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Shevas (House of)


Pronunciation:  SHEE-vahs

Occurrences:  7

First Reference:  Wisdom 24:21


And before the Father and Mother of Heaven, and before Michael also, shall stand the House of Shevas, the House of Mithron, and the House of El Shalon; and beside these shall be added also three others over which the Mothers alone preside.



See:  Celestial Kingdom, Elohim, Heaven, Houses (seven), Quorums (twelve)


Summary:  The Celestial Kingdom consists of seven Councils of Light. Each Council contains seven organizational bodies called Houses, with each House containing within itself twelve Quorums. While the same Houses and the Quorums exist throughout all seven Councils of Light, the mandates of each vary according to the Council.


The House of Shevas is primarily Matriarchal but is not exclusively comprised of Matriarchs. House Shevas functions as a great library of records, histories and statistics pertaining to the entirety of Heaven. All covenants relating to the Archons are held and overseen by the House of Shevas. Upon the exaltation proceedings of the righteous, this House reviews covenants and determines the worthiness of couples presented for exaltation (W:24:11-44).


The House of Shevas also functions as a body of representation and gathering place of council for both the Cherubim and Seraphim (AZC — House of Shevas).



  Seven Houses of Heaven                Presiding Priesthood


House of Mithron                                  Patriarchal / Matriarchal

House of El Shalon                               Patriarchal

House of El Shaloah                             Matriarchal

House of Shevas                                  Matriarchal (primarily)

House of Sabaoth                                 Patriarchal (primarily)

House of Archons                                 Patriarchal

House of Valhaladea                            Matriarchal



Azrael’s Commentary — House of Shevas


Primarily matriarchal in nature, belonging to the Order of Xanathea, this house is unique in that it possesses two special and necessary mandates. First, the House of Shevas is the house of records and statistics, holding in its vast library all higher covenants relating to the Archons of Elohim. The laws of dispensationalism have their origins within this house; and all dispensational leaders have their covenants placed within the great library of the House of Shevas, a copy of which is sent to the House of Mithron. A special note of interest: only dispensational leaders are required to write scriptures. These scriptures are kept on record within the great library.


Also within this truly magnificent library is the complete, unabridged history of God and Heaven. Added to this is the complete history of every mortal world which God has made, plus a complete history of every world and kingdom found within the great Eternal Round of Olaha Shinehah.


This library is part of the temple complex, surrounded by vast gardens of exquisite beauty. Within this temple complex is a very special room, a vault made of pure gold. The walls to this vault are 12 feet thick, with a high vaulted ceiling of sculpted sapphire, studded with diamonds. The doors to this vault are 17 feet tall and 3 feet thick. This door is made of a special alloy called Xandellum. It is the hardest, toughest and most resilient material ever conceived by the mind of God. Standing outside the doors of this massive vault are two seraphs, each holding a flaming sword. To open the doors to this vault requires a special key. This key is held by only three individuals: The One, Areta and the Azraella of the Ahgendai.


You may wonder, or even speculate about what is in this room. But I will give you a partial answer. This vault, this room is called: The Keep of The Seven Mysteries. These are the seven greatest mysteries known to God. And while I cannot identify all of them for you, I can identify one. For in this vault is the complete history of the Eidos and the Areta, including the how and why, when and where of their very genesis. If you have ever wondered where the Eidos came from, or how it came to exist; what unknown forces gave rise to Areta — to these questions and a thousand others which you cannot think to ask — to all these there are answers. But these answers are kept within the vault.


The House of Shevas has yet a secondary mandate, and that mandate is to provide a house of gathering and council for the Cherubim and the Seraphim. All Cherubim and Seraphim are represented by the House of Shevas.