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Keep (the)


Occurrences:  45

First Reference:  Wisdom 20:4


For this I speak unto you for your learning: Behold, you are Azrael, Lord and Prince of the Seven Steps, Protector of the Keep. Surely, you are become even as a son unto the Most High God.



See:  Eden World, Paradise, Sanctuary, Seven Mysteries (Keep of)


Summary:  Created by the Supreme Father of Heaven, the Keep serves as an impenetrable stronghold of protection for all the citizens of Heaven. This “impregnable refuge” was fashioned in response to the rise of the Chief Demiurge, Yaldabaoth, and his inaugural attack against Heaven (5:15:67). It wasn’t until Yaldabaoth had escaped from the Abyss and launched his first attack against the Olaha Shinehah, that the Keep was deemed necessary (5:15:58-69).


A single reference in the 4th Endowment gives the impression that a prototype version of the Keep was constructed during the early design stages of the Telestial Kingdom of Heaven (4:4:31). Since its creation, the Keep has remained strongly correlated with what is also referred to as “Paradise” (W:25:13).



Fashioning the Keep


During Yaldabaoth’s initial attack against Heaven, the Gods and Goddesses despaired for they had never before witnessed such dreadful powers, neither did they have the ability to defend the Heavens against the mysterious evil that had sprung upon them (5:15:1-53). It was then that Areta and The One, the Supreme Mother and Father of Heaven, descended and temporarily interrupted Yaldabaoth’s siege by miraculously stopping eternal time (5:15:55). With Yaldabaoth frozen in time, The One related how the Demiurge had come to power, and that it was necessary to create a refuge to protect the innocent against the Lord of Chaos (5:15:58-69).


Thus is it needful that I should fashion a Keep which will make safe the children that we love, from the greatest to the least; even all the children of Heaven, from the Celestial Kingdom to the Telestial Kingdom shall we place within the Keep to be for them a refuge; for the innocent must we protect from that dark and evil scourge which even now stands upon our very doorstep.

5th Endowment 15:64


After the Keep was created, Areta appointed the First and Sovereign Queen of the Pensieye, Loriel of Avion, to guard the gates of the great refuge during the First War (5:15:71). In addition, the Cherubim of the Shulieye were appointed by The One to guard and protect the children of God, in accordance with a covenant made long ago between God and the Shulieye (5:15:72). According to scripture, the only key that can open the doors of the Keep is that of a Father’s or Mother’s love for their child (5:15:73).



The Gates of the Keep


There are several references to the ‘gates to the Keep’, however, the location of the gates — and whether or not there are multiple gates — is not clearly established. Perhaps each Celestial realm has access to the Keep through their own set of gates. Scripture relates an event in which Mahaleenah leads a delegation of the Elohim to the "the regions of Endahu Segoiya, beyond the Mullakai" whereupon the Azraella Ahgendai was summoned from the Keep (1:8:54-56; 6:8:32-33). This event, along with other supporting references (5:12:39) indicate there are separate entrances to the Keep of the Ahgendai.



Protector of the Keep


According to scripture, Azraella Ahgendai is responsible for overseeing the security and integrity of the Keep. There are several references to the Azraella’s as "Protector of the Keep" (W:20:4; E:2:46; 2:12:14; 5:8:19), and single references designating the refuge as the "Keep of Azrael" (E:9:4), and the "Keep of the Ahgendai" (5:12:39).



Shaemdiel’s Intrusion


Having been influenced by the cunning words of Yaldabaoth, and blinded by his own pride, Shaemdiel (former Chief Archon of Elohim) forced his way into the Keep and removed his lineage against the will of Elohim. This brazen act of rebellion led to a stand-off, resulting in Shaemdiel and his lineage being cast from the realms of God to the cosmos of the First Creation (Enlightenment 9; Wisdom 15; 1:4:15-23; 6:2:1-50).






Therefore, seeing that the spirit children of God are made in the image of God, yet were they without the likeness of his glory.

So was it expedient to send them forth into the Keep whereby they might come to a knowledge of Heaven’s glory, that in their bosom might spring forth a desire to become in the likeness of both Father and Mother.

Now there was prepared near unto the kingdom of God, an earth of exceeding great beauty, and unto this Paradise are the spirit children of God made to dwell; that they might be brought to a remembrance of the good when they should be sent forth to dwell in the furnace of mortality.

So were the spirits of all God’s children made to dwell in the Keep, and they did come to a knowledge of the glory to be found in the kingdom of their Father and Mother, both Emmanuel and Sophiel, even God.

For there is made to dwell in the Paradise of the Keep, a host of ministering angels, and they do teach unto the spirits of all men, a multitude of knowledge concerning the kingdom of God, that in the days of their probation when they are sent forth to dwell in the furnace of mortality, they might possess unto themselves a fount of great wisdom.

Wisdom 25:9-13


Now above the world of Jeruel did there shine forth in the night airs above, a moon of most exquisite comeliness, even the Eden world of Paradise which moved throughout the regions of the Keep.

Enlightenment 2:8


By such sweet and tender passions were the children of God brought forth; and God called unto the presiding cherub of all the Pensieye and did give them charge, saying: “Take these, my little ones, unto the world of Paradise and there place them among the Goieye; for these, our precious children, are without knowing and filled with innocence.

Thus is it expedient that we should teach them well, to build in them, through small degrees, a sense of who they are; showing here and teaching there, each upon the other, until at last they know full well the things most fully needed.

So take our babes into that Keep where the angels sweetly sing, and there most gently watch with care till we should come and teach them. Let the children be at ease upon that moon so fair, and in that day when they have need, even we shall come with full regard in answer to their prayer.”

4th Endowment 4:29-31


“[...] It is only after you have thoroughly familiarized yourself with the full scope of God’s work and glory concerning Heaven and earth, and only when love is perfected between you and your Beloved that you are ready for the next office within your specific House. The sign of this graduation begins with the giving of a gift from your Heavenly Parents; for they will create for you and your Beloved, a beautiful world of Paradise which they will set in orbit around the world of Jeruel. This world will become the home and nursery of your spirit children, and is placed in one of the dimensions of the Keep.

[...] as you and your Beloved achieve orgasm together, there erupts out of the stream around you a vast explosion of spirit embryos, both male and female. These embryos are gathered by the Cherubim and placed within the Keep. There they will be nurtured until they achieve a state of self-awareness. [...]”

Azrael’s Commentary: House of El Shalon/El Shaloah — Perfected Soul