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Joseph Smith, Jr. | house of Joseph


Occurrences:  Joseph - 7 | house of Joseph - 7

First Reference:   1st Endowment 2:27 | Wisdom 27:6


Evensomuch that in the days of Ariel did the darkness some greater hold take, for the heart of Joseph was filled with pride, and had it not been by some greater effort, even Joseph would have fallen away into Jehovah’s keeping forever.

1st Endowment 2:27   (see: 1:2:26-29)


Beware therefore, the house of Christ, beware the house of Joseph; for they know not God or the ways of Heaven, being ignorant of the gnosis; being in their inward heart uncertain and afraid, while yet they boast and proudly speak of things they do not know.

Wisdom 27:6



See:  Ariel, Ariel Disclosure, Christ (house of), Dispensationalism, Word of Wisdom


Summary:  (December 23, 1805 — June 27, 1844) Joseph Smith Jr. was the American founder of Mormonism and the Latter-Day Saints (LDS) religious movement. He is considered a prophet and dispensational leader by believing members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. According to Smith, he experienced visions of divine beings who led him to discover a buried book of gold plates which became the source material for The Book of Mormon, first published by Smith in 1830. While critics refute Smith’s claims regarding the origins of The Book of Mormon, the work is considered by Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) as scriptural canon, along with other texts, including the Doctrine and Covenants, the Pearl of Great Price, and the Holy Bible.


Joseph Smith and the LDS movement (referred to as the “house of Joseph”) are mentioned in the Song of God in connection with the fifth and most previous dispensation. Prior to what has since been deemed the Ariel Disclosure (2007), the author of the scriptures, Archie D. Wood, Sr. (aka Azrael) maintained a rather ambiguous stance regarding the mortal identity of Arch-Angel Ariel — the divine figure appointed as the fifth dispensational leader —and whether or not Joseph Smith Jr. was indeed the mortal embodiment of Ariel. It wasn’t until 2007, months before the first edition of the Song of God was published, that Azrael revealed his position regarding Joseph Smith and the fifth dispensation.


According to Azrael, information provided in the Ariel Disclosure was revealed to him in 1981, but he was told not to discuss any of it or include it in the Song of God, stating: “...Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother didn’t want me to get killed before I wrote the scriptures.” Following the Disclosure event, revisions were made to the 1st Endowment at Azrael’s request prior to the first edition printing of the Song of God in 2008. The scriptural changes added clarity to the subject of Joseph, Ariel and the fifth dispensation (see Ariel Disclosure).


According to Azrael, as revealed in the Ariel Disclosure, the fifth dispensation was hijacked as a result of an ongoing agenda initiated by Shaemdiel and the Fallen (6:6:12,41-42; 6:8:4, 8-9). Prior to the rise of Joseph Smith, Jr. and the founding of the Mormon Church, revelations did occur and the beginning of gnosis was indeed provided by God in order to commence the fifth dispensation (B:24:51-54). However, according to Azrael, Joseph Smith Jr. was not the recipient of the revelations. The true recipient of gnosis, the mortal manifestation of Ariel, and the foreordained leader of the fifth dispensation was none other than Alvin Smith, the older brother of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. Soon after sharing his spiritual experiences with his family, Alvin died from complications arising from treatment of a mysterious stomach ailment. He was 25 years old. While God and Heaven made efforts to salvage the dispensation through the influence of various individuals, the fifth dispensation was greatly compromised (1:2:26-30).


Information presented in the Ariel Disclosure offers more detail surrounding the tragic death of Alvin Smith and the spiritual identities of both Alvin and Joseph Smith Jr.


While the ideas presented by Azrael in the Ariel Disclosure are interesting, very little of the information (at the present time) has been verified. Even so, True Gnostics do not believe Joseph Smith Jr. was a prophet of God, nor do they believe he was he an exemplary person in the way of holiness. True Gnostics believe what is written in the Song of God about Joseph Smith and the religious institutions born from his work. The following is an excerpt that summarizes the position of True Gnostics regarding Smith and the house of Joseph:


20. What then is the true restoration which is come from God? Consider in the heart and ponder well, for there rose up in generations past, a great imposter and thief, proclaiming himself as some great prophet; yet being himself a man of boastful pride, a lover of money and filled with hurtful lusts, proclaiming himself the restorer of things lost and long forgotten.

21. Casting up before the world a golden bible filled with great pretensions, proclaiming for itself one absurdity upon another; and unto this did the great imposter foist upon the minds of all his followers, the abominations of blood atonement, murder and polygamy; claiming all the while that such things were come from God.

22. And unto this did he place over the minds of those which believed the burden of his priesthood, which priesthood he did create whereby he might rule uncontested within the kingdom of his church; having created in his own image, the very house of Joseph.

23. Compare, therefore, and deeply weigh between the two, and decide for yourself the true restoration which is come from God; for in the one do you find the burden and the darkness of a great imposter.

24. While in the other is there found this very Song of God, being itself a book of light and wisdom, whereby you might become as one empowered in reaching up to God whereby you might take hold; to become yourself as one transformed and then transcended.

