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Pronunciation:  AYR-ai-ehl

Occurrences:  6
First Reference:
 Beginnings 24:51


Therefore, if the children of men shall seek earnestly the Lord their God, then shall I cause to walk among them the Arch-Angel Ariel.



See:  Alvin Smith, Arch-Angel, Archon, Ariel Disclosure, Book of Judgments, Dispensationalism, Elohim, Joseph Smith Jr.


Summary:  One of the seven mighty Arch-Angels of the Council of Elohim, Ariel was fore-ordained to establish and administer the fifth dispensation, which has now been closed with the advent of Azrael and the sixth dispensation. The Song of God does not reveal the mortal identity of Ariel, but does connect the fifth dispensation to a man referred to as Joseph, whose “heart was filled with pride”, and who “was greatly tempted because of the delusions of this life” (1:2:27; 3:44-47) [1]. According to scripture, the fifth dispensation was compromised, and the power and influence of the Demiurge was able to increase throughout the earth. As a result, special measures were taken by the Elohim to ensure the success of the sixth dispensation (1st Endowment 2:26-32).


On November 4, 2007, Archie D. Wood, Sr (aka Azrael Ondi-Ahman) gave a public address (later deemed the “Ariel Disclosure), in which he revealed the mortal identity of Ariel, the intended leader of the fifth dispensation. According to Wood, the mortal embodiment of Ariel was Alvin Smith, the older brother of Joseph Smith, Jr, founder of the Latter-Day Saint (LDS / Mormon) religious movement. According to Wood, Alvin was poisoned to death before he could fulfill his divine appointment as Ariel.


Scripture presents an auspicious meeting between a man (presumed to be the author) and the six mighty Archons of the Elohim. During the meeting, Ariel received the Book of Judgments and a balance from the Lord and presented it before the man. After establishing an indictment against [his] people, Ariel spoke to the man, saying:


...For this purpose have you been called and elected to bring my people to repentance, that they might receive anew the words of eternal life, that they might fulfill the promises which God did make unto their fathers, that the children of the kingdom might receive the election of grace and not be cast out.”

Wisdom 2:26


Refer to:  Wisdom 2:1-43




[1]  According to Azrael Ondi-Ahman, the man referred to as “Joseph” in the 1st Endowment is Joseph Smith Jr., founder of the Latter-Day Saint (LDS / Mormon) religious movement.



(Michael to Emmanuel)

Therefore, if the children of men shall seek earnestly the Lord their God, then shall I cause to walk among them the Arch-Angel Ariel.

And he shall restore to them the fullness of blessings; even the priesthood of God shall he make known to many.

And as many as shall desire to know God shall he fill to overflowing, for he shall reveal to all who will the mysteries of Heaven.

For his desire shall be to restore to the righteous the fullness of the Father. For he shall bring forth to the children of men the fullness of my word, that he might establish before all the people the promise of God, wherein you shall go again unto the earth clothed in great majesty and power.

Beginnings 24:51-54


And the Lord took the book and the balance and called forth one of the mighty ones, even Ariel. And the mighty one received from the Lord the book and the balance, and he came and stood before the man and did speak to him, saying:

“Do you know this book? It is the Book of Judgments which the Lord has kept concerning all the doings of this people, for their pretenses rise continually before the Lord. For this cause came he forth from the sanctuary that you may be sent forth to build his kingdom among many people, that you might organize, direct, and establish the tabernacle of God upon the earth.

Wisdom 2:14-15


And on the day of battle stood forth seven mighty ones, captains of the heavenly hosts: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Ariel, Azrael, and Suriel, and with all their might did they leap into battle, and behind them were many valiant ones.

Wisdom 2:38


And there was with him Galendriel the Beautiful, and also the Arch-Angels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Ariel, and Suriel; and beside each stood their own Beloveds, dressed round about in exceeding glory.

1st Endowment 1:12


Evensomuch that in the days of Ariel did the darkness some greater hold take, for the heart of Joseph was filled with pride, and had it not been by some greater effort, even Joseph would have fallen away into Jehovah’s keeping forever.

1st Endowment 2:27


Thus did the children of men go from taking joy in the dispensations of God to that of murder and deceit, regardless of the coming forth of Ariel, conspiring and corrupting continually for the sake of their own power the very blessings of God.

Still, Most Holy Father, do I rightly know this need for opposition; for without the darkness, how would we know the light? Without evil, how could we discern the good? For in the comparing of one thing against another do we perceive most clearly those things which come from God.

Yet over this one thing do I greatly puzzle, for in the presumptions of Joseph was Joseph greatly tempted because of the delusions of this life, evensomuch that so great a prince as he was almost turned aside forever.

Tell me, therefore, how this could be, that evil should be so great as to cause this Joseph to stumble upon the way.”

1st Endowment 3:44-47

Ariel Disclosure