Borah Graccus


Chief Commander

Kronus Maximillius


Chief Advisor

Manegus Acquilla



Linus Medora

Taurus Mahroo

Victor Germanicus

Cassius Polinus

Julius Kasari



Azrael’s Commentary - Borah Graccus

Commander of the Fortress of Octavius in modern-day Alaska. Borah Graccus came out of retirement to assume command of the newly constructed fortress. Fortress Octavius was a part of the Northwest Defense Complex of the empire, and was built to maintain the security of the far northwest regions of the empire. The fortress was literally stuck out in the wilderness and it had no roads going in or out of it. Access to the fortress was either by way of the Denali River or by air (3:16:5).


Borah Graccus was every bit the “old warhorse”. He was tough, rigid and implacable; a man who could quote military regulations like some people quote scripture. Borah Graccus was an old war companion of Manegus Acquilla, and both men had a great deal of respect for each other. For Manegus Acquilla, Borah Graccus was a reliable, no-nonsense, by the book soldier who was absolutely dependable regardless of obstacles or danger. For Borah Graccus, Manegus Acquilla was simply the most fearsome, deadly and courageous man he had ever met. It was at the battle of Borah Terah that Graccus took the name “Borah” in honor of the fiercest battle he had ever participated in. He wanted everyone to know that he was there and that he survived when so many others did not.


Borah Graccus took great pride in his accomplishments. Initially, he was very bitter to have his command usurped by the young Imperial Tribune known as Kronus Maximillius. However, these feelings were very much reversed by the manner in which Kronus treated the old commander. By the end of Kronus’ campaign against the Chen, Borah Graccus held the young tribune in high regard. Two years after the defeat of Ahgi Wynnaki, Borah Graccus died of a severe case of influenza.



Azrael’s Commentary - Julius Kasari

...During the defense of Fortress Octavius against Ahgi Wynnaki, Julius Kasari was placed under the direct command of Borah Graccus. Julius Kasari was an effective commander, taking it upon himself to scout and secure the immediate areas around the fortress. His force of a thousand men scattered out in daily patrols, and on one occasion came across a small party of the Chen who had been sent out to spy on the fortress. In the brief engagement which ensued, Julius Kasari received his first battle wound of which he was immensely proud. In the military culture of Drakonia, a wound received in battle signified that you were a warrior. To receive a battle wound was more important to a person’s military career than the receiving of any medal of valor or merit.[...]








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