25. Prove yourself as one most wise, to find herein the true restoration of things once known, then deeply lost, then brought forth again in your own time, to live again in you;

26. Having set aside with firm resolve such foolish claims as others would cast up before you, being themselves the followers of confusion, having committed themselves to that imposter who did most loudly boast to be himself a prophet.

Wisdom 29:20-26


While the Mormon church may have been a stepping stone for the author of the Song of God (Archie D. Wood, Sr; aka Azrael), and may continue to serve as such for many of God’s children, the house of Joseph is considered by True Gnostics to be a corrupt institution built upon a foundation of murder, deceit and greed.





(Ahman speaking to The One)

And throughout each succeeding dispensation did Jehovah-Yahweh twist and bend the words of God whereby he might establish a great confusion while yet our Shaemdiel continued to seek out the children of God, to fill them with all manner of weariness.

Evensomuch that in the days of Ariel did the darkness some greater hold take, for the heart of Joseph was filled with pride, and had it not been by some greater effort, even Joseph would have fallen away into Jehovah’s keeping forever.

Yet did Joseph, in the last days of his sojourn, remember well the days of his instruction and by some noble effort plant deep in the heart of all his following the seed that leads to exaltation.

Thus, Most Holy Father, did the dispensations of our design go from greater to lesser; for that which Michael established in strength did even Joseph barely achieve through weariness; for evil did multiply and grow more heavy upon the children of God, evensomuch that many did fall away, being exhausted in both mind and spirit.

1st Endowment 2:26-29


(Ahman speaking to The One)

...“Thus did the children of men go from taking joy in the dispensations of God to that of murder and deceit, regardless of the coming forth of Ariel, conspiring and corrupting continually for the sake of their own power the very blessings of God.

Still, Most Holy Father, do I rightly know this need for opposition; for without the darkness, how would we know the light? Without evil, how could we discern the good? For in the comparing of one thing against another do we perceive most clearly those things which come from God.

Yet over this one thing do I greatly puzzle, for in the presumptions of Joseph was Joseph greatly tempted because of the delusions of this life, evensomuch that so great a prince as he was almost turned aside forever.

Tell me, therefore, how this could be, that evil should be so great as to cause this Joseph to stumble upon the way.”

Such did I speak unto The One concerning the evils which pressed hard against us in the world beyond all beginnings; and when I was concluded, the Light within the light grew strangely still, and all Heaven did anxiously wait the coming of the word.     (Gnosis to be revealed)

1st Endowment 3:44-48


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Beware therefore, the house of Christ, beware the house of Joseph; for they know not God or the ways of Heaven, being ignorant of the gnosis; being in their inward heart uncertain and afraid, while yet they boast and proudly speak of things they do not know.

Wisdom 27:6


Consider then the house of Joseph which would proclaim itself as most elect, having established both prophets and apostles which would make themselves as a barrier between God and man; yet are they just pretenders only, having in themselves no sacred knowledge, but illusions spun from lies.

Yet would they shout from the rooftops that they are the only true of everything, but in their hearts have they become as the scribes and Pharisees of old, having deceived themselves because of pride; presenting themselves before the world as an arrogant and self-righteous people in whom there can be found no wrong.

Beware then of such accusations as the house of Joseph would cast against you; for with haughtiness and condemnation would they accuse you, claiming that you have robbed them of so great a doctrine as eternal progression has become.

Yet of Hodos Alea they have no knowledge, neither would they dare to know; for those who sit in ignorance are fearful to understand lest they become undone; to find themselves a house of shadows, filled with great illusions.

For this I tell you for your learning, whereby you might have confidence before the false accuser; for an empty house cannot be robbed, neither can a hollow reed have substance; for in the absence of knowledge is nothing found.

Thus in the absence of knowledge is there found neither substance or value. For how can you rob another who possesses nothing but illusions only, or, how can others claim as treasure, that which they have thrown away and left unguarded?

Wisdom 27:13-18

Consider now the house of Joseph, for into their keeping was there given a pearl beyond price or measure; yet of its value they had no knowledge or understanding, neither did their fathers before them.

Why then will you be troubled by those which have no claim? For it is knowledge only which grants possession. Seeing then that the house of Joseph claims neither knowledge nor understanding of Hodos Alea, why will you consider them, to harrow up the mind?

Prove yourself as one empowered, to stand as one who knows; having filled your mind with a wisdom born of God, having strengthened your own foundations through an understanding of eternal things; to be yourself most firmly fixed in the midst of every storm.

Let the ignorant boast and rage, and let the prideful strut, revealing themselves before the world as those who do pretend; for how can you prove yourself a great musician if you never play a note?

Fear not therefore such arguments as the house of Christ, or the house of Joseph might bring against you because of Hodos Alea, for it is in the struggle between light and shadow that we are mighty; and upon the battlefield of the soul does glory beckon from afar, singing out, through God’s own voice, that we should come and follow.

Wisdom 27:36-40


Josephus Caiaphas