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Mighty One | one mighty and strong


Occurrences:  Mighty One — 18  |  mighty one — 6  |  one mighty and strong — 3

First Reference:  Beginnings  23:48  |  Beginnings 4:15  |  Beginnings 22:80    (references below)



See:  Ahgendai, Archie D. Wood, Sr., Azrael, Azraella


Summary:  Scripture first describes the ‘mighty one’ or ‘one strong and mighty’ as a servant of God predestined to be born from the seed of Abel in the ‘dispensation of the fullness of times’ (B:4:15). Described as a teacher of wisdom, of mysteries and heavenly things (B:5:14-15), the man is prophesied to help establish the tabernacle of peace among many nations, to restore the Matriarchal priesthood (B:22:81), to cause the ‘evil one to dwell in desolation’, and establish the pathways of Lucifer’s redemption (B:24:62).


Scripture later identifies the Mighty One as the Arch-Angel, Azrael, who was appointed by the Elohim to usher in the sixth dispensation of God, referred to as the ‘Dispensation of Fullness’ (W:16:51; 5:1:4). Archie D. Wood, Sr., the author of the Song of God and founder of the True Gnostic Church, assumed the moniker ‘Azrael Ondi-Ahman’ in 1989, and maintains that he is the mortal embodiment of Azrael, and founder of the sixth dispensation.


Context behind the identity of the Mighty One is further developed throughout scripture as details are revealed surrounding the Azraella Ahgendai, and his adoption by the Elohim following the murder of Abel on the world of the First Power.



Prophesies Regarding the Mighty One


Adam’s Prophesy:  Following Abel’s murder (c. 12,725 BCE), Adam was visited by an angel who presumably informed Adam of God’s plans to recompense the evil of Lucifer and Cain (B:4:8). During Adam’s admonishment of Cain, he established that in the dispensation of the fullness of times, God would send forth his mighty one, who would cause the evil one to dwell in desolation (B:4:15). This is the first mention of the ‘mighty one’ in scripture.


Later, Adam comforted Eve and Abel’s wife, Yoshibel, foretelling that God would remove the evil of Cain through the seed of Abel and the seed of Eve’s future son, Seth. Adam prophesied that the Anointed One would come through the seed of Abel, and that ‘one who is great and mighty’, ‘a teacher of heavenly things’ would also come from the seed of Abel (B:5:14-18).


At the ascension of Adam and Eve (c. 11,845 BCE), Adam addressed those gathered, announcing his return in the ‘fullness of time’ to the Sacred Gardens of Ondi-Ahman, which lands would be designated by the Mighty One if the original foreordained location is deemed to be defiled by blasphemers (B:5:27-29).



Noah’s Prophesy:  (c. 5,635 BCE) God revealed to Noah that ‘in the day appointed, the Father shall send forth one mighty and strong’ to restore the priesthood of the Mother unto the daughters of Eve (B:22:80-81). Later, during a confrontation with Lucifer, Noah foretells the coming of Emmanuel and establishes that ‘in the fullness of time God [would] send unto the earth one mighty and strong in the knowledge of God’, who would establish the foundation of Lucifer’s redemption (B:23:39-55). According to these references, God will send the Mighty One to:


• turn the hearts of the children to the Fathers          B:22:80

• bind the together the hearts of husband and wife      

• seal together the promise of exaltation by way of priesthood     

• restore the Matriarchal priesthood unto the daughters of Eve by establishing a covenant among the faithful  B:22:81

• speak in parables unto the children of promise    B:23:44

• reveal the mysteries of Heaven unto the righteous   B:23:45

• teach all men to follow in the way of the Emmanuel and Sophiel    B:23:46

• cause to be established the tabernacle of peace     B:23:46

• establish the hope whereby Lucifer ‘might turn again unto God and be healed of great affliction’   B:23:48



