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Mitanni (city)


Pronunciation:  mih-TAHN-nee / mih-TAN-nee

Occurrences:  12

First Reference:  Enlightenment 2:13


And lifting his voice in a mighty shout, Shaemdiel caused to be gathered unto him the Teraphim out of every city save a few; and unto the city of Mitanni, on the plains of Kuristan did they gather from afar.



See:  Elohim, Jeruel, Kuristan, ministering angel, Paradise, Shaemdiel, Teraphim


Summary:  The city of Mitanni is one of twelve cities located on the Eden world of Paradise, one of three paradise moons orbiting Jeruel, the chief planet of the Celestial Council of Elohim (E:2:3-9). Mitanni was the location where Shaemdiel (later named “Lucifer”) fled and held spirit children hostage during the peak of his violent rebellion against the Elohim. The insurgency intensified with the arrival of a mighty host of angels, led by the Supreme Father and Mother of the Elohim, Ahman and Galendriel. Shaemdiel’s war came to an abrupt halt with the appearance of thirty thousand Seraphim led by one ‘like unto the Son of Man’ (E:9:1-75; 6:2:7-14).


It was near the city of Mitanni, on the plains of Kuristan, that Shaemdiel the Chief Archon first gathered the ministering angels of Paradise to share his discontent with God’s established method of exaltation (E:2:13-15). Having been subtly influenced by the Chief Demiurge, Yaldabaoth (E:1:26-47), Shaemdiel thought to garner support in his efforts to establish a new exaltation process founded in the Law of Immediate Recompense (E:2:50-51; E:3:1-52). Many of the Teraphim became deceived by Shaemdiel’s words, and four of the twelve cities of Paradise eventually sided with the Chief Archon (E:8:6).


Tensions mounted and Shaemdiel’s rebellion eventually turned violent (E:9:1-31). Wrongfully taking possession of spirit children from the Keep, Shaemdiel fled to the city of Mitanni where he made efforts to secure legions and fortify his position (E:9:40-41). The conflict intensified with the arrival of Ahman and Galendriel and  a mighty host from the Council of Elohim (E:9:42-57).  Shaemdiel and his forces were eventually defeated on the plains of Kuristan, near the city of Mitanni (E:9:58-63; 6:2:7-14; W:2:36-40). Shaemdiel and his lineage were declared ‘Fallen’, and evicted from the realms of Elohim to the cosmos of the First Creation, where the Demiurge had established their dominion (E:9:64-75).






But on the Eden world of Paradise did Shaemdiel cause a great division, for among the ministering angels did many grow discontent with God; and there sided with the Son of the Morning Light the cities of Mitanni and Ramnios, Elseli and Gimmel.

Enlightenment 8:6


For in that day came Lucifer, whose countenance was beautiful above all others, and by his words did he lead many to rebel, that he might take by force the kingdom and the glory unto himself.

In that day were my sons and daughters divided, and one third did follow the words of the deceitful one, and with great fury did they rage; upon the plains of Kuristan did they gather to war against God.

And on the day of battle stood forth seven mighty ones, captains of the heavenly hosts: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Ariel, Azrael, and Suriel, and with all their might did they leap into battle, and behind them were many valiant ones.

And there came a mighty trump and behold, one like unto the Son of Man and with him many Seraphim, fierce in battle.

And, behold, God prevailed against the Fallen One and with judgment did he bind together the disobedient and cast them out. And God wept for Lucifer and the host that followed after him.

Wisdom 2:36-40


Thus, on the plains of Kuristan, near the city of Mitanni, did all Heaven rise up with a holy zeal to frustrate the whole of Shaemdiel’s design; and Shaemdiel was cast from the heavenly place and unto the world beyond all beginnings was he made to dwell.

1st Endowment 4:18

Mithron (House of)