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Adapting the Process

Modifying Dispensationalism to Accommodate this Earth



See:  Dispensationalism, Emmanuel


The dispensations on worlds created by God follow a very efficient and elegant design. Like clock-work, the seven dispensations flow in a smooth and seamless manner (eg: dispensations on the world of Terralee — see 4th Endowment). However, according to scripture, our present situation is very unique for the following reasons:


• This cosmos and this world which we currently inhabit were not created by God. (See: First Cosmos, world of the First Power / First Man.) As such, this environment is ruled by the laws of nature and is not subject to the laws of God.

• Unlike worlds created by God, this world does not possess an earth spirit.

• This cosmos has been inhabited by Yaldabaoth and the Demiurgos, and this world is considered by them as part of their dominion.

• The Fallen One (Shaemdiel) and his lineage were cast from the Elohim to serve the Demiurge.


The following passage expounds on the aforementioned points (6th Endowment 3:10-14):


For in the world of First Man do we find a world unmade by God, being itself subject to the laws of nature and not of God; causing that there should be thrown against the living, the hurt of many natural disasters; being in their advent blind and filled with great destruction; casting into the midst of mortal life the feeling of great and dreadful evil.

For in yonder world is there found no presence of earthly spirit, neither can we at this time call one to indwell the earth; for there rules over the world of the First Power, the Demiurge Jehovah-Yahweh; and even he would seek with dread resolve to kill such earthly spirit as we would seek to give.

Consider then such opposing forces as would stand arrayed against us in the working of our intent; for these four things will seek to frustrate the working of our will:

a) The natural world of First Man being itself not bound to the laws of God, for it is blind and has no spirit.

b) Jehovah-Yahweh who seeks to subject all mankind to the rule of fear; pretending himself to stand as god, filled with wrath and indignation.

c) Shaemdiel, who would seek to frustrate the dispensations of God whereby he might prove the rightness of his own design.

d) Yaldabaoth, who seeks to find the seed of our beginning and bend it to his will; and thereby erase forever the whole of Heaven.

Thus in seeking to achieve the goals of our design, we must face an opposition never before encountered on the worlds which God has made; causing that in the world of First Man, we must circumvent the will and design of such forces as will stand arrayed against us.

Let us then proceed in frustrating the designs of those who would oppose us in the working of our will; to prove through godly action the force of our intent in making right what now stands wrong; setting forth our hand through most subtle wisdom in bringing forth the desires of all our heart.

6th Endowment 3:10-14


These factors present a very unique schooling environment which differs considerably from mortal environments provided by God-created worlds (6:1:39-41). The peculiar nature of this First Cosmos, combined with the dark influences and agendas of both the Demiurge and the Fallen, have proven a constant challenge for the Elohim in their efforts to establish the dispensations according to the traditional format (1:2:7-35; 1:3:9-48; 6:3:10-13). These unprecedented variables have made it necessary for the Elohim to improvise and adapt various aspects of the structure and processes of dispensationalism in order to bring about the designs of God.


The following are examples of significant differences or deviations to dispensationalism that are unique to this world:



Duration of Dispensations

Rather than each dispensation lasting for a period of 2,000 years, the length of time a dispensation runs on this earth is neither fixed nor predetermined. Consequently, it is assumed that the number of lives apportioned to each dispensation is not a fixed value like it is on worlds created by God.


The success of a dispensation on this world is (in part) correlated with its duration. The first dispensation established by Adam and Eve (Michael and Sher-el: c. 12,775 BCE) lasted more than 7,000 years, prior to the advent of Noah and the second dispensation (c. 5,035 BCE). The fifth and most recent dispensation was a near failure, as the appointed dispensational leader (the mortal manifestation of the Arch-Angel, Ariel) was purportedly murdered in 1823 before he could even begin his work (see: Ariel Disclosure).



All Spirit Children are Gods and Goddesses

All spirit children incarnating on this world are celestial citizens who have previously achieved their exaltation. (The Terrestrial citizens who earned their opportunity by volunteering in the Second War were provided the same access and power as those of the Celestial Kingdom (6:10:40). All spirit children incarnating on this world participated in defending Heaven during the Second War against the Demiurge.) This unique circumstance means that spirits incarnating here are not the direct spirit offspring of Sophiel and Emmanuel. There are no inexperienced or infant spirit children living mortal lives here on this earth. Despite this deviation from the established process, Emmanuel and Sophiel were appointed to become the first Perfected Souls to assume and adapt their respective responsibilities in the world of the First Power. In doing so, they serve as ‘adoptive parents’ to many of the spirit children participating in the dispensations. Scripture does not reveal details as to why Emmanuel and Sophiel were offered this unique opportunity. Emmanuel and Sophiel were perhaps the eldest and most qualified of Michael and Sher-el’s children, but this is merely conjecture.



The Emmanuel and the ‘Meridian of Time’

An additional adaptation of the dispensation process was established after the crucifixion of Yeshua. The following excerpt from Azrael’s Commentary describes how the Emmanuel’s scheduled incarnations in the ‘meridian of time’ was changed to accommodate the harsh environment of this world.


[...] “The Emmanuel always enters the mortal life in what is referred to as ‘the meridian of time’. This simply means that during each appointed dispensation, the Emmanuel enters in the middle. So if there are seven dispensations then there are seven ‘meridians of time’. However, in this world of the First Power, this practice has not always proved possible. The crucifixion of Yeshua made it necessary to accommodate the extreme harshness found in this particular world; and so the usual practice surrounding the principle of ‘the meridian of time’ had to be adapted. In no world which God has ever made, throughout the endless halls of eternity, has any Emmanuel been killed or murdered. This world alone has that sole distinction.” [...]

(AZC — El Shalon / El Shaloah: 4. Emmanuelite & Holy Spirit; para.3)


More information pertaining to Emmanuel’s role and the world of the First Power can be found here.



Not All Humans Possess Spirit (or Soul)

On worlds made by God, every native human becomes a host, a vehicle for an incarnating spirit. However, on this world, only a minority of the population possesses spirit. These individuals are the mortal embodiments of Celestial citizens who fought in the Second War and are striving to achieve their exaltation in the kingdom of the Ahgendai (6:13:47-50). The majority of this earth’s citizens represents the replicated population of First Man: those who lived during the First Track, the original timeline from which God first evolved. As such, these individuals do not possess spirit. However, with the advent of the dispensations, these individuals may engender an immortal soul and, as a result, become redeemed from the oblivion that was their original fate (See: Five Radical Propositions).


Thus, there exists a vast spectrum of soul here on this planet. There are individuals with absolutely no soul, while some have a newly engendered soul and have been reincarnated (by God) any number of times throughout history in an effort to strengthen and enlarge the dimensions of that soul. Then there are those from the Celestial Kingdom whose souls would be considered ancient by comparison.


See:  First Man, First Track, First World, Five Radical Propositions


Consider, therefore, the purposes of those dispensations which I shall set forth in yonder world, for unto the angels have I ordained the seven dispensations whereby we might establish in the world of First Man the notion of heavenly things, whereby all those who dwell there upon might take unto themselves a knowledge of God, that by their efforts in reaching forth, they might create for themselves some beginning of endless soul.

1st Endowment 8:9