Michael’s Prognostication:  Scripture depicts a gathering of the Elohim (B:24:7) that occurs sometime prior to Emmanuel’s first visitation with Abram. During the meeting, Michael, the Chief Arch-Angel, reveals general plans to fulfill promises made concerning the seed of Seth and seed of Abel (B:24:7-64). In speaking to his son Emmanuel, Michael forecasts conditions surrounding the inauguration of each dispensation, including that of the sixth dispensation, whereupon ‘in the fullness of time, God shall send forth his mighty one’ (B:24:55), identified as the Arch-Angel Azrael (B:25:56-64). According to Michael, God will send Azrael when the children of promise ‘grow weary by reason of priestcraft.’ At his coming, Azrael is said to accomplish the following:


• lay forth the foundations of holiness whereupon the tabernacle of God might be established   B:24:57

• prepare the way for the exaltation of the righteous    B:24:58

• bring unto the willing the law of Heaven, that he might seal together the hearts of husband and wife    B:24:59

• restore the children to their Fathers, and the Fathers to their children   B:24:60

• apportion to the righteous every good thing, according to the Father’s will      B:24:61

• recompense Lucifer according to his deeds, and lay forth the foundation of his redemption     B:24:62



Relevant Scriptural Passages


Wisdom 1:4-33     Emmanuel reveals plans to establish his servant as a new shepherd and teacher of righteousness among the people.


Wisdom 2:30-34     A ‘certain man’, presumably the same man later referred to as ‘the Teacher’, is visited by Emmanuel and various heavenly hosts (W:2:1-12). The man is informed that he is one of the seven mighty ones foreordained to oversee the dispensations of God.


Wisdom 16:48-59    The Teacher is shown his true identity; the Dreamed is introduced to the Dreamer. Having been led through the veil by Emmanuel (W:14:1-4), the Teacher is taken to a garden where he views a divine being who appears to be sleeping. Michael informs the Teacher that the celestial being is the Arch-Angel Azrael, the ‘Great and Mighty One of God’ to whom ‘was given the Dispensation of Fullness’ (W:16:51). Michael then tells the Teacher that he is Azrael, and his mortal life is ‘as a dream’ (W:16:55).


Wisdom 20:1-29    The spirit of Emmanuel descends and reaffirms to the Teacher that he is Azrael, ‘the strong and mighty one’.


Wisdom 29:16-19     Sodis Sophia reveals details surrounding the mortal birth of the ‘Mighty One’.


1st Endowment 2:32-42     The author provides a first-person account of being taken through the veil to the celestial realms of Elohim (1:1:8-19). In a grand gathering before The One, Ahman recounts the Elohim’s petition for the aid and adoption of the ‘Great and Mighty One’.


1st Endowment 3:1-12     The author is identified as Azrael and introduced as the mortal manifestation of the Mighty One. Azrael is asked to give a report of the dispensations established on the world of the First Power.


1st Endowment 8:49-56    This section introduces the term ‘Ahgendai’, revealing context behind the Elohim’s temporary adoption of the ‘Mighty One’.


2nd Endowment 12:5-61     Having withstood the dark forces of the demiurge, Jehovah-Yahweh, Azrael converses with Lucifer (Shaemdiel) and reunites the fallen Arch-Angel with his Beloved Rutheniel.


5th Endowment 2:22-32     The One describes the purpose and nature of Azraella Ahgendai — the Dread Savior, the ‘one most mighty and strong’.






Scripture often refers to the seven captains of the Elohim as ‘mighty ones’ (B:22:4; B:24:7; W:2:8,14,33,38). These include the Arch-Angels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Ariel, Azrael and Suriel. There is also a single occurrence in which the Arch-Angel Ariel is referred to as ‘the mighty one’ (W:2:14). Despite this, scripture makes a rather clear distinction between Azrael the ‘Mighty One’, and the other dispensational leaders of Elohim.


