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Father / Mother of All


Occurrences:  Father of All - 34    Mother of All - 11

First Reference:  Beginnings 1:27 / Wisdom 20:10 (below)





See:  Ahman, Father of all Fathers, Galendriel, God

Summary:  The phrase “Father/Mother of All” is synonymous with the title ‘Ahman’ or ‘God’. While this appellation is used primarily to designate the presiding co-Ahmans of the Council of Elohim, it could also be used to identify any one of the Ahmans of the Seven Councils of Light.



Azrael’s Commentary — Ahman


More of a title than a name, in the Celestial Kingdom the title ‘Ahman’ more accurately applies to both the presiding Heavenly Father and the presiding Heavenly Mother together. At the head of each of the seven Councils of Light, there is appointed by election and ordination the Ahman of that particular council.


In the scriptures, the title of Ahman is used as a name to designate the presiding Heavenly Father of the Council of Elohim. This is done solely for the convenience of the reader of the scriptures. Heaven does not consider this a slight to the Heavenly Mother, and those who think it appropriate to be offended on behalf of the presiding Heavenly Mother are more likely to offend her than the author of the scriptures.


The title of Ahman is often used in conjunction with the phrase: The Father of All. But because the title of Ahman actually includes both a Heavenly Father and a Heavenly Mother, the word Ahman can also be used to refer to: The Mother of All.


In the phrase: The Father of All, the All refers to every Lord and God of Elohim, every ministering angel, cherub and seraph of the Celestial Kingdom. The phrase also includes all those children of God who have chosen to dwell in the Telestial and Terrestrial Kingdoms created by the Elohim.






(First Occurrences)

For in the day appointed did God determine to place within the heart of man the spirit children of many great and mighty, that the sons and daughters of man should no longer be as the beasts of the field, for he has declared the decree whereby all who are willing might become the sons and daughters of God, the Father of All.

Beginnings 1:27


For I have established you to teach the children of men the way of holiness; a teacher of heavenly things shall you ever be. For, behold, in the kingdom of Heaven shall you find to your greater joy a fullness of reward; for God, even the Father and Mother of All, shall be your inheritance.

Wisdom 20:10


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Therefore, fear not, for God is with you always. Be not dismayed, for the Lord our God shall strengthen your hand unto the work which is set before you. Even the Great God and Father of All will stretch forth his arm to help you, for he will uphold you by his own hand, to bear you up in times of trouble.

Wisdom 16:56


And there shall preside among them the great Father of All, even Ahman, and beside him shall stand the most Heavenly Mother of All, Galendriel the Beautiful.

Wisdom 24:15

Father Creator
Father of all Fathers