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Pronunciation:  NO-uh

Occurrences:  58

First Reference:  Beginnings 20:24


When Lamech was 182 years old, he had a son and he called his name Noah. And Lamech spoke unto his wife, saying: “This little one will surely comfort us in the days of our great age, for, behold, the light of God has fallen upon him, and he shall contend with the Fallen One whereby he might bring unto the earth the children of God.”



See:  Adaam, dispensationalism, Gabriel, Lamech, Suzanne, Phiniah, Methuselah II  


Summary:  (Born c. 5,035 BCE) Noah was the son of Lamech and descendant of Adamite lineage. The identity of Noah’s mother is not mentioned in scripture. Noah and his family lived near Mount Moriah — thought by many to have been located near or on the Temple Mount in present-day Jerusalem. Following in the steps of his grandfather and mentor, Methuselah, Noah was eventually appointed High Priest of the Adaam. Noah was the mortal manifestation of the Arch-Angel Gabriel (B:22:6,57; 1:3:33), and foreordained leader of the second dispensation.


When Noah was forty years of age, after being persuaded by his grandfather to find a wife (B:20:26-27), he fell in love with a woman named Suzanne — a first cousin who lived in the land of Shinar. When Phiniah, the father of Suzanne, refused to consent to the union, Noah and a servant of Methuselah stole Suzanne from her father’s tent and fled back to Mount Moriah. The two were happily married by Noah’s grandparents Methuselah and Ziphia on the holy mount, while Lamech prepared to purchase peace with his brother by offering an abundance of cattle and sheep (B:20:26-44).


Noah was approximately 455 years old (B:22:20) when he awakened to his role as dispensational leader. Guided by his grandfather Methuselah, Noah embraced his divine appointment to uplift the children of man and defend humanity from the dark designs of the Fallen One (B:22:1-19).


Scripture reveals how Noah was responsible for initiating and overseeing a wide-scale incarnation of spirit children among evolutionary humans, referred to as the children of Enosh, or “Enoshahim”. This great dispensing of spirit served as a mass adoption of the Enoshahim into the house of Adam. Referred to as the ‘flood of spirit’ [1], the large-scale incarnation came with an everlasting promise that whosoever would seek to follow God would become the children of God by reason of adoption (B:22:57-64). These ‘children of promise’ (B:22:68) would be protected by the grace and mercy of God from the wiles of Lucifer, and have the opportunity to engender soul and acquire exaltation in the kingdom of God (B:22:66-73).


Having been appointed High Priest of the Adaam, Noah gathered the Adamite family and journeyed northward to Mount Ararat where they established their settlement (B:23:1-3). Noah taught for seven years before organizing four companies to travel throughout distant lands and prepare the children of men for the great dispensing of spirit to come. Over each company, Noah appointed one of his four sons: Shem, Japheth, Ham and Cimbri (B:23:4). Each missionary party set off from Mount Ararat in one of the four cardinal directions. Their commission was to teach the Enoshahim the words of God and prepare them for the advent of spirit (B:23:5-7). Shem traveled north (Mesopotamia); Japheth traveled north then east (Asia); Ham journeyed south (Africa), while Cimbri journeyed west (Europe) (B:23:10-20).


When Noah was 600 years of age (c. 4,435 BCE), having been told by God to ascend Mount Ararat, Noah communed with the Lord and witnessed the great dispensing of spirit unto the children of men (B:23:21-26). Following the event, Lucifer came to contend with Noah upon the mountain top. Withstanding the fury of the Fallen One, Noah calms the elements, then foretells the coming of both the Emmanuel and, in the fullness of time, the one mighty and strong (B:23:36-48). Summoning a rainbow, Noah reminds Lucifer of God’s love for him, and his covenant to always love and protect the children of promise (B:23:49-55). According to scripture, Lucifer’s attempt to destroy the children of men with a mighty flood was thwarted (B:23:52).


Noah ascended unto God at the age of 950 years old (B:23:65).



Azrael’s Commentary - Methuselah II

[...] On his 500th birthday, Methuselah was appointed the great High Priest of the Adaam. As High Priest, Methuselah sent exploratory teams throughout the world to report on distant lands, people and natural resources. These reports were used to create an almanac of the world. This almanac was used by his grandson, Noah, when he sent his sons throughout the world to broaden the Adamic influence at the advent of the second dispensation.





Refer to: Beginnings 20:24 — 24:6



[1]  The phrase ‘flood of spirit’ was commonly used by Azrael when referring to this event.


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22. “Consider, my son, how that the day promised has come upon the earth; a day when all the children of men shall be made as one house before the Lord of Hosts.

23. A day when there shall be given unto all people the breath of God whereby all shall become as the seed of Adam.

24. Now look and behold the mercies of God which I shall cause to come upon the land, for this day shall I fulfill all the words which I have spoken unto you.”

25. And the Lord spoke unto the Heavens and behold, there came forth a gentle wind, and upon the wind descended the spirits of God, even as the rain which falls from above, and they moved upon all the face of the earth. Thus did God breathe into the house of Enosh the breath of life.

26. Thus did all the children of men become as living souls before the God of Heaven, to know good from evil, and they were joined unto the house of Adam by reason of those spirits which descended from above.

27. Now Noah rejoiced before the Lord and his soul was greatly magnified, for he had accomplished all that the Father had commanded that he should do.

Beginnings 23:22-27


Wherefore, seeing that evil should conspire against the children of men to destroy them in their sins lest they repent and turn again unto God, I sent forth unto the earth Gabriel.

And he did put forth his hand to frustrate the designs of the Fallen One, for he did establish upon the land the adoption of sons and daughters, whereby there should be but one people upon all the face of the earth before the Lord.

Thus were the children of men delivered in the moment of great distress. And to all who should seek the God of Heaven did Gabriel give the promise according to my word, whereby they might become as the Only Begotten of the Father.

Beginnings 24:34-36


For in the councils of Elohim was it confirmed unto all the children of men that a way be established whereby they might attain for themselves so great a glory as to dwell in the presence of their Heavenly Father and Mother forever.

Therefore, unto the sons and daughters of God was it granted to give so great a blessing, and this by way of an oath and a covenant.

Now in the beginning did Eve receive the oath and covenant of Matriarchy before the world was, that by such righteousness as she should establish might the spirit children of Emmanuel come into the tabernacles of Enosh.

But the hearts of men grew in vanity and with much pride did they seek to rule over the daughters of promise, and in the days of Noah was the Matriarchal Order of Heaven taken away from the earth, that it might not be defiled.

Wisdom 19:12-15