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Great Mother Spirit


Occurrences:  8

First Reference:  Beginnings 8:8


And God did reveal unto them the mysteries of the kingdom of Heaven and of godliness, for he desired that Zion should continue among the children of men, that all who should have desires might be edified and purified by the Great Mother Spirit;



See:  Comforter, El Shaloah, Heavenly Mother, Holy Spirit, Sophiel, Valhaladea


Summary:  The term “Great Mother Spirit” refers to the highest office within the Matriarchal House of El Shaloah. Thus, the appellation can be used to designate any one of the Heavenly Mothers who have been inducted into this office. On a mortal world, once the seven dispensations have been completed, the Heavenly Mother — having served in the role of Holy Spirit — is inaugurated into the office of the Great Mother Spirit. According to Azrael’s Commentary, it is in this office that the Heavenly Mother “creates a spirit world where her children (those who have already lived their mortal lives) can await their inheritance. Added to this responsibility, the Heavenly Mother must also provide earth spirits to such kingdoms of glory as the Father will create for their children.” (See: AZC — El Shaloah / El Shalon: Chief Artificer and Great Mother Spirit).


The five offices of House El Shaloah:


1.  Soul of the Just Made Perfect

2.  Perfected Soul

3.  Artificer

4.  Holy Spirit

5.  Great Mother Spirit (highest office)



The Matriarchal Priesthood arises from the supreme will and priesthood of Areta, and is represented throughout the working of all Mother Arch-Angels (referred to as Aretakai) within the Matriarchal House of Valhaladea. The work and influence of the Aretakai flows from the temple of Valhaladea down through all the other Houses represented in the Council of Elohim, including the House of El Shaloah. In our case, all holders of the Matriarchal Priesthood receive their office, influence and power through the auspices of Galendriel, the First and Sovereign Mother and co-Ahman of the Council of Elohim.


The Matriarchal Order

Areta (Supreme Mother of Heaven)

    Galendriel (Mother Ahman of Elohim – House of Valhaladea)

         Sher-el (Chief Aretakai – House of Valhaladea)

               Sophiel (House of El Shaloah - Office of Holy Spirit)

                     Spirit daughters on Earth (offices: daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, Matriarch)



“The Holy Spirit is no less than the office of the Heavenly Mother, and it is she who inspires and guides us
through our mortal life experience.”

~Basic Beliefs #9

Significant Passages:


Prayer to the Great Mother  —  Beginnings 29:23-29          Book of Pearls #29


A message from Sophiel  —  Wisdom 26:12-58


Areta (Heavenly Mother) personally addresses Her children —  7th Endowment






40. Here beyond the starry deep, beyond the dreams you dream, many Mothers quietly wait the coming of their children; being each and every one filled with joyful heart, eagerly seeking to touch the mind of every child they love, to open wide the very portals which lead to exaltation.

41. Thus is there given for your sake the guidance of the Mother, Holy Spirit, blest, divine, filled with approbation; seeking through most subtle means to touch your heart and mind, ever guiding, deep abiding, waiting by your side; whispering glowing touch of light which takes your breath away;

42 Making bright what once was dark, to chase away the gloom, soft revealing, deep appealing, light within you bursting; shocking, sudden inspiration which makes you fully see, opening up before your mind the mysteries from beyond.

43. How quick the shadows flee away when Heaven near approaches, to stand yourself as one empowered and filled with light and joy; reflecting through the things you do the light of many Mothers.

44. So come my child and be you wise and walk a while with me, and I will guide you through this life which swirls and rushes by, to open up before your eyes the mysteries of your soul and there within the deepest deep reveal the thing you are.

45. For here upon these very pages is wisdom finely gathered, a book of light and secret turnings, a book of joy and hope; this the book which I would give – this book of the Heavenly Mother.

46. So come my child and hear my counsel, let us wend our way, and through the spirit of many Mothers shall I most quick enlighten, to make most bright what now seems dark and fill you up with healing.

7th Endowment 1:40-46


For the Spirit which is come from above will guide you into all truth; for whatsoever thing the Spirit shall hear from above, even that shall she speak unto you for wisdom’s sake.

Yeshua 18:73


Now these are the words of the Comforter, even the Holy Spirit of God which is as a Mother unto all the children of men;

For she would grant unto the willing the fulfillment of every good thing; for all that which is good is but the gift of God which he would grant unto the children of his soul. [...]

For the Mother would not have you ignorant concerning the whisperings of the Holy Spirit; for even as a child shall call upon her mother in the moment of her need, even so would the Heavenly Mother give answer unto the children of men, even as if from afar; that they might learn great wisdom, that they might take unto their soul an abundance of hope.

Wisdom 26:1-2, 6


And you men, why take you so little thought for women’s sake? Did you not know that God is Father to both male and female alike?

If, therefore, God is your Father, have you not a Mother also? For I tell you truly, no man can bring forth children unto himself except there first be some woman to take seed.

Hear then, and understand. For in Heaven is there made to dwell the Heavenly Mother, even the Great Mother Spirit which whispers unto all the children of men, both male and female.

Therefore, let the husband revere his wife with true affection, and let the wife revere her husband also, for this is good and profitable. For marriage is ordained of God, that you might become as fathers and mothers unto the children of God.

Wisdom 9:74-77


Whosoever has ears to hear, let them hear: For many have received to themselves a portion of heavenly things, having revealed in them the whisperings of the Great Mother Spirit; but notwithstanding these things, they became as foolish children, saying to themselves:

‘Surely God has revealed to me some great thing, but except he reveal greater things, why should I labor so? For how can I continue except that God should first consent to give unto me some greater knowledge?’

Foolish children, disobedient and unwise! How shall God reveal unto you the greater portion except that you first labor according to that which he has granted already?

Wisdom 13:30-32


Yet in the witness of the Great Mother Spirit was there found the greatest power of all, filled with holiness and wisdom eternal; to open in the heart of every child the gift of many wonders, revealing within the soul of those which covenant, the workings of many mysteries.

4th Endowment 9:56

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