- - - - - - - - - - - - -


And Lucifer shall be cast far from the children of men; in the dispensation of the fullness of times shall God send forth his mighty one and he shall make even the evil one to dwell in desolation.

Beginnings 4:15


Yet this promise I give unto the daughters of Eve, that in the day appointed, the Father shall send forth one mighty and strong, and he shall turn the hearts of the children to the Fathers, and the hearts of the Fathers shall turn again unto the children, and he shall bind together the hearts of husband and wife; he shall seal together the promise of exaltation by way of much priesthood.

He shall restore again the priesthood of the Mother unto the daughters of Eve, and this by a solemn oath and covenant which he shall cause to be established among the faithful.

Beginnings 22:80-81


And in the fullness of time God shall send unto the earth one mighty and strong in the knowledge of God, and unto the children of promise shall he speak in parables, that they might learn wisdom.

But unto the righteous shall he reveal the mysteries of Heaven; even those things which have been hidden from the beginning of the world to the present age shall he make known unto them.

And he shall teach all men to follow in the way of the Emmanuel and his Beloved, Sophiel. By his coming shall God put forth his hand to heal the distress of many nations, for he shall cause to be established the tabernacle of peace.

Thus shall God increase wisdom and holiness among the children of men, and on the day appointed shall the power of God be made to withstand the cunning of your ways, and the glory of God shall roll forth unto all the inhabitants of the earth.

Then shall the Mighty One come forth unto you, O Lucifer, that he might establish the hope whereby you might turn again unto God and be healed of great affliction.

Beginnings 23:44-48


And Michael spoke saying: “Hear and understand even this great mystery. Behold, the Arch-Angel Azrael. For this Azrael is the Great and Mighty One of God, and to him was given the Dispensation of Fullness wherein the knowledge of Heaven should be granted unto the children of men.

Wisdom 16:51


For this dispensation do the very Gods call: the Dispensation of Fullness, of Mystery and of Exaltation. For unto the children of God who are made to become as sojourners upon this world of the First Power, unto these the faithful and believing would I reveal a fullness of God and Heaven; that all those who should comport themselves in godly fashion, even upon them shall descend a fullness of revelation and mystery filled with wonder and exaltation.

5th Endowment 1:4


Behold now my son, even Azrael, the great and the mighty. Judge not harshly the fierceness of his way, neither fear the straightness of his words unto you. For unto his soul has he taken a multitude of sorrow whereby he might lift up the heavy burden of many fallen.

Wisdom 17:22


For this I speak unto you for your learning: Behold, you are Azrael, Lord and Prince of the Seven Steps, Protector of the Keep. Surely, you are become even as a son unto the Most High God.

For in the beginning did he call forth from the heavenly hosts one mighty and strong, and even the God of Heaven did anoint you with most precious oil, sweet and fragrant, and ordained that you should come forth in the day of tribulation to lift up that which was fallen and to repair that which is cast down.

Wisdom 20:4-5


[The One speaking to Azrael]

Thus my son, would the Demiurge make corrupt the pure knowledge which comes from God; placing in the heart of man a great and lasting burden, filling the minds of men with guilts and fears of every kind.

Yet did I appoint that there should go down unto the earth the one made mighty and strong in the knowledge of God; that you might sow throughout the nations of the earth, the pure and incorruptible seed; binding through most subtle means the very dispensations of God.

For you did I cause to sow throughout the religions of man a small but timely seed, here a little, there a little; knowing that in the appointed season you would go forth unto the earth even as a mortal man, to gather together the seeds of truth, to make them as one in the hand, revealing unto all men the fullness of Heaven’s glory.

1st Endowment 12:9-11


And [Rutheniel], seeing that I was standing near, even she did speak unto me, saying: “From my soul, fair Azrael, I give forth all my gratitude forever.

Surely you are the great and mighty one before whose presence all sin is made to vanish away, being of no effect; for by your words is Heaven restored again to every man and every woman.”

2nd Endowment 12:60-61